MKW Chapter 881

Chapter 881  [Title below]


As Long Tianzhen speaks, he stretches out his right hand and a Taiji Bagua Diagram swiftly appears in front of Liu Yi.

This Taiji Bagua spins slowly and at the same time, the entire heaven and earth change color because of this.

Black clouds shroud the sky as a peal of chill wind sweeps over.

Just a casual swing of the hand can spur the energy of heaven and earth, this Long Tianzhen is indeed a person with capability.

Liu Yi roughly judges that his cultivation is around 24 starjades!

The Main Hall Master of Fuxi Palace Hall is indeed very powerful.

The people by the side also click their tongues in wonder, this move from Fuxi Palace Hall is big!

An enormous Taiji Map appears above Liu Yi’s head trying to pressure him down.

“Heaven Earth Qiankun! Go!”

The Taiji Map descends very quickly and instantly appears on Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi’s avatar shoots out from his back. Its six arms push against the Taiji Map and forcefully stop the Taiji Map from moving.

When Qiu Han sees this she cannot help but exclaims, “Sage Ruler’s Avatar is very powerful! Based on the shape he has exceeded our avatar!”

“He is the person chosen by Royal Mother. Naturally, he is not an ordinary person.”

Dragon Lotus says unhurriedly while concealing the delight in her eyes, “That is why he is the Sage Ruler.”

“You can block this seat’s Heaven Earth Qiankun?”

Long Tianzhen is also shocked. He thought that with his cultivation he could take down Liu Yi with a single move.

But he did not expect that his move would be so ineffective.

“Palace Hall Long’s cultivation is indeed very powerful.”

Liu Yi’s avatar is bearing the Taiji Map, “But it is still not enough for the competition.”

His avatar pushes with its arms and instantly tears the Taiji Map into pieces.

Long Tianzhen exclaims in shock, “What?”

While Liu Yi had leaped forward and appeared in front of Long Zhentian.

“Take my move, Palace Hall Long!”

Liu Yi throws out a Desolate Flame towards Long Tianzhen’s chest.

Fear flashes across Long Tianzhen’s eyes as he hurriedly drew a talisman with his right hand forming the same Taiji Map to block in front of him.

Liu Yi’s palm lands on that Taiji Map causing a loud ringing sound.

The Taiji Map breaks down into pieces while Long Tianzhen was forced into retreat. He stomps the ground ferociously, creating deep holes with his steps. Only then did he stabilize his body.

“Good fellow! You are somewhat troublesome!”

After Long Tianzhen stabilizes his body he snorts coldly before secretly drawing a talisman with his finger.

An image suddenly flashes across Liu Yi’s mind.

The blade-like palm of a person pierces through his back.

Liu Yi trembles as he subconsciously dodges to the right.

At the same time, a black figure suddenly appears in the place where Liu Yi was standing earlier. Its palm is like a blade stabbing the empty air.


Long Tianzhen is startled, “You dodged this seat’s Taiji avatar!”

Liu Yi also feels strange, what is going on with that prediction earlier?

Could it be that I learned how to predict?

“Looks like Sage Ruler had also obtained my ability.”

Dragon Lotus who is standing far away sees everything clearly.

“Just who is the Sage Ruler…to obtain Princess’s ability!”

Qiu Han is unable to understand. Just what kind of god is this Sage Ruler?

“Taiji Avatar! Hurry!”

Long Tianzhen continued to control his avatar to attack Liu Yi.

This avatar keeps throwing out simple thunder talismans, fire talismans. Although it is not the main attack but harassment.

Monarch Shield flies out and turns into six pieces which were all grabbed by his avatar’s six hands.

Joined together the six shields still form a single shield. When dismantled it has six faces. The shield keeps blocking those talismans that were thrown over in a machine-gun speed.

Radiant flashes across Long Tianzhen’s eyes and he suddenly open his sleeves. The wide sleeve suddenly emits out an enormous suction force.

Liu Yi trembles and was sucked into Long Tianzhen’s sleeve.


Long Tianzhen waves his sleeve as he laughs loudly, “He is now kept into my Qiankun Sleeve! This time the winner is this seat!”

The crowd exclaims. This Long Tianzhen is indeed a person who was famous a long time ago. To take down Liu Yi!

Long Tianzhen raises his head and says proudly to Ai Ling, “Ai Ling, now you can give the 5 Spirit Treasure to this seat!”

“Not necessary.” Ai Ling replies coldly, “The victor still has not been decided.”

“Hahaha, that fellow has already been put into this seat’s Qiankun Sleeves! Even if Immortal Daluo came, after entering this seat’s Qiankun Sleeves, he can forget about coming out!”

“There is no need for Palace Head Long to be so anxious. In less than three seconds, we will see the results.”

Ai Ling laughs slightly. Just as Long Tianzhen wanted to say something, his right-hand starts raising out of his control.

His sleeve which was kept away starts to expand like the inside is flooded with a gale.

