MKW Chapter 882

Chapter 882  [Title below]


Who would be the owner of this Spirit Treasure?

This is the question that all of the sects present are thinking about!

5 Spirit Treasure’s fame is spread throughout the world. Who does not wish to obtain it?

But it seems like coming here is becoming the wedding dress of other people!

“Invite the 5 Spirits!”

No one can understand Ai Ling’s thoughts while she stands there and claps her hand gently.

Instantly 5 streams of blood-red chains fly out and wrap around 5 different women!

Among which, one of them enters Liu Yi’s body and surrounds Lin Tong!

“Immortal Fox Sister!”

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he did not expect that Ai Ling would snatch Lin Tong away!

“Liu Yi!”

Before Lin Tong can react, she was pulled out from Liu Yi’s body by Ai Ling and chained to the side of the statue.

Yuan Zhenyue, Ma Yuanyuan, Lin Tong as well as Poison Jasmine and Wang Yuzheng who were pulled out from somewhere!

The 5 Spirit Bodies were indeed gathered!

When the 5 Spirit Bodies were gathered, the sky changed color!

Black clouds gather in the sky while among them, 5 colored lights shine out occasionally!

Red! Yellow! Gold! Green! Blue!

These 5 colors are split into 5 sides as they revolve continuously carrying a mysterious strength!

Ai Ling suddenly transmits to Liu Yi, {Liu Yi. If you wish to open the 5 Spirit Treasure then all of the 5 Spirit Bodies need to die. I waited bitterly for 1300 years but you keep accompanying other women! Today, I shall gift you the same pain!}

{Little Lass!}

Liu Yi’s expression turns pale!

Is Ai Ling mad! So all of this was to take revenge against me?

“If you have the ability then come at me! Don’t take action against them!”

Liu Yi immediately shouts, “They are all innocent!”

“They are innocent?”

Ai Ling mocks, “Which women among them are innocent? All of them have a loving relationship with you! Liu Yi! I waited for you for 1300 years do you know how unbearable that feeling was? I will open the 5 Spirit Treasure and obtain the power to become the strongest in the world! At that time, I will kill all of your women!”

“You are crazy!”

“That’s right, I am crazy!”

Ai Ling continues to mock, “Liu Yi, when a woman turns crazy, the entire world will become her enemy! Remember it is you who turned me crazy!”

She continues to urge her technique.

5 light beams instantly shoot out from the 5 women bodies through the black clouds into the 5 colored clouds in the sky!

At the same time, the 5 women let out cries of pain making Liu Yi’s heart bleed.

“Little Lass! Stop! I do not wish to hurt you!”

“Shut up! I am not your Little Lass nor are you my lord!”

Anger flashes across Ai Ling’s eyes, “You can no longer stop me!”

“I will!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he leaps into the sky and appears in front of Ai Ling.

The two of them look at each other face to face.

Liu Yi recalls that they had looked at each other face to face before in the past.

Back then Ai Ling was together with a male disciple from her sect. They were eyeing his Dragon Pearl and wished to snatch it.

From then on, the two of them had become enemies, then lovers. Finally, they turned into enemies.

All of this was like a dream. A day is like a hundred years and in a flash, several lifetimes had passed.

Liu Yi is feeling upset but everything is no longer up to him.

Even if Liu Yi can conquer the world, he is unable to change the heart of a woman.

This is reality. He is unable to control anyone.

Liu Yi can make people fear him, be afraid of him but he is unable to make people fall in love with him.

He opens his goodwill eyes, attempting to see Ai Ling’s goodwill towards him.

But above Ai Ling’s head is still a series of ??? making Liu Yi sigh.

It looks like I still can’t see through Ai Ling’s heart.

In the past when I look at her, her goodwill towards me was also ???. Right now, it is also the same.

Little Lass…do you still love me?

Liu Yi can no longer understand Ai Ling’s heart.

“You will not stop me!”

As Ai Ling speaks, she speeds up her spell.

The 5 beams of lights turn more turbulent charging up the black clouds.

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he immediately tosses out the 5 sets of armor he had obtained in Japan!

Fire God Armour, Water God Armour, War God Armour, Earth God Armour, Sky God Armour!

The 5 sets of armor wrap around the 5 girls and protect them.

“Sooner or later, I will draw out all of their life force. What you are doing is only delaying.”

Ai Ling smiles coldly.

“This is enough!”

Liu Yi roars as he bears with his heart pain. Wearing the Fire-ice Armour, he appears in front of Ai Ling.

He slaps out a palm towards Ai Ling’s stomach.

But before touching her, it was forced into another position and hits Ai Ling’s shoulder.

While Ai Ling’s shoulder did not shake while Liu Yi felt like his palm had hit cotton.

“This is the God Race’s undying body.”

Ai Ling’s gaze is cold as she looks at Liu Yi, “Back then, Wuli did not manage to cultivate this powerful technique. But I did. After becoming this God Race, it seems like I have obtained some benefits.”

