MKW Chapter 734

Chapter 734   [Title below]

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The golden giant raises the Monarch Shield high up as it burst out with golden radiance and actually scatters the pillar!

Following which this golden light becomes more and more eye-catching. The Monarch Shield actually transformed into a small sun which the golden giant slaps it into the air.

The Monarch Shield keeps rotating and the golden light shoots all over the place, shining upon this area like it is daylight!

It keeps rising and breaks the black light pillar and instantly reaches over tens of thousands of meters into the sky.

“It is day time already?”

“Eh, why is it bright so early today?”

A lot of people in JingDou city was attracted by this light.

Some who were still in slumberland were awakened as they pull open their window and look at the golden sun in the sky.

A lot of people who were still working also looks outside. The people on the streets also stop as they look at the sky.

Currently, it is still 1 am in the morning, and the sky had already brightened?

Could it be that something mystical is happening?

Just as the people in JingDou city were shocked by the small sun, Liu Yi and Demon Emperor’s fight is already reaching its end.

Monarch Armour which transforms into a golden sun had scattered that black dragon high up in the air before slowly losing the radiance along with the golden giant before dropping from the sky. With a -dang- it smashes into the ground between Liu Yi and Demon Emporer.

“Why…would you have such strength…”

Zhang Yunyun stares at the sky blankly and is unable to react for a while.

“Today I shall give you a lesson.”

Liu Yi’s God Transformation is about to end as well. Defeating Zhang Yunyun is not possible, thus he can only first say something to scare her off.

Wait till all of my strength had recovered, it is not too late to fight again. At the very least at that time I would have activated 4 sunjades which will definitely greatly increase my combat strength.

Ao Ri kneels in front of Demon Emperor and begs, “My majesty, the current situation is unfavorable for us. Let us retreat first and make plans later on!”

“My Majesty!”

“Damn it…why did it become like this…after 1300 years, why is it that I am still not your opponent!”

Tears trickle down Zhang Yunyun’s eyes making Liu Yi a bit heart ached as he looks at her.

“I am not resigned, I do not accept this!”

“Go back and cultivate another 100 years then.”

Liu Yi place both of his hands behind him as he looks at Zhang Yunyun standing in front of him as he tries his best to make his voice sound cold, “Wait till you feel that your strength is enough then come and challenge me again. I will wait for you!”

“I will definitely make you regret one!”

Zhang Yunyun’s gaze lands on Liu Yi making him feel a chill.

She is really starting to hate me now…alas, why is there such an ill-fated relationship between her and me?

Dating this kind of thing is a matter of both sides taking a step back. What Huang Xiaohu sang was right. Love is not easy. Everyone has their own temper.

When two people are together, because of the difference in character, different system of values it will always arise with some contradictions. If they really wish to continue to keep walking together there must be a person who takes a step back and satisfies the other person’s ideology. That way it will allow the love to continue.

If both parties are unable to take a step back, then, it is time for this love to end.

Liu Yi and Zhang Yunyun is this case. Neither of them is willing to take a step back as they persist in their own things.

Thus the possibility of them being together is small, very small!

Liu Yi looks at Zhang Yunyun’s familiar as well as unfamiliar figure, he clenches his fist.

The two of them had already estranged…

“Next time we meet, I will definitely make to experience the suffering I went through!”

Zhang Yunyun no longer persists. She tossed behind this sentence before turning around and follows along Ao Ri and soars into the sky.

“What the…finally finished…”

Chen Cai appears beside Liu Yi before sitting down. He lets out a long sigh, “When I came back I thought that I wouldn’t be defeated anymore…but unexpectedly I would meet this kind of expert…gods, right now where else can I go and cultivated. As an asura, I had already cultivated to the very peak already!”

Chen Cai really has a wish to cry.

“You are already in the heaven realm. Basically, you can do anything you like.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pats his best friend’s shoulder, “But as an asura, you can only walk to this step. Unless in the future, you have some new opportunities that can allow you to rise to a higher grade.”

Chen Cai makes a bitter face, “Oi, oi. Boss. Are you encouraging me or attacking me ah!”

“Oh…I like to encourage people!”

Liu Yi laughs, “But I believe in your luck. Who knows if there will be even better opportunities in the future. You see, in the past, you were only an ordinary high school student only. Take a look at yourself now, you are an Asura Emperor. Talking about this why is the rank of Asura Emperor higher than Asura God ah, addressing like this feels awkward ah.”

“Sweat, boss. Your understanding of the Asura Realm is not as much as mine. Asura Emperor should actually be called Asura God Emperor. But because the asuras are simple minded and boorish, later on, people all started to call it Asura Emperor which then became a habit.”

Chen Cai told Liu Yi the whole story which then makes Liu Yi understand.

Back then my personality changed quite a bit and had to hide from Ye Hanshuang for so many years…

Recalling about Ye Hanshuang, Liu Yi’s back is instantly covered with cold sweat as he hurriedly asks, “Right, where is Ye Hanshuang? Did she come back with you?”

