Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – Taking a shortcut


One of the warrior move forward and loot the corpse. It is a Silver grade dagger.

Fire Teeth Dagger (Silver)

Damage: 52-58

Agility +8

Strength +8

Level requirement: Lv10

Durability: 45/45

Special Effect: When attacking, 3% chance of triggering damage increase

Bai Song sighs. As expected of being the pioneer, the drop rate is so high. Bai Song does not know about other zones, but there is absolutely no one else in Wind Sprout Village that has cleared any Hell stage dungeon.

Although this dagger is quite good and the damage from damage increase is slightly higher than the damage from a crit, it is not as good as his current Earthworm Dagger. Though there is a chance for a crit to trigger when damage increase triggers as well.

[TL: well the author did not continue to explain so I am explaining. Earthworm dagger is better for Bai Song due to the extra instance of attack which will increase the probability of triggering Three Corpse Ring special effect.]

Although both are silver equipment, there are differences in their usefulness.

Based on the current progress of each of the guilds’ elite party’s level and items, if they do not have the correct strategy, they will not be able to clear the Wind Sprout Village’s Imperial Palace Ruins, Dungeon Fire Hounds at this stage. Thus this should be the first time it has been clear, hence despite the rarity of silver grade equipment, it is understandable that it has dropped.

For the second group of people who clear it, the drop rates will be much lower.

If they try to overpower the Imperial Palace Ruins dungeon mobs, even if the entire elite party’s level is raised by 5, they will not be able to clear it.

Actually, let’s not talk about clearing it. No one knows if anyone has tried to clear it before as all of the attention is currently all on the Abandoned Mines dungeon.

Ghost Island looks towards Bai Song quizzing, after all, it is a silver equipment and they have agreed to give Bai Song three of the equipment that they have looted. After Bai Song shakes his head to indicate that he does not want it, Ghost Island tosses it to one of the thieves to use.

On normal occasions, usually who obtains the loot will be based on rolling a dice, but that is only in an elite party. These current party members have not been properly picked. Although they have promised to work together, there might be situations where the expert from a previous game becomes weak when they change over to another game.

After all <Myth> is not the same as the games in the past. This is an epoch-making game, thus without experiencing large waves to remove the dregs, everyone in this party has a chance of being eliminated.

Furthermore, this is a commander that the guild has paid money to invite.

At this time, a thief is preparing to pull open the gate. His usual task is to check the traps and doors, but when Bai Song sees it he immediately calls out: “Quickly stop.”

“Ah?” The thief was stunned stupid. Luckily his hand stop in time and did not pull the gate down.

Bai Song looks at him and is roughly able to guess his usual task, thus he did not blame him. Instead, he points towards a direction and says: “There is a torch over there. Turn it a bit.”

“Okay.” The thief replies carefully. Normally he does not take part in the combat, luckily he is talented in spotting and checking, thus Ghost Island keeps him in the elite party.

He walks toward the direction of the torch that Bai Song pointed to and pulls on it. Seeing that it is unable to move and that there are two other torches in this direction, he looks towards Bai Song who nods to indicate to the thief to continue trying. The thief moves to the second torch and pulls it. This time round there is a reaction.

The originally even stone floor split open and revealed a stone door. Bai Song personally walks over and pulls open the door. Under the gaze of the group of people, Bai Song walks through the door.

Past the door is a small staircase. Bai Song walks down the staircase and soon he is able to clearly see the green light in front of him.

“It is exactly that one.” Bai Song walks over. The green light is actually a mechanical lever. Bai Song grabs the lever and breaks it off.

~~Rumbling sounds….~~

At this time the crowd’s gaze is on the wall beside them where the sound is coming from. As the wall is splitting open slowly, Bai Song just nicely walks up from underground to see it.

After the rumbling sounds have ended, at this time, a proper pathway have appeared. Although the rocks in the pathway are not even, there are obvious traces that the pathway is artificial.

Spectral Fire is always beside Bai Song, at this time he looks towards Bai Song in shock. Spectral Fire opens his mouth wanting to ask a question, but after thinking for awhile, he decided not to. Bai Song obviously notices Spectral Fire expression and knows he wants to ask a question. But he pretended that he did not see.

This is a shortcut. If they use the shortcut, it will be slightly easier but it is still quite tough.

[TL: how I wish all of the past MMORPG dungeons that I have played had shortcuts as well >.<]

[ED: Probs wouldn’t have as good loot if you did that]

Bai Song gives another command, making them return to the pond earlier and gather at least two more containers full of water. For those who are able to gather more water, they are to gather as much as they could. After they are done, he will give another command.

“Let’s go, remember to maintain the formation.” Bai Song commands finally pulls the thoughts of the crowd back, even Ghost Dance is actually silently following.

The pathway is very short, soon they see a large door that seems to lead to a chapel. But this chapel is very small and shabby. The group walks in and inside the dark chapel is only a person that looks like a priest.

When Bai Song sees him, under his command, the shield bearer uses their shield to ram him onto the ground. Followed by endless ferocious attacks. The priest health is rather small, within moments he is dead.

After killing the priest like person, the party did not relax, instead, they increased their vigilance. After all, this is a Hell stage dungeon and there is only one mob in this chapel.

Furthermore, the commander urgently made them control him immediately. This is one of the methods of fighting BOSS’s, after all, where on earth will there be a BOSS that can be killed with a few attacks?

Bai Song is speechless as he looks at the party who is in a guarding mode, thus he urges: “The shield bearer at the front. You can loot the corpse already.”

“Ah?” That shield bearer walks carefully towards the corpse with a face full of suspicion only to realize that there is no loot.

Bai Song really wanted to tell them that this is only an elite mob only. Earlier the reason why he asked them to be swift is that this mob is able to become invisible. The moment it becomes invisible, they will need to waste a lot of time.

This awkwardness did not last long. The moment when the priest died, its corpse immediately exploded. Luckily everyone is standing far away from it thus they are not affected by it.

After the corpse exploded, a pathway appears. It is an arch door pathway. At the same time of the corpse exploding, it triggers the mechanism within the arch door causing a large fire to appear on the entire pathway.

No one dares to doubt this mechanism’s damage. Even the strongest tank within this party might not be able to withstand it.

Everyone including Ghost Dance looks towards Bai Song. None of them realize that in their hearts they have already acknowledged Bai Song’s ability to lead them.

Seeing that everyone is looking at him, Bai Song waves his hand and says: “Why are you looking at me… didn’t I just ask you guys to gather water? Well, what are you waiting for… hurry and splash it on the fire.”

Finished talking Bai Song adds: “A few of the ranged members shall do it. The close range members save your water first.”



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