MKW Chapter 858

Chapter 858  [Title below]

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The moment the Nine Heaven Fire Staff touched Dragon Lotus, the seal on her body was instantly released!

“Qiu Han! How dare you!”

Dragon Lotus does not care that she is naked as she prepares to use Nine Heaven Fire Staff to cast a technique.

“Damn it! I got plotted by that lass!”

Qiu Han immediately jumps through the window as she hides away in a panic.

“Damn it! Return sir!”

Dragon Lotus drapes on a white outerwear before rushing out.

While at the same time, Yue Qinger had placed Liu Yi inside the hole.

This hole is very hidden. No one else knows about this place.

I had only found it because I accidentally fell from the cliff due to a moment of mischief.

Yue Qinger looks at Liu Yi who is lying on the ground with a red face.

“Brother Stonehead…right now, you are Qinger’s…”

With deep emotions, she gently caresses Liu Yi’s face.

Still warm. Perhaps it is due to the hot water earlier.

“Brother Stonehead had soaked for so long. His body must have turned soft.”

Yue Qinger squats there as she looks at Liu Yi and tilts her head slightly.

This…how should I do it …

It seems like big sister never taught me this before…

Right…I remember that I have an unhealthy book at home…it seems there are special records on such stuff…why don’t I go back home and fetch it.

“Brother Stonehead…wait for Qinger a bit more…”

As Qinger speaks, she revolves her cultivation and forms a beautiful coat that gently coves Liu Yi.

“Qinger will be back…”

Yue Qinger silently left the hole and returned home.

Talking advantage that the people in her home are sleeping, she silently finds the book that contains how to duo cultivate and keeps it.

“Hehe, Brother Stonehead, Qinger is coming to find you now!”

Yue Qinger slips to the entrance and slips out of the house.

What she does not know is that at the exact same time, two figures are secretly following behind her.

“Brother Stonehead! Qinger is coming!”

Qinger jumps back into the cave. Seeing that Liu Yi is still sleeping, her heart became emotional. “Now, Qinger can dual cultivate with Brother Stonehead…”

As she speaks, she takes off her clothing before walking towards Liu Yi bashfully.

“Qinger, he cannot be given to you!”

Qiu Han’s figure suddenly appears blocking in front of Yue Qinger.

“Why! Why are you here!”

Yue Qinger instantly got a huge shock as she did not expect that Elder Qiu would find this place!

Qiu Han smiles, “Looks like this is the place where you hid him for the past few days. It is indeed a good place to hide. But lass, you are too anxious and revealed your tail. Tonight, Liu Yi is mine.”

As she speaks, she suddenly stretches out her hand, planning to seal Yue Qinger’s meridian.

Although Yue Qinger is part of the Queen Guard, her cultivation is weaker than Qiu Han who is an elder!

If she got sealed, she will be sealed for an hour or two.

While Yue Qinger’s reaction is very quick. She suddenly appears far away, sticking to the ceiling of the cave.

A pink cloak was pierced by Qiu Han’s finger. It is a double that Qinger left behind!

Qiu Han warns, “Qinger, you are not my opponent so stop resisting.”

Yue Qinger says firmly, “For Brother Stonehead, Qinger is willing to pay with my life!”

“Qinger…don’t tell me that you also…”

Qiu Han got a huge shock, how come, this lass also fell in love with Liu Yi?

Just what is good about this stinky man to hook away the souls of so many people from Womanland!

Indeed men are the most hateful creatures!

This man cannot be left behind…after obtaining his essence, I must chase him away!

“Qinger let me help you!”

Unexpectedly at this moment, another person appears at the entrance of the cave. Dragon Lotus who is stepping on the Nine Heaven Fire Staff, flew in and lands on the ground before holding the staff in her hand again.

“Elder Qiu! Today you shall not be so arrogant!”

As Dragon Lotus speaks, she waves her staff as Tang Xuanzang who is formed from golden light emerges in the cave.

Qiu Han hurriedly says, “Heavens, Princess! If you release the shadow of Tang Xuanzang here, the entire cave might collapse!”

Dragon Lotus’s gaze is very firm as she says, “Go for broke! Today if Dragon Lotus is unable to obtain sir, then Dragon Lotus shall fight it out with you!”

Yue Qinger shouts, “Princess! Qinger shall accompany you!”

“Why, why don’t we change to a gentler method…”

Qiu Han is afraid that the princess might get injured thus she hurriedly says, “Since princess has decided, then this servant shall not stop her…but the matter regarding Supreme Elder…everyone is qualified! Why don’t we change the method?”

Dragon Lotus asks, “What method?”

“Why don’t…we use rock-papper-scissors to decide…”

Qiu Han is also helpless, “We will not have a result from fighting. Furthermore, it will be easy for both sides to suffer or even injure Liu Yi which will be bad.”

Dragon Lotus’s face is weird, “But…this game is too childish…”

“How can it be called childish. This is to let heaven decide for us.”

Qiu Han says, “If the Queen is efficacious, she will help one of us.”

“That I agree. Qinger’s luck has always been not bad!”

