MKW Chapter 738

Chapter 738   [Title below]

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Liu Yi also did not expect that after he had finally returned to KeDa with great hardship preparing to rest. But in the end, this place actually has so much trouble and there is also that mystical weapon coming into being!

Isn’t this just sabotaging me?!

Liu Yi suddenly thought of a sentence. ‘The moment you entered the cultivation world, you will forever be a person of the cultivation world’. Wanting to escape out is extremely difficult. There will always be a whirlpool that pulls you back in.

I was also the same. I had tried so many times to leave but was always pulled back in, unable to free myself.

After making arrangements with the students, Liu Yi returns to the dorm room. Zhang Meixin is busier than him and had not returned yet. Thus Liu Y can relax. He sits is a lotus position of the sofa and prepares to enter cultivation mode to completely restore his second sun jade.

But at this moment he suddenly received a message from Little Black in his mind.

It seems like Little Black who is replacing him as the Dragon King in the Dragon Palace is strongly calling out for him.

Based on his prior orders, only when Little Black had met major things that he is unable to handle would he do so.

Thus Liu Yi does not hesitate and transfers his soul over.

The moment he opened his eyes, he had already arrived in the Dragon Palace under River Song!

That black carp general is kneeling in front of Liu Yi in armor as he says loudly, “Lord Dragon King. What should we do? Make the decision and this lowly one will immediately follow your orders and will not have objections!”

Liu Yi coughs drily and says, “What matter? I dozed off so repeat.”


At such an important time Lord Dragon King can doze off! Could it be that this is the demeanor of an expert?

Really is not something that we weaklings are able to understand ah.

“What is there to repeat. In short, take them down!”

At this moment Ao Susu suddenly enters. After not seeing her for a long time, she had become even prettier.

She is wearing her dragon race red nichang. Her originally red long hair is ironed into waves draping over the sides of her shoulders.

[TL: Nichang is those long-sleeve silk dress that were used in traditional chinese dance]

Although she appears to be a weak woman Ao Susu’s temper is not that good. The moment she walks in she immediately says, “Hasn’t that Dwarf Crayfish tribe in Black Dragon River been provoking us for a long time? We can take advantage of this opportunity to take them down! Killing a chicken to scare the monkeys, this can also let the aquatic races in Black Dragon River know about the strength of our River Song Dragon Palace!”

Liu Yi takes advantage of Ao Susu’s interruption and had checked the information that Little Black had summarized and passed to him.

So when I was not around for this period of time. Under the leadership of me and Ao Susu, through the good ruling to manage properly, River Song Dragon Palace gradually expanded their strength.

Most of the idle powers in River Song had already been weaves into Dragon Palace.

Military Blade has always been in the Dragon Palace training these prawn soldiers and crab generals. With this demonic military instructor, under his teachings, the fighting strength of the originally relaxed army had become more valiant!

Furthermore, Military Blade had also designed some relevant military branches himself. When they cooperate with each other, they will greatly strengthen the Dragon palace’s military strength!

Every since River Song was unified, based on the initial tentative plan, River Song Dragon Palace once again starts to expand towards Black Dragon River.

But the powers in the Black Dragon River have even more fish and dragons mixed together which is hard to tame.

Especially that Dwarf Crayfish tribe that was between Black Dragon River and River Song. This Dwarf Crayfish tribe people are all 5 meters long enormous Dwarf Crayfish! They are like the natural checkpoint between the two water bodies and had always firmly occupied this important passage.

“Actually this group of people is Black Dragon River Dragon Palace’s door gods.”

At this moment, 6257 explains once again, “ That tribe’s fighting strength is impressive. Even Black Dragon River Dragon Palace are not willing to offend them. Thus they had reached an agreement with them. That tribe shall live there and help Black Dragon River to guard the passageway while the dragon palace will not do anything to them. That’s all.”

“Looks like this group  is thorny.”

Liu Yi had already understood the matter. Currently, as the Dragon King, he must make a decision.

In front of him stands four people. All of them are familiar faces, 6257, Ao Susu, Old Dragon King as well as Military Blade.

“Lord Dragon King, I feel that this matter still need to to be deliberated!”

Old Dragon King is more caution. At this moment he proposes a different stand, “Our Dragon Palace should not cause excessive massacre! We should use our compassion, duty, propriety, and integrity to make those influences accept us willingly!”

“Old Dragon King what you say is wrong already.”

Military Blade chuckles, as there is a barrier underwater, he pulls out a lighter and lights up a cigarette as he takes a drag before saying, “Compassion, duty, propriety, and integrity is used to govern a country that had already been stabilized. At this kind of moment, what you need to use is military strength! Do you know about the Seven powerful Warring states? Do you know that the one who finally unifies the world is Qin?”


“Those compassion, duty, propriety, and integrity of yours ah is completely useless here! If you do not beat the Dwarf Crayfish tribe until they submit how are we going to enter Black Dragon River?”

“That’s right, royal father. This time we cannot endure it anymore!”

Ao Susu waves her fist, “If we are going on a crusade against the Dwarf Crayfish let me be the vanguard!”

