MKW Chapter 872

Chapter 872  [Title below]


After messing around for an entire night, the girls are tired.

But Liu Yi’s house is too small and Murong Die cannot spend the night outside as she pleases. Thus the few girls discuss it over before dispersing on their own.

Wang Yuzheng also needs to hurry back as she still needs to report to the office in the morning the next day. If reporters found out that she came out from other people’s houses, that would be bad.

Right now she is in her rising phase thus she cannot have any gossip about her.

Yuan Zhenyue and Li Biyue can sleepover while Wang Lele cannot go home as it is too late. Finally, they decided to let Wang Lele sleepover at Liu Yi’s place.

“Let me warn you! At night you are not allowed to sneak attack Lele! Otherwise, you are dead!”

Before Murong Die left, she warned strongly while Liu Yi kept nodding his head.

What else can I do? Promise first I guess!

Liu Yi says in front of the girls, “Lele shall sleep in the same room with my mother. I will lock the door properly to prevent Big Sister Xiao Die worrying too much.”

After the girls left, Liu Yi cleans up the place before lying on his bed.

During this period of time, he was exhausted. Running all over the place made his body and mind exhausted.

With great difficulty, he catches an opportunity to rest. Liu Yi lies on his bed and very soon fell into a deep sleep.

During this sleep, he did not dream.

During the later half of the night, Liu Yi suddenly feels something heavy on top of his body and was startled awake.

In the middle of the night, could it be ghost pressing down on me?

But if it is a female ghost…why does she smell so nice?

A familiar milk smell!

Liu Yi opens his eye to see that the one on top of his body is none other than his Lele.

At this moment, Wang Lele is only wearing her bra and panties. Furthermore, they are lace ones that match her devil-like figure making her utterly tempting.

This delicious figure on top of Liu Yi’s body makes his beast blood boil momentarily.

“Lele…what, what are you doing…”

Liu Yi lowers his voice afraid that he would wake his mother up.

When did Lele…become so daring…wasn’t she always very shy?

“Lele missed Brother Xiao Yi…”

Wang Lele lies on top of Liu Yi and says sweetly by his ear, “I have not seen Brother Xiao Yi for so long…I missed you a lot…”

“We can still meet each other in the morning…why did you slip in the middle of the night…with you like this, Brother Xiao Yi will commit a crime.”

“Commit what crime …”

Wang Lele says with a red face charmingly, “Brother Xiao Yi…you have not treated Lele’s illness for a long time….recently, Lele’s chest is swelling again…it hurts…”

What the. Lele is already so big, how is her chest still developing?

Liu Yi is unable to understand. Just how big is she going to develop? Wouldn’t she anger the other airport girls to death! For example, Murong Die…

“Brother Xiao Die…help Lele take a look…”

As Wang Lele speaks, she stretches her hand in front and softly opens her bra.

What the! It is a front buckle!

This lass…isn’t she trying to tempt me!

Wang Lele turns her hand and undoes the buckle of her bra.

A pair of full breasts appear in front of Liu Yi’s eyes.

This causes Liu Yi to feel dizzy…so white…so full, if this is a weapon, it is a pair of meteor hammer!

What a fierce weapon! What a cheat weapon!

Liu Yi does not know what to use to describe…how did she grow this pair of breasts…

Killer weapons. Perhaps only this can be used to evaluate!

“Brother Xiao Yi…help me…not comfortable, feeling weird…”

Wang Lele sticks her breasts onto Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is also wearing a shirt. With her snuggling up like this, it is somewhat wanting his life!

“Ok-okay…I will help Lele take a look…”

It is not like Liu Yi can endure it as he stretches out his hand and kneads Wang Lele’s breasts.

So soft, what superb feeling!

Liu Yi is somewhat indulging in pleasure as he kneads.

“Being…massaged by Brother Xiao Yi…is indeed a lot more comfortable…”

Wang Lele moans as she says with hidden bitterness, “Brother Xiao Yi is irresponsible…saying that you wanted to treat Lele’s sickness…in the end, you did not appear for a long time…”

“Sorry Lele…it was my fault.”

Liu Yi hurriedly apologized, “I was too busy…it was my bad for being unable to accompany Lele all this time…”

“Actually I cannot blame Brother Xiao Yi…Lele also knows that Brother Xiao Yi was very busy and Lele is still bothering Brother Xiao Yi. Brother Xiao Yi will not be angry at Lele right…”

“How would I be! Lele is the most sensible!”

Brother Xiao Yi…”

Wang Lele is emotional as she kisses Liu Yi.

The four lips in contact as two tongues mix with each other. The temperature in the room swiftly rises.

Lust filled the entire room.

Liu Yi turns around and presses Wang Lele down below him before taking off her lace panties.

The boundless scenery completely appears in front of her.

Wang Lele draws closer to Liu Yi and sticks to his ear and says, “Brother Xiao Yi…Lele…Lele is afraid…” while she is holding a moonlight dagger behind his back.

