MKW Chapter 737

Chapter 737   [Title below]

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Liu Yi questions, “What mythical weapon coming into being startled you guys into making a move!”

“Since you already know then there is no other choice.”

Gu Yu shrugs her shoulders, “I shall tell you t.”

“Originally telling him was also fine. After all, everyone in the cultivation world already knew about it!”

Mo Lan by the side adds on, “Liu Yi, let me ask you. Have you heard of heavenly gods?”

Liu Yi becomes delighted, is there a need to heard of it? I am a real heavenly god!

But Liu Yi does not wish to let everyone know about it, thus he shrugs his shoulders and says, “Yeah.”

“Then it will be easy to explain. Heavenly gods exist above the 9 layers of sky. They are the highest existence of cultivators. While among the heavenly gods, there are six spirit representatives which are the six strongest among the heavenly gods. Among them, the one in charged of criminal law, Thunder God, was rumored to have fallen during the war against Nine Yin Demon Dragon race. The weapon he was using Sky Splitting God Spear was left in the human realm. Originally this mystical weapon should not be known by people but a while ago the Fu Xi Palace Hall had investigated through their divination that this god spear will come into being in this area soon. Furthermore, this news was accidentally spread out. Thus we came over here to investigate first.”

“There is actually this kind of matter!”

Liu Yi is slightly shocked as he asks Mo Lan, “Then for the Five Spirit Gathering what do you girls plan to do?”

“Five Spirit Gathering? What Five Spirit Gathering?”

Mo Lan and Gu Yu look at Liu Yi curiously, clearly not knowing what is this.Five Spirit Gathering.

“You guys do not know?”

Liu Yi is even more shocked, Liu Haisheng’s Five Spirit Gathering, other than me, there is no one who knows about it?

“Did not hear of it before ah…”

“That’s right…when is this matter ah?”

“Nothing. Perhaps I had remembered wrongly.”

Liu Yi purses his brows but did not say anything else.

This entire matter is completely covered with evil air. Before he understands what is going on Liu Yi do not wish to say too much to other people.

Gu Yu is worried that Liu Yi would expose this matter thus she reminds, “Anyways in school, you are our counselor while we are your students. Don’t make a mistake!”

Liu Yi chuckles, “Relax. I have been in the city for so long, I am clearer than you about this matter. I do know about such matters. Forget it. Since there are no other matters you guys can go back.”

“Right. Right now all of the righteous sects are looking for you…so you better be a bit more careful.”

Gu Yu recalls this matter and says to Liu Yi with worry, “A lot of the real experts in the sects are eyeing you right now. They are saying that they are going to take you out…”

Liu Yi does not mind.

“Hahaha, I am mentally prepared for this matter. The righteous sects of the world are only so so. It is not like I had not experienced it myself previously.”

“This time around it is different…these are the real experts!”

Gu Yu reminds, “They are considered as the older generation. They had always been in closed doors and never revealed themselves before. Within every single sect, there are such heaven realm experts. In our Immortal Snow Peak, there are three of such experts. When Sky Splitting Gold Spear comes into being, one of them will definitely come. At that time, you would not be able to deal with it…hope that…at that time you can go and hide…”

“What? Aren’t you always shouting that you want to kill me back then?”

Liu Yi smiles merrily as he asked Gu Yu who is wearing a black corset as well as white with golden pattern scarf.

“Hmph, this fairy is currently restraining myself.”

Gu Yu snorts as she pushes her spectacles. She pouts and says, “Furthermore, you evil fellow, there is no need for this fairy to take action and you will dig your own grave!”

This girl really has a stiff mouth.

“Gu Yu how can you say such stuff about my husband?”

Mo Lan by the side instantly raises her eyebrow and says, “When you beat a dog you also need to see who its owner is. Are you challenging me?”

Liu Yi immediately twitches, bullshit who is a dog! Who is your husband!

“You are turning a small matter into something big!”

Gu Yu rolls her eyes at Mo Lan, “Furthermore when did the two of turn tun into husband and wife? Mo Lan do the people in your World Manor like to have their own wishful thinking?”

“Does your Immortal Snow Peak people like to meddle in other people’s business?”

The two girls start quarreling in the corridor. Gu Yu stretches out her hand and the ground starts freezing. While for Mo Lan, black lighting starts arcing from her body like she is going to use Unmoving King Ming!

What the! This place is the school ah if they really start fighting then it will be a major matter!

Liu Yi immediately mediates in the quarrel. He stretches out his hands and pressed on the two girl’s shoulder.

“Stop messing around. This place is a school. If you guys really fight wouldn’t it be dreadful?”

If two earth realm experts start fighting how is the school able to resist the shockwave?

Mo Lan and Gu Yu were still unconvinced. When girls start showing their temper, there is not much use even if someone tries to mediate.

The two of them wish to spar a bit but they realize that they are unable to exert any strength!

What they did not know was that at this moment Liu Yi is revolving Vein Sealing to seal with their strength.

His Nine Yang God Qi is too tremendous. Especially since he is going to recover two sun jade strength. Although he was strapped for qi when dealing with the Demon Emperor, dealing with two earth realm girls, it is very easy.

