MKW Chapter 809

Chapter 809  [Title below]


“It is not possible to resist Qin Imperial Palace relying on me alone.”

Liu Yi is determined to fight against Qin Imperial Palace. It was them who first found him so how can he escape? That would be letting himself down.

“What you say is indeed right. You wish to join hands with Kunlun Mountain?”

Yang Mianmian is not a stupid lass and instantly see through Liu Yi’s thoughts. She grabs the ax as she looks at Liu Yi as a trace of craftiness flashes across her eyes.

“That’s right. I hope that I am able to obtain Kunlun Mountian’s support!”

Liu Yi cups his hand and says politely, “The moment Qin Imperial Palace comes into being, it is not only my disaster. It is a disaster for the entire mortal world and even the entire six realms! One more friend is always better than another enemy. In front of Qin Imperial Palace, we should all be friends not enemies, right?”

“You have an enticing way of speaking!”

Yang Mianmian would not be tricked by a few sentences from Liu Yi. She smiles mysteriously and says, “My Kunlun Mountain can help you with all of our might but, you must undergo a sacred ceremony with my Kunlun Mountain to prove that us both sides have deep friendship!”

“What ceremony?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, just a ceremony. Although this group of Kunlun Mountain people says that they had integrated with modern times but they are still rather traditional in many places!

“A ceremony that proves our friendship!” As Yang Mianmian speaks, she waves her hand, “Bring up Kunlun Immortal Wine!”


By the side when the Kunlun disciples heard this they were instantly stunned.

Kunlun Immortal Wine?

Sect Head Yang Mianmian… wants to take this one?

Seeing that the disciples are not moving, Yang Mianmian is slightly angered and roars, “What are you still staring for?! All of you do not wish to eat!”

The threat behind this sentence is not small causing those disciples to immediately scramble away to find the wine.

In less than 5 minutes a fighter is swaying as he carries a person tall large wine jar and walks over.

“Come, come, come!”

Yang Mianmian stretches out her hand carries the wine jar over with a single hand and shakes it in front of Liu Yi.

“This wine is called Kunlun Immortal Wine. Its other name is called Kunlun’s friendship. Its alcohol attribute is cold. If a mortal drank a mouthful then their body will instantly be frozen into ice and die!”

What the fuck…is this alcohol or poison!

Hearing this, Liu Yi is stunned.

“That is why if one must obtain my Kunlun Mountain’s friendship, one must drink half of our wine! I shall drink half then you drink the other half! How is it? Do you dare to or not?” asked Yang Mianmian loudly.

“If I can obtain Kunlun Mountain’s friendship, what does this small test counts as.”

Liu Yi is not cowardly, “But I never like to be behind a woman! Let me go first!”

Liu Yi snatches over the wine jar from Yang Mianmian’s hand and is about to drink it.

“Hey, hey, hey! This is not allowed!”

Yang Mianmian hurriedly stretches out her hand and pushed down the wine jar and said with some fluster, “This is my Kunlun Mountain, naturally there are my Kunlun Mountain rules! This wine must first be drunk by the owner! How is there any reason to let the guest drink first! What is it, you want to upstage the host?”

“This…not at all…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, this hat that was given to me is too big. Forget it, it is best to let this lass drink it first! Who made it be their rule!

Liu Yi watches Yang Mianmian carry up the wine jar with both hands. She raises her neck and the white gem like wine flows down like a streamlet before entering Yang Mianmian’s mouth.

What the heck! Who would believe it if you say that she is not a female hero!

When the Kunlun Immortal Wine enters Yang Mianmian’s mouth, Liu Yi realizes that Yang Mianmian’s originally wheat color skin is slowly turning pale!

Ice starts to cover her skin. Liu Yi is very startled as he did not expect that even a cultivator would be frozen like this drinking this wine! 

Especially this kind of valiant female hero!

Yang Mianmian in one breath drank for a minute. In the end, her body is completely covered in ice and only then did she place down the wine jar with a -boom-. She then wipes her mouth and shivers before saying, “It, it is your turn…”

Liu Yi can hear that her voice is trembling and knows that she must quite chilled.

“Good. Hope that our friendship will last forever.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out a hand and grabs hold of the enormous wine jar.

The immortal wine inside let out a cold aura. Before even drinking it, it causes Liu Yi to subconsciously shiver.

Recalling how he had cultivated Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and possess Mysterious Ice Qi, it should have a very powerful resistance against cold attribute!

Thinking to here, Liu Yi no longer hesitates and raises the wine jar high up and drank a large mouthful of the wine that he poured out!

The moment he drinks this mouthful, Liu Yi knows that he had made a large mistake!

How is this immortal wine! This is basically eating ice!

This immortal wine is too strange. It ignores my powerful flesh body and directly affects my soul!

