MKW Chapter 983

Chapter 983   [Title below]

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Little Black is like an undead cavalry as he rides his black horse, which left a trail of black flames as it paces a circle in the air. Little Black raises his spear and points at Liu Yi before stabbing down!

Streams of black tassels appear on the point of the spear, and the air is torn apart!

“Black Devil King is so scary…”

“In this world, is there anyone who is his opponent?”

Seeing this overbearing move, the crowd becomes shocked and fearful. It is quite likely that none of them have the courage to face this move.

But Liu Yi does not have any fear. It is like the one flying over is not his enemy but his lover of many years.

“Big sister. Let me borrow your sword.”

With that, Liu Yi stretches out his hand and grabs the air.

Li Biyue instantly covers her mouth as her body shudders lightly before collapsing onto the ground.

When the Emotion Sword Technique is used, the girl will reach the peak. Even Li Biyue, who is very valiant, also cannot resist this move. She crouches down as she controls her intense pleasure.

A black sword lands on Liu Yi’s hand, and it is Li Biyue’s Blacktooth Sword.

In a blink of an eye, Little Black had arrived in front of Liu Yi on this black horse. His spear is about to touch his nose.

Liu Yi can see that Little Black truly wishes to kill him. That bone face of his has a malevolent smile like he vows not to give up until he manages to kill him.

So I have become the enemy? Since that is the case, there is no need for me to be merciful.

Liu Yi holds the sword with both hands as he faces Little Black before chopping down ferociously.

“A person needs to enjoy his life, do not let gold and empty cup face the moon.”

Instantly an enormous black moon appears in front of Liu Yi.

This black moon can disintegrate everything! The horse under Little Black immediately neighed and was chopped into two!

While the spear in Little Black’s hand immediately stabs through Liu Yi’s heart.

“You are dead!”

Little Black snorts as madness flashes across his eyes.

“50% of my body constitutes of energy.”

Liu Yi does not pay attention to the spear that penetrates his chest as he says to Little Black, “Furthermore, I have cultivated the God Race Undying Body. Even if I no longer have a heart, I can regrow it.”

“God Race Undying Body! Of course, I knew that you had cultivated it!”

Little Black says, “Even if you had done nothing in the past, you could never change the things that happened in the future! What Li Biyue and the rest had done are in vain! In other words, if they did not return to the future, I would not have been born!”

When Li Biyue heard this, she trembled.

A lot of people in the resistance army blank out as well. They did not expect that it would have this outcome.

They had spent countless lives, sacrificed numerous lives to allow Liu Yuelian to travel through time! 

While now, Black Devil King tells them that all of this was caused by them! This sentence nearly took away the life of a lot of people making their worldview to collapse.

“There is a saying from Buddha. One cannot get what is denied him by destiny no matter how hard he tries.”

Little Black says coldly, “If it was not for them going back into the past and forced you to fall into the devil path, this me who turned sinister would not be born. You cut off your devil, and the devil entered me, which became the current Black Devil King! Actually, I am you, and I represent your will!”

Liu Yi creases his brows as this speech from Little Black is indeed very startling.

History is heavy. Looks like what the Wine Sword Immortal said is right. No matter who it is, they can not change history. Back then, when we returned to the past, we also become a part of the past. The only person in this world who can deviate from the wheel of history seems to only be Ai Ling.

No matter how much effort other people put in, history’s major path will never change.

Little Black does not care if he collapses the faith of the other people as he continues to say heartlessly, “That is why everything that you have done is only fulfilling me. While the one who allowed all of this to happen is you!”

“How could this be…”

Li Biyue feels a deep sense of helplessness. Her face turns pale as she trembles while crouching.

“Your mouth has become quite good at speaking now.”

Liu Yi mocks, “You can stop now.”

While he is speaking, Little Black’s body starts falling down and slowly splits into two halves.

This sword of Liu Yi’s possesses out of the ordinary might.

Not only Little Black, but the building far away behind little Black was also sliced into two and started collapsing to the sides.

None of the people were not shocked. What a powerful sword, and it appears to be even stronger than Li Biyue’s!

“I am also undying!”

Unexpectedly Little Black roars as streams of black smoke fly out from his body and link the two split body parts together.

Little Black stood back up again as his bones seemed to have turned even firmer.

A black armor covers his body, and countless skeletons are holding the armor, each of them looks ugly like they are hell emissaries.

“Prepare to die!” Roars Little Black as he pulls out a door size greatsword and chops at Liu Yi’s head.

Seeing the black storm above, Liu Yi knows that this time Little Black is using his full strength.

The entire top of Feishui City is engulfed by the storm, and numerous roofs of the tall buildings were shaved off!

