MKW Chapter 849

Chapter 849  [Title below]


Although the goddess’s body is huge but without the support from Nine Heaven Fire Staff, it is too weak

The goddess stands among the crowd and uses her body to block that buddha palm.

But this buddha palm only pauses slightly before causing the goddess’s body to collapse before continuing to fall.

Despair flashes across all of the female’s eyes. Looks like we are going to die.

But at this moment, Liu Yi’s body suddenly expands until he is over two meters tall. He then uses his own body to replace the Goddess and blocks this enormous buddha palm.


Seeing someone using their flesh body to block his buddha palm, Master Cihong was so startled that his eyes nearly popped out.


Liu Yi roars out angrily as he releases Nine Yang God Qi out from his hands.

Instantly this buddha palm instantly scatters into dots of golden light, landing all over the place.

Master Cihong is stunned while Tun E beside him shouts in panic, “How, how is this possible! Senior Brother is using Nine Heaven Fire Staff and there is someone who can scatter your buddhist qi?!”

“Buddist Qi? It is nothing but an evil buddha!”

Liu Yi laughs, “You dare to claim yourself as buddha? Let me show you what is real buddhist qi!”

As he speaks, he releases eye-catching golden light from his body as he converts all of his Nine Yang God Qi into buddhist qi!

Liu Yi possess a golden body and was very close to buddha. Now that he had converted all of his qi to buddhist qi, a golden wheel lights up behind his head!

9 golden lotus flowers revolves around him!

He looks so dignified that momentarily, a lot of people nearly kneel down and worship him!

It is like buddhist chant is descending from the sky making everyone become clear-headed as pious slowly flourish from the bottom of their heart.

A lot of Heaven Deficiency Sect taoists kneel down as they and start worshiping Liu Yi.

Seeing the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect kneeling down as well as his junior bother Tun E kneeling down, Master Cihong immediately asks in shock, “What, what are you doing?!”

“From today onwards, I shall convert to Buddhism…”

Tun E’s eyes are filled with pious towards buddha as he says slowly, “In the past, I was gravely mistaken. I shall put down my butcher’s knife and from henceforth, meditate by the side of the lamp…”

“Fucking hell! Wake up!”

While Master Cihong was shocked by Liu Yi’s buddhist qi, he gathers his cultivation and lets out a roar.

This roar carries the force of clearing one’s mind which immediately makes those people from Heaven Deficiency Sect wake up.

“Ah, what, what was I doing?!”

“Why would I have the thoughts of becoming a monk!”

Everyone exclaims while Liu Yi crosses his arms and says merrily, “After much hardship, your underlings finally wish to devote themselves to buddha, why did you block them?”

“It is you who is confusing them! How is it possible for you to have such powerful buddhist qi!”

“Anyone in the world can become buddha. Only you cannot become buddha!”

Liu Yi’s gaze is very overbearing as he looks at Master Cihong, “Because your intention is not righteous but nefarious! The karma that you planted is evil! Evil karma will not produce a benevolent result. In the end, you can only die or degenerate into the path of a beast to repay the karma that you had planted!”

“This buddha is a real buddha! How can I fall into reincarnation! Don’t say nonsense here!”

Master Cihong does not believe what Liu Yi says at all while Tun E by the side can no longer take it, “Motherfucking hell! This kid dares to confuse this taoist! Senior brother! Let junior brother help you deal with him!”

As he speaks, Tun E pulls out a wooden peach sword and stabs at Liu Yi.

At the same time, he takes out an amulet and pastes it on his forehead.

“Taoist Laizi come swiftly as ordered! Daoist Nezha, quickly possess me!”

What Tun E is using is a taoist Deity Fighting technique which invites Nezha from the world of the immortals to possess his body.

Instantly a golden ray of light descends onto him.

Tun E immediately grew out 3 heads and 6 limbs as he holds the Fire-tipped Spear, Universe Ring as well as Red Armillary Sash in his hands.

“Lest see how deal with me now!”

Tun E laughs as he flies in front of Liu Yi.

“This is bad…he invited Daoist Nezha…”

“That toad can invite this kind of great immortal!”

Qiu Han and the rest of the female elders were all shocked.

Yue Qinger is worried about Liu Yi’s safety as she immediately warns, “Stonehead…you, you must be careful!”

“Relax. This parlour trick cannot harm me.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he withdraws his Buddhist qi and changes it back to his Nine Yang God Qi.

Tun E’s cultivation is only 21 starjades. To Liu Yi, it is pitifully weak.

He does not even need to activate his black and white world and can through his opponent’s attacking trajectory.

Before Tun E’s three head and six arms can hit Liu Yi, Liu Yi had hit out a palm at him.

“Glorious Sun Palm: Illusion Extermination!”

Liu Yi’s palm wind hits Tun E, instantly sending him flying hundreds of meters away like a cannonball, disappearing from the sights of everyone.


