Chapter 65     [Title below]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Li Fan raises his head to see an unfamiliar black fatty shouting towards him.

“Who are you?”

Li Fan does not recognize his guy, where did this brother come from?

“I am the school’s new teacher. At the same time, I am also in-charged of the school’s discipline.”

The black fatty takes out a teacher ID and hangs it around his neck, “I am called Chang Chunxi. In the future, you can call me Teacher Chang. At the same time, I am the disciplinary head so you can also call me Head Chang!”

Chang Chunxi? He is this guy?

“Now, your mobile phone shall be confiscated.”

As Chang Chunxi speaks, he stretches out his hand attempting to snatch over Li Fan’s mobile phone.

But how good is Li Fan’s agility? How would he be caught? He only lightly takes a step back and dodges Chang Chunxi’s hand.

Chang Chunxi raises his eyebrows and questions, “You still dare to resist?”

“Why can I not resist?”

Li Fan counter ask, “Firstly the school did not prohibit bringing of mobile phones. They only say that we are not allowed to use it in the classroom! While right now, I am in the corridor right? Secondly, the school rules only state that we are not allowed to use mobile phones during lessons. Right now it is still not yet time for lessons. I did not break either of these two rules, what rights do you have to confiscate my mobile phone?”

“Still talking back!”

Chang Chunxi looks up and down Li Fan as his tone turns unfriendly, “I Chang Chunxi had been a teacher for over twenty years. What kind of problematic kids had I not seen before! You this kind of problematic kind I had also seen a lot of them! Less of such nonsense! Grade, class, name!”

“I had been studying for over ten years and had seen before all kind tyrantic teachers. One more you is also not too many!”

Li Fan snorts, “I am called Li Fan, Second-year class two.”

“You are Li Fan?”

Hearing this name Chang Chunxi seems to be blank out for a moment before glancing at Li Fan a few more times.

“That’s right, that’s me.”

Li Fan says in his heart, looks like this fellow indeed is coming at me!

“A problematic fellow indeed.”

Chang Chunxi crosses his arms and smiles coldly, “No worries. Very soon we will meet again. You this kind of ignorant and incompetent gangster students is a disaster if left in school! Sooner or later I shall find a reason to expel you this kind of student!”

“Aiyah how can we do that.”

Unexpectedly Li Fan is brimming with enthusiasm as he says, “I welcome you this kind of teacher the most! We still need to properly get close with each other ah. I hope that teacher will be able to teach me more!”

“You this kind of student is already hopeless already! There is nothing for me to teach you!”

Chang Chunxi says in disdain, “Properly enjoy your final time in school. Because very soon, you shall be expelled from this school! Only when bad students like you are not around would the passing rate of the school increase.”

This whatever idiotic teacher is basically looking down on me!

Li Fan also cannot be bothered to care about him, what a psycho.

“Then goodbye, Teacher Chang!”

Li Fan turns around and leave. I will not hand over my handphone. After all, I didn’t break any rules. Base on what should I hand over my mobile phone.

“From today onwards, I will use my eyes to watch you one!”

Chang Chunxi gestures with his hand around his eyes and shouts towards Li Fan’s back. “Tug your tail between your legs as you conduct yourself! Scum!”

Li Fan endures his anger, you fucker why don’t I dig your eyeballs out and put in my pocket!

After all, he is still a student, thus he keeps his mobile phone and returned back to his classroom.

After he entered his classroom, he glances at his deskmate. But four-eyes who was usually low profile had something special today. Because his right cheek was badly swollen, furthermore, one of the lenses of his spectacles are broken. To Bai Linluo who always paid attention to his image, it is basically not possible.

“What happened?”

Although he is not a girl but four-eyes temperament is like a girl. Damnit, it is definitely not because of that kind of weird reason. After all, we are deskmate thus I need to be concerned a bit.

Four-Eyes evades slightly as he fiddles with the paper on his desk but has no heart to answer the question. “No-nothing.”

“Who hit you, say it!”

Li Fan is slightly uncomfortable. Hitting a dog need to take a look at the owner right…damn it, referring to him as my dog is a bit unsuitable. Anyway, he is my deskmate, how can other people hit him as they wish?

“Really nothing…Li Fan…it is nearly time for exams already, how is your revision?”

Bai Linluo attempts to change the topic but Li Fan frowns and questions, “Who on earth hit you! Four-eyes last time when we go against the sports teacher didn’t you perform quite well! Why did you become terrified now?”

“Even…even if I say it is also useless…”

Bai Linluo’s eye turns red as he takes off his spectacles and rubs his eyes, “It is me who is not good enough…”

Li Fan did not listen to his excuse and continues to question, “If you don’t say you can only be beaten up daily! Last time that matter had already made me have a whole new level of respect for you. Four-eyes could it be that you are willing to be a person who will be bullied daily by other people?”

“I do not wish to…but what can I do…”

Bai Linluo rolls up his sleeve and reveals his skinny and weak arm, “You see I don’t even have the strength to truss a chicken. It is not possible to resist and taking a beating is more likely.”

“How can a guy not fight back!”

Li Fan pat Bai Linluo on his shoulder, “Quickly say it. Who is the one who did it? I am your deskmate. You are not willing to even tell your deskmate?”

Bai Linluo sighs, “Tell you is also useless…no one can control him one.”

“Why be so draggy. Do you want your other leg to be smashed as well!”

“Err…it is Hua Dehong…”

“The Young Tyrant?”

Li Fan had indeed heard of this person name. People say that Wang Qiang is a tyrant of the school but comparing to this Hua Dehong, Wang Qiang is basically a gentle lady.

Hua Dehong is basically a tyrant in the school. Following him is a few gangster students who are undisciplined and out of control. Even when the former Liu Xiaoli would also hide when he sees him. No choice, after all his father is the principle!

“Why did he want to hit you!”

“He wants to borrow money from me…but I didn’t have any…”

Bai Luolin lowers his head and says, “This month’s money was taken away by them…my mother had thought that I had somehow spent it and stopped giving me pocket money…Hua Dehong also said that if I do not give money…he will beat me.”

“Fuck, this group of motherfuckers!”

Li Fan is very angry. Just as he is about to say something else the classroom door was pushed open and the black fatty Chang Chenxi walks in.

The originally noisy classroom immediately became silent. Chang Chunxi directly writes his name on the blackboard going straight to the subject.

“From today onwards, I will be your class in-charge!”

Chang Chenxi place both his hands on the lectern like a gorilla, “In my class, I will definitely not leave any scum! Everyone present is already no longer part of the 9 years of compulsory education anymore! If you commit a mistake, I have the right to expel you guys! After a month, I hope that there will still be half of you guys left!’

As he speaks, his gaze lands on Li Fan, “Some of those scum…I will definitely get rid of one!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 65    [Chang Chunxi]

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