Chapter 14 – Bai Cheng Threats


While Bai SOng is waiting for Cat Maiden to emerge from the deeper parts of the forest, gathers up all the players’ drop equipment.

But it is a pity as all of them were rubbish white equipment. This are the kind of equipment that even if you want to sell it no one wants to buy. As Bai Song backpack is currently still very small, he only keeps those equipment with better agility boost.

At this time, a notice appear in front of his eyes.

<System Notice: A person is looking for you in real life.>

Bai Song open his gaming cabin only to see Qui Yu beautiful but cold expression, holding the hands of their daughter.

It is already dark outside.

“Bai Song what did I tell you this morning? I ask you to look after our daughter this morning as in the afternoon I need to work overtime hence I would not come back in the afternoon.” Qui Yu carries their daughter and said: “If it is not for Sister Zeng from upstairs coming down to ask for rent, our daughter would have starved for the afternoon.”

After saying finish, Qui Yu suddenly places their daughter down on the bed. Her beautiful eyes strongly resist the urge to cry. “I have thought that you have changed, looks like I am too gullible. How can a person change his nature so easily?”

At this point, Bai Song is feeling both vexed and heart pain. From the moment he have gone online, all his thoughts were all on the game. Recalling the past incarnation strategy guide, if there is defect in the guide, how can he make up for it with other changes, his mind have never stop strategizing.

He have completely forgotten that he is not longer in the past where he is a lone man, currently he have a daughter that he need to take care of.

“Can I explain with please?” Bai Song rubs his daughter head before sitting on the side of the bed and ask Qui Yu softly.

“Explain? After going through so much trouble to borrow 20k and you spend it on buying a game, tell me how are you going to explain?” Qui Yu suddenly smile tearfully: “Who does not know that when you start gaming you will forget everything around you. From the time we started dating till now, I don’t think there is any more need for explaining.”

Bai Song words were stuck in his throat. In the past life, it is Qui Yu alone who supported this family. A family daily needs, rent and so on, as well as spending on his drinking and smoking. Who will possibility believe such kind of scumbag like him.

As the room atmosphere got heavy with both of them not speaking, Blossom is reading an old picture book. Blossom is a child that cherish her items, the picture book that she is reading is full of tear marks, it is obviously a book that other kids does not want.

Qui Yu gently brushes away her tears from the corner of her eye, got up and went into the kitten. Tossing the leftover rice and vegetables into the wok to prepare fried rice.

After thinking for a bit, Bai Song jump back into the gaming cabin and by the time he enter the game, he realised that Cat Maiden have already came out from the deeper parts of the forest.

(TL: OMG what the hell is he doing!!!!!)

“Meow~~we can set off now.” Cat Maiden expression seems to be in a hurry. Looks like her desire to take revenge for her dead relatives is unable to be pushed back.

“Let’s go tomorrow. In a while I have something to do.” Bai Song say blankly.

“Meow~~your mental stat seems to be haggard?” Cat Maiden waves her hand in front of Bai Song. Seeing that Bai Song attitude does not change, she finally say: “So be it, tomorrow afternoon you come into the forest to look for me.”

After finish saying, Cat Maiden left without Bai Song confirmation and with a few jump, disappears into the deeper parts of the forest. Bai Song was about to go offline when a group of players walk over.

The first thing Bai Cheng did after reviving in the village is to bring a group of players and rush back into the forest. Because they got block by some ordinary Demon Cats and without the help of large number of players, they got delayed for a while.

“It’s you!” Bai Cheng was the first batch of players who have just revive and rushed over, but the person in front of him who have arrived earlier is actually the person who kill steal his monster earlier.

When the group of players heard their boss greeting, they surrounded Bai Song.

“Young fellow did you pick up the gold equipment?”

“Hurry up and take it out. If you anger our Glorious Guild, you will not be able to walk out of this village.”

A few of them with an arrogant bandit tone threaten Bai Song. At this time Bai Cheng raise his hand to signal silent. When the rest saw the signal, they slowly quieten down.

“One Meter Bai Song? Am I correct?” Bai Cheng smiles lightly: “Earlier when you snatched my monster you must be unfamiliar with my Glorious Guild. But just now you have seen the situation.” After saying finish, Bai Cheng acted as if he will be able to gobble up Bai Song and say: “If you pass me the drops, I will not only overlook the kill steals earlier, I will replay you by allowing you to lead a party.”

“Young master Bai is such a magnanimous person. If it were me, I would not have let him off so easily.”

“Young fellow hurry up and thanks young master Bai. I have work so hard before finally becoming a party leader and look at this, the moment you join, you become one.”

“You have really gotten very lucky.”

Looking at the few fellows discussion lively all at once, young master Bai on the surface prevents his underlings boot licking but his heart is feeling very proud: “Even if we kill him, he might not drop the equipment. Why don’t I invite him first and then after have he join the guild, I will slowly get my revenge for stealing my monsters.”


Bai Song who is concerned about his daughter and wife, is in a hurry to log off. Thus he have no time to tangle with them. But with his single sentence, he have completely anger all of them.

“I be damn. Does he not recognise the current situation, not even giving young master Bai any face?”

“I can’t stand it anymore. No one stops me. I want to kill this young fellow.”

“Shut up!” Bai Cheng suddenly shouted and walks slowly to the front of Bai Song. Looking at Bai Song: “Let me warn you, do you know the results for what you are about to do?”

After hearing Bai Cheng threat-fill words, Bai Song reply with cold disdain: “Of cause I know, I will be hunted down by over thousands of Glorious Guild members and never be able to reach Lv11.”

Listening to the way Bai Song mocking the words, Bai Cheng became speechless for a moment. Taking advantage of Bai Cheng lost in concentration, Bai Song straight away log out.

“Young master Bai what should we do? Should we station a few brothers to guard his login point?” at the side, a shifty-eye player move to the back of Bai Cheng and ask carefully.

This is a war zone, a war zone where players below Lv10 cannot PK, futhermore below LV10, upon death there is no drop is experience.

“Guard your stupid head, after killing him his experience does not drop at all, why waste our precious time.” Bai Cheng is currently under heavy pressure. After calling all of the members from other village, despite the fact that the members does not lose experience, this coming and going have wasted a lot of time.

Currently in the early stage where time is money, Bai Cheng actions have caused discontent among the board of directors. If it is not for his father who pressures them, he would have to give up his commanding authority.

“Under the promise of exchange the drops for a post, he chooses to be hunted by the guild instead of handing over the drop….” As he is walking, Bai Cheng is thinking, suddenly he realised with shock: “Could it be that equipment is really a gold equipment? Or could it be ……dark gold?”

The more Bai Cheng thinks, the more he believe it is possible. His heart starts to get excited. If it is really a gold equipment, it will be the first gold equipment in this whole game.

“I must snatch it over!” Bai Cheng looks towards the direction of the forest.


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