MKW Chapter 731

Chapter 731   [Title below]

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Demon race’s flesh body is very powerful!

Although being pierced by the lance, but if she wishes to recover, it is a matter of a blink of an eye!

Thus Demon Emperor does not mind Liu Yi’s lance stabbing into her stomach. Her palm slaps out carrying the power of Desolate Flame as it is about to smash Liu Yi’s head!

“Stupid nobody, dream for your master to take revenge for you!”

“Sorry, but I still do not wish to die!”

Nine small suns shoot out from Liu Yi’s back. Two are shining with bright golden light!

At the same time, the shield in his left-hand moves forward blocking Demon Emperor’s palm.


The two of them were both knocked back around 4 meters before landing on the ground!

In the center between the two of them, a large part of the ground were broken! A lot of the flooring had fallen downstairs!

“What is this strength?”

Demon Emperor frowns as she looks Liu Yi, whose shield had broke, suspiciously.

“Looks like this set is indeed unable to deal with you ah.”

Sakura Armour is not suitable to be used to fight against powerful experts. It is only suitable for dealing with weaklings.

Liu Yi can only remove his sakura armor and put on the Monarch Armour that he uses the most frequently.

“He… passed down this armor to you?”

Demon Emperor’s complexion turns pale from shock. Seeing that familiar black armor her body trembles faintly.

“Your master! Where on earth is he, make him come out and meet me!”

Liu Yi, who had put on the Monarch Armour stands on the other side of the hold as he wields the Scorpion Tail lance as asking Demon Emperor a weird question, “So many years already…is it hatred or longing that you are feeling?”

Demon Emperor did not y reply Liu Yi’s question. Instead, she asks, “Let me ask you have you ever tasted the feeling of waiting for a person?”

“Especially it is the first person that you love…after waiting for him for a day, perhaps in your heart is anger. After waiting for him for a year, perhaps it is longing in your heart…but after waiting for a hundred years, a thousand years? No matter how much you love, it will all turn into hatred!”

Demon Emperor clenches her fist, “How much I loved him back then, is how much I hate him right now!! No to mention he did not choose me, instead, he chose the human! He gave me up as well as heavily injured me! Back then when he broke my starjade with his palm, my heart had already scattered! Perhaps before the next time I meet, I still have that bit of love for him…but now, it had already been erased and become dust!”

Hearing all these, Liu Yi’s heart is in a lot of pain.

If it is possible, of course, he does not wish for it to be like this.

If he wants to blame, he can only blame that fate is too annoying!

“I think that the two of you are not fated then.”

Liu Yi lets out a sigh and says, “Demon Emperor your longing is too deep. If you were willing to follow him, back then, perhaps there wouldn’t be such a result. The mistake is not just on him alone.”

“What do you know! What do you count as!”

Demon Emperor roars out as her rage rushes up the sky, “Make you master scram out and talk to me!”

Following which she flashes and appears above Liu Yi’s head as her palm slaps down towards Liu Yi while using Army Destruction!

While Liu Yi only raises his arm and block in front of him, receiving Demon Emperor’s palm attack!

The floor underneath Liu Yi’s feet cracks as Demon Emperor pressed down Liu Yi to the lower floor!


Seeing Liu Yi going down the floor, Chen Cai got a huge shock as he tries to go and help.

While Ao Ri suddenly appears in front of him and toss out a lightning bolt blocking his path.

“Your enemy is me!”

“Damn it! Annoying fellow!”

Chen Cai can only retreat and continues to fight against Ao Ri.

While Zhang Meixin takes the opportunity to jump over to Xiao Mi and check her injuries. Realizing that she had only suffered some light injury, Zhang Meixin lets out a sigh of relief.

Still okay…luckiness within the misfortune…

“Call your master out for me!”

Demon Emperor continues to madly attack Liu Yi but all of the attacks were blocked by Liu Yi.

The two of them had already broken through countless layers and finally land on the ground.

Upon reaching the ground, Liu Yi who is wearing the Monarch Armour had become countless times stronger! But Demon Emperor’s strength is also not weak. Currently, the earth underneath Liu Yi had already turned into a complete shambles. The cracks are no different from a spiderweb.

“You are really quite resistant ah! But right now I still have not used my Nine Ying Demon Qi!”

Demon Emperor slaps out at Liu Yi’s chest and forces Liu Yi’s figure back by a few meters before saying unreasonably, “Do not force me to exterminate you! Right now tell me your master’s location and I might let you off!”

“Even if the two of you meet, what is the use?”

Although he had eaten a number of moves under the protection of Monarch Armour, Liu Yi did not receive any injury. He stands firmly before asking Demon Emperor in front of him, “You are seeking for an answer right?”

“You can say that it is so!”

