MKW Chapter 866

Chapter 866  [Title below]


Wang Yaru pushes Liu Yi in secret but Liu Yi ignores his mother and continues to smile at Ms Chen.

“Let me have a seat!”

Ms Chen spits out the melon seed skin as she crosses Liu Yi’s house door and enters the living room. She familiarly takes a seat.

“In a while when my family Yongyou comes back, let him come over to your house.”

Ms Chen said carefreely making Wang Yaru almost die from headaches.

This damn old hag! Says she can come in and she really came in! She didn’t take herself as an outsider!

“Hey, what is going on with Old Ma’s family. We haven’t seen either of the lasses!”

After Ms Chen walks in, as she shells melon seeds, she starts gossiping.

Liu Yi’s heart moves. He had also heard about Ma Yuanyuan disappearance.

At the same time, he had also let the Red Scarf Army to inquire but he did not receive any news.

It is like Ma Yuanyuan had disappeared from the face of the earth! Where did this lass go?

Liu Yi does not care where Ma Yixuan is currently but he is very anxious to know where is Ma Yuanyuan!

Not only the Red Scarf Army, but Liu Yi had also activated the Dragon Group to search but there was no news.

Could it be that Ma Yuanyuan died?

Liu Yi is in disbelief. He feels that Ma Yuanyaun will be fine as Heaven helps the worthy!

Don’t know if Ms Chen is really worried or pretending to be concern as she cracks the melon seeds between her teeth as she mutters, “I had hoped to let the two lasses from the Ma Family come over to my house to celebrate the New Year but didn’t expect that the two lasses had both disappeared!”

“The two will be fine!”

On the contrary, Wang Yaru is concerned about the two girls. After all, they had been neighbors for so many years.

“I hope that they are fine.” As Ms Chen speaks, she looks at the time, “Aiyah, looking at the time, that son of mine should be back now!”

Coincidentally, just as she speaks, the sound of footsteps came from outside.

“Aiyah, he’s come back! Yongyou! Yongyou! Over here! Over here!” shouted Ms Chen.

“Mom, why are you over there?”

A guy wearing a western suit walks in as he leads a pretty girl by the side.

This girl’s appearance is not bad just that she carries a bit of air of arrogance on her face.

When the girl walks in, she says unhappily, “Yongyou. This year is the first time I came to your house to celebrate the New Year. Why did you lead me here?”

“Th-this…mom, what is going on?”

Ni Yongyou looks at his mother with a trace of rebuke.

Ms Chen is afraid that her daughter-in-law would be worried thus she hurriedly explains, “Ah, I am sorry. Qingqing, due to the New Year, I came over to my neighbor’s house to pay a visit…it is the fault of this old woman. Come, come, come. Let’s go back home, go back home!”

“Today I had to work overtime in the morning and was starving for the entire day. Right now I am hungry, let’s hurry and eat!”

That woman called Qingqing did not look at Liu Yi and Wang Yaru, looking down on them.

Liu Yi hates this kind of woman. He did not speak and only wished for these few people to scram.

As Ms Chen stands up to leave, she says, “Yaru, see how nice my family’s daughter-in-law is. Not only is she good looking, but she also has a good job! This kind of daughter-in-law is the fortune of my son!”

Before leaving, Ms Chen did not forget to ask, “Ah right. When is that girlfriend of yours coming? Is she unable to come?”

“Haha, when has Liu Yi had a girlfriend?”

At this moment, Ni Yongyou also laughs, “I heard that he chased after Ma Yixuan in the past. But Ma Yixuan did not like him.”

Ms Chen sighs, “Alas, I don’t know where that Ma Yixuan  lass ran off to…”

Qingqing suddenly stops walking as she raises her eyebrow and asked, “You and that Ma did not have any relationship, right?”

“No, not at all!”

Ni Yongyou got a huge shock as he hurriedly denies, “Although we were neighbors, there was no relationship between the two of us!”


“Really! If you do not believe, you can ask Liu Yi. That Ma Yixuan was proud, arrogant and had a boyfriend!”

“That is to say that if she did not have a boyfriend, you would go and take advantage?”

“No, no…Qingqing, what are you saying…”

Ni Yongyou seems to be henpecked. Hearing Qingqing’s jealousy, he turned pale from fright.

Wang Yaru did not say anything. Although she is the master of the house she does not know what to say.

Two lovers having a lover’s spat, how can I butt in?

But seeing this makes me sad! Alas!

“Hmph! It is best that you do not!”

Qingqing snorts but from the looks of it, she is temporarily letting her boyfriend off.

After all, celebrating Chinese New Year, who would be willing to be worried about this kind of matter.

“Why don’t we all celebrate Chinese New Year together!”

Ni Yongyou wants to show off how impressive he is and says, “Seems like this year Uncle Liu is unable to come back. How about this, since both of our families have few people, why don’t I be the host and treat all of us to a meal at Longfeng House?”

Wang Yaru seems to be embarrassed as she says, “Aiyah, wouldn’t Yongyou be paying a lot.”

“No worries. It will be more lively when all of us gather together!”

