MKW Chapter 733

Chapter 733   [Title below]

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“Hmph, humans only know how to make some useless things.”

Seeing the transformation of Heaven Dog Roar sky, Zhang Yunyun’s gaze is filled with mockery.

“During these 1300 years, I had seen too much. Ever since humans learned how to use tools, they slowly started to fall from grace and no longer strengthen their own powers. Rather they keep raising the capabilities of the tools. My good big brother, I really do not understand why you insist on protecting the depraved humans? While I, where am I unworthy of you to treasure?”

Liu Yi retorts, “Every single species has their own evolution methods. Furthermore, not everyone can choose cultivation, the same as not every creature can evolve into a demon. These people choose tools which also strengthen themselves. Do not look down on humans, otherwise, the one who will be at a disadvantage will be yourself.”

“Thus in your hearts, humans are the highest existence and all of us should die?”

“When did I say such things?”

Liu Yi purses his brows and feels that Zhang Yunyun is becoming more and more extreme. “Back then in the demon realm, when did I take the initiative to start a massacre?”

Zhang Yunyun sneers, “Could it be that the killing in the demon realm that big brother committed is less? What I do right now, how is it any different from what big brother taught me?”


Liu Yi recalls the first time when he met Zhang Yunyun, he shows no quarter and directly beheaded the two tiger assassin.

Zhang Yunyun of the past was still a female Tang San who was unwilling to step on an ant.

But now…she is already a demoness!

“Me being able to transform like this is all because big brother’s teaching is good.”

Zhang Yunyun is holding that black sword again as she points at herself and says, “Big brother, are you satisfied with your work?”

Liu Yi walks forward, “If it is my work, then obediently listen to what I say. From now on be a good child. I will send you to school…er, why don’t you start studying at university. Come to my school and be my student?”

“Big brother, between the two of us, there are only two possibilities.”

Zhang Yunyun stretches out two fingers and says, “One, you return to the demon realm with me and I am willing to give birth to children for you and henceforth we stand aloof from worldly affairs and no longer come out nor do we invade and harass human realm. Two, it is either one of us die and the other lives, that way the fight will end!”

“So many years have passed…why didn’t you absorb a single lesson?”

“I have my perseverance!”

The black aura curls around Zhang Yunyun’s body and seems to be completely opposite of the golden light on Liu Yi’s body, “It seems like…between the two of us…there is only fighting left…”

As she speaks she stretches out her hand and takes off a red stone that she is wearing on her neck.

This is the Heaven Flint that Liu Yi obtained from the Scarlet Flame Mountain back then to help the weak-body and sickly Zhang Yunyun to promote her constitution.

During these 1300 years, she had always worn it on her body and had never taken it off.

While at this moment, she holds it in her hand before clenches her hand fiercely. She crushed the Heaven Flint into red powder before loosening her hand allowing the powder to be blown away by the night wind.

“Let our past dissipate along with this dust. Right now the one standing in front of you is Demon Emperor. The Demon Emperor who shall conquer the Human realm! Sword Emperor, do you wish to protect your human realm? Then defeat me now, or climb over my corpse! Only death can stop me!”

As she speaks the building start trembling.

Stones fall from above onto their head but was instantly crushed into dust from the aura they are releasing.

It is too hard for this kind of things to wish to harm them.

While Liu Yi’s heart is also in anxiety. After all, his god transformation is not like dragon transformation four which can last for days. If this drags on, at that time even if I wish to defeat Demon Emperor, I’m afraid that it will be super difficult.

Liu Yi takes a deep breath. “Looks like you had already decided, then it is time for reminiscing to end.”

As he speaks he raises his scorpion lance as red flames emerge from his back, “Since you are not willing to wake up, then let me beat you awake.”

“It is me who shall behead you!”

Zhang Yunyun’s strength increases again as the black dragon seems to grow thicker and breaks the two fire dragosn before biting at Liu Yi again.

“God fire cleansing the world!”

Liu Yi is also no longer polite as he stabs the scorpion tail lance into the ground.

An enormous flame giant stands up from behind him holding a golden-red fire lance as well which it stabs into the ground.

Flames instantly spread all over the place as golden-red flames flood the entire building!


The building starts to collapse and fall into pieces while the black dragon was instantly turned into ashes!

Ao Ri’s eyes widen as he was sent flying away by the flame.

“What the hell, boss! I am still here ah!”

Chen Cai was also sent flying away. But luckily his body is an asura body. His skin is rough and thick flesh, thus he did not get an injury.

While Heaven Dog Roar which is hovering in the sky was also affected by the shockwave and flips a few rounds in the sky before stabilizing in midair.