Demon Emperor nods her head firmly, “I wish to know what on earth happened during these 1300 years! Wait till I know, perhaps I will no longer be that lost.”

“Fine. You wish to know right? Then I shall fulfill you.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before stretching out his hand and lets out a loud shout, “Come out, Through Heaven”

A golden light suddenly blossoms in the sky and after which, an enormous sword descends from the sky. It rumbles as it falls down through the hole that the two of them created and instantly lands between the two of them.

Ao Ri’s attention was also attracted by that sword, “Just now that was…not possible…”

“This is…”

How would she not recognize this sword?

Through Heaven Sword…this is originally my Emotion Sword…later it was cut off by me and was taken by Sword Emperor Liu Yi….

Zhang Meixin leans over the hole and roars out, “Liu Yi what are you doing! That broken sword nearly sliced me!”

“Liu Yi…Liu Yi….”

Demon Emperor takes a few steps back as she looks at the guy in black armor in front of her. Her legs suddenly soften and nearly collapsed onto the ground.

“That’s right, I am Liu Yi, I am indeed Sword Emperor!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and removes his helmet, revealing his real appearance, “Two months ago I used Wine Sword Technique and went back into the past. I got to know you as well as induce you to become the Demon Emperor. All of this is all my fault. But, you also have some responsibility. If you really insist on looking into it, then assume some of the mistakes with me!”

“Mistake? When did I make a mistake?”

Zhang Yunyun suddenly smiles. Her smile carries a kind of bitterness, “To you, it is only just a second to go back and forth. But for me, it was an entire 1300 years! Sword Emperor, big brother, you are so ruthless ah…”

She stretches her hand and touches her chest, “Do you know back then when your star breaking hand hit me, at that moment my starjade broke, when you sealed me in the Demon World, how painful my heart felt? Although you killed my mother, although you rejected to stay with me in the Demon World…but, I admit that I still possessed a trace of fantasy towards you…but you destroyed this bit of fantasy…big brother, you really…really…let me down too much.”

“If it was for you insisting on destroying the human realm, how would it make the two of us walk onto this kind of road?”

Liu Yi’s gaze is no longer timid as he looks straight into Zhang Yunyun’s eyes, “This road was chosen by the two of us. No matter what you want to do, I, Liu Yi will receive it. If you still wish to invade the human realm then I, Liu Yi will still fight you all the way to death. But, Yunyun, I do not wish to continue on the mistake from 1300 years ago. If you still wish to come back to my side, I will still treat you the same as back then. You are forever my little princess.”

Zhang Yunyun asked, “Your only little princess?”

Liu Yi smiles bitterly and shakes his head, “That…is not possible.”

He cannot for a single person, give up the rest of his women.

He admits that the Demon Emperor had given up quite a bit for him. But Murong Die, Wang Yuzheng, Lin Tong these girls, did any of them give up any less for him?

If he can only choose one of them then Liu Yi would really be unable to forgive himself.

He is destined to never belong to a single woman.

“Since that is the case then why is there a need to say anymore?”

Zhang Yunyun smiles coldly, “My good big brother. Can you return the affection that I had for you? In the past, you lied to me. Right now you are still lying to me. Big brother is lying to me?”

“Right now you still love to find fault on other people.”

Liu Yi sighs, “Why are you unwilling to see your own fault?”

“I am not wrong! I have never been wrong!”

Zhang Yunyun says loudly, “Is liking a person wrong? Is wishing to live together with you wrong? Big brother. Do not find any more excuses for your fickleness! You deserved to be killed! Let me personally kill you and then turn your corpse into a specimen. That way you can stay by my side forever!”

This girl.. started to have mental problems?

“You are mad!”

“Right, I am mad, so what!”

Zhang Yunyun laughs, “I indeed am mad, after falling in love with you I had completely and utterly turned mad! All of this was forced by you! It was forced by you do you know?”

Sweat, why does listening to it sound like scolding me, just that it is missing a word.

“Good big brother, I did not expect that you are still alive. But you must pay the price for this.”

Zhang Yunyun stretches out her hand and clenches it before saying, “After being hit by my Nine Yin God Qi, still live through it. Indeed you are the man that I admired. But, it shall end now. Today, I shall end you!”

“Very good.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath, “Let the 1300 years of hatred end at this moment.”

“As I wish! Big brother, just now I had already fully grasped that mystery of the gene map. Right now my starjades are starting to recover.”

As she speaks, she stretches out her hand and grabs the black longsword, “Back then the moves that I had learned from you, I shall use them to send you off!”

“Illusion extermination!”

Liu Yi had already slapped out at her while she swings her longsword.

“Ask gentlemen how much worry can he have, an entire Jiangdong river flows eastwards!”


Chapter 731     [Continue the fight from that day]

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