MKW Chapter 736

Chapter 736   [Title below]

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As a university that mains in sciences, KeDa has a very special department and that is KeDa’s fine arts department

Originally KeDa did not have this department. Later on, to enrich KeDa’s education content to make the dry and dull KeDa’s campus atmosphere to have some art’s flavor, they open up some fine arts majors. For example music, fine arts and the likes.

Thus fine arts major was born like this. But Keda’s conventional old professors realized that no matter if it is the academic advisors or students of fine arts major, all of their characters are very damn weird. They are incompatible in all respects!

People who study fine arts pursue romance while the rest of the majors pursue reality. Thus the people in fine arts frequently fight with people from other majors!

But a lot of students still very envious of the people in the department of fine arts. especially when they see them carrying a painting board and using lesson time to go collecting materials in the campus or outside of campus.

Currently, Liu Yi is standing in front of the dean of the department of fine arts with a weird feeling in his heart.

This dean which is over 40 years old already had a bald head and he still dressed up extremely gorgeously!

He is wearing a lace-bordered white shirt as well as skintight trousers with a style that Liu Yi does not comprehend. He is also wearing a lot of accessories.

The dean is also wearing ear studs as well as a nose ring which makes Liu Yi’s scalp turn numb seeing it.

This old fellow…could it be that he is the rumored old pervert?

“You are the counselor that was employed this year?”

The dean slants his eyes as he looks up and down Liu Yi a few circles.

“Truly…truly…extremely terrible! Thoroughly terrible!”

The dean made an orchid finger (pinches his middle finger and thumb together) and shouts in thorough disappointment, “How did the human resources department recruit you!”

[TL: Orchid fingers are usually used in Peking Opera where the finger movements express their emotions and characters.]

Being chided by this old pervert likes this Liu Yi is very unhappy and immediately asks, “Oi, oi, where am I terrible?”

“Take a look at yourself from head to toe, how are you not terrible?”

The dean points at Liu Yi with his orchid fingers and shouts, “This dressing of yours is really terrible, no taste at all! A person without taste actually came to my department to be a counselor! Gods, you have completely destroyed our amiable fashion interest here!”

Liu Yi roast powerlessly, “I am only here to be a counselor…It is not like I am here to be a model why is there a need for me to dress up gorgeously?”

“What do you know? This is called taste, taste you understand? Don’t even have any taste how are you going to be the counselor for those students? You will lead them down the wrong path do you know?”

“The job of a counselor is to relay the message from the school to the students. At the same time, feedback the student’s news to the school. Apart from this, I also need to be in charge of the students daily life. We are more similar to a manager. I am only in charge of managing the studies of the student not in charge of being a model for them thank you!”

“You dare to retort!”

The dean stomps his feet in anger, “You do not wish to work here anymore?”

“Just because a brief remark that does not conform to you and you want to fire me? Really don’t have any taste at all.”

Liu Yi smirks, “I had heard that the dean of fine arts is a man with elegance, but from what I see today the rumors are off…”

“Who says?”

The dean immediately tidy his collar and sticks out his chest and says, “In the entire KeDa, who have more elegance than me, have more taste than me?”

“That is right ah!”

Liu Yi points at himself, “Dean you see I am a very down to earth person. Although I do not have any taste I am willing to bear hardship and work ah! Most importantly I have a heart that cherishes students! I believe that picking up this job, I will properly treasure those students! They are not only my students, they are more like my little brothers and sisters! I am a counselor as well as service personnel! Dean, please give me a chance to let me prove myself!”

Only then did the dean nods his head, “Okay…seeing how honest you are, it is fine to give you a chance.”

Liu Yi laughs in his heart, actually letting the higher up stepping forth to handle it will also work. But this dean is not my enemy. He is only fine arts biased.

Being a counselor still need what taste ah, really.

“Enough already. Since that is the case, in a while the two classes that you are in charge of will have a small meeting in the small auditorium. At that time, you shall meet them. The job that you need to do is also not a lot. Give them a way to contact you. When the school passes down any information, you need to inform them. At the same time, if they have any matters, they will tell you which you will need to transmit to the school…ah, the relevant task you ought to know as well so I will not exhort anymore!”

This time around the dean did not nitpick anymore. After instructing a bit he says, “Quickly go!”

“Understood dean. I shall head over now.”

Liu Yi turns around and walks out while the dean tossed a sentence, “Remember to wear something with more taste! Really is a terrible outfit ah…”

Liu Yi sweat, this old thing is really mad…

Luckily I was not in the fine arts. Otherwise, if I became like this…Murong Die, Wang Yuzheng and the rest of the girls will definitely go crazy!

After Liu Yi and the dean parted, he reaches the small auditorium when it is lesson time.

