MKW Chapter 699

Chapter 699  [Yamato Unit]

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When Liu Yi hears this voice he raises his head to take a look. Only to see a few figures flying in through the hole and stand in front of him.

These figures appear to be around 16/7 youngsters. Each of them has an air of arrogance on their face like they are the proud Sons/Daughters of Heaven.

They are wearing some advanced combat armor which does not completely cover their entire body but it is a half body armor with individual characteristic.

The armors are also in various colors and Yin-Yang symbols are engraved on the armor.

A youngster who looks like the leader has a high-tech lens in front of his eyes which he uses to scan Liu Yi.

“Combat power of 5k, trash.”

“Only this bit of combat power and he made those useless policemen suffer a crushing defeat.”

By the side a lightly putting on weight youngster is nibbling on a drumstick as he lets out a weird laugh, “To deploy our Yamato Unit for this kind of trash, really is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!”

The red-head leader ask arrogantly, “Who will go and deal with him?”

“Let me do it!”

A young girl who looks more like a junior high student walks forward, “Dealing with this kind of trash, there is no need for seniors to take action.”

“Oh? Little Cherisosu is going to take action?”

There is also someone who says by the side, “Although Little Cherisosu had just joined the Yamato Unit recently but her combat power is not bad! You have around 100k combat power, dealing with such trash is really a waste.”

The red-head waves his hand and says, “Go, I give you three seconds.”

“Understood senior!”

That young girl calls Little Cherisosu immediately walks in front of Liu Yi. The combat armor that she is wearing it purple which is somewhat graceful.

“No matter who you are, meeting us Yamato Unit you are considered unlucky.”

As Little Cherisosu speaks she waves her hand as an enormous purple katana got summoned from the sky and lands in her armored hands.

Liu Yi did not say anything as he looks at the around ten starjade strength girl.

China had used gene map to create the 12 zodiacs earth grade experts while Japan is also able to cultivate out the same grade existence?

Their strength also seems to be depended on Yin-Yang symbols and this kind of strange combat armor.

Nevermind, on the contrary, I can experience a bit just what is the combat power of this Yamato Unit.

“Report your name before dying!”

Little Cherisosu lifts the enormous katana and points at Liu Yi before saying loudly, “There has never been a nameless ghost under my hands!”

“It is best for you to go back and study obediently.”

Liu Yi advises, “You do not understand the adult world.”

“Baka! You actually dare to look down on me!”

That young girl instantly becomes angered, “Just a slag with a combat power of 5k! Watch how I kill you!”

The Yin-Yang symbols on her armor light up like it is gathering power!

The katana in her hand flips over as a surge of blade qi instantly assaults Liu Yi.

There is a pillar in front of Liu Yi which was instantly split into two by the blade qi which shows how sharp that blade qi is!

Liu Yi also did not choose to resist this attack head-on. His body leans slightly to the side, dodging the blade qi.

The blade qi continues to chop towards the back, slicing the wall behind Liu Yi before flying into the sky.

Indeed, although she possesses the strength of ten stars, but her power is a lot weaker.

Seeing this move, Liu Yi can determine it. Like the gene beast, although they have the grade but they do not know how to make use of the corresponding power.

As for this point, it is still cultivators who are the best, steadily and surely slowly increase in grade bit by bit.

Strength and the likes need to accumulate over a long period of cultivation. Furthermore, Liu Yi had already experienced so much actual combat, he is a real expert in fighting.

“Oh? I actually let you dodge it?”

The young girl is very shocked to see Liu Yi dodging her attack.

But she is not too shocked. She only stretches out her right hand and forms a Yin-Yang seal before pointing at Liu Yi.

“Soul technique no.2: Soul Lock!”

At that instant, Liu Yi felt his soul is trembling faintly!

Luckily my soul is extremely strong. Otherwise, I would really might be hit by that move!

It is like there is a chain coiling around my soul but it was destroyed by my strength.

“Now that your soul is imprisoned by me, let’s see how you dodge!”

The young girl says in delight, “Watch my blade qi!”

She raises her katana again and aims at Liu Yi before slashing out a blue blade qi.

This blade qi is very sharp and very quick as it makes a beeline for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not dodge this time round. He only raises his hand use his palm that was wrapped covered in black armor to receive the blade qi.


The blue blade qi that conquered all obstacles was actually crushed into pieces by Liu Yi’s palm!


That young girl got a huge shock while those youngsters behind here were even more flabbergasted!

“How is this possible! Little Cherisosu’s blade qi is able to cut steel! How can this fellow block it with his palm?!”

“This is not possible, something must have gone wrong!”

There also a number of exclamations, while at this moment Liu Yi stretches out his hand. His palm is emitting green smoke.