Liu Yi had re-crossed his arms. His palm was sent out very quickly and almost no one noticed his actions before that toad was sent flying until he disappeared from sight…

What power is this…

“Tun E…”

Master Cihong clenches his staff tightly as his heart pounds.

With his 21 starjade cultivation, he can barely see Liu Yi taking action.

Sending my junior brother flying away with a single palm move…even I am unable to do this kind of thing…

This guy was casually beaten up by me earlier…how come he has become so powerful in a blink of an eye?

Or could it be that this is his real ability?

The people from Womanland were also shocked. This guy is so powerful…just did he cultivate?

Liu Yi challenges the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect, “This is too boring. Why don’t you attack together?”

Master Cihong roars, “Too arrogant! Take him down!”

In the end, none of the people from Heaven Deficiency Sect move.

Master Cihong roars again, “Didn’t you hear me! Hurry and attack! Take him down!”

“Master…how are we his opponent…”

“That’s right even our master got defeated…”

Those daoists from Heaven Deficiency Sect had now become soft eggs as they shake their heads.

“If you want to attack then you attack! We are unable to!”

“Right, right, right…you attack yourself…we cheer for you…”

“Damn it! A group of trash!”

Master Cihong nearly vomits blood from anger. In a blink of an eye, this group of scumbags have turned into deserters!

“Fine then! Then let this monk me take action and deal with you! The power from buddha is not something that you can take!”

As he speaks, he points his staff at Liu Yi.

Borrowing the might from Nine Heaven Fire Staff adding to his cultivation, he releases Moon Dream Sutra!

Liu Yi’s gaze turns severe. This fellow wishes to use Moon Dream Sutra to control my body! Just like what Sea Ghost Emperor wished to do to me!

But Liu Yi will not let such a thing happen!

“Nine Yang God Qi!”

Liu Yi roars as nine golden sun flies out from his back!

Very quickly golden light shines from the nine suns onto Liu Yi!

He mimics the unique incarnation technique of Womanland and created his own new technique!

Nine golden chains stretch out from his clothing and lie on the ground.

Liu Yi’s cultivation is slightly unique. Different from those Womanland whom turn their incarnation into clothing and wear it.

But right now, Nine Yang God Qi turned into chains by him which fulfill the needs that he wants!

A formless barrier forms around his body. It can also strengthen the defensive capability of Liu Yi’s flesh body which also allows him to resist the control of Moon Dream Sutra over him!

Liu Yi feels that his current image is a bit like a holy warrior!


Master Cihong tries to use Moon Dream Sutra to lift Liu Yi up but realize that his Moon Dream Sutra did not work!

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands up shaking his head while smiling.

“How is this possible!”

Master Cihong is i startled as this is the first time his Moon Dream Sutra had lost effect!

Even if his opponent is stronger than himself, it is impossible to have no effect at all!

“I have seen this move countless times!”

Liu Yi sneers, “When you use it, it is so pitifully weak.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he puts on his Fire-ice Armour before stomping his feet.

Without using Shadow Step, Liu Yi only uses his powerful leg strength and forcefully speeds up and appears in front of Master Cihong.

“Nirvana Barrier!”

Master Cihong was panicking as he raises his staff and releases the ability that Nine Heaven Fire Staff that it carries.

A small flame barrier surrounds his body protecting him within.


Liu Yi’s palm smashes onto the barrier causing the barrier to tremble. The surface of the barrier undulates before finally calming down.

Liu Yi also retreat a few steps as green smoke emits from his palm.

“Hahahaha! This is Tang Xuanzang’s staff!”

Seeing how Liu Yi was blocked by the barrier that he released, Master Cihong’s worried heart finally calms down as he laughs loudly, “How is it possible for you to break this barrier!”

Different from Nirvana Great Barrier, Nirvana Barrier is a monomer defense barrier. Although Master Cihong used it, it is a few ranks weaker than what Tang Xuanzang can summon out. But it can still defend against Liu Yi’s attack.

“Thief! How dare you use my Nine Heaven Fire Staff!”

Qiu Han trembles in anger.

“Protect the princess while I help him!”

She charges over with her twin swords. Her swords keep striking the Nirvana Barrier causing it to undulate.

“It is useless. The two of you can’t break my barrier.”

Master Cihong keeps laughing sinisterly, “This is the barrier that protected you women in the past! Now that it is used to block you, how is it? What are you feeling now? Isn’t it very maddening? Hahahaha! What can you all do about this monk! You can only look at me standing here!”

As he speaks, he stabs the Nine Heaven Staff onto the ground and says loudly, “This Nine Heaven Fire Staff still has one more ability and that is Nine Heaven Fire Technique! When this monk uses it and kills all of you, this monk shall then take away the Queen! Hahahaha!”


Chapter 849  [This monk is too arrogant]

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