A surge of chill spread out from Liu Yi’s dantian before entering his organs and his entire body!

Very quickly, Liu Yi senses that he is about to be frozen into an ice statue!

His hand that was holding the wine jar is starting to tremble and that enormous wine jar is about to be dropped any moment.

Bullshit…this wine is too scary…this is only just a mouthful…

There is still half a jar left to drink! If this goes on, how am I suppose to finish!

If I want to resist this kind of chill, I need heat…


Liu Yi suddenly thought of something and Scarlet Blood Sutra Qi starts gathering in his body!

Using the flame of Scarlet Blood Sutra to warm up his body! Right now that is what Liu Yi can do!

To resist this chill, Liu Yi uses Scarlet Blood Sutra to heat up his blood!

Red light faintly floats upon his skin as it keeps alternating with the white ice created by the wine.

Almost like he is risking his life, Liu Yi continues to keep drinking!

Immortal wine enters his stomach in large mouthfuls. Scarlet Blood Demonic Flame keeps roasting the bones of his body making Liu Yi have a feeling like he is going to explode any moment!

Damn it! I do not believe that I cant deal with this half jar of wine!

Yang Mianmian who is standing by the side is somewhat startled.

She thought that Liu Yi would have given up after a few mouthfuls and did not expect that he would continue to drink for so long!

Hearing the rushing sound from the wine jar, it seems like he is about to finish the wine!

Kunlun Immortal Wine disregards the physical body of the cultivator and erodes the soul of the cultivator!

This kind of chill that came from the soul is impossible to be blocked!

Since young, their Kunlun disciples had been drinking this kind of wine to strengthen their soul as well as physique!

Her wine capacity is also the best here thus she can drink half a jar in one breath.

But her capacity is only so large. It is not possible for her to drink anymore!

Unexpectedly, Liu Yi, this new person who had never drunk the wine can drink half a jar!

This fellow…is a pervert…

Growing up so big, this is the first time I have seen another person who is even more perverted than me!

Where did he come from! Why is Feng Baihe still not back with the information yet!

Just as she is thinking about nonsense, Liu Yi places down that large jar as his eyes narrow before his body starts swaying.


Looking at Yang Mianmian, Liu Yi feels like her figure is swaying about.

“Eh…what’s with you…swaying about…did you drink too much?”

“It is you who is drunk.”

Yang Mianmian narrows her eyes at Liu Yi and cannot help but laugh, “Next up is the start of our friendship. Letter deliverer, in the future you shall be mine.”

The moment she speaks, Liu Yi had already collapsed onto the ground.

“Benefactor? Benefactor?”

Meng Xi shouts in shock trying to wake Liu Yi up.

At this moment Lin Tong’s voice enters her ear, {No need to bother about this matter. This is his romance. Allow him to do as he wishes.}

Hearing Lin Tong’s voice, Meng Xi is very astonished, {Ah? You…are you not jealous?}

{Jealous, very jealous.}

Lin Tong says, {But this miss will not block his progress. If he can be connected by marriage to Kunlun Mountain, it is beneficial to his future path in cultivation! Thus even though this miss is jealous this miss will support him!}

Meng Xi felt astonished by what Lin Tong says. She suddenly feels that her wait for over a thousand years is not considered a huge love. Only Lin Tong’s manner is real love!

Liu Yi does not know that so many things had happened after he had fainted. Other than that time Yoko Nishikawa, this is the second time he had gotten drunk!

Originally Liu Yi who had cultivated the wine sword technique should have high resistance towards wine.

But this time around, Kunlun’s immortal wine ignored his constitution and ravaged his soul causing him to be completely drunk.

Right now, Liu Yi had finally sensed the feeling of an ordinary person being completely drunk.

But the moment he awakens, he realized that he is bound onto a large bed!

This large bed is crafted out from ice and is emitting cold qi. Wanting to sleep on top of this kind of bed, one must always use his qi to protect his body.

Looks like Kunlun people cultivate in their sleep as well!

But why am I tied down?

Liu Yi uses strength and tugs his hands only to realize that the shackles binding his hands behind his back are indestructible.

Most importantly he does not know what was done to him making him unable to use any of his qi.

From outside came bustling noise and excitement and he could even hear people shouting in drunkness.

Sect leaders…big day ah…ha!”

“Come, come, come! Today no one is allowed to leave without being drunk!”

Big day?

Liu Yi’s subconscious shivers before looking down.

What the heck, when were my clothes changed. Right now I am wearing red groom clothing!

“What the fuck, what is going on here!”

“Benefactor, you have awakened!”

Meng Xi transforms into her human form and lands by Liu Yi’s side. She kneels down and says, “This servant was worried to death!”

“What is this situation?”

“Benefactor…today is your big day ah…”



Chapter 809  [Big day]

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