Chapter 64     [Title below]


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“I am only saying this while you are listening. If everyone laughs a bit then take it as if nothing was said before!”

Li Fan became speechless, with my current results what Qing Bei University ah. More like roasting sweet potatoes ah! With my current conduct, even if I want to enter a vocation school, I can only rely on a recommendation to be able to enter ah!

Li Fan suddenly thought of an important matter and ask, “Since we’re on this topic, Does our date tonight still count?”

“Get lost! What date! It is tuition!”

Ling Yuexian is so angry that she twists Li Fan’s ear again making him grin.

Even if zhenqi is gathered to the ears, it will not be able to be as abundant as condensing it on top of the muscle. Being twisted by Ling Yuexian like this is really quite painful.

“Yes, yes, yes. Tuition, tuition. Whether I am able to get into Qing Bei will depend on Teacher Ling’s teaching!”

Ling Yuexian cannot help but ask, “What are your current school results…in our grade ranking?”

In a grade, there are around 500 people. Only the top ten would be able to enter Qing Bei university. Their private Second Zhong high promotion rate is not bad, otherwise, there would not be so many parents who risk their lives so that they can spend such a large sum of money to send them to this school.

Li Fan is very confident, “My results had always been quite stable!”

“Oh? Then your ranking?”

“Had always been around 500.”

Ling Yuexian nearly vomited out blood and wished that she is able to kick Li Fan off the bicycle!

“Your sister ah! Then how is it possible for you to enter Qing Bei!”

“How can you say it like this!”

Li Fan immediately becomes serious. “I am a man, I have potential as well as resolution! As long as I am willing, this 500th place is just a matter of minutes!”

“Really can only say nonsense!”

Ling Yuexian got angry, this Li Fan really can speak ah.

“Anyways I had already told you. As for the rest, you can only pray for luck. No matter what you must not go against the school!”

Li Fan shrugs his shoulders, “I will do my best. Hopefully  they will not come and provoke me, otherwise, I will definitely not be polite towards them!”

“What is the use of your current manner!”

Ling Yuexian is super anxious, “How is it time for you to say such words! Do you really wish to be expelled!”

“Who wishes to be expelled ah. But I also do not wish to be a coward ah!”

Li Fan says arrogantly and obstinately, “Although we are students, but the school  cannot be too much right?!”

Ling Yuexian says, “Since we are students then we ought to listen to what the teachers say! Otherwise, how can we  get into university!”

“University is only one of the choices in the future.”

Li Fan emphasizes, “You cannot choose to capitulate to force because you want to enter university! Capitulate to evil! Comrade Xiao Ling, you need to raise the banner of the Young Pioneers and don’t let the enemy corrupt our thoughts! Whittle away our determination!”

“Can you drop it…you make it sound like we are going to war…”

“You must have the drive to resist!”

Li Fan says seriously, “If teachers and school both treat me well and regard me as a real student, teach me knowledge and help me grow. I don’t have anything to say but to buy them a large brocade banner and let them hang it up! But you see our school, what is it like? Let’s not talk about the disparity in treatment, let’s talk about tuition during holidays! One lesson is 50, a holiday is 800 dollars in expenses! During the lessons did he teach anything? Isn’t it just him letting us do test papers! How is this a lesson? This is just snatching money!”

Ling Yuexian advice, “Anyhow collecting school fees is not really correct…who asked us to be students…just bear with it and it will pass. Why stand out…”

Li Fan says in disdain, “Right that is what everyone thought. You bear a bit, I bear a bit as well. That is why right now it causes the school to become such a bloodsucker! Anyway, you guys do not resist then I shall resist! You guys do not want to stand out then let me stand out! I do want to take a look and see if I am able to win the school!”

“Less of this nonsense! With your IQ you still want to go against the school?”

“What about my IQ, very impressive right? Usually, I am just being humble and low-profile! If I really wish to study properly then this year’s number 1 shall be mine! It is just that I do not wish to snatch from you guys!”

“Is that so?”

Ling Yuexian suddenly asks, “Then let me test your  IQ.”

“Bring it on!”

“For example, two people were stranded on a deserted island, one is called ‘I love you’ the other is called ‘I don’t love you’…”

“Who have such idiot names ah!”

“Don’t cut in!”

Ling Yuexian rolls her eyes at Li Fan, “Suddenly one day ‘I don’t love you’ died. Then what is the remaining person called?”

“I love you ah.”

“That’s right. I just know, you see you are always conspiring about me right!”

Ling Yuexian is like a victorious mother hen as her neck raised high up.

“What the heck….you… this is a big trap ah!”

Li Fan is utterly speechless, still can play like this ah!

Two streets before the school, Ling Yuexian stops Li Fan, “Hehe, that is why I say that you are an idiot. Okay, let’s end it here and meet at night!”

“Fine then…”

Li Fan is also speechless. This lass’s IQ is too high. Playing with her IQ  it is clear that I will lose. Alas, why is it that when I was born my intelligence was not enough ah…

He says good-bye to Ling Yuexian and enters the school on his own. What shocked him is that the security guards of the school had actually changed! Those weak-looking security guards of the past were all gone and standing by the entrance are two burly guys with impressive muscles like two door gods.

The surrounding students were afraid to see them as they walk past them while Li Fan sticks both hands into his pocket as he swaggers in.

As he is walking to his classroom, his handphone rings. He takes a look and it is Murong Ying who is calling.

Why did she call me for? So early in the morning, could it be that she is thinking about me?

Li Fan picks up the call and starts with teasing her, “Hello, Niang-zi are you thinking about me?”


In the end, that voice coming from the phone is cold, so cold that it could freeze people! Li Fan sighs, wanting to tease Murong Ying is too difficult ah! This Marital Alliance Head’s brain circuit is really too different from an ordinary woman ah!

“Then what did you call me for?”

“I am only reminding you that these two days I will not be in school and there will be no one to protect you. You keep calm and do not cause trouble.”

Murong Ying reminds kind-heartedly, “I had heard that the principal had found someone to deal with you.”

“Am I that easy to deal with?”

Li Fan sneers, “Can’t you have a bit of confidence in your husband? With my IQ I can instantly kill you!”

“Did you eat the wrong medication today?”

“What the! You are then the one who eats the wrong medication! Don’t believe right, let me give you a question!”

Li Fan recalls the IQ question that Ling Yuexian gave him and says, “One day two brothers were stranded on a deserted island. One is called ‘I love you’ the other is called ‘I don’t love you’. One day there is a sudden lightning strike that struck ‘I don’t love you’ to death! Let me ask you, what is the remaining person called?”


Murong Ying says indifferently nearly making Li Fan smash his handphone! Damn it did not play the cards accordingly!

Just as Li Fan is holding back his anger, from in front of him comes a shout, “Which class are you from? You are not allowed to use your mobile phone in school!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 64    [A Sudden Change in Thinking]

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