Chapter 36     [Sacrifice who]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Recently the principal is always nervous. It is soon time to reorganize the school and the new leaders are being finalized. As the new principal is about to be chosen soon, if I wish to continue to serve another term of office, there must not be any disorder during this critical juncture! These few days, the principal’s mental state could be said to be stretched taut. He is very cautious and solemn, afraid that something might go wrong!

But at this current critical juncture, something had really happened! Right now a hooligan had broken into their school campus and is tossing shit all over the place! This influence is extremely vile!

He found the student call Li Fan and berates loudly with a bad complexion like he wants to vent all of his anger at Li Fan!

“As this school’s student, you did not study properly and provoke this kind of hooligan!”

The principal splatters his saliva all over the place making Li Fan retreat to prevent himself from suffering a calamity.

“Bring your parents over! I want to severely handle your problem!”

Li Fan raises his eyebrow in dissatisfaction, “You want to find my parents? I still want to look for your leader!”

“What did you say?” The principal is stunned as he did not expect that Li Fan would speak so.

“As a student of the school. Every day I attend school in time, after school, I did not do anything! Just that I do not know why there are hooligans looking for me. Furthermore, such a big school, how are the security guards doing their job. To actually allow a hooligan to charge in? As a principal is this how you are protecting us these students? Everyone is here to study, how are we students and our parents be relieved in such a dangerous environment?”

Li Fan speaks forcefully and with justice. Which makes the principle speechless.

“Students, will you guys be at ease in this kind of school?”

Li Fan leads along with the class’s strength. He raises his hand and issues a rousing call. The surrounding students also follow along and start creating a disturbance.

“Not relieved!”

“We want to have our own rights of speaking!”

These students already had a very deep grievance against the school. Now that they have an example, they immediately followed along and shouted. The principal uses his handkerchief to wipe away his cold sweat. The students shout louder and louder and actually suppress the shouting Huang Lei outside. In a while, perhaps even the ceiling might be torn open.

The teacher-in-charge is like a lifesaver. She slaps the podium and roars, “All of you shut up for me! Are you guys rebelling!”

The teacher-in-charge’s prestige is higher than the principal’s in the eyes of the students. The moment she is angered, the students become honest.

The teacher-in-charge ask Li Fan, “Li Fan what is going on?”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “I also do not know. I am also a victim. Teacher, principal, you guys need to protect me ah.”


The principal and teacher-in-charge look at each other while feeling troubled.

Who is protecting who ah? The one throwing the shit around is obviously a troublemaker! The security guards downstairs had already threatened to call the police but that hooligan only replies in disdain that he would be locked up for 15 days at most. After 15 days he will come out and continue to toss shit!

If he causes a disturbance like this, how can the school take it! Especially the principal. With the reorganization around the corner, he will definitely not allow such kind of an accident!

The principal suddenly says to Li Fan, “Li Fan ah, since he is looking for you, then you go and meet him.”

“Teacher what did you say? Did I not heard wrongly?”

Li Fan is a bit shock. The teacher actually make me go out?

“I am your student ah! You actually….let me go out and meet that hooligan?”

The principal pats Li Fan’s shoulder and says, “I will let the security guards follow beside you to protect you!”

They protect your ass! Didn’t they already run far away the moment they see shit?

For his own personal benefit, this principal actually wants to sacrifice the students of his own school?

Li Fan felt a chill in his heart, but thinking about it, that seems to indeed be the case. In the past, when the school has performance and the likes, the students will need to brave the rain outside while performing while the school leaders are sitting on their chair while holding up an umbrella while watching the show.

The principal continues and asks, “Student Li Fan. Don’t you see that with the current situation, how can the school continue on its lesson? Could it be that you do not care about the rest of your classmates?”

While by the side, one of the students starts clapping, “No worries, we are willing not to study.”

The teacher-in-charge glares fiercely, scaring the student so badly that he does not dare to utter any more words as withdraw back his neck.

Li Fan purse his eyebrow. To be honest, comparing to provoking Huang Lei this kind of annoying fellow, he rather fight a few rounds against Liao Bing this kind of martial artist! At the very least it will be delightful!

“Student Li Fan, you cannot be such so selfish ah!” The principal continues to find fault, “Not to mention housefly is unable to bite seamless egg. A single hand is unable to clap on its own! If you did not provoke that fellow, would he want to find you? Why would he not come and find me? Li Fan, you cannot for yourself, waste everyone’s time.”

Li Fan is completely speechless. He got completely defeated by the formidable logic and thoughts of the principal.

“Principal what you meaning is it that if one day you got killed by people. Your family member went to report to the police and the police also can say, why did he only kill the principal and did not come and kill me?”

“This, this is not the same matter!”

“It is the same matter!” Li Fan shouts loudly, “You this group of teachers in the school, leaders are all of the same morality and conduct! Forever caring about yourself only and do not bother trying to understand us, students! When students get bullied and went looking for you guys, you only know how to say why did they bully you and not bully me? Aren’t all of you just saying nonsense? Finding you guys and you only know how to ask like this, what are you guys doing?!”

He slaps the table, “You guys are not willing to care about the student’s matter and not willing to support us is it? Okay, I support myself and just treat you guys as dead people! Pushover, trash!”

Speaking finish, Li Fan kicks open the door of the classroom. He swaggers off while the students by the side applaud for him.

Currently, Li Fan had said out their heart thoughts. Which is really delightful.

The students keep clapping and cheering for him. This time round even the teacher-in-charge is unable to suppress this.

The principal is so angry that he is trembling as he points at the classroom door and shouts, “This, this kind of student….expel! Must be expelled!”

“Principal, who are you expelling ah?”

Murong Ying suddenly appears by the classroom door. This young and beautiful woman causes the principal to be slightly afraid of the consequences to some degree. Her appearance causes the classroom to become silent.

The principle is slightly shocked, “School director Murong, why did you come?”

“What is the matter, I cannot come?”

“That is not the case…”

Murong Ying continues and asks with a smile, “It is so lively here, who do you want to expel?”

“Of course it is Li Fan!”

“Oh? What is that so?”

“He does not have the school rules and regulations in his eyes and offends the teachers!”

The principal waves his hand and points Li Fan.

“Is that so?”

Murong Ying smiles sweetly making the males become foolish, “The students in the school got troubled by hooligans. Not only did the school authorities not help out, instead they want to expel the one who got harmed. Not bad, not bad. This kind of handling method had really let me have a whole new level of respect for you.”

She pauses for a bit. Looking at that horrified look of the principal she continues and says, “Looks like, I need to reconsider about the matter of who should be the new principal.”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 36  [Sacrifice who]

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