A lot of people are unable to take this kind of shockwave, and their bodies are ripped apart.

Li Biuyue and the rest are also persevering strenuously so as to avoid being affected by the shockwave.

The black clouds in the sky start surging as black storms drop from the sky, merging together that small storm on Little Black’s sword.

Liu Yi knows that if this move falls, it is likely that the entire city will be turned into dust!

Numerous survivors below were badly frightened. It is truly, when gods fight, disaster falls on the mortals!

Right now, in this situation, it is useless even if Liu Yi uses Sky Flipping Seal.

Little Black is too powerful. To deal with Little Black, one can only meet force with force!

Liu Yi raises his right hand as six fire-god swords instantly appear around him, surrounding him as they revolve.

His clothing starts turning into red sparks before disintegrating as Fire-ice Armour starts covering his body.

Liu Yi’s figure also started growing, and soon, he grew to around 2 meters tall.

Every single muscle on his body is perfect, like a product from the gods.

At the same time, a golden-black sun appears between Liu Yi’s brows while a sun also hangs behind Liu Yi’s back.

Nine Yang God Qi is incomparably pure. But after being tempered and refined with Devil Dao, it is flooded with a surge of evil power.

Liu Yi clenches his fists as the six swords that surround him slowly spin.

These swords represent Liu Yi’s strength allowing him to become incomparably powerful!

Nine Yang God Qi, Devil Dao, as well as the God Sword Protecting Body, Fog Qi True Body.

If any single one of them was passed to other people, it is enough to allow him to become a cultivator that can sweep the entire world!

While Liu Yi alone possesses four of them, which makes other people’s eyes red!

This fellow, is simply the darling of god!

Little Black swings his greatsword down, and that black storm immediately starts falling down above Liu Yi’s head.

Hiding the sky and covering the earth! It is like the end of the world is coming.

Liu Yi did not dodge as he stepped on his Charm Fox Sword and flew into the sky.

Simultaneously his left-hand thrusts upwards and stops that descending storm!

Liu Yi’s left-hand props up the storm like a god descending to the world.

At the same time, his right-hand slaps out a palm towards Little Black above him.

Glorious Sun Palm: Illusion Extermination!

Little Black was instantly struck by this palm and flew backward like a broken kite.

He crashes into a building while Liu Yi’s left-hand trembles as he pushes the enormous storm to the side.

This storm immediately swept over and, in a blink of an eye, was sent into a faraway lake by Liu Yi.

Like an atomic bomb dropping, an enormous smoke cloud rushes up the sky!

The ground starts trembling like Feishui City is experiencing an earthquake.

Dust surges up into the air rolling over the entire place!

While that enormous lake outside instantly disappears, leaving behind a deep pitch-black hole!

The people in the city were badly frightened. This strength can truly destroy the world!

After Liu Yi resolves Little Black’s attack with a wave, he clenches his fist at a far away building.

That building immediately crumbles into pieces revealing Little Black’s figure inside.

The earlier awe-inspiring Black Devil King that horrifies the entire world is battered looking. His armor has disintegrated like a worn-out pot. The clock behind is also very tattered, and its appearance can no longer be seen.

How is this still the Black Devil King? He is no different from a beggar.

Blood stains the edge of his mouth as his complexion is gloomy. Looks like he is quite heavily injured. Even the greatsword in his hand was broken with only half remaining.

Liu Yi pulled with his hand, and Little Black was pulled over towards Liu Yi.

Black Devil King finally senses horror as he knows that if he was pulled over by Liu Yi, his ending would be death.

Thus he immediately revolves his remaining qi and transforms into a black smoke wanting to escape.

Liu Yi is surprised and exclaims. After Little Black had transformed into black smoke, his Moon Dream Sutra is unable to capture him.

“Do you think that you can escape?”

Liu Yi’s technique is not only made up of Moon Dream Sutra. Charm Fox Sword underneath him lets out a dragon roar and surges rapidly over.

Knowing that he can’t escape, Black Devil King turns around and transforms back into human form from the smoke. He then turns around and faces Liu Yi before spitting out a black sword from his mouth!

Little Black actually learned this move that made Liu Yi suffer a disadvantage in the past!

Even if he possesses the God Race Undying Body, he will not have a good time if he receives this sword.

But Liu Yi’s reaction is like lightning. He leans to the side and dodges the black sword. The black sword is emitting a black glow and disappears out of sight, not knowing how many buildings it pierced through.

Liu Yi had already captured the Black Devil King. He raises him into the air and says, “Return to nothing!”

Chapter 983   [Huge fight to capture pet]

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