MKW Chapter 774

Chapter 774   [Title below]


Gu Yu realizes that it is useless to warn Liu Yi. She can only clench her teeth as she activated her defensive techniques to protect herself. By the side, Mo Lan is also the same using her defensive technique to guard against the shockwave.

{Chen Cai! Use your full strength to protect Yuzheng!}

Liu Yi transmits to Chen Cai. He is worried that just Sky Flipping Seal on its own is not enough to protect Wang Yuzheng.

{Leave it to me boss!}

Chen Cai pats his chest before stretching out his hand and points in front of him.

Instantly, rows of Asura Doors descend from the sky and lands on the ground.

A total of seven rows completely sealing up the stage tightly without any crack at all.

Chen Cai gives Liu Yi an OK gesture.

Liu Yi nods his head. With Chen Cai around, he is much more relaxed.

No close same-sex friend will not fight against each other ah!

Furthermore, Old Man Ice Fog in front of him is currently like a super large incandescent light-emitting eye-catching silvery light.

His hands in front of his body form a final seal before stretching in front of him.

“White Kingdom!”

A silver light circle instantly erupts out with Old Man Ice Fog in the center!

This light circle moves very swiftly and in a blink of an eye, it strikes the entire place, including Ke Da.

Immediately, all of KeDa’s building was turned into ice sculptures!

As for those cultivators who used their defensive techniques to protect themselves, they are also unlucky as they were frozen within their own barriers.

But because they are not Old Man Ice Fog’s main target, it is only their barriers that were frozen. The person inside is safe and sound.

As for Liu Yi, it seems like he is not that lucky. As most of the attack was directed at him!

Seeing such a large powerful area attack, Lin Tong inside Liu Yi’s body says in worry, {What the heck! Big idiot! It does not seem to be possible for a close combat technique to deal with this move!}

{Relax Immortal Fox Sister. Leave it to me.}

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he redistributes the strength in his body. After which he held his Scorpion Tail Lance with both hands before attacking the incoming silver circle and using his strong Sweeping Thousand Army!

It basically a blink of an eye, the silver circle crashes into the black half-moon that Liu Yi swept out with his lance!


Two kinds of qi crash against each other causing an enormous violent explosion!

Liu Yi uses his strength to attack the strength. It is indeed very effective and resolves that Old Man Ice Fog’s ultimate move!

“My ultimate killing move…was ineffective!”

“Your power is too scattered.”

Liu Yi is very kind-hearted as he explains, “Such a scattered attack, even if it is even stronger, in front of my move, it will fail.”

Liu Yi had gathered all of his strength at a single point. Even if his current strength is below that of Old Man Ice Fog, but it is like you clench your fist but it is unable to defeat a needle!

“Not possible…I who had moved unhindered in my entire life have never been utterly defeated…”

Old Man Ice Fog’s complexion is somewhat dim as he stands there not knowing what he should do.

My attack is completely useless against this junior. My entire cultivation seems to be useless.

He had cultivated over a thousand years and it seems to have been rejected by another person within a single night.

“Since you are no longer attacking then it is my turn.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches his neck letting out cracking sound.

“This…Daoist Liu!”

At the moment, Liu Shuyao suddenly cups her hand and says, “You must not be so anxious to take action first…all of us are civilized people. Why don’t we sit down first and have a chat?”

“Hahaha. It seems like the first person who takes action is not me.”

Liu Yi had already used his own strength to prove his position. Right now, none of these sects no longer wish to think about killing Liu Yi anymore.

Even Old Man Ice Fog is unable to do anything to him, what else can they do?

Zhang Boyue can only clench his teeth as he stands by the side. With Liu Yi’s current strength, it is no longer possible for him to scheme against her.

With Liu Yi’s current strength, he can go and set up his own sect!

“This. It is indeed the mistake of us seniors. But you must also understand us, seniors. After all, everyone wants face.”

Liu Shuyao flutters her eyes at Liu Yi but was disregarded by Liu Yi.

Does this old woman actually wish to ** me? Am I really that thirsty?

“We are from the outer pavilion. Thus we should all work together.”

Liu Shuyao mentions her real intention. “Today, this Sky Splitting Spear was deduced by Fuxi Palace Hall from the inner pavilion. I believe that people from Fuxi Palace Hall would appear…There is no need for me to mention about the strength of the sects from inner pavilion right. If we do not work together, at that time the one who benefits would only be Fuxi Palace Hall from the inner pavilion.”

“That’s right. That’s right. What Scorpion Sword says is right. Right now, we should indeed work together against foreign people instead of having an internal contradiction! Otherwise, what can we use to fight against Fuxi Palace Hall!”

“What’s right, let us first put aside the hatred that we have first.”

The rest of the people from other sects also advises.

Liu Yi sneers in his heart. Earlier when Old Man Ice Fog was about to kill me, why didn’t they say such things!

But Liu Yi also did not insist on killing Old Man Ice Fog. What he wants to do is establish his might which he had done.

From now on, who in the world would dare to provoke my women?

“Since this is the case, then I shall give Immortal Snow Peak face as well as giving face to the righteous sects.”

