MKW Chapter 735

Chapter 735   [Title below]

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“Master meow~~wake up meow~”

In the early morning, Liu Yi was woken by Xiao Mi who is lying on him.

Xiao Mi’s body is very soft and lies with Liu Yi on the sofa not getting up.

Seeing Xiao Mi’s joyous eyes, Liu Yi cannot help but pinch her cheek.

Yesterday night she keeps sticking to him. Finally, Zhang Meixin has no choice but to bring her back to sleep together.

But Xiao Mi should be sleeping together with Zhang Meixin but without him knowing, she had slipped into the sofa with him.

Because of the huge battle with Demon Emperor, he had used up too much of his qi. Thus during the night he had sunk into deep cultivation and did not sense the existence of Xiao Mi.

He secretly glances in the direction of Zhang Meixin’s bedroom. Indeed, the door was wide open and he is able to faintly see Zhang Meixin’s bed.

Currently, it is still too early and Zhang Meixin was also tormented for an entire night. Thus she is still sleeping sweetly.

She is covered with a blanket. The female figure was exquisitely delivered from under the blanket which is rather seductive.

While due to the house have a very good geothermal, it is not cold at all. Along with Zhang Meixin’s good constitution, she stretches out a leg out of the blanket.

Liu Yi is able to see a part of her small panties which is wrapped around her butt. It is different from the one she wore yesterday night.

Girls change panties diligently ah…

But would is it fine if Xiao Mi secretly sneaks into my sofa like this?

Although this sofa is not small it is not big at all. It is fine for a person to lie on it but it is really somewhat hard to fit two people.

But Xiao Mi is rather convenient as she directly lies on Liu Yi’s body which is indifferent.

“Hehe, master, Xiao Mi is hungry…”

Xiao Mi licks her lips and smiles merrily while saying, “So long since I had breakfast meow~”

“This…can not ah…”

Although Liu Yi is a bit aroused this is not his territory. As for eating breakfast and the likes…if it got seen what to do!

Zhang Meixin, as well as Maki, will both string me up and take turns thrashing me ah!

Thinking about it, makes my hair stand on the ends…

Xiao Mi pouted as she lies on top of Liu Yi and says in dissatisfaction, “Why is that so meow! Master is becoming pettier meow!”

“Because…I’m afraid that your Aunty Zhang will notice ah!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, Xiao Mi calls Maki little aunt, that means that Zhang Meixin this beauty should be around the aunty generation…Amitabha…

Liu Yi took out the same old stuff and thicken his face and says, “If it got noticed by her, she will also become greedy and want to snatch from Xiao Mi!”

“Hehe, she is in deep sleep meow~”

Xiao Mi waves her hand and says, “Furthermore, Xiao Mi will be very careful meow~”

As Xiao Mi speaks, she impatiently stretches out both her hands and tugs Liu Yi’s pajamas off!

Because he was sleeping, Liu Yi is wearing loose pajamas pants which makes it easy for Xiao Mi!

Back then I hoodwinked Xiao Mi to eat breakfast…I don’t know if it is good or bad…just afraid that this girl’s appetite is will become larger and larger…

As Xiao Mi eats happily, a keening sound comes from the bedroom.

Liu Yi’s hair instantly stands up as he curses in his heart, this voice…is Zhang Meixin awake?

Zhang Meixin’s ask drowsily, “Xiao Mi? Where did you run off to?”


Xiao Mi instantly gives up eating and raises her head shouting, “Xiao Mi had already woken up meow~”

“It is indeed good to be young…able to wake up so early…”

Zhang Meixin seems to be still dawdling in bed, “There is food in the fridge. You go and eat breakfast first, don’t starve yourself…I want to continue to sleep in longer…”

Only then did Liu Yi let out a sigh of relief and says in his heart, luckily she does not wish to get out of bed. Otherwise, if she sees what Xiao Mi is doing, I would definitely be dead.

“Hehe…she really likes to dawdle in bed meow~”

Xiao Mi winks mischievously at Liu Yi making Liu Yi not know if he should cry or laugh.

Inside the house is Zhang Meixin which makes Liu Yi more or less stimulated. 

He originally had a steady and serious character. Expect that right now, he is starting to like exciting matters…

Amitabha…all gods and buddha, you must pardon my excessive **…

As Liu Yi feel deep ‘remorse’ for his actions, he continues to feed Xiao Mi’s breakfast.

“So long meow~ so little, how is it enough to eat meow~ I still wish to eat meow~”

Liu Yi instantly starts sweating from fear, eat more, eat more and Zhang Meixin would really walk up!

“Cannot, this breakfast has a limited amount! You cannot eat more!”

“Fine then meow~ Master is too petty meow~”

Xiao Mi can only climb off Liu Yi’s body and pouts in dissatisfaction.

