MKW Chapter 704

Chapter 704  [God is very scary]

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“It was you…”

Yunsen Akemi is completely stunned. She never expected that the person she always wished to defeat…would actually be her teacher, her most beloved boyfriend…

For a while, she is really unable to accept it.

“Return Beheading!”

Liu Yi joins the two swords together and carries the blades wrapped in golden red flames as he lands among the zombies. After which he revolves his body and swings his blades. The flames are like a windmill sweeping in a circle, instantly cutting a large number of zombies in the surrounding into two before burning them into ashes!

Seeing Liu Yi emerging, Yunsen Oishi immediately screams out, “Who are you!”

“I am a person who will take your dog life!”

Liu Yi looks at the Yunsen Oishi on the screen and sneers, “Yunsen Oishi, you are covered in crimes from head to toe, today it is time to send you to hell!”

“Prosperous! Just based on you? Die to my zombie army!”

Yunsen Oishi roars in anger and the zombies immediately change directions and charge towards Liu Yi.

“Good! I shall send all of you to hell!”

Liu Yi suddenly gathers the not complete Buddhist qi in his body before stretching his hands in front of him.

A golden staff condenses out bit by bit and appears in mid-air!

From the sky come the chanting of Buddhist scripture spread all over the place!

Upon hearing this Buddhist voice, the zombies start wailing and seem to be in great pain!

Buddhist qi can sweep all evil! Liu Yi believes this firmly!

The golden staff is 3m tall around a finger thick. Its shape becomes more and more clear like it is real!

The Buddha voice in the sky becomes more and more deafening causing the zombies to bleed black blood from their ear, nose, mouth before kneeling onto the ground.

The elite zombies are nowhere better as they are fearful and nervous as they huddle together while shuddering.

On top of this staff gathers all of the Buddhist qi in Liu Yi’s body which must be formidable!

“Transcend for me!”

Liu Yi presses down with both hand as the staff ferociously smashed onto the deck of the artificial island.

A surge of circular golden light immediately spread out and directly battered the surface of the entire artificial island.

All of the zombies turn into ashes under the attack of this light!

Even the elite zombies as well. All of them turn into fine powder under the attack of the golden light.

“What…what is this strength…”

Yunsen Oishi is stunned as he trembles on the screen.

“This is the strength of righteous.”

Liu Yi withdraws his God of Fire Amour before sticking his hands into his pockets and stands there looking at the screen, “Yunsen Oishi. You thought that you had hidden very well? I h already found your location.”

Through Little Jade’s ability, Liu Yi had already found where Yunsen Oishi had hidden.

Indeed it is in this artificial island. Furthermore, his hiding place is very obvious.

“Come out and meet face to face. Don’t you think that it is very boring hiding underground?”

“You thought that I do not dare to come out? You think that I would be afraid of your strength?”

Yunsen Oishi laughs, “You are thinking too highly of yourself already! What you have seen is nothing but a portion of my strength! On my side is the most perfect product!”

The ground in front slowly opens up. Yunsen Oishi is sitting on a chair as he rises with a black container behind him which no one knows what is inside.

From that container, Liu Yi senses a kind of indistinct threat.

Liu Yi becomes curious, What is inside that container?

Yunsen Akemi is also the same. She looks at the container not know what other methods her father is going to use next.

“Yunsen Akemi ah, you are only a failed product.”

Yunsen Oishi sits there as he looks at Yunsen Akemi and says, “But a failed product can pull out such strength from the sakura armor which really makes me surprise ah.”

“Failed product, what failed product?”

Liu Yi says coldly, “Yunsen Oishi you bastard. Who would call his own daughter like this?”

“Daughter? Hahahaha, who says that she is my daughter?”

Yunsen Oishi keeps laughing as his words shocked the rest of the people.

What does this mean, to prove that he does not even want his daughter anymore?

“My daughter, my Yunsen Akemi, she is here ah!”

As he speaks he presses the remote control in his hand. Instantly the container behind him opens revealing a transparent glass casing behind him.

Inside the glassware soaks a female figure. She is floating inside there peacefully and is only wearing a long white dress.

Seeing here everyone present got shocked! Because the appearance of the girl is none that than Yunsen Akemi!

“This is my real daughter! The Yunsen Akemi standing over there is nothing but a failed clone that’s all! Hahaha!”

Yunsen Oishi laughs madly, causing the heart of Yunsen Akemi to turn chill.

She slowly sinks to her knees. I….am only a clone…

No wonder…I cannot remember the that I used to have a lover in the past….no wonder my memories of the past are so vague….no wonder….father could abandon me, unconcerned at all…

I am just a clone….hehehe…

“Don’t be upset.”

