Chapter 55     [Title below]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

“Boss Su, I am sorry then.”

Li Fan smiles, “I this person is full of youthful vigor. I will never walk the path that other people choose for me. But the path that I want to walk, no one has ever been able to block me!”

“Then this one million shall be placed here. As long as little brother is able to take it, you can take as much as you want and leave!”

Su Chen pulls out a cigar and Yu Feng hurried forward and uses a sulfur match and carefully light it for Su Chen.

“I do want to see just how hard can little brother’s life can be.”

While he is speaking the surrounding bodyguards in black suits turn into fighters. All of them pulls out a truncheon and starts staring at Li Fan like fiends.

“Big brother! Be careful ah! If you really cannot take it then run!”

Huang Lei shouts, “Anyways I am only a small hooligan. At most I am just asking for a beating that’s all. Boss Su will not kill me this kind of person and dirty your hands right Boss Su?”


Although he had been warned earlier, Yu Feng steps forward and gives Huang Lei a slap.

“Motherfucker, are you even qualified to talk to my boss? Dog thing!”

“Well hit! Hit me a few more times!”

Huang Lei spits out a mouthful of blood before smiling merrily, “Anyways I am just lacking a beating! Brothers just beat me and then let my big brother off!”

“Huang Lei! Stop speaking blindly!”

Li Fan becomes anxious, “What if you really got beaten to death? Hurry up and shut your mouth!”

“Big brother! You relax. I am born in the year of a cockroach. My life is very strong!”

Huang Lei shouted as he was kicked again by Yu Feng.

“Hit ah! Hit ah! Hit as you wish!”

Huang Lei keeps shouting, “All of you beat me and let my Big brother leave!”

“Shut your dog mouth!”

Yu Feng picks up the wine bottle by the side and swings it down at Huang Lei’s forehead.

Li Fan grabs hold of a fork from the table and tosses it out.

The fork just nice stabs into Yu Feng’s palm hurting him into letting go the wine bottle as he trembles while holding his right hand.

“Since you guys wish to play then let me accompany you guys to play properly.”

Li Fan takes a deep breath as stars light up in his eyes.

Bear Assault technique!

The two fighters had already rushed in front of Li Fan as they swing their truncheon towards Li Fan ferociously!

Under Bear Assault technique mode, Li Fan’s zhenqi is covering his entire body like he had put on a layer of invisible armor.

The two fighters are professionals. One of them stabs the truncheon towards Li Fan’s lungs while the other waved the truncheon towards his ribs.

But Li Fan did not move and allow their truncheon to land on his body.

-peng, peng-

Two muffled sound. Li Fan relies on his zhenqi to protect his body and forcibly resists their assault.

Before the other person is able to react, Li Fan had already stretched out both hands and grabbed hold of their head.

Li Fan exerts strength with both hands and smashes their heads together. The two fighters immediately groan and fainted.

Another two fighters rush over from the side. Li Fan kicks the table by the side and that two meters long round table immediately flies out and crashes into the two people toppling them onto the ground.

But Su Chen had nothing but men.

The entire road had around 30 fighters. Under Su Chen’s indication, they no longer use their truncheon. Instead, they pull out an axe from their back and hold it in their hands. This scene is a bit like the Axe Gang on the TV.  But Li Fan does not show any fear. He takes down an ancient paddle from the wall and swings it around a few times and felt that it fits just nice.

A fighter rushes in front of Li Fan while the iron paddle in Li Fan’s hand directly hacks down and smashes against that fighter’s head.

This brother was knocked down onto the ground and fainted immediately.

Facing so many enemies, Li Fan keeps calm like he had come to play. The iron paddle in his hands was used like a godly weapon. Every time he swings it out, it will be able to knock down a fighter.

Obviously, there are so many fighters but none of them are able to get close to Li Fan! With the boat paddle as a distance, within a radius of 2 meters of Li Fan a vacuum had taken shape!

“Little brother indeed has good skills.”

Su Chen did not panic, “Indeed is a martial artist. But perhaps little brother does not know that this place of mine does not welcome martial artist. Since you had entered my territory, it means that you had broken my rules. Thus you cannot blame older brother already.”

“Get lost! The rules were all fucking set by you!”

Li Fan says in disdain, “My own road, I walk by myself! There is no need for others to set rules for me! Su Chen, Boss Su, I do want to see if your rules are big or my paddle is harder!”

As Li Fan speaks, he walks closer to Su Chen step by step. The surrounding fighters cannot watch anymore and one of them charges forward roaring. While the paddle in Li Fan’s hand stab forward and the blade of the oar smashes into that brother’s nose.

The opponent was sent flying out as blood flies out from his nose. He crashes onto the ground unknown if he is alive or dead.

But with Li Fan’s movement, even more fighters rush forward. The paddle in Li Fan’s hand swings left and right as he knocks down all of the fighters that get close to him.

Li Fan’s movement is very efficient and does not have any sloppiness at all!

He walks forward step by step and soon he is just less than 5 meters away from Su Chen.

“Really is a group of trash!”

Yu Feng picks up an axe and tosses it towards Li Fan!

The axe spins a few rounds in the air towards Li Fan.

Li Fan does not panic as he casually stabs out and uses the paddle to send the axe flying away.

But the surrounding fighters also follow the same. They start throwing the axe in their hands at Li Fan trying to use an axe rain to chop Li Fan up.

Li Fan does not show any fear. The paddle in his hand keeps swinging out, the surrounding axes are actually unable to get close to him at all and were sent flying away by his paddle.

Ding ding dang dang, the surrounding fighters all dodges in a panic because the axes are flying towards them!

A lot of fighters were injured by the axes. Su Chen who was sitting there seems to be slightly emotional.

Liu Yi takes another step forward as is almost within reach of Su Chen!

“Go and die!”

Yu Feng pulls out his stun gun and fires the stunning mechanism at Li Fan! But this high-speed mechanism in Li Fan’s eyes slowed down.

He sweeps out with the paddle and slaps the stunning mechanism away and shocked a fighter by the side. Shocking him so badly that he starts jumping like he is in the disco.

“Not possible!”

Yu Feng does not dare do believe what he is seeing. While Li Fan takes another step forward as his paddle slaps his head knocking down Yu Feng.

“Violent Dragon Exiting the Sea!”

Li Fan turns around as he uses Guan Wenbao’s move!

Yu Feng had yet to fall onto the ground when Li Fan’s paddle slaps him up. He was sent flying out and crashes heavily by Su Chen’s feet!

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 55   [Who is harder]

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