MKW Chapter 807

Chapter 807  [Title below]


Liu Yi was suddenly killed by an assassin that appeared out of nowhere shocking Yang Mianmian!

When did an assassin hide in my Kunlun! How could this happen in a major sect!

Kunlun Mountain…could it have no sense of safety?

This letter deliverer can be killed by my Kunlun disciple, can be killed by me, but he must never be killed by an assassin!

Otherwise, from now on, my Kunlun will no longer have any face!

After the assassin dealt with Liu Yi, he uses a strange technique to dodge Yang Mianmian’s move and planned to leave.

But how would Yang Mianmian let him go? She stomps her feet causing the ice layer underneath the assassin to immediately sink by 8 meters. Like a prison, it traps the assassin in the center.

“Killing a person and you wish to leave? Dream on!”

As Yang Mianmian speaks, she once again restores her ax before jumping into that ice hole, preparing to capture that assassin.

But that assassin suddenly uses a strange movement technique and suddenly transforms into over a hundred bodies which all dashes out of the ice pocket.

Yang Mianmian was stunned. So many assassin…which one is his real body?

But at this moment over thousands of black sword shadows pierce down from the sky! Like rain, they fall rapidly and stab through all of those assassins!

Each and every doppelganger was all turned into shadows, disappearing from the sky.

Instantly over hundreds of assassins disappear until finally, only one was left. He is still standing in the center of the ice pocket frowning as he looks above the ice pocket.

Yang Mianmian is also shocked. This is not a technique from my Kunlun Sect ah! Who was the one who released it?

A guy wearing a black coat suddenly appears by the side of the ice pocket. He sits there with crossed legs as he plays with a black sword and says faintly, “Want to immediately leave after killing me? At the very least you must ask me, right?”

“You didn’t die?”

Yang Mianmian’s jaw drops as he looks at Liu Yi who is sitting there. His throat had healed only leaving a red line.

“You hope for me to die that much?”

Liu Yi gives Yang Mianmian a grudging look, “I still have not delivered my letter so how could I die and violate my professional ethics.”

“Fucking hell! You monster!”

Your throat was already torn apart! I clearly saw this shit’s throat torn open,  spraying out blood, but now he is sitting there safe and sound! This is impossible!

“No better than you.”

Liu Yi smiles before looking at the assassin in the ice pocket.

“Still wishing to attack me? It looks like you are still not quite up to standard.” As Liu Yi plays with the black sword he says, “As the saying goes ‘Not succeeding with a single strike, escape a thousand miles!’ You wasted your opportunity to escape.”


The assassin did not speak. Instead, he stretches out his hands which are holding daggers. He interweaves them in front of him and enters a fighting stance.

Liu Yi asked, “Looks like you want to fight? Before the fight, are you not going to introduce yourself?”

What replied him was a dagger that was tossed over!

That assassin’s arm turned into a shadow as the dagger instantly appears in front of Liu Yi.

What fast speed! This little shit is indeed a professional killer!

But how is Liu Yi that easy to kill?

Black and white world activates and that dagger’s speed turned slow in Liu Yi’s sight.

Liu Yi then slaps that dagger to the side.


That dagger instantly nailed into the ice peak by the side, piercing through the ice mountain and flies out from the other side!

“Good fellow. This dagger is quite impressive.”

Liu Yi wipes away his cold sweat. If it had hit me, perhaps even with my God Sword Protecting Body, I would be pierced through!

“Benefactor be careful!”

At this moment Liu Yi heard Meng Xi’s warning as he feels numbness from his back!

Different from the past, this time around Liu Yi raises 120% awareness thus he had captured the aura of the assassin this time!

Liu Yi did not even turn around as he stabs backward with his backsword.

The sword that was stabbed out from under his armpit seems to have knocked into the assassin’s dagger.

He reached behind me!

If it was not to seal up my move, perhaps that dagger would have stabbed through my heart.

After forcing the assassin into defending, Liu Yi swiftly turns around preparing to attack.

While in front of him, several tens of assassins appear. Like phantoms, they start attacking Liu Yi from all directions!

“Bring it on!”

Liu Yi roars before hitting out Glorious Sun Palm: Thousand Shadow!

The densely packed palm shadows shoot out, completely destroying all of those incoming phantoms!

That assassin’s technique is indeed strange. But inside Liu Yi’s black and white world, everything is fabricated.

No matter how fast or weird his technique is, it is unable to escape from Liu Yi’s capture! After a few minutes had passed, that assassin seems to be slightly anxious.

The longer it is, the more disadvantageous it is to the assassin.

