MKW Chapter 688

Chapter 688  [Picture]

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Anna seems to listen to what Liu Yi says. She claps her hands and the silver barrier in the surrounding instantly disappears.

Liu Yi walks to the door and pulls open the door. Outside a black suit guy had waited until he starts to wipe away his sweat. His face is anxious and nearly kneels down when he sees Liu Yi.

“Mr. Liu, you had finally came out, I waited for a long time! Quickly get in the car!”

The black suit guy is almost about to cry as he pulls Liu Yi’s hand and says, “The president had urged a few times already! If you had come out any later, I would have already committed harakiri as an apology!”

“Sweat, how would it be so exaggerated.”

Liu Yi is also slightly ashamed. Just now he had only concentrated on watching the two girls fight and forgot about this suffering brother.

“Mr. Liu, Mr. Liu quickly board the car!”


Liu Yi looks at Anna who is following behind him. Indeed that black suit guy completely ignores her. Looks like ordinary people indeed are unable to see this female angel.

If they had seen, perhaps they will be shocked into reporting the police and say that I had imprisoned the popular idol…

“Mr Liu, this way please!”

The black suit guy respectfully wipes away his sweat as he raises an umbrella covering over Liu Yi’s head.

Liu Yi is slightly rueful, this fellow’s service is quite thorough.

Outside is originally drizzling. But it becomes heavier and heavier. Liu Yi follows the black suit guy and boards a black Bentley which was parked outside.

“Humans really know how to enjoy themselves ah.”

At an unknown time, Anna was already sitting opposite Liu Yi as she looks at the raindrops outside. She says ruefully, “It is all because of coveting pleasure that they had forgotten to pursue strength.”

“Don’t say it like this. Even in this current era, China still has cultivators.”

As Liu Yi speaks he flips his palm as a stream of flame emerges. It transforms into a small dragon around the size of a centipede and revolves around his arm.

“This is….that god dragon that sent that Heaven Realm Army fellow flying away…”

Anna’s gaze is attracted to the mini dragon.

“Yes, it is him.”

Liu Yi nods his head, while that fire god dragon also is quite spirited. It arrogantly opens its mouth and breaths out a stream of flame.

“It is really hard to imagine….that such a small thing was able to defeat him…”

“Na Xumi in a mustard seed.”

Liu Yi says unhurriedly, “In my china, a grain of sand can contain the power of a realm. So, if you look down on this small fire god dragon, it means that it can cause you to face death.”

“Still a bit hard to believe….”

Anna stretches out her finger and tries to touch that fire god dragon. But it breathes out fire and forced Anna’s finger back.

“Fire god dragon’s temperament is fierce ah.”

Liu Yi laughs as he withdraws his fire god dragon, “You had already seen my strength. If the western Heaven Realm Army really comes and finds trouble for me, I will fight against them to the end. But who will be the one who bleeds….who knows.”

After Liu Yi finished, he no longer says anything. He only reclines on the chair and closes his eyes.

Anna also does not dare to disturb Liu Yi. Her gaze is clouded like she is thinking of something.

She is probably thinking about the future of the Heaven Realm.

Liu Yi is not a pushover that they had thought, but is a powerful expert. His strength, based on what he said, if it is comparable to Heaven King…then Heaven realm, will really have difficulty.

What should I do? Continue to protect Liu Yi or…take advantage when he is distracted and kill him?

Cannot….my strength is not enough to kill him. Even a sneak attack is useless. After all, in his body, there is a body protecting the spirit.

Why don’t I stay by his side and observe first? Just how strong is he, what kind of power does he had then make further plans.

After making her decision, Anna did not say anything else as she silently guards by Liu Yi’s side.

The car did not dive into Yunsen House, instead, it directly drove into an airport in the outskirts.

A normal car would not be able to drive into the airport directly but Yunsen Family car is able to. Because they own a private plane.

Safety checks and the likes to Yunsen Family is just idle talk.

The car direct stops on the runway of the plane track. The black suit guy opens the car door for Liu Yi. When Liu Yi opens his eyes, he sees a small airplane on the apron.

Good fellow, indeed is a rich person, going out uses a private plane.

“Mr. Liu, please board the plane!”

The black suit guy looks at the time and starts sweating.

He raises the umbrella but Liu Yi waves him away. He directly walks into the rain and up the steps into the plane.

Choshunior Susukino is already sitting inside for a long time. She is drinking red wine by the side as she glances at Liu Yi walking in.

“You fellow! What are you doing ah, what time is it now, you really can drag time ah!”

“Oi, oi, oi, I also have my own things to do okay?”

Liu Yi is unrestrained as he retorts, “You did not even give any warning beforehand and immediately sent people to my door to pick me up. Could it be that I do not need to prepare?”