“Oh, right meow…damn it! Why did I got infected by you as well!”

Liu Yi slaps his face lightly before asking Xiao Mi who is sitting in front of him, “That enormous egg that you took out yesterday…what is that?”

“Is master talking about Heaven Dog Roar meow?”

Xiao Mi immediately jumps up excitedly, “That is a mecha system that every zodiac beast will get meow! Very cool right meow!”

“That, is it useful? What is the theory of its design?”

How would Xiao Mi know so much as she says in a daze? “Wu…don’t know meow, anyways it is super cool meow!”

“Let me explain.”

At this moment Zhang Meixin stretches in her nightgown and walks out of the bedroom.

Liu Yi is very grateful that he did not let Xiao Mi go for a second round, otherwise the two of them would really be game over!

“This is actually thanks to our Americans friends. Last time when they attacked our auditorium hall, in the end, they left quite a few sets of battle suits. Based on those memory battle suits, combining with our native technology, we finally developed this set of mecha-like armor system which is a set of each zodiac beast member.”

Zhang Meixin is an expert in his field. As she stretches her neck, she explains to Liu Yi, “But currently we have developed 3 sets. Heaven Dog Roar, Jade Rabbit Roar, and Green Ox Roar. Not only can this life-like mecha is able to change into a mythological animal shape, but it can also change into transportation form, for example, fighter jets, helicopters as well as armored cars and so on. Not only that, but we are also still researching on transforming these mecha into a human mecha form, this way it can greatly increase the zodiac beast’s individual combat capability!”

What the, this group of government people is really very crazy ah.

This mecha transformation is very useful. Like Japan and Yamato Unit, they have half mecha transformation which combines with Japan’s Yin Yang technique which allows it to display such formidable strength.

China’s zodiac beast can also use the same methods to improve their progress.

Liu Yi thinks a bit before saying, “I have a set of Japan’s Yamato Unit data. In a moment I will hand it over to the laboratory. See if it can help.”

Liu Yi had already used Little Jade to completely steal the Yamato’s unit mecha data.

“Really? That is great! The higher-ups were already very interested in the Japan Yamato unit. This time around you did very well!”

“Not to reciprocate is against etiquette.”

Recalling earlier Japan ran over to China to create a mess and killed a number of innocent people for the gene map, Liu Yi is gloomy in his heart.

But right now, Japan had already surrendered to China, furthermore, it is the beginning of an unprecedented honeymoon period. They are also positively cooperating in establishing a financial circle in the Asia Pacific. Those damn right-wing fellow were killed, those whom he should take revenge on were all dead.

But it seems like after China and Japan become good friends, USA is starting to no longer sit still.

After all, China and Japan are the two number 2 and number 3 economic body while the USA is number 1. Right now this two economic body are getting together, the USA will be driven mad.

Otherwise, Liu Hongxian would not be sent to the USA to do a task.

Recalling of Liu Hongxian’s danger, Liu Yi cannot help but ask Zhang Meixin, “Recently how is China and USA?”

“Very strained, super strained, unprecedentedly strained!”

Zhang Meixin takes a breath before saying, “Right now the USA wished to return to Asia-Pacific, thus all of their attention is placed on us. A few days before, their president just received a certain person who is in favor of independent Living Buddha.”

“Are they seeking death!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “The next time I fight against Demon Emperor I shall lead her to Washington then!”

“Do not harm innocent civilians!”

Zhang Meixin hurriedly says, “You are a cultivator, it seems like if your killing sins are too much, it will not be very good for your cultivation, right?”

Liu Yi says, “I also do not like to get ordinary civilians involved. But sometimes, their government had already forcibly changed the public opinion then it is beyond our control. But if someone thinks that I am weak and wish to challenge, then I will definitely not be lenient!”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Zhang Meixin is startled.

Is this really that student that I knew back then…why do I feel like he had changed a lot?

“Xiao Mi will help master kill the bad people meow~~”

Xiao Mi raises her hand and says, “Recently Xiao Mi’s strength had somewhat increased meow~”

“That is good then, good Xiao Mi!”

Liu Yi habitually rubs Xiao Mi’s head while she makes an enjoying appearance. Liu Yi suddenly has a weird thought, if I do it with Xiao Mi…is it possible that I’ll learn her spatial ability?

Cough…this kind of matter, it is best to think less of it…

Damn it, why am i this kind of constitution…fucking a girl, I would be able to absorb their strength and learn their ability…

This ability…no matter how I think, why is it filled with ****aura ah!

“Enough already. Stop messing around. Xiao Mi you still have a task, Liu Yi, today you also need to go and meet your students. Don’t forget, right now your task is that so-called art major!”


Chapter 735     [Splendid breakfast]

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