MKW Chapter 707

Chapter 707  [Remember I am from Solo Sect]

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“What is this?”

The three experts look at the golden light below and become suspicious.

“Do not know…could it be that China guy is still alive?”

The girl frowns, “Not possible ah. After being bitten by my bug mist…how is it possible for him to be still alive?”

At this moment, from below comes the voice of Liu Yi, “Dragon Transformation four!”

Streams of golden lightning arc out splitting up and attack the bug group.

A man’s figure is standing there carrying a surge of irresistible aggressiveness.

A single horn grew out from his forehead as his eyes turn golden red. A pair of dragon wings flap behind his back gently before he withdraws it, tucking it on his back.

He is wearing a golden dragon emperor armor as golden light flashes. Golden lightning arc like living little snakes swimming around his body.

Liu Yi exercises his throat before smiling merrily and says, “The feeling of Dragon Transformation 4 is not bad.”

“This is not possible!” The girl exclaims, “After eating my bug mist move, you are actually still alive?! Who on earth are you!”

“No wonder the top want your power…indeed you are interesting!”

The Heavenly General angel smiles widely, “But even if you improve by a step, you are still not the opponent of the three of us working together!”

“Climb up again? Good. Indeed you are a qualified opponent!”

The redhead youngster clenches his fist around the greatsword in his hand, “Come, I shall kill you, you sinister heart devil!”

“Good I was stifled for a number of days. Let me accompany you guys to exercise a bit.”

Liu Yi stands there and exercises his joints.

“Too arrogant already you Chinaman. To actually look down on the Heaven Realm Army! Let me tell you, my Heaven Realm Army has countless experts. If you do not wish to die, you better surrender and dedicate your powers to my Heaven Realm Army to use! Otherwise, I shall destroy your soul right now!”

“Hmph. To actually look down on my Yamato Unit, let me tell you, I am the real elite!”

The heavenly general angel and redhead youngster were both indignant.

The girl only smiles coldly, “China people are a race that like face. Already at this crucial point, you are still not conceding? Wish to confront the three of us experts? Just you?”

She takes a deep breath as golden bugs fly out from her back, “Come, let the three of us thoroughly beat this Chinaman into kneeling!”


The redhead youngster nods his head.

“As long as you do not harm his soul, I do not mind even if you destroy his flesh body!”

The Heavenly General angel also says, “Let’s take out all of our strength!”

“Take this!”

The girl gathers all of her bugs together and finally forms a golden storm which twists towards Liu Yi!

“Soul technique no 3: Descending Coffin!”

The redhead youngster also condenses out his technique. Different from previously, this time around it is an enormous 10 meters all coffin that is dropping from the sky, descending towards Liu Yi’s head.

“God’s judgment!”

The Heavenly General angel also stretches out his hand and points at the sky.

The clouds in the sky parts as a golden light beam of light falls from the sky shining on Liu Yi.


Seeing the three big moves falling from the sky, Liu Yi did not dodge. Instead, he enters a horse-stance and takes a deep breath.

Following which, a dragon breath sprays towards the sky!

Gathered within this dragon breath is the power of black lightning. These black lightning keeps revolving and forms a twister that rampages towards the three of them in the sky!

The three descending techniques were all crushed by Liu Yi’s black dragon breath!

This twister ravages and destroys all of their big moves before arriving in front of the three ‘experts’!

“What! Why is it so powerful!”

“Our strength…is actually ineffective?”

The three of them were terrified but they reacted very quickly. They respectively escape, dodging away from the black twister!

The black twister directly charges up the sky, breaking the electric net in the sky before tearing up the vast sky and finally actually charges out of the atmosphere, tearing apart an artificial satellite of Japan!

For a while, the tv of a lot of Japanese lost their signal and turned into static!

“What…what is this strength….”

The redhead youngster stares at the black lightning twister that pierces through the sky not knowing what to say and only feels his heart shuddering.

“Save me ah…”

The girl finally understood that she is not his opponent.

She flaps her bug wings, wishing to escape.

While Liu Yi’s figure disappears from the spot and instantly appears in front of her.

“Sorry. You are not allowed to leave.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he kicks that girl.

Her body instantly turns into a cannonball before crashing into the ground below, creating a hole on the steel ground.

“You as well, if you wish to become an expert, it is possible, but strength should be cultivated yourself bit by bit. What kind of experts rely on external strength?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he appears in front of the redhead youngster.

He was shocked as he swings the greatsword in his hands immediately at Liu Yi’s head!

Liu Yi uses his right hand that is covered with the black armor before waving.