“What is the matter, boss. You miss your Queen Ye?”

Chen Cai laughs wretchedly provoking a punch from Liu Yi.

“Hurry and say!”

“Oh, Queen Ye is also the same as me, she is also an Asura Emperor! But as she needs to calm down some matters in the Asura Realm thus she did not return with me. But asked me to bring back words for you. She says that after she is done with her work, she will come and look for you and ask you to wash your butt and wait for her.”

“What the hell, why does this sound so fucking uncomfortable ah!”

Liu Yi is covered with sweat, “Some more why is she also an Asura Emperor? Isn’t there only a single Asura Emperor’s position?”

“That…Senior Shan Honghe is too powerful already…”

Chen Cai says with lingering fears, “Me and Ye Hanshuang had to combine our strength together to defeat him. As a result, both of us promoted mysteriously…but in the beginning, our strength was somewhat not stabilized. Thus I cultivated in Asura Realm for a few hundred years and completely stabilized my Asura Emperor’s strength before returning back to the Human Realm. Talking about this boss, when did you return ah?”

“Recently as well.”

Liu Yi’s brows raise, “So you had not been KeDa…no wonder the laboratory would be sneak attacked by other people.”

Chen Cai is also slightly deeply worried and sick at heart, “Oh, so in the end, the gene map still got stolen in the end?”

“Mm, furthermore it was by a very impressive person.”

Liu Yi gazes at the dark night. Demon Emperor had obtained the gene map. I’m afraid that very quickly the Demon Realm’s strength will once again rise.

When the Demon Realm gateway opens, perhaps it will be the start of the war between the two realms!

Liu Yi knows just how strong Demon Emperor’s desire for revenge is. Sooner or later she will be back!

“When what do we do then? Shall we go and chase?”

Chen Cai sniffs, “Boss, I can still smell their scent!”

“What the heck are you an asura or a dog ah!”

“Of course it is asura!”

Chen Cai thinks that Liu Yi is somewhat making a fuss out of nothing, “Boss you are not a pure asura thus you do not understand! The sense of smell of an asura is very sensitive. Otherwise, how did you think that Ye Hanshuang was able to find you?”

“What the…really is sabotaging me!”

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and says, “If Ye Hanshuang dares to tangle with me again, I shall push her down! Suck away her energy and obtain the complete asura qi!”

“Ah! Boss, what you say is damn awesome!”

Chen Cai is pleasantly surprised as he says, “I believe that if Queen Ye heard this, she will definitely be very happy! But with that overbearing nature of Queen Ye’s perhaps she might be a female knight! Boss are you able to endure it or not?”

“Scram to the side! Before we discuss this kind of topic, you must first go and settle your own girl first!”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly and says a lie, “I saw your snake lady walking close to a handsome fellow ah!”

“What the heck cannot be right!”

Chen Cai indeed turns pale in fright, “Fuck, I had only left for how long and this girl dares to hook up with another person! Damn it! No wonder she is unwilling to agree to my pursue so she is actually raising a gigolo outside?”

Liu Yi’s heart twitches, what the heck, don’t tell me that my crow beak really hit the target ah?

Ahmen, could it be that Chen Cai this fellow is destined to have no female partners?

As Chen Cai’s best friend I should comfort my buddy right?

Thinking till here, Liu Yi pats Chen Cai on the shoulder and says, “Don’t be upset. Believe boss. In this lifetime you will definitely not be lonely.”

“Really boss?”

Chen Cai lifts up his large flatbread face and asks, “Boss also feel that I will have an affinity with female right?”

“Eh…that, your monkey will forever accompany you…otherwise for help, there is also our master…he has also been alone for so many years, you see…”

“Wuwuwuwu, boss, you cannot mock people like this ah! Cannot, I, Chen Cai definitely must find a girl to be my girlfriend! Boss, you see you are hugging one on the left and right, wherever you go you have girls. I, Chen Cai am still alone, when said out, it will be harmful to your face right?”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes, “When did I had girls in both hands and have girls everywhere I go? Can you say something that is more reliable?”

Just as he finished speaking from the sky comes a bubbly voice following which the figure of a young girl leaps into Liu Yi’s embrace, “Master meow~ Xiao Mi finally meet master again meow~ Let Xiao Mi rub meow~ Master’s embrace is the most comfortable meow~”

The mischievous, adorable and beautifully dressed Xiao Mi is like an octopus as she hangs onto Liu Yi. At the same time, her small face rubs against Liu Yi’s chest happily.

Chen Cai’s cheeks start streaming with tears as he crouched on the spot while drawing circles on the ground.

Liu Yi tries to comfort Chen Cai, “That…Chen Cai, actually it is also not luck with women ah…Xiao Mi treats me like a big brother…”

“Master meow…Xiao Mi is hungry already meow, and wish to eat master’s rod below meow~ Is today’s breakfast prepared meow~?”

Chen Cai instantly kneels on the ground and starts brawling. His crying did not end for a long time which from then on became one of the midnight ghost story legends in this area!


Chapter 734     [Single Life]

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