MKW Chapter 995

Chapter 995  [Title below]

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This kind of bashful looking appearance is provoking the enraged Daoist nun.

“From what I see, you are here to provoke my goddess! Let’s treat it as us yielding those people earlier to you, but you better stop here! Otherwise, don’t blame our Fox Immortal Goddess for being impolite and use her power to destroy you!”

“So scary.”

Liu Yi pretends to be afraid, “A fox spirit that hides the head and shows the tail also dares to say such things?”

Fox spirit these two words causes Lin Tong to roll her eyes. Isn’t this scolding me as well?

The surrounding people no longer shout. Instead, they stand obediently by the side watching the show. One is the Fox Immortal Goddess, while the other is a young Daoist with mystical skills. Who is the real expert?

“You are too arrogant to dare to say such things in front of the Fox Immortal Goddess!”

The Daoist nun becomes angered, “Where did you come from to be so arrogant! Hmph, to bring around a woman. Anyone who sees would immediately know that you are not a decent person but a shameless lecherous Daoist priest!”

“Oh my…what should I do now…”

Liu Yi pretends to have a headache, “She knows that I am a lecherous Daoist priest. Should I kill her to silence her?”

Hearing this, the Daoist nun turns pale and subconsciously becomes slightly afraid.

“I feel that there is no need to be that serious!”

Lin Tong speaks up, “She only knows your identity. It will be fine if she does not say it.”

Taoist nun says in her heart, this woman is rather kind-hearted.

But Lin Tong’s following sentence instantly killed her and sent her into hell.

“Wouldn’t it be fine as long as you cut off her tongue? She wouldn’t be able to say it.”

“Cannot. Right now is the internet era.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and rejects Lin Tong’s suggestion, “In the internet era, there is no need to use the mouth to speak.”

“Then cut off her ten fingers as well. That way, she will not be able to type. Then bind her eyes that way, she will not be able to see the news.”

The Daoist nun starts trembling. This woman…is, simply a viper!

Too scary! Really scary! If I become like what she says, I’d rather die! Blinded, no fingers, mute, what is the point of living anymore! That is simply no better than being dead!

“It seems like we can do it that way.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “It is you who is the most kind-hearted.”

“Of course!”

Lin Tong nods her head in delights, “Like the saying, saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda! Both are living in life. Killing a monster is a pity. Let her live.”

Why don’t you kill me!

The two of them echo one another, making the Daoist nun angry.

“The two of you are shameless! To dare to be arrogant in front of this Goddess of Fertility temple, prepare to cry!”

“We are perfectly fine; why would we cry?”

Liu Yi does not understand and asks, “It is still possible for us to laugh until we cry, though.”

“Impudent! Too impudent!”

The Daoist nun was angered until she started trembling by Liu Yi, “Then I shall let you see the power of our goddess! Let’s see if you still dare to be arrogant here!”

With that, she points at a large rock by the side. That large rock is around the size of a watermelon. Perhaps it is very heavy, and only a very strong adult is able to lift it up. But with the Daoist nun pointing at the stone, that stone slowly starts to float up and flies into the sky like it was lifted up by an invisible hand.

“Wow! So-so impressive!”

“She really has magic! Fox Immortal Goddess is too impressive!”

The surrounding people who are watching are amazed and exclaim.

But Liu Yi wishes to laugh, what is this. This is simply a kid playing house.

Lin Tong also wished to laugh, but as a dignified woman, she decided to maintain her lady demeanor; otherwise, she would be laughing with her hands on her belly.

“You see this!”

The Daoist nun does not know what the two of them are thinking about and thinks that they are frightened. Thus she says in delight, “This is the magic of my Fox Immortal Goddess! If you still dare to be so impudent, be careful of your head! Right now, there is still time if you kneel down and kowtow to the goddess in apology!”

“Oh my, what should I do now.”

Lin Tong hugs Liu Yi and says cutely, “You are going to be killed already! You are still not kneeling down now!”

“Oh, this is indeed difficult now.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “I, Liu Yi, kneel down to the heaven and earth, kneel down to my parents, but I had never kneeled down to those wild fox spirits.”

“You still dare to shame the goddess!”

The Daoist nun scolds, “How reckless!”

Liu Yi suddenly keeps away his smile and says coldly, “I see that the one who is reckless, is you!”

At the same time, he waved his right hand. That stone that was floating in the sky suddenly flies up and smashes the door by the side, breaking a pillar in the temple.

“To wield a bi of demonic magic to swindle people, not to mention cheating people out of their money to save other’s lives! Do you think that no one will take care of you! Small fox demon, today I shall deal with you!”

“Hey, that sounds a little ambiguous!”

Lin Tong behind Liu Yi secretly jabs his waist.

