MKW Chapter 725

Chapter 725   [Title below]

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Grade A hunter’s strength based on starjades is around 10 to 11 star.

Back then when I got to know Big sister Li Biyue, her strength was 11 stars. Right now it seems like she had gotten a lot stronger.

These two fellows in front seem indeed have become stronger through combining with their beast. But their real-life battle experience is inferior to hers.

Even without using Dragon Transformation, it is very easy for Liu Yi to defeat them.

The two curved blade reaches his waist while Liu Yi only laughs before his finger swiftly draw out a seal and lets out a shout, “Seal!”

This is a body sealing curse. Liu Yi uses it very easily. Almost instantaneously that white attire hunter’s body was sealed there unable to move. A large ‘Seal’ word floats above of him,


The black attire hunter did not expect that his big brother would be so easily dealt with. While being shocked, he did not forget to attack himself!

The pincer on his arm waves towards Liu Yi carrying the sound of wind!

Liu Yi only stretches out a single arm and blocks that pincer.

At the same time, his other hand holds a handgun that was created from dark power and fires at his forehead.

A bullet immediately hits his forehead but was blocked by the crab carapace on his head.

“Hahaha, the carapace of mine has a very powerful defense!”

The black attire hunter laughs in delight, “Guns are useless towards me!”

“Then I’ll use fists.”

Liu Yi uses shadow steps and instantly appears in front of the black attire guy and slaps down on his forehead.

“Even a bullet is unable to pierce through what can you do about me!”

The black attire hunter is still very delighted and feels that his defense is unparalleled!

While Liu Yi snorts coldly and exerts strength with his hand.

-cracking sound-

That carapace on the black attire hunter’s forehead instantly breaks as his head got crushed as blood flows onto the ground.

“Little brother!”

The while attire hunter just undoes his seal only to see his little brother’s head got burst causing his eyes to turn red.

“The road on the yellow springs is very lonely. Go down and accompany him.”

Liu Yi imitates how those major villains usually say as he turns around pushes his hand down towards the white attire hunter charging over.

Little Taiji immediately appears out of nowhere and descends like white lightning and pierced through the white attire hunter’s head nailing his body onto the ground.

He immediately dies. The two hunters speed of suiciding is super fast.

“How, how is that possible…”

Qiao Jiahui does not know that Liu Yi has an even scarier identity. He only sees that the two high-rank hunters that he had used a large amount of money to hire were so easily killed. He is in disbelief and feels like he is dreaming.

“Just like that Old man Qiao had said, there are some powers in this world that you have never seen before.”

Liu Yi keeps his taiji sword before dusting off his hand. He had casually killed two hunters but it is like he had done something insignificant.

Some members of the Red Scarf Army step forward and skillfully start to handle the corpses. Causing Murong Hong and Qiao Jiahui to feel numb in their hearts.

Bullshit…this group of fellows looks like they had frequently killed people…indeed are people in the gangs, nothing good about them!

Old Man Qiao have a feeling that if he got killed, he would also be handled silently like this…

For a moment the chill in the air shrouds him causing him to tremble.

Murong Hong ah….just what kind of son-in-law did you find ah!

“Okay, those irksome presences were dealt with, Old man Qiao we ought to talk about serious matters now right?”

After dealing with the two hunters, Liu Yi sits back down again and ask Old man Qiao, “I this person is actually very easy to talk to. Regarding the earlier matter if Old man Qiao has any opinion you can raise it up.”

Easy to speak to your head! After killing two people in front of me, you actually tell me that you are easy to talk to!

Qiao Jiahui wishes to curse!

I had walk unhindered in the business for an entire lifetime but this is the first time I had met such an opponent!

In front of him, I feel that I am too weak and small …

Damn it, I am a big shot in the business world whose wealth can rival the country! How can I land in such a state!

Qiao Jiahui is unable to comprehend this matter!

But his blade is already pressing on my neck. Saying anything else is no use.

Qiao Jiahui finally can only admit defeat. His complexion is ashen as he says, “Two billion….I also do not have that many liquid funds as well…”

“Like this ah, father-in-law what do you think we should do?”

Liu Yi asks Murong Hong for his opinion to give him face.

“Ah…like this, anyways with my son-in-law’s face the bank will provide loans to me. Let Old man Qiao support me with a billion. We can also continue with our previous collaboration work right?”

“That’s right. We will be very good business partners …”

Qiao Jiahui ground two of his molars down.

“Good. Looks like this matter has ended.”

Liu Yi claps his hands and says in satisfaction, “Today I am happy with our first meeting. At the very least we all obtained what we wanted.”

What the heck it is you guys who had obtained what you wanted!

Today I Qiao Jiahui had lost big okay!

“For now there is no need for this club to be moved away. Old man Qiao just needs to remember to pay me the rent monthly. As for the money, send it to my Hongxing’s bank account.”

Liu Yi dust off his butt and stands up. His originally smiling face suddenly turns serious as killing intent pervade his eyes.

