MKW Chapter 803

Chapter 803  [Title below]


Kunlun Mountain is China’s number one mountain of immortals.

This mountain range is easy to find because it is China’s main mountain range in the western part of China. It crosses across Tibet and Xinjiang, its overall length is 2500km.

But the real Kunlun Mountain is hidden from the sight of the people around the world.

Meng Xi had transformed into human form as she stands on top of the Kunlun Mountain which is completely covered in snow as she points between two mountain peaks far away.

“The real Kunlun Mountain is between those two peaks. If you wish to enter, you must obtain permission from the Kunlun Mountain immortals.”

“There is no need for this. I have a treasure.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he took out another item from the bag that contains the invitation letter.

Fengshui Board.

Ai Ling seems to have guessed that I will need to use this Fengshui Board thus she passed it to me along with the invitation letters.

Alas, Little Lass, just what medicines are you selling in your calabash. Can’t you just tell me?

“This is…Fuxi Palace Hall’s Fengshui Board?”

Seeing the treasure in Liu Yi’s hands, Meng Xi got a shock, “To have this kind of treasure, that inner pavilion sect’s illusion barriers are useless against benefactor!”

“Before that, I must know the correct location.”

Liu Yi holds the Fengshui Place and looks at the two mountain peaks in front of him, “These two peaks are rather impressive…”

Liu Yi is somewhat wicked.

“Benefactor can cast your spell. This servant shall be your protector.”

“It is not a big spell, there is no need for a protector.”

Liu Yi waves his hand indicating that it does not matter. At the same time, he sent his qi into the Fengshui Board.

The two enormous mountain peaks in front of him suddenly seem to be pushed aside before slowly being forced together.


With this sound, the two mountain peaks finally combine into a mountain peak that reaches through the clouds and the summit cannot be seen at all.

“This way!”

Meng Xi transforms back into a small spider and jumps onto Liu Yi’s hair, “Benefactor. As long as you fly up to the summit of this mountain peak you will see inner pavilion’s Kunlun Mountain!”

“Okay. Hold on tight.”

Liu Yi leaps out and instantly flies up vertically sticking close to the snow-white mountain peak.

It is unknown how tall the mountain peak is. Liu Yi keeps flying for 7-8 minutes but he is still unable to see the summit!

The surface of the mountain peak is no longer white snow but sparkling translucent ice. The enormous Kunlun Mountain is like an iceberg very beautiful and imposing.

Liu Yi had flown until he is somewhat fed up, “What the fuck. How tall is this mountain!”

“This servant also does not know…”

Meng Xi shakes her head and says, “But I heard that in the past, Kunlun Mountain was connected to the nine-layers of heaven but later the gods felt that this is a threat to them thus they gave the order to chop off half of Kunlun Mountain.”

“What the fuck, connected to nine layers of heaven, is there a need to be so exaggerated?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, how demented!

“Anyways right now Kunlun Mountain can no longer reach the nine layers of heavens. It cants even get to the heavenly courts which is regretful. Benefactor, persevere to fly a while more and you should see it soon.” encourages Meng Xi.

“Alas…how nice would it be if I had the ability to fly automatically. Then it wouldn’t be so boring.”

Liu Yi is rather helpless but he can only continue to preserve in flying upwards.

After breaking through the clouds, I am still unable to see the summit. Looks like I need to waste time again.

After flying for over ten more minutes, he can faintly see the summit.

Meng Xi also saw the summit and shouts with some excitement, “It seems like we are almost there!”

“Yeah…if we continue to fly on much longer, I am going to vomit.”

Liu Yi also let out a sigh of relief. He uses all of his strength and suddenly sped up, transforming into a black light, and instantly appears at the summit of Kunlun Mountain.

What shocked Liu Yi is that at the summit of Kunlun is an enormous hole. While inside the hole sits an old man with frozen ice shards hanging from his hair and beard.

The old man seems to be quite old and his clothes are tattered, revealing his arm and legs.

Those that do not know might have thought that this old man was a beggar.

While Liu Yi can’t see through the depths of this old man. He sits there without any aura making Liu Yi thought that he was a corpse that was frozen to death!

Meng Xi seems to have seen this old man before and warns Liu Yi, “Benefactor this is the gatekeeper of Kunlun Mountain. He is very powerful…Ye Heng did not get any advantage when fighting him.”

“I hope that he is not like Ye Sihan.”

Liu Yi prays before landing on a block of ice in front of the hole and asks, “Senior. I need to enter Kunlun Mountain. Is it possible for junior to enter?”

That old man did not speak as if he had really died.


Liu Yi shouts again but he did not react.

Damn it. Could it be that this old man really died?

Could it be that he is like a scarecrow placed here by Kunlun Mountain to scare people?

“Since senior did not speak that means you approve.”

Liu Yi cups his hands before walking towards the hole.

