MKW Chapter 862

Chapter 862  [Title below]


Mo Wang’s deepest concern in his heart is not World Manor nor his father but his younger sister Mo Lan.

Since young, Mo Lan was brought up by Mo Wang.

As the Manor Lord of World Manor, their father is wholeheartedly busy with the matters of World Manor. He had never asked of Mo Lan’s matters. Thus although Mo Wang is the elder brother, he is more like a father who always looked after Mo Lan until Mo Lan grew up and became an adult.

Thus the siblings’ feelings for each other are very deep. Until Mo Wang had seen through the real face of the righteous sects and fallen into the devil sect.

“You dare to not take responsibility for my younger sister! Today even if this Mo’s body is destroyed, this Mo shall teach you a lesson!”

As Mo Wang speaks, he urges his black smoke and transforms into over a hundred black generals who are wielding large halberds as they charge at Liu Yi.

This Ruyi Sutra is indeed powerful and is the ultimate technique of Ruyi Sect.

But Liu Yi is not cowardy. Even if he does not use Nine Yang God Qi, Mo Wang’s strength is only roughly around his.

Right now I have fully restored the fourth sun jade. Without using any strengthening technique, my cultivation has broken through the Heaven Realm.

Just using Fire-ice Armour as well as Golden Fog Real Body, my strength can enter the beginning stage of 24 starjades.

Using God Transformation, my cultivation would be close to the beginning stage of 24 starjade.

Thus in comparison, Fire-ice armor is much more effective than God Transformation. Because Fire-ice Armour consumes less qi thus can be maintained for a longer period of time.

But the most impressive one is using both techniques at the same time!

If I use both, my cultivation will y enter close to the middle stage of 25 starjades!

Along with God Sword Protecting Body as well as Nine Yang Chains, my strength might be able to enter the peak of 25 starjades!

With this kind of strength, I can do anything I like in the human world!

Even if I meet Sea Ghost Emperor again, I will not need the help of other ghosts and can defeat him on my own!

Looks like I obtained benefits during this trip of delivering letters.

Furthermore, I had captured a soul from Qin Imperial Palace which is locked up inside the Nether Ghost Ring.

Liu Yi did not plan on taking him out anytime soon. He plans to let him suffer inside the Nether Ghost Ring first!

But right now, let me settle the danger in front of me!


Liu Yi trembles as a golden avatar that looks exactly like him flies out from his back.

This avatar is over 3 meters tall and has three heads and six arms!

Two of the arms are holding Firegod Swords while two arms are holding Sky Splitting Spear. The remaining two arms are holding the Colour Chain and the black Monarch Axe!

This kind of avatar is armed to the teeth!

“This. This is Womanland’s technique?”

Seeing this, Mo Wang is also shocked.

“How would you know the Womanland technique? This is their avatar technique!”

When he started speaking that three-headed six-armed avatar had already started its rampage and ravaged the approaching black generals into scattered smoke.

This avatar is too savage!

Even if the people from Womanland came over, they would not have such a valiant avatar!

How is this possible!

This young man is younger than me but possesses this kind of power.

The last time when I met him, I was very surprised by his might… he seems to have improved by a lot!

Just how does he cultivate…did he eat a Vigorous Pill?

If there is such an impressive pill in this world, wouldn’t the cultivators in the world snatch it like mad!

In a blink of an eye, the generals which my Ruyi Smoke transformed into were utterly destroyed.

How wide is the gap between our strengths?

“Senior Mo, why don’t we have a proper chat…”

“Liu Yi you are too arrogant!”

Mo Wang is very unhappy as well as unwilling. He instantly berates, “Don’t think that you cannot be defeated. Today, this Mo shall use my full strength!”

Following which Mo Wang roars and the purple gold calabash on his waist drops down and lands on the ground.

This purple gold calabash instantly grows bigger and turns into a human tall large calabash.

Right after which, dense black smoke emerges from the calabash which flies into the sky and instantly transforms into a majestic enormous tiger.

This ferocious tiger is over ten meters long and is very ferocious. It leaps in front of Liu Yi in a posture of overwhelming him.

At this moment, Liu Yi’s avatar only turns around as it swings out the chain in its arm. The chain shackles around that ferocious tiger’s neck before it pull downwards, causing the ferocious tiger to fall onto the ground.

The ground trembles as the ferocious tiger cries out in pain.

After which the avatar uses its two Firegod Sword and beheads that ferocious tiger.

The ferocious tiger scatters, turning into several tens of black snakes that slither towards Liu Yi and twine around him.

“Senior Mo is persistent!”

Liu Yi smiles as the two hands holding the Sky Splitting Golden Spear stab into the ground.

Arcs of scarlet lightning shoot out and scatter those black snakes.