“Some more, there is one last thing that I want to tell Old man Qiao. Murong Die is my woman. Whoever who dares to have any thoughts about her, I will send him up to meet God! Old man Qiao is a smart person so I will not say anything else. Hope that the next time we meet, it will be even more enjoyable.”

Liu Yi turns around and walks out. Murong Hong hurried behind. Today he had finally let out this resentment!

Qiao Jiahui dispiritedly sits back down on his chair with a desire to cry but he has no tears.


Xiao Die had actually found a devil as a boyfriend ah!

“Liu Yi ah, this move of yours is too handsome! Back then why did I not seen it ah!”

As Murong Hong walks, he shamelessly butters up his son-in-law.

“Uncle has overpraised. These are just some mere trifles.”

Actually, Liu Yi is not being modest at all. Compared to some of the matters in the cultivation world, this matter is mere trifles.

“Hahaha, too modest already. If these are mere trifles then what is called a big matter? Save the world?”

Liu Yi listens to Murong Hong’s laughter as he says in his heart, saving the world would be out of the question, but I had just saved China recently.

“Let us go my good son-in-law. Today I am happy, let the two of us go and have some drinks!”

Murong Hong decided to be the host and invite Liu Yi out to drink but Liu Yi rejects.

“Forget it. Uncle, I had already agreed to treat Xiao Die and the rest to a meal! Furthermore, you must not tell Xiao Die that I had come and met you, otherwise, she will get angry!”

Recalling the way Murong Die was when she became angry, Liu Yi cannot help but shiver.

Murong Hong feels that it is weird. What the heck. Such an awesome guy would actually be afraid of his wife!

If this was spread out, who would fucking believe it!

Currently, the two of them are standing at the entrance of the club. Liu Yi calls a Red Scarf Army member over and says, “Find a car and send my father-in-law back.”


That Red Scarf Army member swiftly arranged a black A8 Audi and drives it to them.

“Uncle I shall not send you anymore. Let us drink the next time we meet!”

“Okay, okay. Liu Yi ah, this time around  thank you ah…”

Recalling his attitude when he first met Liu Yi, Murong Hong turns slightly red.

Back then there is no difference between me and Old man Qiao. But luckily later on my attitude towards him had changed otherwise he might just make me knock myself out here.

“Uncle is too polite. We are all one family, there is no need to speak so distantly.”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Murong Hong nods his head feeling warmth in his heart.

The Audi A8 drove away very quickly. Liu Yi also does not dare to tarry as he obediently returns to Qingbei to pick Murong Die and Wang Lele up.

Luckily Liu Yi knows how to ride a flying sword. This thing will not get caught in a car jam and soon he returned to Qingbei.

There is still a while before they leave and Liu Yi once again starts to be busy all the way until 7+ did they start packing up and leave.

Malatang and the likes are definitely not okay. Liu Yi leads the two girls to a rather not bad barbecue store outside of the school.

Actually to Murong Die and Wang Lele, eating anything is fine. As long as they are able to eat with Liu Yi, they are willing to eat unappetizing food.

The two girls keep telling Liu Yi about what had happened in the recent two months. Liu Yi can be considered as having an overdose of the missing information during these two months. The two girls are not very honest. Not drinking beverage, they instead ordered beer.

“Big brother Xiao Yi, anyways it is great that you had returned!”

After drinking a bit too much, Wang Lele’s face is very red and is no longer able to hold back her words.

“The period of time while you are not here, Big sister Xiao Die will mutter your name when dreaming.”

“Wh-what nonsense are you saying!”

Murong Die originally did not drink much. When she heard this her face turns red and immediately says, “When did this miss shout this fellow’s name when sleeping!”

“Hehe, if Big sister Xiao Die doesn’t believe, you can ask our roommates! They all hear it clearly ah!”

Wang Lele smiles with fawning in her eyes making Liu Yi’s heart becomes itchy as he looks.

This lass seems to have developed even better, furthermore, she had become even more mature and can be plucked and eaten!

“Clearly your sister! Mention again and I shall burst your milk tanks!”

Murong Die glares at Lele fiercely before placing down her chopsticks and stands up, scaring Wang Lele into hiding behind Liu Yi’s back.

“Big sister Xiao Die…there are so many people here…can we go back and squeeze alright?”

“Squeeze your sister! You this pervert, this miss is going to the toilet!”

Murong Die rolls her eyes before turning around and leaves.

Only then did Wang Lele pat her chest in relief and says, “Hehe, scared me to death. I thought that Big sister Xiao Die had gone berserk.”

“You, can’t you anger her less. This is a tempo of seeking death.”

Liu Yi looks at Wang Lele and cannot help but lovingly pinch her nose.

“How is that so ah…I am only saying the truth…”

Wang Lele pouts. That sexy little lip makes Liu Yi have the urge to bite it.

Liu Yi subconsciously asks, “That…Lele, you are not going to the toilet?”


Chapter 725     [Do what that needs to be done]

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