But at this moment a cold qi suddenly emerges and froze into an ice sculpture, tightly sealing up the hole behind the old man.

“The youngsters now are too anxious.”

The old man finally speaks. He did not open his eyes but his voice faintly enters Liu Yi’s ear.

“So senior is still alive. Junior wants to enter Kunlun Mountain to handle one matter.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, are you trying to scare people?

“Apologies, right now, Kunlun Mountain will not receive outsiders.”

The old man rejects Liu Yi making Liu Yi unhappy.

“Senior, I am the envoy for the 5 Spirit Gathering. I do not have ill intent coming here. I am only here to send the invitation letter to Kunlun Mountain. Please be flexible.”

“What 5 Spirit Gathering. I have never heard about it before!”

The old man replies coldly, “You did not come at the right time. Right now is an extraordinary time. We will not meet outsiders. Little kid, it is better for you to return.”

“Then may I know when would it be convenient for Kunlun Mountain.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, since it is not convenient now, then I can choose to go to other inner pavilion sects first before finally coming back to visit Kunlun Mountain.

“Around a year later. Come again in one year.”

The old man says out a number that makes Liu Yi despair.

Liu Yi insists, “A year is too long! Junior can’t wait that long! Senior please be flexible. After junior has sent this invitation letter this junior shall leave!”

The old man says coldly, “Little fellow, do you know what my nickname is?”

“Please enlighten.”

“This old man’s nickname is Grim Heartless! No matter who it is, what kind of person, other than Kunlun Mountain’s disciples, when Kunlun Mountain is not receiving people, no one is allowed to pass through me!”

Green veins jump out from Liu Yi’s forehead. He looks at the old man guarding the gate and feels that it is better not to breakthrough using force. After all, he does not know what he might run into inside Kunlun Mountain. If he wasted his strength for nothing, then it will be much tougher for him inside.

Thinking till here, Liu Yi reaches into his spatial bag and takes out a hamburger before tearing the packaging and starts eating.

“Oh. Since that is the case then I shall rest here for a while. So tired, so hungry…”

As Liu Yi eats the hamburger from the USA, he feigned helplessness as he looks at the scenery outside.

The old man’s nose twitches as he swallows his saliva.

“Luckily I brought food, otherwise I would have starved.”

Liu Yi took out a roasted chicken and starts eating. That relishing expression is very lowly.

The old man can take it and ask, “What is this fine food…to be so fragrant?”

“Does senior want to eat?”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, I don’t believe that you would not fall for it.

“Hmph, you can forget about using this kind of thing to bribe me! I am known as Grim Heartless!”

“Fried drumsticks are really bad does senior want one?”

Old Man seizes that delicious fried drumstick from Liu Yi’s hand and starts eating. He mumbles through the food, “Don’t go in for too long, otherwise it will be hard for me to account for.”

Perhaps he had to stay in this place where birds don’t even shit for too long and has not eaten delicious food. One chicken drumstick can settle him.

“Don’t need too long. Junior will come out immediately after passing over the invitation letter. After all, this junior still needs to go to other sects to hand over the invitation letter, thus I have no time to waste.”

As the gatekeeper of Kunlun Mountain eats, he raises an oily finger and says, “I shall give you two day’s time. After it is over, I shall enter to capture you!”

“Then I shall thank senior.”

Liu Yi cups his hand and prepares to walk into the hole that was open.


Unexpectedly the old man stretches out his hand and blocks Liu Yi.

Liu Yi raises his eyebrows, could it be that after eating, the old man reneges on his words?

The old man asked with a red face, “That…that round thing that you ate earlier…can you also give me some…”

“Not a problem! Not a problem!”

Liu Yi had stored a number of things in his storage bag. He immediately takes out over ten hamburgers and placed them in front of the old man.

The old man instantly becomes happy and smile merrily and says, “Seeing how you are so intelligent, I shall tell you a matter! When you enter Kunlun Mountain, you must be careful. Because right now it is the day where Kunlun Mountain is choosing it’s number 1 power!”

Liu Yi is curious, “Number 1 power? What is that?”

“That is Kunlun’s three powers contest.”

As the old man eats his hamburger, he says, “Kunlun Mountain is split into three powers. the first is fighters, the second is sword masters, the third is soul masters. Every ten years, the three powers will compete against each other once and choose the strongest power to manage Kunlun Mountain. Right now you came at this event.”

“So that is the case. No wonder senior did not allow us to enter earlier.”

“It is precisely so. Right now it is an unusual period. I like you so don’t die inside.”

Liu Yi cups his hands, “Hahaha, thank you for your concern senior. When junior comes out, junior shall give senior other delicious foods.”

Liu Yi jumps into the hole.

The old man stuffs another hamburger into his mouth before sighing, “Alas…hope that you can live until then! Kunlun Mountain is not as simple as you thought!”


Chapter 803   [Fight over influence]

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