Although her blade qi is very sharp but it is unable to break open the armor created from my dark powers ah!

“If you only have this bit of strength then it is best if you youngsters hurry and go back to study.”

Liu Yi withdraw his palm and says, “Studying, dating, having a crush aren’t these very good?”

“Damn it! He is humiliating us!”


The youngsters instantly become angered, “Little Cherisosu use your full strength and kill this slag!”

“For the honor of Yamato Unit!”

“Hai! Seniors, I’ll be attacking!”

A fierce glint appears in Little Cherisosu’s eyes. Liu Yi is unable to imagine how is it possible for such a young girl to possess such a ferocious gaze.

“I’m going to kill you!”

The young girl’s figure instantly appears in front of Liu Yi as she waves her katana that is covered with sharp blade qi as she attacks Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is very calm as he uses Spirit Fox Steps and continuously dodges her blade qi.

“Baka if you have guts then do not dodge!”

The young girl starts panicking. Being unable to touch Liu Yi at all, her heart starts to become agitated.

She starts waving her katana faster and faster.

Liu Yi suddenly thought of something and lets out a smile as he dodges back.

“Where are you hiding! Watch my blade!”

The young girl withdrew her katana to her waist and executes iaido she leaps forward.


Instantly a sharp blade qi slashes towards Liu Yi like the character 1 in Chinese.

Liu Yi uses shadow step and instantly appears behind the girl.

While the blade qi continues forward and slashed apart the famous Picasso painting behind Liu Yi before flying out of the museum and into the night sky.

Seeing this scene Little Cherisosu kneels down and starts screaming, “Ahhhhh!”

I…I actually destroyed this priceless painting!

Gods, even If I got sold, it would not be enough to pay for it!

“Damn it, to actually trick Little Cherisosu into destroying the painting!”

That little fatty seems to have some goodwill towards this young girl. Seeing this scene he exploded in anger. He grabs two axes and brandished them at Liu Yi.

“It was spoilt by you people, it is not related to me.”

Liu Yi teases, not placing the little fatty in his eyes.

Although the opponent possesses 10 starjade strength but their combat strength is too low and don’t even have the combat ability of earth realm.

“Go and die!”

Little fatty’s axes are chopping down at Liu Yi from two sides.

Liu Yi only stretches out two hands and blocks both axes. At the same time, he kicks that fatty’s chest.

The fatty is instantly sent flying out and crashes against the way behind heavily before tumbling outside.

“How could this be!”

“There is actually…no ability to resist at all!”

This is the first time the entire group of Yamato Unit elite got shocked. They were originally very confident and very arrogant in their heart.

Their instructor had also keep telling them that they are the world strongest branch of armed forces!

On their body is the combination of Japan’s best science and technology power as well as Ishi Family’s Yin-Yang technique’s might!

Their members at the very least possess the might of above 100k combat power! But why is it this task they would be so badly beaten by a mysterious man until they cannot retaliate?!

“This person is very powerful. His combat power is definitely not just 5k!”

The redhead determined, “Do not believe in the value of the machine. Everyone attack with full strength and take down this enemy!”

He leads at the front. He raises a greatsword with one hand while forming the Yin-Yang seal with the other and points at Liu Yi.

“Soul Technique No.3: Falling Coffin!”

The museum’s ceiling was blasted open as a three meters tall coffin that was gathered from the soul technique, drops from the sky right at Liu Yi!

Liu Yi does not mind as he raises his hand as Asura Qi activates.

Although Liu Yi is not able to use 100% of the Asura Qi might, but at the very least he is able to use 20% which is enough to deal with the Japanese little ghost!

An enormous purple arm flies out from out the void and the palm slaps into the descending coffin stopping it before grabbing it and toss it away casually.


The coffin instantly smashed 3 of the Japanese youngsters who are rushing over away.

“Gods what is this strength!”

They were shocked as they had never seen before such kind of ability!

Seeing that not a single one of them seems to be inferior to this mysterious guy in terms of strength, the redhead got a shock and at the same time, he gave a new order, “Don’t care! Continue to surround and attack! Everyone use long-range attacks!”

This command is very wise. The remaining 10+ youngsters of Yamato Unit who still possess operational capability immediately disperse. After which all of them raises their right hand and starts forming Yin-Yang seals together.

“Sudden Thunder, attack at the same time!”

The red-head commands and the rest of the youngsters immediately shout, “Soul Technique No.1: Sudden Thunder!”

Instantly from their palm a stream of white lightning shoot towards Liu Yi from all directions!


Chapter 699  [Yamato Unit]

Great more enemies like he does not have enough yet…

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