Long Tianzhen’s sleeve expanded under the shocked gaze of the crowd before exploding!

Long Tianzhen retreats a few steps wretchedly with a bare arm.

While Liu Yi’s figure appears there crouching on the ground with a golden glow covering his body.

“I must say, the world inside is really dark.”

Liu Yi says half-jokingly, before raising his head and looks at Long Tianzhen who is in great shock.


Long Tianzhen’s eyes nearly drop out from shock. My Qiankun Sleeve was unable to contain him?

Is he a monster!

For the very first time, his mind was frozen.

While Long Tianzhen was in shock, Liu Yi appears in front of that avatar and smashes it into pieces with a palm.

Liu Yi warns, “If you do not resign then the next palm shall land on your body!”

“Arrogant kid! This seat’s real power will make you horrified!”

As Long Tianzhen speaks, he stretches out a hand and jabs between his brows.

“It’s God Beating Technique!”

The disciples from Fuxi Palace Hall shouts excitedly, “After using God Beating Technique that fellow will be dead!”

“That’s right! Main Palace Hall Head’s God Beating Technique is unequal in the world!”

While they are speaking, Long Tianzhen trembles as a diety like glow cover his body.

An eye suddenly opens between his brow and made Liu Yi who is watching suspicious.

Could it be that Erlangshen possesses his body?

“Spirit Eye Heavenly General!”

After which Long Tianzhen shouts out this brother’s name making Liu Yi feel relieved.

Good that it’s not Erlangshen. But what’s the background of this Spirit Eye Heavenly General?


Long Tianzhen’s finger taps on the eye in the center of his brow and glares at Liu Yi.

Instantly a black ray of light flies out from between his brows and exploded at Liu Yi’s feet.

It is like the explosion of an atomic bomb!

Black mushroom cloud rushes up the sky as an enormous shockwave spreads out in all directions with surging smoke and dust!

Those who are weaker were sent flying away!

The might behind this move is scary, like the end of the world is coming!

Long Tianzhen laughed loudly and thought that this move of his had killed Liu Yi.

But after the smoke is cleared, a figure appears in front of him.

The robes that Liu Yi is wearing are slightly tattered and some places are still burning in flames.

But he is perfectly fine but his expression is slightly wretched.

“What a good technique Palace Master Long! But it shall end now!”

“You are still alive!”

Long Tianzhen got a huge shock as he hurriedly revolves his qi again and uses his third eye to once again shoot an attack at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi only raises his right palm and uses his flesh palm to receive this black beam.


Glorious Sun Palm Unbreaking can resolve any technique!

Long Tianzhen’s attack was resolve like this by Liu Yi.

“Hall Master Long, sorry for offending!”

After Liu Yi broke this move, he appears in front of Long Tianzhen.

Liu Yi is wearing his Fire-ice Armour as his right fist punched Long Tianzhen’s jaw!

His golden sun tattoo lights up behind his back. It is like a small sun as it brightens up in the eyes of the crowd.

The smoke was instantly dispersed by the golden light.

Long Tianzhen still had not reacted when his lower jaw got hit. He was sent flying away like a shooting star, disappearing from the view of the crowd.


“Just how scary is this…”

All of the cultivators are trembling as Liu Yi had instantly defeated a 24 starjade expert.

Liu Yi is too scary. Why is it that every time he appears in front of the crowd, he is always a few times stronger than in the past!

How does he cultivate!

Liu Yi crosses his arms with his legs shoulder wide while standing in front of the statue and says proudly, “Next.”

Liu Yi sending Long Tianzhen flying away with one move had shocked everyone.

Prior to the fight, Qiu Jiqing from Ruyi Sect was eager to try fighting Liu Yi. But seeing this scene, he stopped.

No wonder Qin Imperial Palace would be so wary of Liu Yi…this fellow is too perverted!

My cultivation is only a bit stronger than Long Tianzhen but it will not be enough!

The cultivators look at each other and do not know who would be next.

Among them, the most angered is Penglai Island. Because they feel that it is Liu Yi who killed their Island Master!

But they can only watch from the corner. No one dares to find trouble with Liu Yi!

His strength already exceeded a god!

“Is there no one else?”

Ai Ling seems to be disappointed, “Looks like the world’s cultivators are only so so.”

The crowd curses in their heart. Damn it. This fellow of yours is so powerful, who can fight against him?

Only those brain-dead people would fight against him!

Long Tianzhen is a good example!

Ai Ling says loudly, “If there is no one else, then this 5 Spirit Treasure shall belong to Liu Yi.”

The crowd is helpless. None of them wish to let Liu Yi obtain the 5 Spirit Treasure and become stronger.

Now that they had sunk into this current impasse, Liu Shuyao felt like she had gotten tricked!

I brought the Gold Spirit Body over.

Could it be that this Ai Ling planned this 5 Spirit Gathering to let Liu Yi obtain the treasure?

Cold sweat instantly covers her forehead. What is that Ai Ling planning?


Chapter 881   [Master of the spirit treasure]

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