MKW Chapter 739

Chapter 739   [Title below]

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Liu Yi proposes, “Wait till we have entered the South Sea, we will be able to use the seahorse to create another cavalry corp.”

“Had thought of it but that is a light cavalry corp. What I wish to create is one that crushes everything in it’s path.”

Military Blade lights up another cigarette and offers Liu Yi one.

Liu Yi immediately waves his hand, “I do not smoke”

By the side, as Military Blade lights up his cigarette, he says, “Haiz as a man how can you not smoke. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, you have  wasted your time on earth.”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, “What is this reasoning. A person living on earth should train his body temper his three energy. Smoking is a kind of slow suicide. It causes 100 harms and not a single benefit, thus if I can not smoke, naturally I will not smoke.”

“Everyone has their own ambitions.”

Military Blade does not mind what Liu Yi says as he breathes out a smoke ring and says, “To me, everything is for a lifetime. No matter how you temper your energy, you can only live for at most 100 years. Being able to live happily is called living your life to the fullest.”

As he speaks, he looks at Navy training in the ground behind him. “Sometimes, I  am grateful towards the Commander. If it was not for you, I would also not have this kind of chance. I had never thought of this kind of life in the past. Originally I thought that I would be mingling in the gangs forever but now I had become the military instructor of over 10 thousand, hahaha….”

“The affairs of life is hard to anticipate. I also did not expect that I, who was just an ordinary student back then would become the Dragon King.”

Liu Yi laughs and pats Military Blade’s shoulder, “Wait till we have conquered the four seas, I shall let you be…be the Major General of the Four Seas!”

“What the, why does it sound like a palace eunuch!”

“Hahaha, how is there any eunuch in the aquatic race. I plan to conquer the world. I don’t have time to guard and manage the world. At that time, these matters will be passed to you to manage.”

Military Blade immediately waves his hand, “I am not an expert in this! You better leave it to old dragon king to manage. He is a governing talent, able to manage River Song Dragon Palace so neat and tidily. Although his strength is nothing great, his brain nevertheless makes me admire.”

The result of Military Blade’s cultivation of spiritual qi is not bad. Currently, he is above Grade B and Liu Yi feels that it is almost close to Grade A.

This fellow is a violent guy!

“Fine then let us first take down the four seas!”

“Commander is thinking too far away. Let us first settle this Black Dragon River then talk about that!”

As the two of them were talking boringly, they see the two aquatic subordinates that they had sent out returning in a panic.

They are completely covered in blood and one of them is also holding a cut off arm.

“Dragon King! Dragon King, it is bad!”

Hearing their shout, Liu Yi and Military Blade both frown.

“What happened? Quickly talk!”

“Re-reporting, Old-old Dragon King and little princess…they were held in custody by the people from Dwarf Crayfish! They, they also cut off Old Dragon King’s arm and let me pass it to Dragon King…”


Liu Yi instantly becomes furious, “ Dwarf Crayfish tribe actually dare to capture my, Liu Yi’s people! They are tired of living!”

So be it if you capture Old Dragon King. To even capture my Ao Susu!

Liu Yi is about to explode in anger.

Military Blade asks by the side. “Didn’t Old Dragon King say that the chief of Dwarf Crayfish tribe is his old friend? There is also a deep friendship, why did they cut off his arm?”

“Their…their tribe’s old chief had passed away. The current one is a new chief…”

One of the subordinates explains, “Their, their new, new chief also says…this, this is only a warning…if Dragon King does not lead River Song Dragon Palace to become their servant…they, they will lead their army into our territory and invade River Song and massacre out Dragon Palace!”


Liu Yi smashes his fist into a dragon pillar by the side. This person thick pillar immediately break into pieces and drops onto the ground causing dust to rise up.

Military Blade asks loudly, “What is there to say! Soldiers of River Song! The enemy has  bullied our leader, what are we going to do?”


The three shouts of kill had declared everything.

“Good! 1000 spearmen, 500 shieldmen as well as 100 super-soldiers! In addition, 200 ranged gunners!”

Military Blade starts mustering the troops when Liu Yi waves his hand, “Follow me! Let those Dwarf Crayfish know who they provoked!”



At this moment in the Dwarf Crayfish tribe.

A huge cauldron was placed in the very center of the place where Dwarf Crayfish resides in.

In the cauldron sits a tied up single arm old fellow. This old fellow is none other than the retired Old Dragon King of River Song Dragon Palace.

While Ao Susu was also tied up by the side, tied on to a frame.

Her eyes were closed and it seems like she had fainted.

The Dwarf Crayfish had transformed into human form. All of them are over 3 meters tall as they surround the huge cauldron.

“-sinister laughter-…growing up so old, I have never eaten dragon meat!”

“Let’s eat this old one then afterward we eat that skinny one!”

“What are you in a hurry for. The chief says we are going to use soft tactics to lure the River Song people over! Our Dwarf Crayfish race is still waiting for them to submit to us!”

