Chapter 66     [Title below]


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A lot of students knew of Chang Chunxi’s fame. The devil teacher that resounded in Yi Zhong, why would he be here…

Only Li Fan understands that he is coming for him. But no worries, Soldiers come the general block, water comes mud blocks! What Grandpa Mao says is right, Spring winds blow the war drums beat. In this world who is afraid of who!

Thinking here, Li Fan raises his hands up.

“In short in my classroom no one is allowed to stir up trouble do you understand?”

Chang Chunxi seems to not see Li Fan’s raised hand as he continues to speak, “All of the problematic students listen up for me. If you do not listen then scram out of my classroom!”

Li Fan’s hand is still raised high up and is almost blocking the sights of those in the last row.

“Li Fan do you have any matter? Can’t you let everyone study properly?”

“Teacher. Bai Linluo was beaten by other people!”

Li Fan then do not care about this fellow’s disatisfication as he says loudly, “Can teacher please find justice for him!”

Chang Chunxi seems to be somewhat impatient, “Got beaten? Got beaten by who?”

“Got beaten by Hua Dehong!”

“Why doesn’t he come and beat me ah?”

Chang Chunxi sneers, “Enough already, everyone properly listens to the class.”

“Teacher, this sentence of yours is a bit too irresponsible already right?”

Li Fan stands up and directly ask, “Is it because you heard that it was the principal’s son who beat people thus you do not dare to care anymore?”

“Li Fan what do you mean?”

Chang Chunxi wrinkled his brows deeply. It is only the first day and this fellow already wish to challenge my prestige?

Li Fan does not back down, “I hope that teacher can help your own student seek justice! Could it be that the teacher does not care that Bai Linluo got beaten up?”

“Li Fan, stop pestering me endlessly! Go out and stand! There is no need for you to attend the afternoon class! Go and reflect upon yourself outside! I do have this bit of power in my classroom.”

Chang Chunxi directly chases Li Fan out of the classroom. Bai Linluo is somewhat unwilling as he looks at Li Fan. If it was not to help me, Li Fan would not be punished to stand outside.

Li Fan clenches his fist. As he walks by the rostrum he says, “I will not leave this matter be!”

Chang Chunxi only sneers, “Some students results are not ideal. If they fail all of the subjects in this time round’s exam, they can only be expelled.”

This sentence is definitely targeting Li Fan. Looks like the school really wishes to expel me! Tsk, tsk. I will definitely not let them succeed! but tossing me out of the class and not being allowed to attend lessons for the entire afternoon, I will definitely fall back on quite a lot of courses. Anyway, I usually also do not listen to class. Let’s see how Ling Yuexian is going to tutor me tonight then.

“Really do not let people rest ah.”

Li Fan crosses his arms as he leans against the classroom door as he worries about Bai Linluo’s matter.

Since the school is unwilling to seek justice for him, then I can only do it myself. How can my deskmate be bullied as they like?

Li Fan stands by the classroom door as he closes his eyes to rest as he recuperates his aura. 

As a martial artist, other than training the body, strengthening his inner strength is an essential step. Usually, Li Fan is only training his body and neglect cultivating his inner strength. After all his inner strength was plundered from. He had plundered 11 years of zhenqi from Murong Ying which allows Li Fan to use as he pleases.

After all this is other people’s zhenqi thus from now one, Li Fan wants to cultivate his own personal zhenqi.

He gathers his qi in his dantian as a stream of zhenqi spirals in his dantian.

According to the Five Animal Mimicry Breathing Technique, Li Fan lets this stream of qi revolve along the meridians in his body in sequence.

Cultivating inner strength is a very slow process. Letting the zhenqi revolve around the body for 7, 7, 49 cycles will be a small heaven cycle while revolving 9,9, 81 small heaven cycles will turn into  a large heaven cycle!

[TL: p.s a large heaven cycle would needs 3969 normal cycles.]

The Five Animal Mimicry’s inner strength is separated into 5 layers. Right now Li Fan only have 11 years of zhenqi but his inner strength is only at the first layer.

If he wishes for his zhenqi to becomes stronger, his inner strength must be improved!

Although the Five Animal Mimicry only has five layers, but with the rise of every single layer, it is a few times stronger than the previous layer!

To cultivate the first layer to completion, Li Fan needs to cultivate 108 large heaven cycles!

An ordinary person needs an entire day of concentrated cultivation would he be able to let his zhenqi barely revolve a single large heaven cycle.

This is why those experts would frequently enter close door cultivation so that they can concentrate on improving the cultivation of their inner strength! Of course, these are what Murong Ying had taught him. Li Fan had obtained 11 years of her zhenqi thus he only concentrated on training his body.

Cannot always stop at ‘the Cauldron Fire Turned Green’ ah, nevertheless there needs to be some improvement!

Li Fan mutters in his head, looks like I must first cultivate to the first layer standard first.

He stands at the entrance of the classroom. In the surroundings, there are students reading, there are some classrooms which are reciting text, some which are reading aloud english text.

But the moment Li Fan sank into tranquillity, the surrounding noise seems to be very far away from him.

The zhenqi in his body with his dantain as the starting point needs to go through 8 meridians. Let’s revolve a small heaven cycle first to test it out!

This ought to be a very slow process and Li Fan had already made his preparation. But just as he closed his eyes, the zhenqi in his body seems to be sitting on a rocket and instantly revolves a small heaven cycle through his meridians!

This…in just a blink of an eye, a small heaven cycle is revolved finished?

A bit too crazy ah!

Li Fan mutters in his heart, could it be because of my Pure Yang Body?

It seems like Murong Yin had said before that Pure Yang Body cultivation speed is two times of an ordinary person ah! But this…is no longer as simple as twice as fast!

This is basically as crazy as turning on hacks!

Li Fan thinks for a bit. perhaps it is because of my Pure Yang Body as well as the 11 years of zhenqi! My body is like a big hole while Murong Ying had already gifted me with a lot of reservoir water. Today can be considered as thoroughly pouring this reservoir water into the hole, that is why it is so fast…

Changing into an easier to understand analogy…it is like I have an exp pool which had stored up an enormous amount of experience. In the past, I did not wish to level up. Now that I wish to level up, as long as I consume the exp pool, I will be able to swiftly level up!

Li Fan’s thoughts completely immerse into his body as the enormous zhenqi in his body swiftly revolves!

In just an hour, Li Fan had already entered the first layer!

The feeling of possessing his own zhenqi is different! At that moment Li Fan seems to have become even more perceptive. The surrounding noise enters his ears again but was squeezed out of Li Fan’s consciousness.

Because it is a few times stronger, the amount of experience that Five Animal Mimicry second layer needs is twice of the first layer!

During the afternoon, Li Fan lets his strength breakthrough into the second layer!

If he wishes to break through to the third layer, perhaps he really needs to concentrate fully on cultivation for a while. But right now, Li Fan does not have this time. Because right after the end of lesson bell rings, he needs to hurry and look for Huang Lei!

Doubt a person then do not use him, use a person then do not doubt him. Although it is a huge sum of 200k but Li Fan believes Huang Lei. If he really ran away with the money, then let’s treat it as spending some money to let myself buy a lesson.

Huang Lei ah Huang Lei, you better not disappoint me!

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 66    [Spirit to Rebel]

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