Assassins are all one move killers. This kind of attrition fight is not suitable for him.

Liu Yi realizes that this assassin is starting to become anxious in a few of his attacks and mocks, “Mr Assassin why are you so anxious. Let us slowly continue. After all, everyone has plenty of time. Why don’t we stop fighting, instead, let us sit down have some tea? I hate to use violence to settle problems the most!”

By the side, Yang Mianmian roast in his heart, bullshit! Just now didn’t you use violence to suppress me!

If it was not for her strength being useless against that assassin, she would have gone up!

At this moment, Liu Yi is completely suppressing this assassin. He keeps using moves to neutralize all of the attacks of the assassin.

While in the surrounding, over hundreds of black swords are floating around sealing up the surroundings of the assassin making him unable to escape.

“Go on and say it. Who are you, why do you want to kill me?”

Liu Yi is like capturing a cub as he slowly whittles the assassin’s willpower.

At this moment, it seems like the assassin was too anxious as he charges up. The dagger is like a tooth tearing at Liu Yi.

“This move is useless against me.”

Liu Yi puts on his Monarch Armour and uses the armor to forcefully resist that assassin’s crazy attack. After which he stretches out his right hand and grabs the assassin by his throat and raises him into the air.

“If you don’t start talking, my patience will be gone.”

Liu Yi’s voice starts to turn cold.

While the assassin opened his mouth and to Liu Yi’s shock, he does not have a tongue!

What the fuck! So he is a mute? Fucking hell! This is a fucking professional assassin! Even if he got captured by the enemy, he will not expose any information!

Isn’t this just tricking me! Damn it!

Just as Liu Yi was being shocked, he realized that the assassin is smiling faintly.

No good. It is like I got schemed by others!

Just as he had this thought, he saw the assassin’s skin suddenly tear apart!

A figure flies out from inside as the dagger in his hand stabs Liu Yi in his throat!

Even with how powerful the Monarch Armor is, it was pierced by the dagger!

That dagger pierces into Liu Yi’s throat and comes out from the other side carrying red blood.

Liu Yi stands blankly in the air looking at the figure that suddenly appears in front of him.

This fellow is wearing black attire with a strange mask covering his face. Carved on the mask is the ancient character ‘Seventh’!

Seeing his move stabbing Liu Yi through his throat, that assassin finally let out a breath of relief.

But at this moment, the assassin’s eyeballs nearly push away the mask and drop out!

Even Yang Mianmian also covers her mouth is shocked!

As they watch Liu Yi who is standing there pull out the dagger from his throat with his right hand causing a large amount of blood to spray out!

But very quickly this injury seals up and even the armor also restored itself back to normal.

Bullshit! The throat was pierced through and this person did not die! This is too weird already! Is he really a monster?

The assassin who had never spoken before finally cannot help but ask, “Are…are you a monster?”

Indeed. This is his real body which has a tongue!

“Either you speak or die!”

Liu Yi’s patience is completely gone. After being stabbed in the throat by the assassin he is really unhappy!

He aims at that assassin and grabs the air. Asura Arm immediately flies out and grabs hold of the assassin, raising him into the air!

All of the swords in the air aims at that assassin like they are going to turn him into a sieve in the next second!

“No one has ever got information from me before.”

Unexpectedly despite being threatened like this that assassin is still calm.

“Goodbye, chess piece. Your mission shall end here.”

Liu Yi is startled and sensed that something is wrong. He immediately shouts, “Get down!”

After which he tossed that assassin into the air like tossing a baseball!

Indeed as Liu Yi had expected, that assassin exploded in the air!

Every single drop of his blood flies out. Some sprays outside while a small portion lands in the plaza.

When the blood drops spray onto any Kunlun disciples, their body would be pierced through by this drop of blood!

They start crying out in pain and within moments, several tens of them were injured.

If Liu Yi had not tossed that fellow outside near the end, perhaps everyone in the plaza would be affected by it!

At that time there will truly be a heavy number of injuries and deaths!

This fellow is too ruthless to self-explode!

Furthermore, it is clearly daytime but black clouds suddenly cover the sky like night had come as a moon hangs high up in the sky.

As the moonbeam shines down upon the blood fog floating in the middle of the air and drew away the soul!

“Chess piece…moonbeam…”

Liu Yi frowns deeply. It is clear that this fellow belongs to the same influence as Yeheng!

At this moment Lin Tong exclaims, {Seventh…Third…I understand now! Big Idiot! This miss finally understands what they represent!}

{What is it?}

{It is the Ten Heavenly Stem!}


Chapter 807   [The Heavenly Stems?]

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