Liu Yi is also shocked in his heart, he bends over and pulls Yunsen Akemi into his embrace and says, “No matter who you are…you will be my Akemi.”


Yunsen Akemi suddenly starts crying. Her tears fall onto Liu Yi’s shoulder wetting his shirt.

“Be good. It is nothing…no matter what, I am here….”

Liu Yi senses the emptiness and fear in Yunsen Akemi’s heart and embraced her tightly.

“Just a clone and you still wish to have a father and daughter relationship with me?”

Yunsen Oishi sneers as he says coldly, “Back when I created you it was just to substitute my daughter. Because my darling daughter is going to become the First God to be implanted with the X-virus!”

“God? What a joke!”

Liu Yi pats Yunsen Akemi’s back before standing up. He turns around and says to Yunsen Oishi, “She being there is nothing but a pitiful test subject that’s all. Yunsen Oishi your ambitions ought to stop at this point. No matter that X-virus of yours or your Beheading Dragon Palm, I will destroy them!”

“Oh? You actually know of Beheading Dragon Plan?” Yunsen Oishi becomes vigilant, “Who on earth are you?”

“China’s Law Enforcement Official.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hand a Little Taiji flies out from inside his body and whistle as it spiral around the sky filled with spirituality as it flies around Liu YI.

“All those that dare to tarnish my China’s prestige, kill without pardon!”

“Hahaha, China’s Law Enforcement Official? What a joke!”

Yunsen Oishi does not place Liu Yi’s threat in his eyes, “In front of my darling daughter you are all nothing! ”

“Imitations ah. Right now I shall let you see who is the real Yunsen Akemi!”

As Yunsen Oishi speaks he presses his remote again and the glass case split open and the liquid inside drips all over the ground.

While the girl floating inside lands on the ground and squats there before slowly opening her eyes.

The girl stands up as the drenched white dress she is wearing suddenly turns dry. She looks at Yunsen Oishi by her side and asks, “Finally you woke me up…father…”

“That’s right my darling daughter. Go and put an end to that impostor clone! As well as that China man by her side, get rid of both of them!”

“Hehe…understood my dear father.”

The girl turns her head around and glances at Yunsen Akemi. “Really look the same as me ah…that guy is your boyfriend? Hehe…in the end your foresight is too bad. The real boyfriend of I, Yunsen Akemi needs to be a hundred times more handsome!”

“That gigolo?”

Yunsen Akemi’s face turns pale while Liu Yi laughs loudly, “Most probably this so-called certified, her taste is only so-so that’s all.”

“Stinky guy!”

The young girl snorts, “After eliminating that imitation, I shall come and deal with you!”

She slowly raises her pure white palm.

“It had been a long time since I came out. It seems like I am still not that familiar with my strength…”

That small hand of her’s land on the building by the side and instantly the building got pierced through. After which it starts rumbling as it starts collapsing.

This scene frightens a lot of people!

Just how horrifying is this strength ah! Just a palm destroyed an entire cement building!

This woman….is very scary ah!

“Hahaha, this is my good daughter ah! Your strength is too perfect! God, really a god ah!”

Yunsen Oishi laughs loudly with delight in his laughter.

Choshunior Susukino is stunned as she watches all of this as she mutters, “Pervert…this guy is really too perverted…”

“Right now it is your turn imitation.”

The girl’s figure disappears from her spot and instantly appears in front of Yunsen Akemi. After which her palm slaps towards Yunsen Akemi’s forehead.

Even the building got destroyed, how could Yunsen Akemi’s body be able to take such a slap!

The girl is smiling. With her strength instant killing an imitation good is suitable.

In this world, there can only be a person who is called Yunsen Akemi!

While at this moment Liu Yi who was standing behind Yunsen Akemi had appeared in front of her out of nowhere. At the same time, he sends out a palm clashing against the girl’s palm head-on.

At that time, the girl wishes to laugh. This idiot is really mad and wishes to be a hero saving the beauty?

Perhaps his body will be turned into mincemeat by me!

But very quickly she is unable to smile anymore because the guy is still perfectly fine and did not even take a step back. As for her body, it was actually sent flying away and pierced through a building behind before piercing through another building then finally crashed into another large building before stopping.

“How is this possible!”

Yunsen Oishi stands up as he looks at Liu Yi, his eyes nearly pop out!

“How is it possible for you to defeat my darling daughter! This is not possible!”

“Only 13 stars.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Did you really think that you had created a god? Let me tell you, god, is even scarier than this!”


Chapter 704    [God is very scary]


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  1. Well second boyfriend explained,
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