MKW Chapter 949

Chapter 949  [Title below]

Continuation from the rape scene from yesterday. So please ignore the first few sentences if you don’t want to read it

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“Rosa…is calling me…”

Little Black starts to seek where the sound comes from and walks deep into the bar.

At the same time, Rosa, who was being raped, suddenly starts to regain consciousness.

She raises her head and realizes that her body is shaking continuously.

Her lower body is also sending her a comfortable feeling, which instantly shocks her away.

Where…where am I?

Who, who did this to me!

She turns her head around to see a guy doing her from behind and instantly screams, “Who, who are you! Don’t touch me! Scram!”

But how could she be stronger than Chen Pei. Very quickly, she is again pushed down by Chen Pei, passively receiving Chen Pei’s humiliation.

“Don’t, don’t…Brother Little Black…Brother Little Black, save me…”

Rosa started crying while Chen Pei laughed loudly.

“Hahaha, no one will save you! This place is my territory!”

“Wu wu wu, Brother Little Black…”

Rosa cries even harder.

Her tears actually made this guy feel happier. Just as he prepares to do his final crusade, the door to the room is suddenly kicked open!

The bar boss’s huge figure flies in along with the door smashing on the ground.

Seeing the fainted bar boss, Chen Pei, is baffled.

What is this situation?

“Brother, brother Little Black!”

Seeing a man walking in, Rosa is startled and delighted!

Delighted because it is Brother Little Black who came to save her!

Startled….because she let him see her current appearance!

Brother Little Black will shun me!

Seeing this scene, Little Black feels acute pain in his heart!

Rosa…Rosa’s appearance…was she raped?

Recalling his own master doing the same thing, Little Black suddenly understood something.

He becomes angered as unsurpassable anger erupts from within his body.

He stretches out his hand and pulls off the other door, preparing to smash that man into mincemeat!

“Damn it!”

Seeing that this guy is as fierce as what the bar boss had said, he was shocked.

But he is a person who had been in this line for so many years. He immediately took out a pistol from the drawer by the side and pointed at Little Black.

“Fucking hell. You wish to touch me? Die first!”

With that, he prepares to pull the trigger.

“You are not allowed to harm Brother Little Black!”

Seeing the guy pulling out a pistol, Rosa was badly frightened.

Almost subconsciously, she hugs Chen Pei’s arm and bites down fiercely with her mouth.


Feeling pain in his arm, Chen Pei swings Rosa away and shoots her at the same time!

That shot hits Rosa on her chest as a beautiful blood flower explodes out, and Rosa’s expression starts to lax.


Little Black’s chest pain instantly became more serious!

[TL: honestly, this is impossible? Given Little Black is a carbon copy of Liu Yi’s from before he obtained the Heaven Dragon Mausoleum…he is fast enough to react to the bullet and block it…or smash Chen Pei into paste before he can even pull out the gun…]

Razors like streams of black threads suddenly appear and twine around Chen Pei like a spider web fixing him in the sky!

“Ahhhh! What, what is this!”

Chen Pei screams, “What demon magic is this!”

“I will kill you!”

Little Black’s speech is no longer hesitating. He stretches out his hand, and a black sword appears in the air floating in front of Chen Pei.

“Save me! Save me! There is a demon!”

Chen Pei cannot help but scream, but the guests outside do not seem to hear his voice, and no one enters.

While the black sword is already pressing against Chen Pei’s heart and soon it will stab through his chest.

“Don’t, don’t kill me!”

Chen Pei is covered with tears and snots, “I beg you, don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

“Why, why did you want to kill Rosa!”

Little Black’s voice is filled with anger as he roars. His strength erupts and breaks the roof of the room.

Following which, Little Black grabs the black sword and stabs it into Chen Pei’s heart before flying into the sky with his corpse!

Right now, it is already deep into the night. The moonlight shines on Little Black and Chen Pei.

“Die, Die, DIE!!!!!!”

Little Black swung his black sword a few times and chopped Chen Pei into millions of pieces!

At the very same time, a voice speaks beside Little Black’s ear, “That’s right. Be angry! Feel the scariest feeling of humans! After possessing anger, you have become a real human! Kill all of the people here. If they were not apathetic, your beloved woman wouldn’t have died!”

This voice is very familiar and is the black-clothed guy who had liberated Little Black a few days ago!

Hearing the enticement of this voice, Little Black roars twice before raising that black sword and aims at the building underneath him.

Black radiance appears on the black blade as an enormous pressure brings squalls that coil around his black sword.

“All of you…shall be buried along with her!”

With that, he raises his black sword high up.

A black sun rises into the sky like it is going to fall at any moment!

But at this moment, a familiar aura is flying closer!