The greatsword directly got snapped into two, broken into pieces by Liu Yi’s arm!

The redhead youngster glances at his broken sword as his heart is filled with despair as he shouts, “Aren’t you also borrowing the strength of this armor as well?”

“Hahaha, this armor strength was cultivated by me.”

How would this fellow know of the mysticism of Body Protecting Spiritual Beast!

“I do not believe! I do not believe ah! How can there be anyone stronger than me, I am the strongest elite in Yamato Unit!”

“A Yamato Unit only. There is a mountain above another mountain, how is it possible for you to understand?”

Recalling the horrifying Great God Sect Sect Leader, Liu Yi trembles with fear.

Even with my current strength, perhaps I am still unable to defeat him!

Back then I was also so proud, had never eaten any lost and thought that no one can defeat me.

All the way until I met Great God Sect Sect Leader who beat me awake…he is a real expert!

As for this Japanese youngster in front, isn’t he similarly egotistic, considers everyone beneath himself, behaving like an elite?

Then I shall help out and beat him awake.

Alas, how are my actions different from a saint!

“Baka! I will let you understand my strength!”

The redhead youngster feels like his self-esteem had gotten insulted! As a Yamato elite youngster, how could I lose to a mere Shina pig!

Thinking to here, he releases a surge of anger as a broken sword in his hand transformed into an eye-catching sword of light before he slashes it at Liu Yi’s throat!

“Amaterasu Okami, bestow me strength!”

The redhead youngster shouts as he prepares to slash off Liu Yi’s head!

While Liu Yi only laughs coldly before suddenly letting out a shout as a dazzling gold light ejects out from his body!

A glistening dazzling little golden sun appears behind him!

This time round Liu Yi did not show mercy and the redhead youngster immediately got sent flying away. At the same time, his body received very serious internal injuries as his 5 viscera and six bowels were churned causing him to vomit out blood immediately!

“So….so scary…”

That Heavenly General angel’s face turns pale as he shivers while floating there. The confidence in his eyes earlier had now turned into horror. Right now, he only wishes to escape!

“Just a tiny bird man and you also dare to offend my China’s prestige?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pointing towards the Heavenly General angel!

Instantly Asura King’s enormous arm flies out before grabbing the Heavenly General angel’s body and raises him into the sky.

“Just based on you and you also wish to make use of my strength?”

Liu Yi’s voice is like thunder, jolting that Heavenly General angel until his ears start bleeding.


Liu Yi tosses with his arm and that Asura King’s arm also does the same tossing action, tossing the Heavenly General angel smashing into the ground.

In just a blink of an eye, Liu Yi directly destroys their cooperation and beat the three so-called experts up very badly.

The valiant martial force shock a lot of people. Currently, Liu Yi is in the air with that dazzling golden sun floating behind his head making him look like a god!

Scary….this guy is very scary….

This scary guy is actually a china person…

A lot of people present starts recalling the conflicting views and hatred between China and Japan. Then they recall how Japan keeps provoking China and instantly they start to sweat…

Damnit…isn’t this just asking for death?

As long as this fellow use a bit of strength, perhaps half of Japan would instantly be destroyed!

“Why would I still lose…”

The redhead youngster is lying on the ground and he shouts in pain, “Why is a shina pig so strong!”

“Really your still just trash ah…”

At this moment, a voice sighs faintly.

Liu Yi’s gaze is immediately attracted over only to see a guy wearing a white mask standing by the redhead youngster’s side.

“After giving you such a powerful strength, you are actually still so trashy. Indeed you are too weak ah.”

“Who are you?”

Seeing the guy in a white mask, Liu Yi only feels that his aura is rather familiar.

“Hehe, who I am is not important. You only need to know that I am your enemy.”

The white mask man laughs coldly, “Your enemy will create a lot of trouble for you one…for example now!”

He opens the container in his hands and take out a syringe and injects it into the neck of the redhead youngster who is unable to retaliate.

“You, you, you…what did you inject me with?”

“Hehe, this is a quintessence drug that we had refined. It is able to help you become a god!”

The white masked guy laughs and says, “After becoming a god, remember us. We are, Solo Sect!”

“Solo Sect your sister!”

Liu Yi slaps out with his palm towards that white masked guy!

The enormous asura palm also slaps out while using the Glorious Sun Technique: Illusion Extermination!

With the support of the asura arm, this palm is even more ferocious!

Instantly the ground of the entire artificial island got smashed into pieces as an enormous palm print is left on the ground!


Chapter 707     [Remember I am from Solo Sect]


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