Liu Yi falls from the sky and steps back onto the ground.

“Liu Yi…”

Seeing Liu Yi coming back safe and sound, Wang Yuzheng’s worried heart relaxed.

“Relax, I am fine.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and easily went through the barrier of Sky Flipping Seal and gently caresses Wang Yuzheng’s chilled face.

“Mm…it is good that you are fine…”

Wang Yuzheng holds Liu Yi’s hand and lets out a sigh of relief.

“Relax. I still need to protect you. How would anything happen to me?”

Liu Yi laughs and says, “Furthermore, those people will not be able to harm me.”


Wang Yuzheng felt warmth in her heart. She feels that it is really good that Liu Yi is around.

“This fellow…is too arrogant!”

Zhang Boyue clenches his fist but he is also unable to do anything to Liu Yi.

His strength is something that my Immortal Snow Peak cant shake anymore!

Old Man Ice Fog who is the number one expert of my Immortal Snow Peak cant do anything to Liu Yi.

Then what else can I do?

Not just me. All of the disciples in all of the world’s outer pavilion righteous sects, would one of them would not have red eyes or look at Liu Yi in jealousy or hatred!

How endless is the path of cultivation? Everyone cultivates 100 years, 1000 years before they are able to become stronger and stronger.

Old Man Ice Fog who is a senior from my sect who is a horrifying existence who had also cultivated for over a thousand years!

But Liu Yi is a little kid who had cultivated for a few years…and he has overtaken Old Man Ice Fog!

Who would not be envious! Who would not have red eyes!

Liu Yi’s expression suddenly changes as he says, “It seems like our final guest has already come.”

The snowstorm in the sky had stopped without anyone noticing only leaving behind the occasional sound of thunder.

Everyone look around only to see a lump of clouds floating in the sky. On the clouds stand a man in Daoist robes.

There is no need to think. The people from Fuxi Palace Hall are already here.

A Fuxi Palace Hall young Daoist looks at the cultivators from the outer pavilion and immediately says angrily, “Indeed there are a few shameless people here!”

“Hmph, these scoundrels who stole the divinatory diagram of our Fuxi Palace Hall wait here to snatch some cheap benefits.”

A middle-aged Daoist who is in purple Daoist robe snorts coldly, “This kind of scoundrels thinks too nice! But in front of my inner pavilion Fuxi Palace Hall, they can only stand by the side.”

As he speaks, that middle-age Daoist stretches out his hand and tossed out a small golden net.

“What is that?”

“Don’t know. It looks very small.”

The people below are stunned.

At this moment, that golden net suddenly expands and instantly, it hides the sky and covers the earth. In a blink of an eye, it shrouds KeDa inside!

All of the outer pavilion disciples were pressured under the golden net and are unable to move!

“What is this! I am unable to move!”

“Could it be that this is Fuxi Palace Hall’s magic weapon?”

The disciples from inner pavilion are better in refining magic weapon to use. Fuxi Palace Hall is still considered normal. The sect who likes to refine magic weapons most should be Penglai Island.

But this golden net causes a large number of outer pavilion disciples to lose their fighting strength and turn into cheering squad.

That Fuxi Palace hall in purple robes laughs and says, “Haha, do you see this. Nothing but a few scoundrels.”

“Fuxi Palace Hall. Don’t you think that your tone is too big!”

Old Man Ice Fog who had just fought and has a belly full of anger. He is unable to release it out at Liu Yi thus he released it out at Fuxi Palace Hall.

“Do you really think that there is no one in the outer pavilion? Let me tell you guys. To wait for your inner pavilion, our outer pavilion has already made our preparations!”

The cold qi erupts from his body and scatters the golden net that surrounded him before flying out.

The rest of the heavenly experts from outer pavilion sects also use their own methods to break free of the golden net and appears in the sky.


Liu Yi waves the lance in his hand and pierced apart the golden net before jumping out along with Chen Cai.

“There are so many heaven realm experts?”

The purple robe Daoist is shocked, “After not coming out for many years, there are actually a few people in the outer pavilion who had become somewhat decent.”

“Who are you from Fuxi Palace Hall?”

Liu Shuyao inquires about his identity. After all, the moment he takes action, he immediately paralysis all of the cultivators below heaven realm.

This fellow is definitely famous!

“Hahaha, wish to know this seat’s name?”

That purple Daoist suddenly flashes a trace of a smile in contempt, “There is no harm in telling you guys. This seat is Fuxi Palace Hall’s Sun Palace Hall master, Chen Sihan! How is it? After hearing this seat’s name, did your legs turn soft?”

“It, it is actually Sun Palace Hall master…”

The group of cultivators immediately turn pale like they had heard a very scary name.

Even Old Man Ice Fog’s complexion turned a lot uglier.

Chen Sihan seems to be satisfied with their reactions as he nods his head. As for Liu Yi, he did not have much change in expression. What Sun Palace Hall, Moon Palace Hall, and the likes, he does not know at all.

“Sun Palace Hall….”

Gu Yu and Mo Lan shivers. The two of them were trapped within the golden net unable to move. But they are still able to speak.

“This is bad…”


Chapter 774    [Sun Palace Hall Master]

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