Little Black subconsciously raises his head and looks in the direction of the owner of the aura.


Seeing the guy flying over, Little Black trembles.

“It has been a long time since we last met Little Black.”

Liu Yi is covered with a black coat as he looks at the guy who looks exactly like him and smiles faintly.

“He is no longer your master! He is your greatest enemy who is stopping you from becoming human!”

The black cloth guy’s voice rings out in Little Black’s ear.

While Little Black’s eyes slowly start to turn red.

He roars, causing the black clouds in the sky to scatter!

The moonlight shines on the two of them.

“I…I cannot attack him…”

Little Black still carries a bit of reasoning, remaining in control over himself.

The black cloth guy’s voice continued to say, “Look at yourself! The moment he appeared, what have you turned into!”

Little Black subconsciously looks at his hands only to realize that his hands had turned into black skeleton hands.


He instantly screams in horror. He does not wish to become that pet again! He wants to become human!

“I…am a person!”

Little Black shrieks hysterically and grabs the black sword with his hand. He then controls that black sun and tosses it at Liu Yi.

The black sun flies towards Liu Yi while Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders.

“Look like after not meeting for so long; your temper has become big.”

Liu Yi’s avatar emerges from his back and chops out with its fire-god sword.

The black sun immediately split into two before exploding on both sides of Liu Yi.

“What powerful strength.”

Even Liu Yi cannot help but be startled by Little Black’s strength.

“Indeed, you are my natal pet.”

Little Black screams continuously, “I am not a natal pet! I am a person! I am a real person!”

“You wish to become a person?”

This causes Liu Yi to be startled. He did not expect that his own natal pet would actually wish to betray him.

“That’s right; I wish to become a person. I do not wish to be your pet!”

Little Black touches his chest and says, “Right now I know sadness, know heartache! So much so that I even liked a girl!”

“Oh?” Liu Yi raised his eyebrow, “A girl? If your really like this, then go ahead.”

Little Black is slightly shocked, “You, you will not stop me?”

“Why would I want to stop you?”

Liu Yi smiles, “Little Black, although you are my natal pet, the current you already possess your own thoughts. Thus I will not stop you from doing whatever you wish to do. But if you wish to become a real person, you still have a lot to learn.”

Little Black is very happy, “I really…. can?”

At this moment, the black cloth guy speaks again, “He is lying to you! He does not dare to fight you; thus, he can only lie to you! Look at your current appearance! If he is still alive, how can you become a person? You must kill him; then you can become a real human!”

“I, I must kill you…”

Little Black stretches out his hands as black power keeps erupting out from his body!

“This is…shadow power?”

Sensing this power, Liu Yi instantly frowns.

Little Black is my own natal pet. His original abilities were ice and fire!

But this ability is the shadow power that only Big Sister Li Biyue possesses!

Furthermore, it seems like there are also other powers inside…


Liu Yi is unable to understand while at this moment, Little Black’s ability moves a step forward and activates!

He grabs a black sword and chops a few times at Liu Yi in a flash!

Streams of black crescent blades shoot over, attacking Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not dodge as his avatar used six swords and knocked those crescent blades away.

“I want to become a person! You must die!”

Little Black eyes completely turn red. Liu Yi can see that he has bedeviled.

How would the originally guileless Little Black become so scary?

Little Black suddenly roars as black shadows fly out from his body. These black shadows gather together in the sky and transform into an enormous black spider. Its size is nearly a hundred meters big!

This black shadow spider opens its jaws and leaps at Liu Yi, biting at him.

“You have learned how to make monsters.”

Liu Yi did not dodge as his darkness power activated. Following this, an enormous black hammer is formed.

When the spider leaps over, Liu Yi’s hammer goes up to smash it fiercely.

The shadow spider was sent flying high up towards the moon by the attack!

But the shadow spider did not fly away so willingly. It suddenly spits out black spider thread like it wishes to bind Liu Yi up.

“I don’t like this present.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he snaps his fingers.

Scarlet flames immediately start burning on the black spider thread. This is the Scarlet Blood Sutra that Liu Yi had cultivated!

The flames burn swiftly along the spider thread towards the black spider thus, that black spider can only bite off his thread.

Its enormous body suddenly tumbles in the air, and this time round, it transforms into an enormous centipede. It twists its body and once again bite towards Liu Yi!

Liu Yi says loudly, “Little Black, do you still not understand? Right now, you are a monster!”


Chapter 949  [You are a monster]

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  1. I knew it Liu Yi would not be against it, but now how would he turn thing around? to be honest I did want to see Little Black become a “person” and fight with Liu Yi.

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  2. Little Black swung his black sword a few times and chopped Chen Cai into millions of pieces!

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