Chapter 16 – Dark Gold Cloak


There are a few newbies that are receiving their quest from Mayor Xi inside the hall. After Bai Song have hidden his status, he walk towards Mayor Xi.

When Mayor Xi sees him coming over, he did not raise his voice, instead call his helper over to take over in giving out the quest. Mayor Xi instructed one of his guard not to let anyone upstairs. After giving out his orders, he brought Bai Song to the second floor.

As Bai Song follows Mayor Xi to the second floor, he is trying to think of a way to obtain the largest advantage he could from the situation.

“My mind is really in the gutters. Only thinking of where should I get Mayor Xi reward or Cat Maiden reward? In fact this two quest does not conflict with each other.” Bai Song suddenly thought of it and hit his own head.

“Is your head in pain?” Mayor Xi looks suspiciously at Bai Song.

Bai Song shakes his head to indicate that he is alright.

Mayor Xi pour a cup of white liquid for Bai Song, which looks like milk but it is not. “Young adventurer, you look full of confidence, could it be that you have obtain the item?”

Bai Song hesitated slightly. The necklace is in the backpack and he have applied a layer of the Form Changing Grass juice on the precious stone of the necklace. Form Changing Grass juice have a paralysing effect when it comes in contact with human skin.

The original plan that Bai Song have is him passing the necklace to Mayor Xi first, when Mayor Xi touches the precious stone, he will be paralyse, at that time Cat Maiden can come in and kill him.

Everything should progress very smoothly, of cause that is if Bai Song have not at the very last minute came up with a weird idea.

Bai Song as planned took out the necklace. When Mayor Xi sees the necklace, greed flashes past his face, and impatiently reaches out and want to receive it as soon as possible.  But when Mayor Xi hand is about to touch the necklace, Bai Song hand redraw, causing Mayor Xi to grab the air.

Mayor Xi was about to rage but after considering something, he immediately withdraw his anger and with a present expression say: “Young warrior, what is the meaning of this?”

To prevent angering Bai Song, Mayor Xi changes the way he call Bai Song from ‘young adventurer’ to ‘young brave adventurer’, which makes Bai Song feels that something is odd.

To be honest, even if he is in the past, Bai Song is not sure if the player who completed this quest have any idea of what use Mayor Xi has for the necklace.

“Brave warrior, my memories these days is slightly bad, to think I have forgotten about your rewards.” Mayor Xi pats his head and took out a fine dagger from under the desk.

“This is a dagger that I used when I was younger. I can still remember that it was the village old blacksmith prided work.” Mayor Xi with a smiles, changes the way he call Bai Song yet again from ‘young brave adventurer’ to ‘brave warrior’.

Bai Song blinks. It is only a low level Silver Dagger, hence shakes his head and does not speak. Mayor Xi glares, almost as if he is unable to restrain himself and want to take action.

“If Mayor Xi is not afraid of me telling the world about the thing, you can try and snatch it.” Bai Song wears the necklace on his neck. Of cause, Bai Song does not reach the equipment requirements, hence when he wore the necklace, it is just an ornament only.

Who could have known that when Mayor Xi heard that sentence, he was so shock that his hands froze, no longer moving. This make Bai Song even more suspicious, the thing that he is referring to is only the fact that Mayor Xi is using adventures as cannon folder.

How could this thing make Mayor Xi so afraid?

“What is your objective? Despicable thief.” Mayor Xi knew that he have been played, but his gaze still remains on the necklace.

<System Notice: Mayor Xi favourability -40>

Minus 40 so much?

It must be known, in the previous incarnation, when insulting a NPC that holds an important role, the favourability drop is only by 10. He is only not giving the necklace to the Mayor, why did it minus so much.

Seeing that Mayor Xi not daring to attack him instead scolding him as a despicable thief does not makes him angry, instead it had him very happy inside. Poisonous insults means that Mayor Xi does not dare to take action.

“Respected Mayor Xi, I do not have any special reasons. I just feel that I should get my deserved rewards.” Bai Song picks up the beverage that Mayor Xi have poured for him and took a sip. “You must know, to obtain this thing I have wasted quite a bit of effort.”

When Mayor Xi hear Bai Song words, he lets go off the breath he have been holding: “Looks like this young fellow does not know of the necklace secret, he is only a avaricious and insatiable thief.”

Mayor Xi open a cabinet that is used to store equipment, after choosing and choosing, he remember that he is facing a avaricious and insatiable thief, he have no idea how many items he need to take out from the cabinet to satisfy the thief. But the most important thing is, if he keeps delaying, there might be unforeseen problem occurring.

Thinking till here, Mayor Xi crease his brows and say: “You wait for me here.”

After finish saying, he walk out of the room and towards the opposite room. Now in this room, there is only Bai Song himself, but if Bai Song steals something and got caught by Mayor Xi, he can straight away send him into the prison. Mayor Xi is the only person who calls the shot for the entire Wind Sprout Village prison. If Bai Song got send into the prison, he can forget about coming out.

Bai Song sat honestly, not even willing to touch a piece of paper in the room, waiting for Mayor Xi to return to the room.

When Mayor Xi walks in, he is holding onto an additional cloak like thing in his hands

After scanning the room and realising that Bai Song have not touch anything, he becomes slightly disappointed. He had purposefully left the room for such a long time to try to tempt him into stealing something.

When he saw the smile on Bai Song face, Mayor Xi’s heart starts to feel loathsome and threw the thing in his hands to Bai Song: “Leave behind the necklace and scram you despicable thief. If this item can’t satisfy you, even if I have to break the country law I will forcefully throw you into the jail.”

Bai Song received the cloak and takes a look.

[Spectral cloak (Dark Gold, Can grow)]

Agility +30

Strength -30

Level requirement: none

Durability ∞/∞

Special effects: Strong concealment, effect can activate on its own, duration 2 seconds, cooldown 5 minutes.

After Bai Song have received the cloak, he was shock silly. What does strong concealment mean? Strong concealment is a high level conceal skill. Other than a few first-rate detecting skills, the rest of the detecting skills are unable to see through the concealment.

Of cause that is not its strongest usage. The best place to use it is the middle of combat. Imagine in the middle of a fight and your opponent disappear, how would you react?

But the disadvantage is more obvious than the advantage. For example this is a dark gold equipment not a god equipment, strong concealment last for only 2 seconds which means basically it last for only a few steps then you will reappear. Furthermore, when you equip this equipment, you will loss 30 strength.

If Bai Song equips this cloak, his strength will drop to the negatives and <Myth> have a very interesting rule. While you strength is in the negatives while you are attacking, instead of injuring your target, you will be healing him instead……



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