MKW Chapter 810

Chapter 810  [Title below]


Liu Yi is slightly stunned.

Are you for real? Why, why would it turn into marriage?

What is Yang Mianmian doing? Didn’t we agree on becoming friends forever?

Why did this friendship turn into marriage!

“Meng Xi let me out!”

Liu Yi says, “I do not know why my cultivation being sealed. I will need some time to unseal it!”

“Cannot Benefactor. This servant’s cultivation is not enough to help you open the shackles on your body.”

Meng Xi shakes her head helplessly, “What this servant can do now is sit by your side and accompany you for a chat.”

What the fuck! What is the use of chatting with me!

Right now what I wish is to escape! Also, do not know what kind of restriction did that girl put on me! It is powerful!

Liu Yi can move a single bit of his cultivation. He can only faintly find the location where the restriction that was restricting him was. As long as he has a bit of time, he can break the restriction.

It is just that. It seems like right now there is not enough time…

What Liu Yi is worried about is this thus he wishes to ask Meng Xi for help.

“That…benefactor, this servant’s chatting standard is still not bad…”

Meng Xi seems to be somewhat wronged like she is upset at being useless.

“Meng Xi…take a look at me. How would I have the mood to chat now…”

Liu Yi has the urge to cry and wishes to commit suicide by knocking his head against the wall.

[TL: are you sure it is committing sucide or destroying the wall…]

I did not expect that I would be tricked by a girl who is like an airhead with only strength…fucking hell!

Thinking about it, is disgraceful!

Meng Xi says out her own thoughts, “Benefactor…that, Sect Head Yang is very pretty…if cannot then obey her.”

[TL: anyone have a better term than obey please let me know.]

Liu Yi immediately shouts righteously, “Being a person how can I be so lacking of moral integrity! I, Liu Yi am an open person! In this life, I must be devoted to those that I love! I want to be faithful to them how can I obey a woman that I do not know?”

“This servant admires benefactor’s moral character.”

Meng Xi is slightly ashamed. It seems like my thinking is indeed somewhat skewed.

“I, Liu Yi am upright and walk straight. I will not do things that let down my women!”

Liu Yi speaks forcefully and with justice when at this moment a footstep came out from outside and walks in.

Meng Xi hurriedly transforms into a small spider and jumps back into Liu Yi’s hair.

While Liu Yi hurriedly stops speaking and sits up, waiting for the person outside to walk in.

With a cracking sound, the door was pushed open.

A wild beauty wearing female wedding clothing walks in from outside.

At this moment Yang Mianmian’s dressing is different from earlier. She had changed from her earlier leopard print clothing and changed into a silk muslin clothing. She is like wildness and graceful coexisting together at the same time. A pair of beautiful legs are revealed, fully rounded and very enticing. Her buxom butt and large breast are very alluring.

When Liu Yi sees this, he was stunned for a moment.

Yang Mianmian seems to have drunk quite a bit. She climbs into the bed and holds Liu Yi’s chin with a hand and says, “Lord, tonight, let me properly love you!”


Liu Yi swallows his saliva and stares at Yang Mianmian’s breasts that she had revealed due to her sprawling there.

This girl’s breasts are really large…furthermore it is very full and sticking out..

Liu Yi says, “That…I wish to be on top…”

Meng Xi cries out hysterically, {Benefactor!}

Only then did Liu Yi cough and say, “Cough…that…Sect Head Yang, doing this is no good…”

“What is there that is bad. You and I have already drunk the love affinity wine. Furthermore, you also drank so much…hehe, right now if you wish to break the promise of marriage it is too late!”

“What the fuck! Isn’t that friendship forever wine?”

Liu Yi lets out a weird cry, “Why did it turn into love affinity wine!”

“Aiyah, lord. don’t be so stubborn!”

Yang Mianmian scoots her charming face by Liu Yi’s ear and exhales saying, “Didn’t you wish to obtain Kunlun’s support…after you do it with me, Kunlun will be half of yours…at that time, wouldn’t Kunlun move whenever you wish?”


One must say that Liu Yi is slightly moved.

But he only hesitates slightly before shaking his head and rejected saying, “Not possible. I, Liu Yi am not a gigolo.”

Yang Mianmian scowls, “Why must you think in that direction?”

Liu Yi says solemnly, “This is a question of principle!”

Yang Mianmian raises her eyebrow before suddenly scooting over and kisses Liu Yi.

Yang Mianmian kiss is unproficient in the beginning but the more she kisses the more fanatic she gets. It was to the extent that she takes the initiative to suck on Liu Yi’s tongue.

Being forcefully kissed…

This was Liu Yi’s first thought.

Should I resist or not?

This was Liu Yi’s second thought.

But Liu Yi is a bit unwilling to resist as Yang Mianmian is indeed very beautiful, wide and passionate as well as the initiative.

But being married to others like this, Liu Yi is unable to accept it.

