Chapter 57     [Title below]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

“Huang Lei, I have a question that I wish to ask you.”

Li Fan does not wish to return home. When he thought of Murong Ying, he becomes annoyed. In any case, he had a large sum of money on him, he might as well let Huang Lei find a slightly better hotel and stay for a night. Huang Lei immediately thought of a good place and was bring Li Fan towards there.

“Just nice ah big brother. I also have a question to ask…it is like fart almost unable to hold it back already. I need to let it out to be comfortable!”

“Then you ask first.”

“How can we do that! Big brother ask first!”

Huang Lei says unhesitatingly, “Even if it is a fart, I will also stifle it at the opening of my butt and wait for big brother to let it out first!”

“Beat it! I heard that you do not have environment protection!”

Li Fan glares at him, “Then I ask you. You are a hooligan. At that time, you ought to think of your own life first! Why is it that you rather receive a beating and insist on letting me leave?”

“Big brother you do not understand us this kind of small hooligans.”

Huang Lei says very realistically as he says, “After big brother leaves would I have a path of survival. If big brother falls, I will really have no way of surviving. I had already decided. Big brother is in charge of achieving the goals while I am in charge of being lawless! If big brother is not present then I Huang Lei would be living like a dog! Big brother you say how powerful could a dog be alive?”

[Editor: I think it means something like how powerful can a dog be without its owner]

“Huang Lei you relax.”

Li Fan is deeply moved as he pats Huang Lei on his shoulder, “As long as I Li Fan is able to eat, I will definitely not let you starve!”

“Thank you big brother! A good person is safe and sound forever!”

“Good person your sister!”

Li Fan rolls his eyes, “Stop talking nonsense to me! Just now what you want to ask, hurry and ask!”

“Ah right, big brother, this question is too perplexing me!”

Huang Lei immediately ask, “Big brother, can you tell me that 800k…why did you burn them?”


Li Fan says indifferently, “This is a kind of concept. Perhaps you might not be able to comprehend it.”

“Big brother…”

Huang Lei become speechless, “That meaning of yours…is that you are acting cool ah…”

“What are you saying!”

Li Fan assume a profound mystery appearance, “I am more fond of calling it realm!”

[Editor: Not too sure about this]

“Big brother, this realm of yours is too expensive ah!”

Huang Lei almost want to cry, “Next time can we keep calm? Impulse is the devil ah big brother!”

“Can it, next time I will do my best to keep calm.”

Li Fan also has a wailing face, “Actually right now I am regretful ah. 800k ah, I actually burned them up! Why can’t I control this hand of mine ah! Lacking ah, too lacking!”

“No problem big brother. When we have no money we can just earn more!”

Huang Lei hurriedly coax Li Fan, “Just that next time round, don’t be so impulsive, hahaha!”

“I will do my best…”

Li Fan says in his heart, I got too hot-blooded for a moment and really unable to hold myself back!

“Big brother. Tonight little brother arranged a good place for you to rest properly. Tomorrow you shall become a lively dragon and animated tiger again!”

“Which hotel are we going to?”

Li Fan cannot help but be curious, “I had been in City A for so many years, I had not seen before any big hotel ah. Now that we have money, there is no need to be polite and spend unrestrictedly!”

He bears with his heart pain and clenches his teeth saying, “Let’s just stay in Han Hall then. Want a big bedroom and properly extravagant once!”

“Big brother you are too amusing!”

Huang Lei hold back his smile, “Now that we have money what does Han Hall count as? Big brother you relax. Tonight I have already arranged everything for you already! I guarantee that you will be satisfied!”

Huang Lei can be considered as a small tyrant. He says he will arrange, so Li Fan let him take charge.

The two of them take a taxi and went to Jianggan District

Reaching here, Li Fan cannot help but become nervous.

“Huang Lei, why did we come to this place?”

He looks at the row of lighted dusky red light building, “Isn’t this the famous red light district? There are places to stay here?”

“Of course, big brother you relax. I am very clear ah!”

Huang Lei pats his chest, “Guaranteed to arrange everything properly for big brother!”

Li Fan hurriedly state his stand, “I only wish to purely sleep ah!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Purely to let big brother have a good sleep! I understand!”

Huang Lei laughs and says, “Leave this matter to me.”

Li Fan has a premonition that something is far from good while Huang Lei keep inciting and finally sways Li Fan to get out of the taxi.

The night wind is slightly chilly. Huang Lei starts shivering while Li Fan is unruffled like he is not cold at all. Huang Lei cannot help but be envious. Big brother had trained his body and it is really very good. Don’t know if he gets on the bed will he do the girl until she faints!

“Big brother, this is the place.”

Huang Lei pulls Li Fan in front of a building that is called Comfort Lute. Irregardless of what it is, Li Fan feels that this name is not bad. At the very least it is very refined.

“This place…is legal?”

Li Fan is a bit uneasy and keeps feeling that the place that Huang Lei had brought him is definitely not a good place.

“Legal, of course, it is legal!”

Huang Lei keeps nodding his head, “In the past, I come here often. It is a good way to relax!”


“It is to let big brother have a proper rest!”

Huang Lei explains again, “Big brother could it be that you do not believe me?”

“Not that…fine then, you better not sabotage me.”

“Relax big brother, leave this to me!”

Huang Lei pulls Li Fan in. Inside the ambient is slightly dark. When Li Fan enters, he instantly sees a row of girls wearing skimpy short skirt coming down from upstairs. All of them are dressed to the nines with makings. One of them throws a coquettish glance at Li Fan.

What the…what is this damn place?

“Boss give me two rooms!”

Huang Lei very imposing as he pounded the bill on the table, “Give my big brother the best service!”

Li Fan once again emphasise, “I do not need service! I am only just sleeping that’s all!”

“Little brother you can relax. Our place here guarantees to let you sleep comfortably and peacefully!”

The lady boss is around 40 years old. Her make-up seems to be alluring one as she winks at Li Fan. Li Fan’s heart shiver. He is not afraid of Su Chen but he has some formless fear towards this woman.

“Give my big brother the best!”

Huang Lei once again order the lady boss. The lady boss gave Huang Lei a look that says relax before she let a female attendant take a bunch of keys and bring Li Fan upstairs.

“Big brother you go and enjoy first. I will be next door. If you have any matter just shout for me!”

Huang Lei waves his hand at Li Fan. Li Fan feels that his gaze towards the lady boss is filled with avaricious.

This fellow…heavy taste appears again!

“Sir…this is your room..”

The female attendant brings Li Fan in front of the room. Li Fan takes a look and on the door is written a few words.

Monarch Pavilion.

Good fellow. This name is indeed aggressive enough! Does it mean that one will receive the treatment of a monarch?

The female attendant opens the room door and Li Fan walks in. The room is indeed very domineering. It is a bit like the ancient times’ imperial palace. That golden dragon bed, as well as the surrounding interesting and appealing room style, gives Li Fan a feeling like he had returned back in time and become an emperor!

Just as Li Fan is having thoughts of him bullying his imperial concubine Murong Ying, the room door was slowly pushed open.

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 57    [Monarch Pavilion]

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