Fine then, this sentence indeed sounds rather ambiguous.

But Liu Yi swears to heaven that he is absolutely saying it without any bad intentions! I have never thought of those things that Immortal Fox sister is thinking about! Even if I was thirstier, I would not be interested in that statue.

“Who, who are you!”

Seeing that Liu Yi seems to not be ordinary, the Daoist nun finally starts to be worried.

“I am a busybody.”

Liu Yi says, “This action from you is throwing away the face of fox demons.”

Little fox Lin Tong by the side blurts out, “That’s right, that’s right. You are throwing away our face!”

It is because of these people, our fox immortal’s name is so bad! Hmph!

Lin Tong is very unhappy, and Liu Yi hurriedly helps his Immortal Fox sister vent her anger.

“If I let you all continue to indulge, sooner or later, you guys will cause someone’s death.”

Thinking about the old man who took out his money that was meant to save a life, Liu Yi has lingering fears in his heart. If he did not meet me today, this old man’s son might have died.

“Just based on the two of you?”

It is not the Daoist nun who speaks but a female voice from inside the temple.

This voice is very clear; furthermore, the voice carries a bit of softness, which carries a trace of fox charms being transmitted out.

The men in the surroundings all turn stunned. Before they have even seen the person, they were enchanted by the voice.

A fragrance came next, and everyone looked over in surprise only to see a beautiful woman flying out slowly from the temple and lands in front of everyone.

This woman is very beautiful and dressed in a thin gauze satin and red muslin skirt, which gently wraps around her slender body.

This woman’s figure is very fabulous. Especially that pert butt. It is being wrapped by a cotton yarn skirt like two perfectly round melons attacking the attention of their eyes and making them salivate.

The moment she appears, she attracts everyone’s attention. All of the men are unable to look away while the women are looking at her with a jealous gaze.

Even Liu Yi himself has turned slightly sluggish. What a beautiful fox woman. What a powerful fox charm technique!

“Indeed, a nine-tailed white fox. Her charm technique is indeed strong!”

Lin Tong gives her a thumbs up and says with admiration, “Even my master’s charm technique falls short of hers!”

After the nine-tailed white fox flies out, She stands there with a trace of arrogant bearing and looks at Liu Yi and Lin Tong and says, “Although I do not know who the two of you are, the two of you should not have come to my territory and be arrogant!”

The people by the side look at her with foolish gaze and have a strong urge to grab hold of her, embrace her and dote on her resolutely. This is the powerful charm technique of the Nine-tailed white fox, which mesmerizes everyone present. Even some women cannot help but start to fall in love with her.

It is this kind of gaze which makes this nine-tailed white fox make herself feel insufferably arrogant.

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh. Indeed she is a fox spirit that jeopardizes the human world. If I do not subdue her, perhaps this generation will certainly have a disaster. 

Liu Yi hates differentiating humans and demons.

He feels that all living beings are equal, and everyone has their rights to exist. But if these people do not cherish themselves and wish to harm other living beings, then Liu Yi shall not be polite.

Liu Yi asked, “Demon fox, what is your name?”

“How dare you! To call this immortal a demon fox!”

The nine-tailed fox is angered, “You common people should call me Goddess Bai Jie!”

Bai Jie?

Liu Yi has an urge to vomit blood. Is there a reason to have such an awesome name? Goddess Bai Jie?

[TL: Bai is white, while Jie is clean.]

“If you dare to be arrogant, this immortal will kill you!”

As Bai Jie speaks, she uses transmission technique to speak to him, {If you dare to continue to spoil my good matter, I will make you bleed from your seven apertures!}

Hey, this fox demon actually threatens me as well! I have not threatened her yet.

Liu Yi pretends to be afraid and says, “Don’t kill me; I am still young and do not wish to die yet!”

“Hahaha, now you know how to be afraid?”

The nine-tailed white fox laughs and says, “I, Bai Jie, still have not had anyone who died of persecution. If you obediently kneel down and kowtow to my statue obediently, we shall drop this matter. Otherwise, you will not live past today!”

As if she is afraid that the surrounding people would notice her ferocity, she immediately releases her strongest charm technique making the surrounding people caught in the technique and their consciousness get charmed.

The only people who retain their consciousness are Bai Jie, the Daoist nun, Liu Yi, and Lin Tong.

As Bai Jie thought that Liu Yi would be charmed by her, she says in delighted, “Come, obediently kneel down and kowtow to this immortal then lick this immortal’s shoes!”

“She asked you to kneel down and lick!”

Lin Tong smiles merrily at Liu Yi and puts on an appearance of watching a show.

“This…it sounds rather interesting.”

Liu Yi also acts pretentiously and says, “But a good man does not kneel and lick.”

Chapter 995   [Kneel and lick]

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