“What…what is this strength!”

Mo Lan exclaimed in shock, “Liu Yi just how far have you cultivated?”

Mo Lan knows that if she fights, she is definitely not Liu Yi’s opponent. After all, the previous time when they fight, she had already been defeated. But fighting is fighting. If he wishes to control my strength, then the other party will need to be a few times stronger than me!

While Gu Yu’s eyes carry blue radiance as she looks at Liu Yi. Soon the radiance disappears as she knits her brows and says, “I can’t see through your starjades!”

Liu Yi says in his heart. Not able to see through is normal, after all, I had already promoted to the sun jade standard!

But these things cannot be told to Gu Yu. As for my strength the more that I can reserve the more I should hold back!

“How can a man be so easily seen through!”

Liu Yi says half-jokingly, “You girls are still too soft to try and see through me!”

Mo Lan is rather baffled, “When did you learn how to be glib-mouth? Weren’t you super clumsy mouth in the past?”

“Cough…that as in the past.”

Recalling how inarticulate he was back then, Liu Yi’s face turns red.

Gu Yu snorts coldly and says, “I do not care whether you are glib-tongue or not, anyway let go of us!”

This girl was originally very proud and arrogant. Currently being subdued by Liu Yi with just a single hand, she is very unresigned.

Mo Lan also says in a low voice, “That’s right. Hurry and let go of the two of us! We still have not decided who is the winner!”

Liu Yi is about to cry, “This place is not your battlefield!”

“Hmph, our sects have specialized move to break out from sealing technique!”

Seeing that Liu Yi is not letting off, she no longer waits and stretches out her other hand and form a seal before uttering, “Mysterious Ice Qi, Break!”

Liu Yi senses Gu Yu’s inner qi momentarily reverse in direction and break his Vein Sealing technique!

“Unmoving King Ming! Open!”

Mo Lan is also unwilling to be outdone as she also uses her family mysterious technique and resolved Liu Yi’s Vein Sealing.

The two girls immediately stretch out their other hand and attack Liu Yi.

What the heck! Are they for real? Why are both of them attacking me!

Mysterious Ice Qi gathers in Gu Yu’s palm while Unmoving King Ming’s aura gathers in Mo Lan’s fist.

Both of them are ruthless ah!

Looks like if I do not teach them a lesson, they will not know how high the mountain is!

Liu Yi immediately revolves Monarch Scorpion’s power and condensed a breastplate in front of his chest. With two -dang- the breastplate blocks the attack of the two girls.

“So hard!”

Gu Yu shakes her hand. That hand of hers is slightly red and swollen.

Not only did the palm which she gathers Mysterious Ice Qi and attack Liu Yi’s chestplate not cause any injury, but it had also jolted her hand badly.

Mo Lan also did not get any advantage. Her entire body shake and it was not for Liu Yi grabbing her other shoulder, she would have been forced to retreat a few steps.

“What armor is this, why is it’s defense so good?”

“Don’t care. Make him let go of us first!”

Gu Yu gives Mo Lan a look which she understands tacitly.

Liu Yi says in his heart, what the fuck! Why are the two of our rapport so good ah!

At this moment, both of them grab hold of Liu Yi’s arm at the same time with a hand, trying to push away his hand.

But Nine Yang God Qi is concentrated in Liu Yi’s arm making it like two iron pincers, thus the two girls are unable to move the arms at all.

“Too weak!”

Liu Yi did not forget to mock the girls, “After the competition, last time did the two of you not improve? Could it be that you girls had put down your swords and went to learn embroidery?”

“Damn it!”

The two girls were instantly angered, wishing that they are able to bite this damn guy to death!

But their strength is below his which is not scientific! In such a short period of time, how did he cultivate until he is so heaven-defying?

The two girls instantly attack Liu Yi from the left and right at the same time but Liu Yi’s inner strength is like a towering mountain, motionless and no matter how the two of them try, they are unable to do anything.

None of the three of them are willing to take a step back as they are stuck in a dead-lock there.

“Counselor, it is almost time for the class to end, can we go back first?”

At this moment the students inside are impatient from waiting and a few students push open the door and walk out.

Upon seeing the three people standing outside, they were shocked.

Gu Yu and Mo Lan these two beautiful girls are hugging one of Liu Yi’s arms each and are unwilling to let go.

Originally it is the three of them secretly having a trial of strength but from the view of outsiders, it is like the two girls are throwing a tantrum or fighting over Liu Yi…

“Gods…the two class flowers are actually fighting over the same guy ah…”

“Big news ah…I should post on the school news forum…”

“Quickly, quickly draw down the evidence!”

“You idiot ah, take a picture ah!”

The students start pulling out their handphone while Liu Yi calmly pulls his hands out from the two girls which makes Gu Yu and Mo Lan who were red-faced shocked.

Just how far did Liu Yi cultivate to now?

“What are you guys taking photos of! Go back and sit down! You guy can leave when the class ends!”

Liu Yi glares at them before hurriedly slipped away.


Chapter 737     [Two girls fight over a guy?]

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