Chapter 52     [Guan Wenbao]


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Half an hour later, Li Fan had already returned back to the stage.

As for what Huang Lei had said, he did not place it in his heart. What era is it already, there is no longer any more syndicate already! Everyone coming out to mingle, it is just seeing who is able to mingle around better that’s all. What they are relying on is their relationship, connections! Even if it is Su Chen, he can really take my life?

A society that is ruled by law, Li Fan does not believe that society would be so dark.

[TL: lame]

While thanks to his fortune, Huang Lei also no longer needs to clean the room anymore and is able to seat among the spectacles to watch the competition.

Seeing Li Fan getting on the stage, Huang Lei is slightly emotional as he shouts towards the surrounding audience, “Do you see this, this is my big brother! My big brother ah! He is very impressive right! Awesome right! Hahaha!”

The surrounding people roll their eyes at him, it is because of your big brother, all of us suffered a financial loss!

“Hahaha, today win big ah!”

Just as Huang Lei is happy, from the side, a burly guy in black clothing walks over. He’s holding a tough silk fabric and suddenly covers Huang Lei’s mouth and nose from behind.


Huang Lei is basically unable to react in time before his nose was covered and he fainted.

Down here no one bothers about Huang Lei’s matter. The burly guy picks up the fainted Huang Lei before carrying him away in front of thousands of staring eyes.

But Li Fan does not know about this. He is still waiting for his opponent. After winning two rounds in a row and the failed chat with Su Chen. Don’t know what kind of opponent the club would arrange for me.

Hope that the opponent can put in a bit more effort and don’t let me be too disappointed.

“It is now tonight’s final battle!!!”

The announcer continues to use his voice to ignite the atmosphere of the whole audience, “With our Strongest Senior High School Student, our star tonight shall challenge our stage king from last week, Scarlet Faced Battle God!”

-roaring sounds-

The surrounding crowd seems to be once again became boiling while Li Fan is slightly curious in his heart, just who is this Scarlet Faced Battle God?

Just as he was guessing, from the exit in front of him, suddenly there is the sound of a horse hoof.

-Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop-

The sound of the horse’s hoof is very clear. So much so that even among this noisy arena it is still able to enter Li Fan’s ear. But why is there the sound of a horse’s hoof? Li Fan does not understand.

The sound of horse’s hoof is getting closer and closer. Very quickly a figure slowly appears in front of Li Fan’s vision.

Li Fan’s eyes widen. Because in front of him is a guy riding a battle horse. This guy is quite tall, sturdy and is clearly a modern person. But on his head, he is wearing a Sanshan phoenix hat. His entire body of golden armor along with the dark green combat robes, he is also wearing a pair of cloud shoes. In his hand, he is also holding a two-meter-long crescent blade! He is like he had come from the battlefield, his murderous looks really pressure the heart making Li Fan’s fine hair stands.

[TL: Crescent blade is the weapon that Guan Yu uses.]

The precious horse he is riding is also not an ordinary breed. There is a blood red light emitting from it like it is the rumored Ferghana horse.

Li Fan is slightly shocked. This person complexion is slightly flushed like the battle god in legends, Guan Yu. This underground fighting competition is really interesting. They even let this kind of people appear.

The silver-masked man on the horse opens his mouth and speaks, his voice is like a great bell as he inquires Li Fan, “You are my opponent today?”

“Big brother, are you cosplaying ah?”

Li Fan cannot help but ask, “Why did you dress up like this. Isn’t too appealing?”

The moment he just speaks finish, that Scarlet Faced Battle God’s crescent blade had already started moving carrying wind and thunder, and instantly stops in front of Li Fan’s throat.

“Don’t say nonsense, I am Guan Yun Chang’s later generation! Guan Wenbao! If you do not wish to die then swiftly leave this place! Otherwise, under my Guan Wenbao’s blade, you shall die!”

[TL: Guan Yun Chang is the courtesy name of Guan Yu]

“Follow who ah?”

Li Fan uses one palm to press down Guan Wenbao’s blade, “Big brother you are teasing me happy ah? You are the Guan Yu’s later generation? I am also Li Shimin’s illegitimate child! Don’t say such nonsense to me, if you got guts then let’s fight!”

“Fits my intention!”

The two of them can be considered as briefly meeting each other while the announcer by the side continues to incite everyone’s mood.

“The fight had yet to start and the two experts are already in a conflict already! Like the saying ‘one hill does not accommodate two tigers’, the two of them is like a descending tiger and a passing river dragon. Perhaps neither will not yield to each other! Whether the Strongest Senior High School Student is the strongest or our Scarlet Faced Battle God is undefeatable, let us wait and see!”

The surrounding audience’s mood starts to ignite and becomes very excited.

“I will not bully you.” Guan Wenbao jumps off the warhorse. “Let us fight on the ground!”

“Good, considered that you are a man!”

Li Fan nods his head, “Then let’s start the fight immediately!”

Guan Wenbao turns his body as the battle armor on his body clanks along. At the same time, he whirls the crescent blade and with the sound of breaking wind it hacks down heavily at Li Fan.

This blade is like the power of thunder, world-shaking!

Even if it is Li Fan, he also does not dare to resist this blade head-on! He hesitates slightly while at this moment, the speed of the blade had already started to slow down in his eyes. Li Fan’s body enters Ape Assault technique. He immediately steps out like a phantom. Guan Wenbao feels like before he is able to see Li Fan’s movement clearly, he had already dodged his blade and swiftly approached in front of him!


Guan Wenbao is also a martial artist. He believed in his Thunder Blade but he did not expect that Li Fan’s movement is even faster!

“Ape Long Fist!”

Under ape attack technique, Li Fan’s fist speed is also very quick. Like a pendulum clock, he made a beeline for Guan Wenbao’s temple.

Li Fan is also able to see that this Guan Wenbao is an expert. Being able to wave such a heavy crescent blade easily, he definitely must have the support of inner strength!

As expected, Guan Wenbao lightly leans his head to the side. At the same time, he withdraws his crescent blade holding it vertically in front of him, blocking Li Fan’s long fist!


Li Fan’s fist crash against the long pole. If it was wooden, perhaps it would have been scattered by Li Fan’s fist. But Guan Wenbao’s crescent blade’s pole is made from iron. Being struck like this, it rings out like a bell.

Li Fan’s fist got jolted away making him retreat a step. Guan Wenbao is also unable to hold his crescent blade firmly. He was so badly jolted that he staggers slightly and nearly fall over.

“Good fist technique.”

Guan Wenbao’s eyes flash with some color, “What is your name. Who is your master?”

“Remember, I am called Li Fan! I am a self-made genius!”

Li Fan also concentrates his attention on Guan Wenbao’s hand. To Guan Wenbao this kind of experts, looking at his hand as well as arm movement, it is possible to determine his next move!

Although Murong Ying had thought me Five animal mimicry but Five Animal Assault technique was comprehended by myself!

“Self-made genius?”

Guan Wenbao raises his brow, “Don’t boast! This set of martial arts of yours is very profound. Just a look and it is not common! Such a mystical martial arts, how is it possible for you to comprehend it on your own!”

“Don’t believe? Then drop it!”

As Li Fan speaks, his body suddenly lowers as he enters Tiger Assault technique state!

Guan Wenbao creases his brows. At that instant, he feels like he had seen a tiger descend from the mountain dashing towards him pouncing over!

Looks like I need to be serious for this battle.

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 52   [Guan Wenbao]

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