MKW Chapter 907

Chapter 907  [Title below]


Standing in front of the enormous wave, Liu Yi stretched out his hands before clapping his hands together.

Mysterious Ice Qi instantly spread out and instantly, heaven and earth turned cold!

Although it is cold during winter, the seawater has never frozen before. Because the seawater contains salt, it is very hard to reach the freezing point.

At this moment, Mysterious Ice Qi spreads out in all directions!

Instantly the seawater starts to turn into ice.

That enormous wave was also frozen, stopping in front of Liu Yi.

Zhao Yali covers her mouth in shock as she stares at this scene in disbelief.

Powerful..too powerful!

Is this something that a human can do?

But…this figure, why is it so familiar? Could it be him?

In Zhao Yali’s heart, the figure of a man suddenly appears.

She will never be able to forget that man…that man who calls himself Lord Ball-breaking!

“Are you done?”

Liu Yi snorts as he sends out a shockwave.

The waves that were frozen break into pieces as they fall.

Liu Yi instantly appears underneath Creation God as well.

He kicks upwards at the jaw of the Creation God.

That enormous Creation God was kicked into the sky while Liu Yi still isn’t done yet. His body rushes down as he keeps stomping on the lower jaw of the Creation God with his legs.

Along with the explosive kicking sound, Creation God was kicked high up into the sky. Its body left the water and floats in midair.

Liu Yi raises Riyang Sword. This sword swiftly grew a hundred meters long which Liu Yi used to stab Creation God in its throat.

Liu Yi is holding a Riyang Sword in his hand while his other hand points at the Creation God in the sky as he shouts, “God Sword Protecting body!”

Four fire-god swords fly out and surround the Creation God.

The four fire-god swords instantly grew big until each of them are 50 meters long. The fire dragon that is engraved on the blade becomes very clear.

Liu Yi forms a seal with his hand and the four fire-god swords instantly shoot towards Creation God like it is going to skewer it from four directions!

While Creation God hugs itself and lets out a scream!

This scream explodes out, creating a shockwave that hammered the four fire-god swords causing them to fall back!

Liu Yi sneers, “You still have a hidden hand?”

His legs stomp in midair and he turns into a line of shadows as he appears in front of Creation God.

He disregards Creation God’s scream and flies to the head of Creation God.

Charm Fox Sword appears in front of him as it revolves around him.

Liu Yi took out his Immortal Wine Gourd and poured the wine into his mouth.

“At the borders of the Qin and Han dynasty, the war at the endless borders never ends!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he slaps his hand on the Charm Fox Sword.

The entire Charm Fox Sword instantly transforms into an eye-catching red light, like the very first color of the rainbow, and disappears from sight.

That gigantic head of Creation God was exploded into pieces.

Charm Fox Sword reappears in front of Liu Yi. Liu Yi drinks another mouthful of wine before spraying it on the sword.

“Ask a gentleman how much worry can he have, an entire Jiangdong river flows eastwards!”

For a moment, the sword transformed into thousands of copies before attacking that Creation God madly.

The Creation God’s body was badly battered and started crumbling.

Streams of white aura were sucked in by Liu Yi through his nose. These are the holy powers that are leaking out from the Creation God.

But there is not a lot of holy power as they mainly came from that single-eye angel from before.

The reason why the Creation God is so powerful is because it used countless fallen creatures as ‘batteries’ to drive itself.

This time, the USA knows that their weapon is indeed very powerful. But it is a pity that they had met Liu Yi.

After Liu Yi killed the Creation God, he gave Liu Hongxian a call. “Leader, it is settled.”

“That is good…thank you.”

Liu Hongxian finally can let out a breath of relief, “Project X was indeed very powerful!”

“Ever since China and Japan became good friends and worked together, the USA has become unable to sit still.” Liu Yi smiles faintly, “They wish to reobtain their Pacific Ocean supremacy thus they came up with this project! But with me guarding China’s gate, none of these barbarians shall take a single step!”

Liu Hongxian lowers her voice and says secretly, “Mm…later when we return back, I will properly reward you.”

Liu Yi’s blood instantly started racing. Liu Hongxian indeed is a good leader that can empathize with her subordinates!

“Talk to you later…” Although she is strong and firm, Liu Yi can hear that right now she is a bit shy, “I still have some things to do. I’m hanging up!”

She immediately hung up. Liu Yi who was still planning to reply with a few sweet words is helpless against his leader who does not give him the chance.

Liu Yi put away his phone while the crowd of people on the beach are clapping their hands for him.

A lot of girls are shouting ‘Blood Emperor, I love you’, perhaps they are Blood Emperor’s fans.

Among these voices, Liu Yi can faintly hear a familiar shout, “Lord Ball-Breaking! Look over here!”

He subconsciously turns around to see a beautiful woman wearing an OL attire waving at him.

