Chapter 25     [Simulate love]


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Is Ling Yuexian crazy?

To actually shout that she wants to be my girlfriend? Isn’t she afraid to death earlier!

“If I do not enter hell when who would enter hell!”

Ling Yuexian’s gaze is very resolute like she is going to meet death. This causes Li Fan to wish to curse, what the, who is hell ah!

“Ling Yuexian, I am not such a casual man! You wish to be my girlfriend, but I do not even want you!”

Li Fan becomes angry, does this woman completely not understand the human language!

“I know that you are only rejecting me out of self-respect.”

Ling Yuexian seems to be very confident as she says, “But I, such a beautiful girl being your girlfriend, shouldn’t you be very delighted? Are you embarrassed to show it is it?”

Li Fan rolls his eyes, “You should also be sick in your heart. You should let a doctor take a look.”

“My heart is very fine. What I had said were all how a normal guy should behave.”

Ling Yuexian gets close to Li Fan. Her pretty face indeed moves Li Fan’s heart. This girl, really have the rights to be confident! I must admit that she is indeed beautiful. Her appearance is like the jade fairy of god. Her entire temperament is like the next-door younger sister. Furthermore, her character has that bit of stubbornness and is not gentle at all!

“I say such a good lady like you, of all things to learn, why did you want to learn to be a psychologist?”

“What about a psychologist?”

Ling Yuexian look straight into Li Fan’s eyes, “Please do not discriminate against my dream! Furthermore, I had sacrificed so much is just to cure you how can you still give excuses?!”

“I do not understand why do you want to do such a large sacrifice?”

Li Fan really does not understand. “Are you not afraid that during this week, I will use the identity of your boyfriend to do something to you?”

“I will help you to cultivate a healthy love concept.”

Ling Yuexian only smiles, “Under my help, you will be able to turn over a new leaf!”

“Turn over a new leaf? What is the point?”

Li Fan’s mouth twitches, “The current me right now is quite well.”

“Abandon oneself!”

Ling Yuexian seems to hate iron for not becoming steel as she says, “Li Fan could it be that you had never thought that actually you can be even better and be more charming! Are you really satisfied with the current you? When I find you, I had also seen that the impression of the girls in your class towards you is not that good. Don’t you wish to make all of them like you?”

[TL: well isn’t it all because of you]


Honestly speaking Li Fan is indeed moved. The rest of the girls are still okay, but he honestly wishes to make Murong Ying have a new level of respect for him. Honestly speaking, he indeed does not understand how to communicate with girls. Since young till now, he had always been playing with guys. Thus his EQ is not really high.

Seeing that Li Fan is slightly moved, Ling Yuxian strikes while the iron is hot, “You can tell me which girl you like. While I am treating you, I guarantee that you are able to successfully pick her up!”


This Ling Yuexian really know how to boast, she really has such a great ability?

“I use myself as a guarantee!”

Ling Yuexian touches her chest. “But you must promise me to completely cooperate with my treatment!”

“Okay ah, who is afraid of who!”

“Okay, then who do you wish to chase? Of course, I would definitely not agree if it is me.”

This lass…

Li Fan rolls his eyes, “Relax, I am not interested in little girls. I want to chase after Murong Ying!”

Chasing after my fiance…seems to be rather interesting.

It is just that every time Li Fan is unhappy about how Murong Ying is indifferent to him. He wants to let Ling Yuexian to help him to pick up Murong Ying then discard her away making her upset!

“Murong Ying? The new school director?”

Ling Yuexian is slightly shocked, “Your ambition is rather big.”

“That is of course!”

Li Fan mutters in his heart, anyways it is my own field, how I plow is my own matter.

“The difficulty is very high…but it is also not impossible.”

Ling Yuexian takes two deep breath, “Fine then. At the very least you are not rotten to home, still can be helped.”

Li Fan is uncomfortable in his heart, what do you mean by not rotten to the home…is there such way to describe a person…

“Then let us start from today night.”

Ling Yuxian looks at her watch, “After the self-study classes in the evening, let us meet here.”

Li Fan cannot help but ask, “Still need to meet here? Can’t you just send me an SMS?”

“I…do not have handphone…”

Ling Yuexian’s face turns slightly red, “Anyways, let’s meet here after school.”

What era is this already and she actually does not have a handphone? Could it be that it is really like what Wang Qiang says, Ling Yuexian’s family circumstances are really that bad? But given that everyone is wearing the same school uniform in school, no one is able to see who is poor. After all, no one is like Wang Qiang who will die if he does not boast of his wealth.

“Okay then, I agree to you. But it is just a week ah. After a week the two of us will become ordinary schoolmates!”

Ling Yuexian rolls her eyes at Li Fan. “Even if you wish to date with me any longer I will also not agree!”

I must say, this girl is real even when she rolls her eyes it is nice to look at. Otherwise, why would there be the saying that beauties always have preferential treatment? No matter what they do, they are still very attractive.

Before she left, Ling Yuexian seems to had thought of something and orders Li Fan, “Right, this matter of ours, please keep it a secret. After all, I am still a girl. If this matter spread out, perhaps other people will misunderstand.”

“Relax, I will definitely not tell other people.”

Li Fan says in his heart, if my fiance Murong Ying know of this, wouldn’t she hang me up for a beating! To preserve my life, I will also not tell anyone!

“But, are you not afraid of interfering your studies?”

“Did not expect that you will still be concern about other people.”

Ling Yuexian smiles, “Looks like you are can still be saved.”

What the kindness got kicked aside!

“You can just be relieved. I had already self-studied all of the topics for high school.”

Ling Yuexian finally takes out her top student demeanor, “Don’t say a week. Even if I do not attend classes for a month, I am also able to easily follow up with the class!”

What the, what she says is so maddening! Li Fan had only not attended classes for a few days and he has some difficulty to listen to the class. It is really comparing between people angers people to death and comparing products makes you feel like throwing it away.

“Right! Then can you help and tutor me?”

Li Fan feels that this is a very good chance. Seeing that the monthly exam is coming he decided to use this lass for free tuitions, after all, it is best to make full use of everything

“Oh, I charge 50 a session.” Ling Yuexian happily stretches out her hand, “How many session do you want?”

“Oi, oi, oi…this is too shady already!” Li Fan is about to explode, “Still want to make money?”

“What is the matter, it is what I should get for my efforts.”

Ling Yuexian says seriously, “Usually went I give some students tuition, I also charge them a fee.”

“But we….are boy and girlfriends ah!”

Li Fan thinks quickly and says, “Distinguishing so seriously, is this still call dating?”

“What you say is also not unreasonable.”

Ling Yuexian nods his head, “Since this is the case, I give you 80% discount then!”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 25  [Simulate love]

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