“Gods…what is this strength ah…”

Xiao Mi and Zhang Meixin were panic-stricken in the plane, “Could it be that all heaven realm experts are so strong?”

How could the two of them know that Liu Yi still has even more strength in reserve?

If he uses all of his strength, this entire large JingDou city would perhaps instantly turn into dust without any living beings left!

This is the so-called ‘When immortals fight, mortals suffer a calamity.’

If Liu Yi and Zhang Yunyun both fight all out, the surrounding people will all die.

Liu Yi had always been holding back while he senses that the Demon Emperor is about to start fighting without any restraint.

“To actually make me look so tattered-looking…”

There are still some flames that had not extinguished on Zhang Yunyun’s body. She stands up with flames of hatred in her eyes.

That black dragon immediately starts enlarging continuously growing as long as wing!

It keeps extending towards the sky and its head seems to had already broken through the cloud layer in just a matter of moments and flies over a thousand miles into the sky!

“Take the power of my anger! Sword Emperor I want to see how you are going to block this move!”

That black dragon suddenly roars as it scatters the cloud under it!

Zhang Meixin and the rest are able to see that black dragon appearance clearly. At the same time, they notice the black dragon opening its jaws and a black light ball gathers in it which starts growing bigger!

“Ah! Finally going to welcome this moment!”

Ao Ri spread open his arms as his expression carries emotions as he gazes at the black dragon in the sky, “My majesty is finally going to liberate her full strength! Ignorant human, prepare to welcome your doomsday!”

Zhang Yunyun full strength attack!

Liu Yi’s eyes widen as he stares at that black Nine Yin Demon Dragon in the sky!

This over ten thousand meters long enormous dragon, if it attacks with full strength don’t say a large district, perhaps half of JingDou city will be turned into ashes!

Cannot let this move land!

If I want to block it, Glorious Sun Palm: Unbroken is not suitable. This move is only suitable for a single instant defense which is not enough to deal with this large area attack.

Liu Yi thinks a bit before finally starting to gather all of his Nine Yang God Qi strength.

At the same time, he removes his Monarch Armour from his body and transforms it into an enormous shield before flying into the sky.

While Nine Yang God Qi transforms into an enormous golden giant. This giant body is still enlarging and instantly transform into an over 100 meters tall giant. It then grabs that enormous black Monarch Shield and props it in front of it.

-dragon roars-

The light ball in the black dragon’s jaw finally burst and transform into a black light pillar which pierces through the sky and falls down from the sky carrying layers after layers of shockwaves.

“Block for me!”

Liu Yi controls the enormous golden giant and raises his shield as he directly blocks that enormous ten meters thick black light pillar!

The enormous giant bows over slightly and seem to have received quite a bit of impact!

While a shock wave spread out from the shield and sent Heaven Dog Roar flying several hundred meters away!

Ao Ri and Chen Cai are also no better. When two twenty starjade great gods fight, they 19 starjades fellow can only be sent flying far away from the shockwave before finally stabilizing themselves.

When they stabilize themselves, they are stupefied.

“What the heck, boss is so powerful ah.. that Demon Emperor woman…is also very scary…”

“Did not think that Sword Emperor could block this move!”

Zhang Yunyun urges her qi, trying to break Liu Yi’s defense, “How long can you last? Your strength is still weaker than mine. This is a fact!”

“So what if my strength is weaker?”

Liu Yi braces his strength before forcibly make the giant stand up straight and says loudly, “There are people who I wish to protect here! So what if I stake everything for them?”

“You think that you are a guardian deity?”

Zhang Yunyun says with frigid irony and scorching satire, “You still think that you are the savior? Don’t joke around. You are just a selfish unfaithful ghost!”

As she speaks the black light pillar becomes a lot stronger before pressuring Liu Yi’s giant into bending over again.

“Wait till you have really known how to love a person then discuss this with me!”

Liu Yi glance at the struggling Chen Cai as well as the Heaven Dog Roar that was sent far away from the shock wave.

For these people, how could Liu Yi be defeated!

If this move lands, half of JingDou will disappear. Perhaps the remaining place might also be destroyed from the resulting earthquake.

His Murong Die, Wang Lele are all in this place.

For these people, he must block this move!

“Nine Yang God Qi, aren’t you evolved from Righteous Qi, then I shall display your unlimited possibilities!”

Liu Yi roars as the golden giant seems to receive some sort of urging and actually stands up straight again. At the same time, the black Monarch Shield also starts to light up with golden radiance!

Zhang Yunyun’s expression changes!


Chapter 733     [or them]

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