“That…I also feel that we should send out our army!”

6257 tries his best to show his existence, “After all, if our army wants to take down the Dwarf Crayfish tribe, after Military Blade’s teaching, although we do not have 100% guarantee, we do have 70% guarantee of success!”

“Looks like if we vote, it is three against one.”

Liu Yi straightens his crown before saying, “Since this is the case, I shall personally lead the army on an expedition against Dwarf Crayfish tribe and make preparations for the future. The goal is to take down all of the powers in Black Dragon River.”

Only after taking down the powers in Black Dragon River can we be able to slowly expand towards the East Sea. Although these rivers are not small but compared to the large sea…it is like an ultra metropolis being compared to a small village!

“Lord Dragon King ah…I still feel that we should not rush into war ah!”

Old Dragon King still stands, “The chief of Dwarf Crayfish tribe is my old friend. As long as we speak reason with them, we will definitely be able to make them yield.”

“Since that is the case…then…Old Dragon King, are you willing to make a trip?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, back then he had never been so polite to me before. And now he likes to be a lobbyist.

“Okay. This old subject shall make a trip for King!”

Old Dragon King cups his hands before turning around and walks out of the main hall.

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “Hey, hey. Old Dragon King don’t be anxious ah. Let me send some people to protect you!”

“No need. This old subject believes that with my righteous will there will not be any danger! Furthermore that Drawf Crayfish’s chief and this old subject have a deep friendship. When this old subject was young, this old subject had saved his life before. He will not do anything to this old subject.”

Old Dragon King rejected Liu Yi’s good intention and turns around and leave.

Ao Susu stomps her foot in anger, “My royal father is too obstinate! Cannot! I’ll just follow him. Liu Yi, I’ll make a move first.”

Ao Susu secretly chases after Old Dragon King.

“What the, this girl is also too anxious!”

Liu Yi hurriedly orders 6257, “Find two reliable fellows and follow him. Don’t let them have any mishap!”

“Understood. This general shall go and make arrangements!”

6257 immediately shakes his head and hurries out.

“This group of people in the Dragon Palace are  unreliable ah.”

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh, Old Dragon King is relatively obstinate while Ao Susu has an anxious character.

“It is somewhat within the scope.”

Military Blade walks over and speaks with a consistent and indifferent tone like he is an emotionless robot.

He had not finished his cigarette and is still puffing on it.

“Let’s go, commander. Let me bring you to take a look at our troops. It will definitely make your mood a lot better.”

Military Blade knows that Liu Yi’s current mood is definitely not good, thus he takes the initiative to bring him to take a look at the Dragon Palace Army.

Liu Yi walks out of the hall with Military Blade and went to the newly built military drill ground.

The military drill ground is not small and within it stand rows of soldiers.

Liu Yi’s eyes brighten up. These fellows are completely different from those old and weak soldiers that I had seen previously.

The current soldiers are all like herculean. They are wearing shiny armor as well as holding sharp lances.

Military Blade points at those soldiers and says, “The one in the front most row is the foundation corp of our Dragon Palace, Spear Corp! In the past, their combat strength was the worst. But now after my training, they finally became like professional soldiers.”

Military Blade suddenly roars, “If an enemy appears in front of you, what do you do?”

Those spear soldiers raise their spears and roar, “KILL!”

The killing intent surges up to the sky causing Liu Yi to be shocked.

Good fellow. This group of fellows had basically changed beyond recognition!

Military Blade nods his head in satisfaction before leading Liu Yi to the back and lets him see the turtle soldiers who are wearing heavy turtle armor.

“The row behind is our shield corp.”

Liu Yi asks, “These soldiers do have enough defensive ability but their mobility is a bit bad, right?”

“That is of course. That is why I still have a third corp.”

As Military Blade speaks, he leads Liu Yi further back.

Immediately, in front of them appears a row of tall burly soldiers. Each of them is over 3 meters tall and hold a large sledgehammer.

“This is my hippopotamus corp. The existence is to destroy everything! If needed, they can pick up the shield turtles and become the real shield soldiers.”

“This is not bad, imaginative!”

Liu Yi cannot help but praise Military Blade.

“Other than this corp, I still have a long-range attack corp.”

Military Blade points in a direction. Liu Yi looks over as well to see in a very far away location, a row of frog soldiers are squatting over there.

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “What are the frog soldiers doing currently?”

Military Blade also did not explain. Instead, he flicks his fingers,  “Prepare for long-range attack! The target is that enormous boulder in front at four o’clock!”

The moment Military Blade finished, those frog soldiers squat down and open their mouths as they spit out green **!

Like artillery, those green ** fly through the air before uniformly falling on top of the enormous boulder.

The enormous four-meter tall boulder was instantly corroded into stone fragments.

“What the heck…it is a long-range biological weapon…”

Liu Yi wipes away his cold sweat. Indeed using Military Blade to create my Dragon Palace Army is indeed the most correct one.

Military Blade plays with his dagger, “That Drawf Crayfish must be taken down. I am still waiting to create a sea mounted corps!”


Chapter 738     [Liu Yi’s army]

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