Marriage is the end result of two people loving each other. Today is the first time he and Yang Mianmian had met thus there are no feelings between the two of them and they are going to marry?


After kissing for a while Yang Mianmian finally leaves Liu Yi’s mouth. There is still a sparkling thread of saliva between their mouths.

“Although you say don’t want, but your heart is still looking forward to it right?”

Yang Mianmian smiles in delight like she had won something!

“Sect Head Yang. I hope that you can understand.”

Liu Yi chants Buddhist scripture to calm himself down as he says, “Love and desire are two different things. Please do not confuse one for the other.”

“Damn it! Are you humiliating me?”

When Yang Mianmian heard this, she is unhappy, “Am I unable to make you interested? Unable to enter your eyes?”

“This…of course not.”

Liu Yi says honestly, “You are very pretty and erotic. But, as for marrying, we still need to understand each other better first…”

-tearing sound-

Yang Mianmian directly tears off her clothes revealing her perfect body.

Her impressive s-shape curve is presented in front of Liu Yi just like this.

Liu Yi is also stunned, what does this woman want to do? Rape me?


I still have not prepared my heart!

“All of us are candid. This way is getting to know each other, right?”

Yang Mianmian pulls Liu Yi’s clothing apart!


Liu Yi’s clothing is declared as scrap without any suspension!

This is bad. Right now both of us are treating each other with sincerity! This Yang Mianmian…is too fierce…

“Wait till I subdue you then you’ll be my person! At that time, even if you do not want to obey you must obey! You must obey the three men and the four virtues of morality. You also cannot go against it.”

“What the…obey the three men and the four virtues of morality are for women!”

“In my place, male chauvinism won’t work!”

Yang Mianmian speaks arrogantly, “Wait for me to pamper you!”

Yang Mianmian pushes Liu Yi down on the bed.

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and says, “I, I will not let you get away with it!”

“You guys always say something but your below says something else.”

As Yang Mianmian speaks, she grabs hold of little Liu Yi.

“You see, your fellow below is very disobedient!”

Liu Yi asks with a red face and neck, “You…where did you learn so much from!”

“Online! When learning is such fun!”

Yang Mianmian smiles delightfully making Liu Yi rather helpless.

Liu Yi roasts in his heart. This lass…of all things she learned why did she learn this! Furthermore, she uses this to deal with me! Too evil! Does she dare to be even more fierce!

“Anyway today you are mine…no…from now on, you will forever be mine!”

Yang Mianmian smiles merrily, “Relax. Today I will cherish you!”

“Cherish your sister! The sequence is upside down!”

Liu Yi retreats dodging Yang Mianmian’s ‘wolf paw’, “I do not agree to this marriage! Definitely, do not agree!”

“You already drank the Love Affinity Wine, if you do not let to take you then your cultivation will never recover in this lifetime!”

Yang Mianmian shakes her chest as she props her chin and says, “Are you going to obey me to be a cripple forever?”

Forever unable to recover my cultivation?

Liu Yi smiles in his heart, this Yang Mianmian is going to miscalculate. As long as I have a bit of time, my cultivation can be restored!

But wanting to maintain my virtue during this period of time…seems to be a bit difficult!

But Liu Yi feel that he is very cold. After all, underneath him is an ice bed. Right now, he does not have any cultivation thus he is numb from the cold and is trembling as he speaks.

While flames erupt from Yang Mianmian’s body making Liu Yi cannot help but have the thought to hug her and pulled her into his embrace…

Luckily my hands were tied up otherwise I would not be able to bear it!

Perhaps Yang Mianmian didn’t expect that tying me up is actually helping me!

But very quickly, Liu Yi is unable to become happy anymore as Yang Mianmian had already lowered her head and opens her cherry mouth and starts sucking his little brother.

This simulation is not ordinary!

Liu Yi instantly trembles. Without his cultivation protecting his body, he nearly surrenders!

What the fuck…this lass…how come she is so good at licking…could it be that she learned from online?

Damn it…Japan AV are causing a lot of trouble …

If I instantly shoot, wouldn’t this lass laugh to death!

Cannot! I definitely must bear it!

Liu Yi does not care about the rest as he closes his eyes and starts chanting buddhist scripture in his heart to relax the pressure below!

Without pressure, below will be fine! Amitabha, Amitabha!

So be it if Liu Yi closes his eyes but very quickly he feels below turn chilly and before it seems to enter a warm place.

He was instantly startled and open his eyes only to realize that Yang Mianmian had taken the initiative to sit on his little brother!

Although she is a person who practices martial arts, Yang Mianmian’s inside is still intact! A layer of barrier obstructs Liu Yi’s little brother from going in deep.


Yang Mianmian knits her brows before lowering down her body.

Instantly that obstruction was broken and Yang Mianmian bites her lips.

This…is a female warrior!


Chapter 810  [Let me do it]

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