Dragon Lotus seems to be helpless as she sighs, “We can only do so then…”

The three of them sit in a circle as they conceal a hand each.

“Then listen to my call!”

A gleam of light flashed across Dragon Lotus’s eyes, “Scissors, stone, paper!”

Two vague figures flash across Dragon Lotus’s mind as she cannot control herself and smiles faintly.

Qiu Han sensed that something is wrong but it is too late and she had already shown her hand.

She and Qinger had both shown 5 fingers which is paper.

As for Dragon Lotus, she had shown two fingers and easily won.

Dragon Lotus smiles and says, “Looks like the Queen and luck are on my side.”

“Damn it…”

Qiu Han wished to slap her own mouth!

How could I forget that princess can peep into the memory of others!

By peeping into the memory, one can spy on others’ thoughts!

Princess had known what I and Qinger were going to play!

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I dug a pit and jumped in myself!

This is the first time Qiu Han had looked down on her own intelligence!

“Since I have won, then I shall let the two of you down.”

Dragon Lotus smiles, “I hope that the two of you will not go back on your words!”

“Since we have agreed, Qiu Han will not violate the promise!”

This time around, it can be said that Qiu Han declared her loss.

“Ahhh! Hateful! Too hateful already!”

Yue Qinger stomps her feet but they had already lost thus have no choice.

Dragon Lotus pouts and asks, “Are the two of you not leaving?”

“How can that be?” Qiu Han says, “The two of us must stay here and protect Princess and Liu Yi!”

Yue Qinger says in a huff, “That’s right, that’s right. We must also observe as well!”

“If, if you girls want to want then watch….”

Dragon Lotus does not have any other choice. Nevertheless, she had steeled her heart. So be it if I throw away my moral principles and the likes!

She takes off her white robes and reveals her perfect body again before slowly walking in front of Liu Yi.

Yue Qinger and Qiu Han indeed no longer stop her. Instead, they stand by the side with unwillingness on their face.

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Don’t care about them. I must hurry and do it…

Dragon Lotus walks around Liu Yi for a long time but does not know what to do and starts sweating in anxiousness.

“This…princess, why don’t you take a look at this book…”

Seeing princess walking in circles for a long time, Yue Qinger knows that the princess does not know how to begin. She can only take out the book that she had hidden.

“Fine… let me study a bit…”

Dragon Lotus receives the book and flips a few pages before her entire face turns red.

“This…this…it is like this…”

Yue Qinger proactively volunteers herself, “Is princess unable to do it? Then let Qinger!”

“No need….I, I can do it!”

Dragon Lotus bites her lips before climbing on top of Liu Yi but is puzzled.

“That…that thing of his is soft one…cannot insert it…”

Yue Qinger flips through the book before saying with a red face, “Princess….the book says that if it is soft….you can lick it a bit…”

“Ah! Ah…”

Dragon Lotus does not have any other choice. She can only lean over Liu Yi’s lower body and slow take in Liu Yi’s dick into her small mouth.

Although Liu Yi is unconscious, his body’s reaction is very faithful!

Under the service of this kind of mouth, Liu Yi’s dick immediately grows and expand!


Very quickly, Dragon Lotus’ small mouth is unable to contain that enormous part of Liu Yi. She hurriedly loosens her mouth and spits it out before starting to be nervous.

Yue Qinger seems to be slightly curious. Her eyes stare at Liu Yi’s dick unmovingly before urging, “It is time to sit on it princess!”

Qiu Han covers her eyes as she says in her heart, why is she still urging her to sit on it…thoughtless…

Dragon Lotus clenches her teeth before sitting down on Liu Yi’s dick.

A surge of pain instantly spreads out from her lower body. Although she is no longer a cultivator Dragon Lotus’ body is still not bad.

The pain passes very quickly as she breathes faintly on top of him. After which she starts moving up and down as her perky butt moves along.

Very quickly, Dragon Lotus feels an intense pleasure starting from her lower body which spreads throughout her entire body.

“So, so strange…”

As Dragon Lotus moves, she starts muttering to herself, “So, so comfortable…”

Yue Qinger sucks on a finger as she cannot hold back her curiosity and asks, “How comfortable is it?”

“Any-anyways…it is very comfortable….I, I cannot take it anymore…”

Dragon Lotus combat power is no longer enough and very soon, she falls off Liu Yi’s body completely strengthless. But Liu Yi still had not released his essence.

Qiu Han exclaims, “This cannot stand! The essence still has not come out!”

Dragon Lotus knows that right now is not the time to be selfish as she orders, “Qing-qinger, you take over…”

“Okay! I’ll take over!”

Yue Qinger’s expression is like she is hurrying to an execution ground as she walks over with her head high and chest out!

She learns from the princess’s action and rides on top of Liu Yi.

Very soon, Yue Qinger understands why her princess would say comfortable.

Indeed…it is very comfortable…just that it is somewhat large…

While feeling this stimulation while still needing to move on my own…is indeed tiring…

Within moments, Yue Qinger’s fighting strength is exhausted.

“Elder Qiu…it is your turn now…”


Chapter 858  [Let’s take turns]

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