God Race’s undying body?

There is still this kind of heaven-defying thing?

“God Race’s undying body can scatter 90% of your strength into the air.”

Ai Ling says, “That is why to me, your attack is nothing.”

Her hand suddenly pierced through Liu Yi’s stomach.

Red blood instantly drips from Ai Ling’s fingers onto the ground.

“Ah! Sage ruler!”

Dragon Lotus and the rest of the women exclaim in shock. Yang Mianmian pulls out an enormous black ax before jumping up.

“How dare you injure my husband! Die!”

While Xue Luo suddenly appears in front of her before kicking Yang Mianmian on her shoulder.

Yang Mianmian is smashed into the ground creating a huge deep hole.

“Whoever dares to block master shall be killed!”

Xue Luo had also cultivated for over 1300 years. Her might is very powerful and when she takes action it instantly shocks everyone.


Dragon Lotus and her people from Womanland were not frightened. They immediately surround Xue Luo and start attacking her together.

Xue Luo fought against Dragon Lotus and her people alone and was not at a disadvantage!

The people in the cultivation world were startled. When did so many powerful experts appear! Are experts now worth nothing?

Right now while below is in a messy fight, Ai Ling injures Liu Yi with a single move.

Although Liu Yi’s regeneration is very powerful, Ai Ling did not withdraw her hand.

Liu Yi feels that all of his strength is flowing away, like a tap that is letting out all of the water in his body.

What move is this ….

“Liu Yi. Let me return all of my sufferings!”

Ai Ling’s mouth latches to Liu Yi’s neck and her incisor stretches out. She bites down on his vein!

Liu Yi instantly trembles as the light in his eyes dim down.

A surge of blood power assimilates into his body while the blood in his body starts to flow in reverse!

What kind of pain is this? Liu Yi is unable to describe it!

He wishes to scream out but is unable to!

Even his tongue is not in his control nor can his throat make any sound!

His entire body is in unbearable pain!

Finally, the blood explodes, causing all of his blood vessels to rupture!

The blood gathers together and lands on the Sunjade in Liu Yi’s heart. It coagulates together and forms small blood essences!

The god blood of the God Race!

Liu Yi was turned into a God Race by Ai Ling!

“Turning you into an undying God Race then killing all of your women, I’ll let you live forever alone!” 

Ai Ling’s voice is like a cold wind ringing in Liu Yi’s ear.

The sky suddenly starts snowing, the snowflakes are like white spirits fluttering in Liu Yi’s eyes.

What huge snow …

When those snowflakes land on Liu Yi’s face, he did not feel cold.

After becoming a God Race, Liu Yi starts to lose some feelings.

Among which the sense of touch of his skin is lowered.

From now on, pain and the likes will disappear…

This is God’s Race. Upon obtaining eternal life, they will lose a lot.

“First I’ll kill those women!”

Ai Ling pushes away Liu Yi and let Liu Yi descend towards the ground.

She clenches her hand and those 5 armors instantly shatter into pieces.

A piece of the armor lands on Liu Yi’s face jolting him awake instantly.

I must stop Little Lass!

I must stop this 5 Spirit Technique!

Liu Yi pulls out Sky Splitting Golden Spear and flies up into the sky.

He is like lightning, instantly appearing in front of Ai Ling.

At the same time, the Sky Splitting Golden Spear in his hand pierces Ai Ling’s heart coming out from her back.

Red Trial Lightning surges throughout Ai Ling’s body.

But Liu Yi got a huge shock as Ai Ling did not use God Race’s undying body!

Her hands hold onto the spear as she looks at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi looks into Ai Ling’s eyes and at that instant, a few scenes appear in his eyes.


Ai Ling is standing on top of Wanzong Mountain as she stares faraway.

“Lord…why are you still not coming to find Little Lass…”

The sun and moon move like a shuttle and day after day passes.

Ai Ling keeps standing there foolishly not caring about the rise and fall of the sun.

Xue Luo accompanies her by her side looking at her master as sorrow for her fills her eyes.

Just like this, countless years passed, and finally, one day Xue Luo says “Master…I heard before at the ends of the earth, there is a person called Gui Tongtian. I heard that he has the ability to see all of karma, to see 500 years into the past and future. Perhaps, you can know of that person’s location by asking him…”

“Gui Tongtian?”

Ai Ling trembles and immediately grabs hold of Xue Luo.

“Quickly bring me to meet him! Now!”

The image changes and the two of them stand in front of a mysterious old man in black robes.

That old man

“Gui Tongtian, you should know why I came, right?”

Ai Ling asks anxiously, “Quickly tell me what I wish to know!”

“I never read the fortunes of others for nothing.”

Gui Tongtian’s voice is like a ghost. Cold and heartless, “You need to pay a price.”


Chapter 882   [Gui Tongtian]

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