If this dagger stabs into Liu Yi’s heart, even if Liu Yi’s cultivation is even higher, he might not be able to retain his life.

Furthermore, because the two of them have tender feelings for each other, Meng Xi and Lin Tong sealed up their sense thus neither saw this scene.

The dagger in Wang Lele’s hangs suspended there as she hesitates.


With the arrow on the bow, Liu Yi bears with it and stubbornly did not attack.

“So-sorry…I was impulsive…”

“Brother Xiao Yi…why did you stop?”

Wang Lele is shocked.

“I shouldn’t eat you.”

Wang Lele says softly, “No…no worries…Lele is already prepared…Lele’s everything is Brother Xiao Yi’s…”

“Not the same.”

Liu Yi shakes his head and says, “If our identity was open, I would eat up you immediately!”

“Brother Xiao Yi…”

“Lele, wait. After I tell Xiao Die everything, I will eat the two of you up!”

“Brother Xiao Yi…”

Wang Lele’s heart trembles and she cannot help but put away the dagger in her hand.

“Lele, recently my body and mind are exhausted. Why don’t you help me with a massage.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he turns around and sprawls on the bed.

Wang Lele rides on Liu Yi’s waist and stares at him blankly.

“Lele, why are you not massaging. This back of mine is really stiff. Why don’t you step on it.”

“Ah, massage. Lele will help you!”

Only then did Wang Lele wake up. She uses her hands to gently hammer Liu Yi’s back.

“Lele, don’t be angry with Brother Xiao Yi. Recently I was busy with the matters in the cultivation world and also broke my legs from running all over the place. Wait till I am done with my matters, I will get a pill that will allow you to cultivate as well. Wait till I have pacified Xiao Die, we can all cultivate together and live together, enjoying afree and unfettered immortal life, wouldn’t that be enjoyable.”

“Brother Xiao Yi…”

Wang Lele’s gaze turn even more lifeless.

What should I do?

No matter if it is the past Wang Lele…or the current Wang Lele…neither wish to kill Liu Yi anymore…

Seeing Liu Yi lying there, Wang Lele’s gaze became more and more gentle.

During my past life, I had loved a man before. While in this life…I fell in love with a man.

Originally she thought that all men in this world were the same. But this Liu Yi, seems…so be different.

Wang Lele asks, “Brother Xiao Yi…do, do you really love me?”

Seeing Liu Yi did not reply, Wang Lele says in her heart, could it be that this guy is hesitating? He does not love me but was playing with me?

But listening attentively, she hears Liu Yi’s light snoring.

It seems like he had fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Wang Lele knows clearly why he is so exhausted.

He was fighting against Qin Imperial Palace, he had never stopped fighting.

With great difficulty he returned home, thus he can fall asleep in ease.

Wang Lele sighs lightly before keeping away her moonlight dagger. After which she lies by Liu Yi’s side and rests her head in his arm while she leans into his embrace.

A kind of never felt before safe feeling envelops Wang Lele.

Very quickly Wang Lele is unable to endure anymore and fell into deep sleep.

Xue Luo who was watching outside of the window asks, “Who is this woman?”

“A person who shouldn’t be.”

Ai Ling stands there with her hands in her sleeve without any expression on her face.

“Master…would this person spoil our matter?”

Xue Luo ask, “Why don’t I go and deal with her!”

“No need.”

Ai Ling shakes her head, “Furthermore you are also not her opponent. Not to mention if you want to touch Liu Yi’s people, you will startle Liu Yi. If you startle him, then that would interfere.”

“What master says is right. It is Xue Luo who was thoughtless.”

“Following beside me, you had learned quite a bit.”

Ai Ling says, “In the future when you do things, don’t be so hasty. First think over clearly everything that needs to be understood! Otherwise, sooner or later you will take the wrong step. From then on, every step will be wrong.”

“Yes master!”

Xue Luo keeps apologizing, “Then what should Xue Luo do right now? Is there anything that Xue Luo still needs to do in this North Dragon City?”

“Nothing else. Follow me back to Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

“Ah? We are going back now?”

Xue Luo is startled, “It is the New Year, is master not going to meet him?”

“Some people need to meet while some don’t.”

Ai Ling says, “Sometimes, meeting someone is as good as not meeting.”

“Xue Luo does not understand…”

“There is no need for you to understand. Let’s go. Return with me. There are still a lot of things that need to be done for the 5 Spirit Gathering.”


The two of them turn into shadows and instantly disappear from the spot.

What the two women do not know is that after they had left, a few white beams fell from the sky.

A few guys wearing silver armor walkout from the white beams and look at each other before sneaking into the crowd.

While at the same time, a few exquisite armored warriors climb out of the water.

They left behind water traces before walking into the city.

It seems like North Dragon City is going to be hectic.


Chapter 872  [Heaven above, Earth below]

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