All of these Dwarf Crayfish were all very proud as they excitedly lick their lips.


Old Dragon King bears with the pain of his arm being chopped off. The water underneath him is becoming hotter and hotter. Perhaps in a while more, he will be thoroughly cooked.

He opens his mouth and curses that tallest Dwarf Crayfish.

“You beast! To actually drug us during the feast! You had shamed your father! You are not fit to be the chief of Dwarf Crayfish race!”

“Hahaha, old thing. You  have a hard mouth even when you are about to die.”

The chief crosses his arms and sneers, “That damn old stubborn father of mine is phased out. It is great that he had died. Otherwise, I would not have the chance to come up! After I become the chief, I will lead the Dwarf Crayfish to become the real overlord of Black Dragon River! Today you came on time. I shall start with you! I heard that the taste of dragon meat is not bad. This time around I can try a rare delicacy!”

Old Dragon King trembles in anger as he curses in anger, “You beast!”

The chief continues to mocks, “Soon you will be cooked and turn into a dish. If you want to scold there is only now. Go on, I will let you scold as much as you please. You can continue!”

“Our River Song’s Dragon King will not let you off!”


The chief and his subordinates laugh together. “What does Dragon King count as! Our Dwarf Crayfish race is the real king in the water! We had been suppressed by the dragon race for too long. It is all because of my father that damn stubborn thing’s fault! I captured you guys is to lure out that Dragon King of yours! After which I shall personally kill him and chop off his claws and head and turn them into my flag! I shall let all of the aquatic race know that Dwarf Crayfish race is then the real overlord of the water!”

At this moment a cold voice speaks by the side of the chief’s ear. “Is that so?”

The chief blanks out for a moment. When he turns around, he sees a man wearing a golden dragon emperor armor as well wearing a dragon crown standing in front of him. At the same time, he raises a leg and kicks his stomach fiercely.


That nearly four-meter tall chief was kicked and crashes into the large cauldron behind him.

That hundreds of kilogram heavy large cauldron were instantly toppled over. The boiling water inside spill out and splashes onto a lot of the Dwarf Crayfish, causing them to cry out from being scalded!

Old Dragon King is fire attribute thus he is fire resistant. But those Dwarf Crayfish do not have good fire resistance.

The group of Dwarf Crayfish escapes in all directions from the scalding. The chief also climbs to his feet in a sorry figure as he looks at the golden armored fellow in front of him in shock.

“Dragon King!”

When Old Dragon King sees this guy, tears instantly covers his face as he kneels onto the ground.

He is very regretful. If it was not for me not listening to the advice and insist on coming on my own, I would not have lost my arm!

“Two arms.”

Liu Yi stretches out two fingers at that chief, “Cripple two of your arms and I shall let you live.”

“Who do you think you are?”

The chief scolds, “You are nothing but a fellow who sneak attacks! Daring to be arrogant in front of my race, you are just seeking your death! Brave warriors! Let this Dragon King have a taste of our strength!”

-roaring sound-

The Dwarf Crayfish all turn back into their original form and transform into over 5 meters long enormous lobster creatures before waving their steel claws as they charge towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi takes a look. These Dwarf Crayfish indeed are all enormous. Their strength is also impressive. On average, they are around 4 starjades. After cultivating for a bit, perhaps it would be even higher.

It is a pity that it is a group of scattered sand. Furthermore, to me, they are too weak. The moment I use a move from my Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, I would be able to freeze all of these old things.

But Liu Yi is not here to show off his strength. He is here to save people as well as conveniently inspect the strength of his army.

“Military Blade, attack!”

Liu Yi grabs hold of Old Dragon Kind and instantly appears by Ao Susu’s side. He saves her down from the frame before flashing again. This time around, he appears far away.

“He is going to run!”

The chief waves his arm and shouts, “Don’t let this fellow run! Kill him!”

Those Dwarf Crayfish immediately climb to their feet quite speedily.

Dwarf Crayfish tribe has an enormous underwater barrier. Thus there is not much difference between the ground in the barrier and on drylands, as it separates out all of the river water.

At this moment, 100 sturdily build hippopotamus soldiers suddenly charge out from behind Liu Yi. They are holding a turtle shield as they run over. They use the shield to cover their body and crash into those Dwarf Crayfish.

-slamming sound-

Don’t see that Dwarf Crayfish’s body is very huge. The strength of the hippopotamus soldiers is not weak at all. Along with the charging force, they send those Dwarf Crayfish flying when they knock into them.

“Pike Formation!”

Military Blade shouts and the thousand spearmen immediately form a formation. Their spear point outward. Like a meat grinder, they stormed into the group of Dwarf Crayfish as they madly tear apart the body of the Dwarf Crayfish. Although they have tough armor protecting them they are unable to withstand concentrated attacks. Very quickly a lot of Dwarf Crayfish’s armor was broken and they got impaled.


Chapter 739     [Seabed War]

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