Chapter 32 – Thief Skill



The bamboo thin middle age man brought Bai Song out of the village and stops at the carriage relay station. Bai Song does not rush him, instead, he waits patiently.

In <Myth>, there are various means of transport, the player can possess all kinds of them, examples would be dolphins, horses, flying horses and all kinds of land, sea and air mounts.

The players can also craft gliders, precious mechanical gold plated sports cars, foray boats, black pearl warships, and commercial ships. There are also all kinds of public transport, like the carriage that they are currently waiting for as well as flying blimps.

[ED: cars in a fantasy game? Fuji you sure the author isn’t drunk?][TL: well we will know in the future when that car actually appears]

The carriages that go past Wind Sprout Village are short routes with cheap prices, most of the people in the carriage are NPCs. Currently, at this phase, the carriage routes do not lead into the areas that the players are grinding at, hence other than those who are traveling for the scenery, few players will take the carriage.

The coachman stops for a while and then spurs the carriage onwards.

The carriage is not like ancient China carriages, instead it is like a moon boat and both sides of the carriages have two rows of seats, like an open-air convertible.

Bai Song sits facing the back of the carriage, the surrounding scenery flows in the opposite direction, after a few minutes, the water selling man indicates to Bai Song to get off together with him,

“Follow me.” The middle age man walks towards a forest without looking back. “Follow closely, I will not take responsibility if you wander off.”

There is a lot of fog in the forest, the thick fog shrouded the sky of the forest when Bai Song saw the forest and he got a shock: “It is actually the Misleading Forest, the 40th bandit heads lair is actually in this area.”

The 40th bandit head is a rumour that Bai Song had heard in the past, it is said that the 40th bandit head had 40 experts who are well-verse in the thief technique and the 40th bandit head is a big thief whose reputation is very loathsome throughout the whole world. All of the treasure and heirlooms that they have stolen are all kept within the 40th bandit heads lair. Although the first person that managed to find the lair witnessed the loot, afterward when a second person went there, all of the treasures had already been shifted to another place.

The most legendary thief among the players had once acknowledged that of all of his thief techniques, there were a few that are from an inheritance from the 40th bandit head, and the reason why he managed to get them is that he had met a person selling water.

The location he did not say but based on the timing that he had said, Bai Song has guessed that it is not within the Wind Sprout Village.

At that time, because he had suffered a large emotional shock and became gloomy when he saw the water seller that scares everyone who sees him, he had the urge to toy with him. Hence he continuously poured away the first and second cup of water then drank the third cup of water and paid that guy a single copper coin.

While the two of them were quarrelling Empty Hand[1] swore that in the future he will take the life of the water seller, in the end, the water seller finally revealed the person who acted like him and was requested by Empty Hand to bring him to see that fellow.

All Bai Song is currently doing is acting out the actions of Empty Hand, while praying that everything will go according to plan and he might be able to get into the 40th bandit heads lair.

The two of them do not speak, with the water seller leading through the Misleading Forest, Bai Song and water seller reach the foot of a forested hill.

“Just keep walking straight, around the middle of the hill, you will find a cave. The generous man is inside the cave.” The water seller sneers as he says: “When you see him you will know how laughable and miserly your actions are.”

“Okay if all of this is real, I am willing to apologize to you.” Bai Song smiles.

“To hell with it! I am not going. I still want to sell water.” The water seller finishes saying this and immediately backtracks to get out of here disregarding Bai Song’s attitude.

At this time, Bai Song receives a notice.

<System Notice: Player “Unicorn” has sent you a friend request.>


“Where the heck are you? You asked me to go to Wind Sprout Village and I don’t see even a glimpse of you.” From the communication tool came Liu Jing’s lazy voice.

“That… I am doing a quest, so I am unable to come over. Go and kill some chickens and raise your level first.” Bai Song says helplessly.

Originally he planned to bring Liu Jing to look for a good place to grind experience, but he is really helpless as his plans cannot keep up with the changes since he has chanced upon such a large opportunity, he cannot let go of it.

“Oh by the way what is your job?” Bai Song asks curiously.

“Hehe, a mage, are you afraid?” The originally lazy voice suddenly become slightly excited. “I am slightly looking forward to the experiencing the feeling of destroying the world with every action I take.”

“Ohhh I am so scared, if you still want to destroy the world, you should go and use your wand and whacks some chicken to death first.” Bai Song says jokingly while thinking which job change is best suited for Liu Jing.

Regarding a mages hidden occupation inheritance, Bai Song can still remember a few vaguely, such as Dragon Tamer, Pyromancer, Necromancer, Druid, Magic Swordsman…

Which one should Liu Jing Change to? But these few hidden jobs quest are too hard to clear. And with my current abilities, it is hard to guarantee that he is able to successfully gain a job change, furthermore, all of these hidden jobs have a solo test which Liu Jing might not be able to clear.

Talking about hidden jobs, should I go and change to one of them as well? Bai Song thought for half a day but was unable to think of one that is currently suitable for him. Regarding hidden thief jobs, he can only remember 2 of them but these 2 jobs are weak to the point that they are somewhat worse than normal jobs.

While not weak, the two hidden jobs capabilities were stronger but their fighting strength was simply below that of normal jobs. Among the mages, hidden jobs are stronger by a large margin, but in Bai Song memories, most of the memories are regarding thief techniques, hence he did not choose to play as a mage.

Hell, why care so much, let’s take it step by step.

“Let’s do it this way, you go and raise your level first, when I come back I’ll bring you to destroy the world.” When Bai Song finished his sentence, Liu Jing said ‘oh’ lazily and hung up.

Bai Song does not know how long it has been since the last time he had this kind of joking chat. Within Bai Song’s simple smiles there is a hint of sorrow.

“40th bandit head, in the legend it is said that he does not take action easily, instead he is always inside his lair personally guarding his wealth that is equivalent to that of an entire nation.” Bai Song contemplates as he walks up the hill.

In the past Empty Hand was a skilful and daring person, using his self-comprehended techniques to steal from the 40th bandit head, but it was in vain as he was caught easily by the 40th bandit head. But 40th bandit head did not punish Empty Hand, instead, he praised Empty Hand’s talent in thief techniques and taught him a high-grade steal skill.

“Should I walk Empty Hand’s old path or is there some other unconventional methods?” Bai Song thinks rapidly.

Bai Song’s passion for the game was always very high, but in this world, there are so many geniuses, however, the number of people who succeeded is very little, sometimes all that is missing from success is a single opportunity. Now he has an opportunity, in fact, it is a very very very large opportunity, hence he is not willing to walk down the path of his senior.

Just like with the Cat Maiden’s quest, if he had walked down the same path as his senior, he would not be able to obtain the Spectral Cloak. If a person is only able to follow the beaten path, at the bottom of an Endless Abyss he will be stuck there unable to proceed. Plans will never be able to keep up with the changes, the Gecko Shoes will be taken by someone else earlier and if it were a mediocre reincarnated person, he can only give up on that quest.

Following the water seller’s instructions, when Bai Song finally reached the middle on the hill, he found a cave that is concealed by a thicket.


[1] Empty Hand is a player mentioned in chapter 5.


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