Chapter 37 – A godly technique


Bai Song and Liu Jing alternate the looting of corpse, this action is called changing luck. Both Bai Song and Liu Jing have unlucky hands, and this time, it is Liu Jing’s turn to loot the corpse.

“Oh, something dropped.” Liu Jing looks at the book in his hand and looks carefully. “Flying Thrust Skill book? Who learns such skills ah?”

“God damn it, finally it dropped a skill book.” Bai Song takes the skill book discourteously, afterward, he flips through the book. “Our hands are like the crows in the sky so black.”

Actually, you can just slap the skill book on your body, but if you seriously read through the skill book, when you learn the skill you will gain some proficiency. But Bai Song does not have the time to seriously read through the skill book.

Haiz, actually there is also not much use in doing so, as it does not add a lot of proficiency.

<System notice: You have learned “Flying Trust”>

As expected, when Bai Song checks the skill proficiency, the progress is zero. This is also within Bai Song expectations. Even the person who had learned this skill in the previous incarnation did not have the time to seriously read through the skill book. After all, the progress gain is too little and the time wasted can be used to practice the skill and the proficiency can be raised.

This and perception attribute are linked, perception does not have a description and furthermore even in the later stages of the game there players are still debating on its uses, whether is perception a real attribute.

Equipment or items that add perception had never surfaced before, or maybe there were a few but no one took it out to show it. So mysterious!

But disregarding all of that, Bai Song’s current target is not to solve the mystery of the perception but rather most importantly hurry up and get to Lv10.

Checking Flying Thrust effects.

Flying Thrust: Jumps directly towards the target and does 200% physical damage. If you hit a weak point, it can cause 1-2 seconds of dizziness.

This skill is one of the thieves’ most common skills which Bai Song is very familiar with. Formerly he like most thieves simply used it as a skill that allows them to dash forward rapidly.

But later on a God rank thief came up with a new way of using the skill, this skill immediately became terrifying. Immediately countless thieves’ starts to frantically grind up the skill proficiency.

As his hand itches, Bai Song did not allow Liu Jing to pull mobs, instead, he activates his Sneak and searches for a lone Puppet Foremans. Liu Jing sees that Bai Song suddenly becomes like a little child who has gotten a new toy sits down on the ground to watch him pretend to be cool.

Bai Song did not immediately use Continuous Strike. Although Continuous Strike increases his attack speed and crit rates, the damage will drop by 30%. If the normal attack damage drops, the crit damage will also drop.

Even if Bai Song does not use Continuous Strike, his high agility allows actions to be smooth and efficient. A slash strikes the weak point on the back of the Puppet Foreman but his luck is not that good as a crit did not proc.

The Puppet Foreman turning movement is very slow, thus this allows Bai Song to do a second attack. For the second attack to cause normal damage, it is must to withdraw the chopper to gather energy. This actually conforms to the real world. In the real world, after you throw out your fist to strike, you with pull back your fist before you can punch again.

If you did not pull back your fist before punching, the muscles explosive power and inertia force will not be maximized. If you fight with another person and did not take back your fist before sending it out again, you will definitely be beaten till you become a retard.

Unless you have learned before Wing Chun. (A martial art that specializes in close combat)

Bai Song’s keeping chopper action is simple and not gaudy but is way faster than normal thieves. The second slash as planned slashes down and this time he finally crits.

But this time Bai Song did not take back his chopper, instead the moment the chopper leaves the body of the Puppet Foreman, he immediately activates his attack routine.

Bang! 143!

An unbelievable damage appears above the Puppet Foreman’s head, even Liu Jing who had a lazy expression on his face is currently in shock.

The Puppet Foreman collapses helplessly under Bai Song attack routine.

“How did you accomplish it?” Bai Song actions were too fast. In Liu Jing eyes, Bai Song only lightly slashes the Puppet Foreman once and the Puppet Foreman immediately collapse.

Bai Song tells Liu Jing the description of the Flying Thrust that he had just learned. Actually, in the previous life, Liu Jing did not enter the game, thus Bai Song wants to see Liu Jing’s talent in this game.

He actually does not have any other ideas, he only wanted to grasp Liu Jing’s talent and determine which difficulty of mage inheritance Liu Jing can complete.

“What you mean is that you used this skill?” Liu Jing asked not understand: “But of the skill description isn’t it just an engaging skill?”

“Yes.” Bai Song reply.

“Wait don’t tell me you use the charging force and diverted it onto the Puppet Foreman’s body?” Liu Jing understands immediately. “This I can understand, I have seen Wing Chun on television before. Your method is similar to Wing Chun right, using the strength of one-inch”

Bai Song nods his head, luckily Liu Jing comprehension skill is not too bad, although he did not comprehend it immediately, being able to guess the reason behind it is not too bad.

Actually, if his level and the skill proficiency was higher, even if it is those first-rated experts observing it at point blank distance, they will not be able to understand how on earth Bai Song managed to do it.

Because after Flying Thrust promotes to the next grade, it will simplify the skill and remove any unnecessary motion. Making it look like he did not withdraw his chopper and strikes immediately. If Bai Song did not say the gist of it, no one will be able to see through it. In the previous life, that expert also realized it very early and no one was able to understand. But it is because, during a program to attract fans, he carelessly exposed this skill.

When he exposed this skill, he was immediately worshiped by countless thieves and countless of them crazily learned his method. During his famous period, he had created countless technique and shared, allowing other thieves to learn his techniques. But later as he had used up his creative power, he grudgingly falls from the top of the thieves pyramid point.

His end result had given Bai Song a warning. Special techniques can’t be exposed casually, hence Bai Song only showed Liu Jing a bit. Liu Jing is also not an idiot, he is able to comprehend them with a bit of hint.

Actually, the one-inch power as Liu Jing called it, is both correct and incorrect.

One inch power is accomplished by using the muscles explosive power and using a special technique to direct it. This is using a fixed distance displacement to bring about a similar result as one-inch power.

There is an important point to note which is that when taking back the weapon, the blade must not be touching the target, but the blade point must be touching the target body.

Otherwise, with so many players in <Myth>, there will be a time when someone accidentally misuses the skill and uses the Flying Thrust in close combat. If this was really so simple, why is it after so many years, there are only a few players who managed to master this technique.

“Enough already, I have seen your ability.” Liu Jing calmly says: “Get to work!”

After Bai Song hears it, he immediately walks towards the foreman’s location, causing Liu Jing to blank out. “Oi, youngster don’t let your ego get inflated!”

But Bai Song acts as if he did not hear what Liu Jing said, instead he grabs a stone and passes it to Liu Jing and says two words seriously: “Pull mobs.”


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  1. interesting concept and skill 😀 and that skill combo can still add more, it will be good if paired with skill can stun the target, after that they victim can only resigned to his fate and die ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^


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