This beauty is very familiar…

Just as Liu Yi is recalling, the seawater that was turned into ice and calmed down suddenly started surging!

Following this, an enormous palm emerges from the water and slaps down at the seaside!

That palm’s enormous shadow descends and soon swallows up Zhao Yali.

Zhao Yali screams as she turns around and escapes in fear. In the end, she ran in too much of a hurry causing her high-heels to snap and tumbles onto the ground.

That enormous palm is already right above her head causing Zhao Yali to forget to breathe in fear.

At this moment, that familiar figure appears in front of her again. He raises his hands up and blocks that descending enormous palm.

“You cannot watch a show.”

Zhao Yali is in a daze, he seems to be talking to me. Indeed it is his voice…I can never forget it.

Liu Yi holds the palm up and mutters, “I didn’t expect that this fellow still has a breath of life left. A bit strong…but it is time to end this.”

His hands use strength and tears that enormous palm apart!

That Creation God that managed to converge its final strength with great difficulty dissipates.

“Thank, thank you…”

Zhao Yali squats there with a slightly red face.

The middle-aged uncle had fainted by her side.

Liu Yi dust off the sand on his hands and walk over. He squats down by Zhao Yali’s side and asks, “Ms Perfect, it is a small world.”

Liu Yi is rueful in his heart as he recalls what he had said to her back then before he left. ‘If we are fated, we will meet again.’ Unexpectedly we would meet so quickly.

Zhao Yali’s eyes brighten up and immediately says, “This proves that we are still fated!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out his hand and touches Zhao Yali’s ankle, “Perhaps…is your leg fine?”

Zhao Yali instantly cries out in pain, causing Liu Yi to feel itchy in his heart.

This woman…even her gasp is so charming, really asking for people’s life!

Although Liu Yi is a cultivator, he does not know any medical knowledge.

Liu Yi asked, “Can you still walk?”

“Of course not! It has swollen so much!”

Zhao Yali’s eyes turn slightly red as her appearance changes into a weak little girl, “Hero…can you send this little girl back home?”

Liu Yi looks around to ensure that there is no one around before waving his hand and causes his clothes to change.

It is still that black cloak that he slightly prefers that makes Liu Yi more masculine when he is wearing it.

He bends down and carries Zhao Yali in a princess carry.

Zhao Yali lets out a startled gasp. Like a startled rabbit, she struggles lightly but swiftly, she obediently sticks to Liu Yi’s embrace.

This man’s embrace has a sense of security…

If I can rely on this kind of embrace…I wouldn’t have to be busy with my family business daily…

How…how nice would that be…

At this moment, several images appear in Zhao Yali’s mind.

She holds hands with Liu Yi as they enter the wedding hall.

She no longer needs to be occupied with social interactions with those businessmen, instead, she stays at home daily as she does the traditional roles of a good wife.

All the way until they become old. The two of them holding hands as they lie in the hospital bed and close their eyes slowly together…

Seeing the woman not speaking and is actually closing her eyes in pleasure, he hurriedly asks, “Hey, hey, Ms Perfect, where is your home?”


Only then did Zhao Yali wake up from her sweet dreams. She blinks her beautiful eyes as she looks at the distinct sharp face.

Liu Yi can only ask again, “Where do you live?”

Just what is this woman thinking about? Could it be that she got badly frightened?

“I live at…Emperor Hotel…”

When Zhao Yali recalls what she is thinking of earlier, her face cannot help but turn slightly red.

I have been chased by countless guys but I have not even looked at any of them!

But today, I dreamed of living together with this guy…especially this guy…it seems like he is not interested in me…

Liu Yi admits that Zhao Yali is indeed a super beautiful woman.

Perhaps not many guys are able to dominate this frail woman.

If it is in normal times, perhaps Liu Yi might have other thoughts.

But right now Liu Yi’s heart is in a mess. Little Lass got brought away by the Great God Sect Leader thus he is focusing on cultivating to take back Little Lass!

He does not wish to waste time developing new feelings!

But sending Zhao Yali is nothing much. After all, the two of them know each other and can be considered as fated to meet.

He waves his hand and condenses out a black motorbike by his side with his darkness power.

Liu Yi placed Zhao Yali on the motorbike’s pillion before getting onto the motorbike himself.

“Hold my waist.”

Actually, there is no need for Liu Yi to warn. Zhao Yali already takes the initiative and hugs Liu Yi tightly before sticking to his back.

The fragrance that tickles his nose causes Liu Yi to be mesmerized.


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  1. Can we just take a moment to realize that liu yi spit on fox sisters emotion sword, the embodiment of her affection for him. I know the author did think it through but wtf.

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    • Um no he is right on that, salt lowers the freezing point of water, so it needs to be colder to freeze that water that doesnt have salt dissolved in it.


  3. dont worry guys it a spit filled with all his love for her!

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