Ms Chen also nods her head. In her heart, she wishes to show off her son and this is a good chance.

“There is no need.”

Liu Yi feels that this matter is inappropriate thus he rejects.

“No worries. It will not cost much.”

That Qingqing says with a bit of arrogance, “All of you are long time neighbors, it is very good to have a New Year’s Eve dinner together.”

“Aiyah, you see how magnanimous our Qingqing is. Come on Yaru. Let’s eat together!”


Wang Yaru is unable to reject Ms Chen’s persuasion and can only agree.

“That…Xiao, Xiao Yi…today let’s change the place to eat. Let that girlfriend of yours…come, come over another day!”

Wang Yaru attempts to circle around what Liu Yi said.

“Come another day? No need. Let’s make it today. I will let her know that we changed the location.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out his handphone and sends out an SMS.

“Oh? Looks like you really found a girlfriend?”

The Chen family is in slight disbelief. Only Qingqing does not care as she feels that it is not bad for this kind of man to find an ordinary woman to be his girlfriend, who cannot be compared to herself.

Ms Chen asks, “Let’s go first. Doesn’t Longfeng House have a lot of people?”

“There shouldn’t be a lot of people at this time. As long as you have money, there will be seats.”

As Qingqing speaks, she start making her way downstairs.

Ms Chen warmly beckons Liu Yi and the rest before following downstairs.

Downstairs, a Buick GL8 MPV is parked there. The car is very big and can accommodate all of them.

“You see, this is the car that my daughter-in-law bought. How beautiful it is!”

When Ms Chen boards the car, her face is filled with delight.

Liu Yi did not say anything as he silently boards the car.

He supports his mother to sit in the back row. Qingqing comfortably lies at the front seat while Ni Yongyou obediently drives the car.

As the car starts moving, Ms Chen keeps praising how nice her son and daughter-in-law were while Wang Yaru can only follow along and make merry.

Liu Yi looks straight ahead and pretends that he did not hear anything.

Let that old hag speak as she wish. 

Liu Yi sits there revolving his qi as he slowly consolidates his cultivation base.

To open the remaining few sun jades, he needs opportunities.

Or in other words…he needs girls…

Seeing the car stopping, Ms Chen instantly says, “See how fast this car is. In just a few sentences, we reached Longfeng House!”

“Yaru, let’s get off! Tonight’s dinner is upper class!”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Wang Yaru nods her head in response and gets off as well.

After parking the car properly, they walk over to the Longfeng House restaurant entrance. At the entrance, two attendants immediately open the door for them upon seeing them walking over.

After entering the restaurant, the interior is in an ancient style.

Red walls and carved wood gives a distinctive style.

“This Longfeng House is good…”

Ms Chen follows Wang Yaru into the Grand View Garden. After entering, she peers around and feels that it is very novel.

Qingqing’s gaze shows a sick of it expression. When Ni Yongyou saw it, he hurriedly gave his mom a push in secret.

Only at this moment did Ms Chen react and say with a red face, “That…this old woman has not seen much of the world…Qingqing don’t be angry…”

“Forget it. Let’s hurry and find a seat.”

Qingqing waves his hand and at this moment, a waitress walks over. She is wearing a qipao as well as a fengguan on top of her head, making her look like a princess from the olden imperial palace.

[TL: Fengguan is a traditional type of headgear worn by Empresses, imperial concubines, the princesses as well as noblewomen. Of course just like the robes of men, they have a ‘fixed’ style based on their ranks.]

“We wish ladies and sirs prosperity.”

This woman is dressed up like a princess making Ms Chen burst with joy.

“Aiyah you see this Longfeng House girl, her costume is rather interesting…”

Ni Yongyou coughs, making his mother immediately stop speaking.

Liu Yi takes a quick look and indeed, annoyance covers Qingqing’s face.

The princess-like waitress asks, “May I ask if respected sirs have made a reservation?”

“No. Are there no seats right now?” asked Qingqing.

“Apologises. The restaurant is full.” says the waitress apologetically.

“No worries. I had expected it.”

Qingqing is unconcerned as she takes out a golden member card and flashes it.

“I have the VIP card of Longfeng House. I can have a meal in the VIP area. Help me arrange a table.”

“I am sorry. The VIP area also does not have any seats.”

Unexpectedly the waitress did not give face, “Today is New Year’s Eve thus there are a lot more customers today. Hence we no longer have empty seats.”

“What are you joking about. I have a VIP card and it won’t do?”

Qingqing became slightly angered.

“Apologies ma’am.”

The princess-like waitress can only apologize continuously. But Qingqing takes advantage that she is in the right, she does not forgive her and starts shouting in the restaurant as she holds her VIP card.

Ms Chen cannot take it and says, “Why don’t, why don’t we change to another place to eat…”

“Change? Why should we change?”

Qingqing shouts loudly, “When I got this card, Longfeng House promised that they will have a seat for me anytime. Aren’t you guys cheating now? I want an explanation!”

The waitress is feeling awkward. This place is full…what can our restaurant do?

But why is this woman unwilling to forgive!


Chapter 866  [It is hard to have a meal]

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