The trial lightning is incomparably tyrannical thus it is a piece of cake to deal with these black snakes.

After the black snakes were scattered they turn into countless black locusts and continue to charge at Liu Yi like they want to eat him until bones are left.

The black ax in the avatar’s hands immediately turns into Monarch Shield. This shield is over four meters tall like an enormous door.

The avatar stood in front, immediately using this large shield to protect Liu Yi.

When the locust crash into Monarch Shield, they were immediately knocked away.

The Monarch Armour defense is very valiant and they are unable to break through it.

But the locusts change direction and plan to attack Liu Yi from all directions.

This makes Liu Yi smiles as he slaps his hand on the Monarch Armour.

Nine Yang God Qi enters the shield and explodes out from the shield.

The entire Monarch Shield shines with golden light like a sun, shining on the black locusts.

The locusts were roasted into ash by the sunlight.

“Damn it! Is he really unbeatable!!”

Mo Wang clenches his teeth as his attack is ineffective!

Liu Yi advises again, “Senior Mo. Let us have a proper chat instead.”

“Talk to my corpse instead!”

Mo Wang clenches his teeth and uses all of his power.

The smoke of his flies over and surrounds his body.

The smoke keeps changing shape before heaping together and swiftly an enormous black devil stands up.

This fellow is over ten meters tall and is very enormous. Its external form strikingly resembles a human but the shape is somewhat similar to the Bull Devil Fire Spirit Beast in the lava.

He has a pair of horns on top of his head, four arms as well as a bull tail.

That enormous spirit beast like Mo Wang roars before shouting, “Liu Yi! Let’s fight!”

He leaps into the sky and stomps down on him.

The ground instantly trembles and keeps shaking.

Layers of cracks appear on the ground and spread out in all directions.

While Liu Yi stands in front of Mo Wang not moving. It is like the ground is steady as normal.

Liu Yi crosses his arms and sighs, “Senior Mo, why are you insisting on fighting?”

“Less nonsense! We will speak again after fighting! This Mo shall take revenge for this Mo’s younger sister!”

As he speaks, his four enormous fists smash over like he wants to turn Liu Yi into meat paste.

“Since that is the case then I shall be impolite!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretched out his hand and releases Xiao Taiji which revolves around Liu Yi’s palm.

Xiao Taiji spins faster and faster before being released by Liu Yi.

Like a shooting star, this flying sword immediately pierces through one of Mo Wang’s arm before piercing through his chest.

The enormous devil immediately starts to break apart as Mo Wang’s figure tumbles out from inside.

“Damn it…why is it impossible…”

Mo Wang is on all fours with disbelief on his face.

“This Mo cultivated for so many years…my talent is high…why am I not your opponent…tell me how did you cultivate!”

“This was luck I guess…”

Liu Yi also does not know how to explain. Anyways I am just muddling along, furthermore, I had to risk my life a few times to win this cultivation!

Perhaps Mo Wang had experienced some matters but his experience is definitely not as much as mine.

“Senior Mo, I believe that there is a misunderstanding between the two of us.”

Liu Yi says in a hurry, “There is nothing going on between me and Mo Lan. Perhaps the two of us have some feelings for each other…but I have not slept with her!”

Mo Wang blinks a few times before asking, “Real-really?”


Liu Yi raises three fingers, “There is nothing to lie about this kind of matter! Mo Lan and I have not reached that step!”

“Could it be that I guessed wrongly?”

Mo Lan blanks out for a while, “Shouldn’t be…it is impossible for this Mo to guess wrongly about younger sister’s thoughts!”

“The fuck! It was just you guessing?”

Liu Yi is super angry. After messing around for so long, it is because of this sis-con mental disorder! What the fuck, what is this sis-con doing!

“As the elder brother…I, should…should understand my younger sister…”

Mo Wang coughs a few times making Liu Yi wish to curse.

What the fuck is this! Fighting me for no reason!

Liu Yi asks, “Then you can bring me to meet your Sect Leader now, right?”

“Okay, okay. This Mo shall bring you over.”

Mo Wang nods his head embarrassedly before pointing, “Sect Leader is over there. Follow me.”

He leads Liu Yi and walks towards a bamboo forest.

Liu Yi has no choice. As long as he can meet the Sect Leader everything will be fine.

Following Mo Wang and walks into the bamboo forest.

The bamboo forest is very peaceful as the wind blows through it carrying the sound of the rustling.

Liu Yi says, “This place is unexpectedly does not look like the place where the head of the devil sect would stay.”

Mo Wang laughs, “Then where should he live in, a slaughterhouse?”

At this moment a small bamboo hut appears in front of Liu Yi.


Chapter 862  [Ruyi Sect]

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