Chapter 45     [Self-reliance]


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The matter of Li Fan fighting against the sports teacher swiftly spread throughout the entire school!

Beating a teacher is not the most amazing. The most amazing is that after hitting the teacher, he is actually still fine! Although he needs to submit a self-reflection, but what does it count as! It is basically nothing!

But Li Fan had thus become a very special person in the school. Some people think that he is a hero while others think that he is a complete hooligan and revere him to some degree.

But Li Fan is still rather satisfied to be able to punish Sun Xuchang this kind of harmful teacher. At the same time, he understands that without Murong Ying supporting him, perhaps today the one who would be expelled would be him. In this era, we are no longer competing who had the hardest fist but who had the biggest influence and background! In the end, I still need to rely on my woman ah…to be honest, Li Fan’s originally satisfied mood also becomes slightly unhappy.

Murong Ying calls Li Fan along to the office where she starts reprimanding, “Do you know where are you wrong?”

“I am not wrong!”

There is no one else in the office, thus there is no need for Li Fan to be polite. He immediately raises his head with his face filled with dissatisfaction.

“Hmph! Helping you and you are actually unhappy.”

Murong Ying also did not give Li Fan face. “Today if I did not appear, you think that this matter will be over just with you submitting a self-reflection? Perhaps you would have already been expelled do you know?”

[TL: actually isn’t him being expelled the best?]

[Editor: No not really Fuji…]

“These people bully people, are they still reasonable?”

Li Fan is unhappy as he says, “Is this place still a place for studying? What is wrong with me standing out for the students?”

“Rotten wood!”

Murong Ying hate that iron is unable to become steel as she stares at Li Fan and says, “After learning a bit of martial skill you think that you are very amazing? Li Fan! Don’t forget that without me Murong Ying, without my Murong Family, you are also nothing!”

Murong Ying is only saying it in anger but the moment she speaks finish she starts to regret it.

Just not at that instant, she had forgotten how prideful Li Fan is.

“Good, good, good. What you say is right!”

Speaking finish Li Fan stomps out angrily. He pushes open the office door and walks out immediately.

Murong Ying wished to shout at him but hesitates slightly and did not shout it out.

When it is night time, Li Fan went to look for Ling Yuexian, that lass had left a note in the self-study room and stood him up.

-To punish you for your violent actions, today I shall not see you for one day!-

Fucking hell!

What is with the current women, making a mess!

Right now what is with society? Really makes people speechless!

“What the, do you think by standing me up, I would have no place to go?”

Li Fan decided to find Huang Lei to do underground boxing! If I do not want to rely on these girls, I must rely on my own fists to fight out my piece of land!

He takes out his handphone and gives Huang Lei a call.

“Big brother! What order do you have?”

From the phone comes Huang Lei’s indecent voice. But current when Li Fan heard it, it is very pleasing to hear. At the very least it is just more pleasing than Murong Ying speaking!

“I want to do underground boxing. Help me arrange it.”

Li Fan goes straight for the subject without beating around the bush.

“Aiyah, big brother, I had already calculated that you want to do underground boxing! Indeed I did completely accurate ah!”

Huang Lei immediately happily says, “I had already help Big brother arranged it already. Before 7pm you come to the small stone bridge by the river bank to look for me. I guarantee that big brother will be able to earn a large sum tonight!”

“Okay, we meet later.”

Li Fan hangs up and left the school gates. In the end, he meets Ling Yuexian outside of the entrance.

Li Fan cannot help but ask, “What are you here for, aren’t you supposed to go back home?”

“Hold it.”

Ling Yuexian stuffs a small cloth bag into Li Fan’s hand before turning around and cycles away.

Looking at her developed tights, Li Fan mutters in his heart, just what does this lass want ah?

Li Fan cannot take it and open her cloth bag. Inside is a large package of band-aid.

This lass….

Li Fan wants to smile but is unable to smile out.

Also does not know if she is worried about me or ignoring me. Says she is concerned about me but she gave me a punishment of ignoring me for a day. Says she isn’t concerned about me, perhaps after knowing that I had a fight today she is worried that I am injured, she also gifted me a band-aid. This day really is making me unclear ah.

Forget it, don’t want to care about these women already. I better hurry and take a look at what this underground boxing is.

Although there is not a lot of time but Li Fan is resentful. Before 7 he had already reached the small stone bridge by the riverbank.

It is already autumn thus the river water carries traces of chill. But Li Fan has inner strength thus he does not mind this temperature a lot. When he reached here, Huang Lei is already waiting there. This brother is wearing cowboy attire and he is so cold that he is trembling badly. He crouches by the side of the stone bridge as he holds a cigarette between his fingers and is trying to light up the cigarette.

But the cold river wind is also very big. He tries his best for a while but is unable to successfully light up the cigarette.

“What are you doing?”

Li Fan shouts from far away and Huang Lei immediately smiles.

“I am having a fight against the nature ah! Big brother you had finally came. If you came any later, I would have turn into a popsicle!”

Huang Lei smiles merrily and says, “You came rather earlier ah.”

Li Fan says, “Say it, where are we going next?”

“Big brother, did you see that boat by the riverbank?”

Huang Lei points with his finger, “The underground boxing club is over there!”

Li Fan gazes in the direction of his finger and realize that in front of him in the river water, a small black cruise ship is anchored there. This cruise ship is like a concealed wild beast in the darkness, like it is waiting for the arrival of Li Fan.

“Big brother you relax. You will definitely be the star tonight!”

Huang Lei says very confidently like the one who would win the fight is not Li Fan but himself!

“With big brother’s skills, tonight we are guaranteed to make a profit!”

Li Fan cannot help but ask, “How much would I earn fighting a night?”

“Fight a night will get around 50k I guess.” Huang Lei estimates, “But that is under the situation where you fought with full stands.”

“This money is not enough for us to acquire the billiards hall.”

Li Fan estimates a bit before saying, “The time is so tight, can we do underground boxing tomorrow?”

“Cannot big brother. They will only hold this kind of underground boxing once a week.”

Huang Lei is rather clear about this, “If you wish to compete, then you can only wait for the next week then can.”

“If cannot make it in time, is there any other method?”

Right now Li Fan is anxious to earn money to raise himself and escape from the control that Murong Ying over him!

“No worries big brother, I had gone and raised money.”

Huang Lei pulls out ten thousand from his embrace, “Sincere loan shark, one night’s interest is 5k!”

“Why the heck did you borrow from loan shark for?”

Li Fan does not understand while Huang Lei chuckles, “This money, naturally is used to wager! Big brother relax. Tonight we are guaranteed to earn big!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 45   [Self-reliance]

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