There seem to be less than 40 people sitting in the small auditorium. Looks like there are only ten plus students per class!

Liu Yi sighs secretly while the students sitting in the auditorium. Some are drawing, some playing with their handphones. Some are holding their chin as they gaze out of the window.

Luckily Liu Yi had experienced being a teacher thus he is not that nervous. He casually writes on the blackboard his name as well as the way to contact him.

Although there is a portion of people who knows about Liu Yi’s identity as Blood Emperor, but these are students who are around the same year group as him. Furthermore, there are very few people who naturally help Liu Yi keep it a secret.

This group is the students who had just entered university thus they are in the first years. But there were some who know about Liu Yi’s matter.

“In the future, I will be your counselor. You guys can find me if you have problems with your life and studies. If I am not around, contact the other number that I had written by the side, he will be in charge of you guys.”

Liu Yi claps his hands. He plans to be a person who does nothing but ask others who work for him.

The higher-ups, considering that he might irregularly go out for missions, thus they prepared an assistant for him which is his assistant counselor.

Perhaps other counselors might have red eyes. They had worked in the university for so many years and this is the first time that they heard that a counselor would have an assistant.

A lot of curious students asked.

“Counselor, are you the person who sent that Japanese flying?”

“Counselor, your singing is not bad ah, why did you not go and teach music ah?”

“Hahaha, there is no need for you guys to be concerned about this. If you have matters related to the school then come and ask me. Okay then, the two classes, please choose a class monitor each. In the future, if you have any matters ask the class monitor to come and look for me.”

Liu Yi is too lazy to get to know of them individually. Thus he plans to find the two class monitors.

“Counselor, we had already chosen our class monitor!”

“That’s right, we have already chosen!”

“Ah this way ah, then please stand out so that I can get to know a bit.”

Liu Yi claps his hands, really curious how do the two class monitors of the two fine arts department class look like?

If it is like the dean…I might spout out blood ah…

At this moment two very gorgeously dressed girls stand up.

One as cold as ice, the other gives off a heroic feeling.

Liu Yi looks at the two of them and his legs soften and nearly falls on his butt.

Bullshit…aren’t these two girls too familiar!

Aren’t they Gu Yu from Immortal Snow Peak as well as Mo Lan from World Manor?

Shouldn’t the two of them be cultivating in their sect? Why did they run to KeDa?

Could it be that the two of them came here for the gene map? Not possible…that thing is useless in the cultivation world.

Then why did the two of them run here?

Liu Yi really is unable to understand!

“If you have any matters, contact me!”

Mo Long smiles merrily, her smile is very beautiful, especially with some heroicness within which mesmerizes girls and make a lot of girls envious.

While Liu Yi feels the hairs on his back stand…this is definitely not any kindhearted smile…

Gu Yu is wearing spectacles on her delicate nose which she pushes up before saying, “Hope that the school has fewer matters. I really hate inconvenience.”

“That. Indeed I have some matters that I need to instruct the two class monitors. Follow me outside.”

Liu Yi turns around and walks out of the small hall.

Gu Yu and Mo Lan look at each other before walking out as well.

The remaining people start discussing.

“Aiyah, the two beautiful class monitors are both called out!”

“Gods don’t tell me that counselor had seen their beauty and wished to take action on them?”

“Nonsense, didn’t counselor have girlfriends already? It seems like it is also two school flowers ah!”

“You do not know. The so-called ‘Two is also raise a group is also raise’ why not raise more?”

“You get lost! You think that girls are a group of sheep? What raises a group!”

Liu Yi is not concerned about how other people are discussing him. At this moment he lowers his voice as he asks the two cultivator girls, “Why did the two of you run here? It can’t be that you ran over to look for me?”

“That’s right, I am here to capture you to marry!”

Mo Lan placed her hand on her waist as she raises her chin to look at Liu Yi. She stretches a hand over and grabs Liu Yi’s chin, “You are going back with me?”

“Stop messing around.”

Liu Yi slaps away Mo Lan’s naughty hand, “If I want to capture you then I would have already captured you. Furthermore because of your father if you want to marry me you need to kill your father first! Are you able to do it?”

Seeing that she is unable to lie to Liu Yi, Mo Lan pouts. “Hmph!”

“Don’t be too cocky, we coming here is indeed not related to you.”

Gu Yu looks to the side but is actually using her peripheral vision to secretly peak looks at Liu Yi, “Very soon something big will happen to this place. We are only observers who came a step earlier.”

“Big matter? Something big would happen here?”

Liu Yi is slightly curious, “Could it be that some mystical weapon had come into being?”

“Eh? How do you know?”

The two girls look at Liu Yi in shock making Liu Yi cover his forehead, bullshit I am only asking and I actually guessed correctly!!!


Chapter 736     [Why did you guys come for]

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