Choshunior Susukino sneers and says, “What is there to prepare. It is not like you need to bring luggage. I will buy for you everything that you need over there.”

“I am not kept by you, do you understand?” Liu Yi reminds, “I will naturally prepare the things that I need myself.”

“Hehe, I just like you like this.”

Choshunior Susukino is not angry. Instead, she smiles and says, “Like a hard to subdue wild horse, really makes me have the desire to conquer.”

“What the, I am not a wild horse, I am a human.”

Liu Yi sits down opposite Choshunior Susukino and says impolitely, “Furthermore, who wishes to subdue me, must be careful of falling into my hands first.”

Anna stands by the side silently like a statue as she looks at the two of them speaking, saying in her heart, why are human’s interactions so strange?

“If it is you, it does not hurt if I fall into enemy hands for a bit.”

Choshunior Susukino lightly stooping on top of the table and licks her lip at Liu Yi.

Today Choshunior Susukino is wearing formal wear. Inside is a white blouse with a very low neckline.

With her upper body pressed against the table like this, a deep gorge is squeezed out. The two breasts seem to be about to burst out any moment and is really attracting people’s gaze.

Liu Yi must admit that she has a lot of charm. He is not any monk, naturally he also secretly glances a few times.

But Liu Yi does not have any other thoughts. Although he is fickle, he is not fickle in love.

This Choshunior Susukino does not have any kind intention to me. So whatever she says I will not fall into her methods!

Liu Yi withdraws his gaze before says mockingly, “Forget it. I am not interested in aunty.”

Originally Liu Yi is starting at her chest making Choshunior Susukino’s slightly delighted in her heart. But very quickly, he swiftly withdraws his gaze and mocks her making her a bit unable to take it.

Is he a man or not!

But I cannot get angry, cannot erupt…if I become angered, then I would lose!

This guy will not be able to escape from my palm!

Choshunior Susukino swiftly adjusts her mental state before says sweetly, “Dabo-san, if you say it like this you will make people’s heart shatter ah.”

Liu Yi cannot help but gives her a thumbs-up in the dark. This woman’s strength is very deep!

She actually did not fly into a rage out of humiliation, instead, she rapidly adjusts her mood and uses a tantrum method to soften my attitude!

“Your heart had already disappeared.”

Liu Yi does not take this trick. He smiles, “If you want to deal with me then don’t use this trick. I’ll take honey trap, but if it is not a beauty it is naturally not effective.”

This sentence causes Choshunior Susukino’s chest to heaves a few times as anger fills her eyes.

“Dabo-san, could it really be that in your eyes there is really no me?”

“I already have Yunsen Ameki.”

Liu Yi reminds Choshunior Susukino, “So, based on China’s position in the family hierarchy, you are my sister-in-law you better not fantasize about others anymore.”

“Liu Dabo! Don’t think that you are a popular person!”

Choshunior Susukino is finally unable to take it as she slaps the table and stand up and says angrily, “Me liking you is giving you face! You don’t climb all over me and fail to appreciate my kindness!”

“Finally cannot hold back your anger?”

Liu Yi picks up another wine cup and says, “Say it, what is your thoughts”

“Hmph, Liu Dabo, you think that you are really smart is it?”

In the first round of confrontation, it is obvious that Choshunior Susukino had lost. She sits down again as she put on the safety belt properly before smiling.

“You think that you understand Yunsen Ameki a lot?”

Choshunior Susukino props her chin as she looks at Liu Yi, a sentence within a sentence.

“What do you mean?”

“You are cheating Yunsen Ameki and toying with her feelings. Do you think that Yunsen Ameki that lass is being frank to you? Hehe….too funny already.”

“What do you mean. Say it clearly!”

Liu Yi frowns as his voice starts to turn cold.

“Nothing, only just reminding you that’s all.”

Choshunior Susukino smiles as proudness start to appear in her eyes. “Don’t look down on girls so much. Do you really think that you are a love saint is it? The moment to chase after one she will become yours?”

“Choshunior Susukino do you wish to die in this plane?”

Liu Yi crushes the cup in his hand. After which he slaps his hand down sending those glass fragments to bury deep into the wooden table in front, making Choshunior Susukino feel shocked when she sees this!

This fellow…is really scary…

Right now Choshunior Susukino senses a bit of horror…but she does not wish to admit defeat like this!

Thus she thickens her skin and says, “Nothing much just wish to remind you.”

“Remind me what? You say that Yunsen Ameki is not devoted to me?”

Liu Yi continues to question, “Wish to incite disharmony in our relationship? Hmph, just you? Will I believe?”

“Then you take a look at this.”

Choshunior Susukino takes out an iPad and turns it on. After which she pulls out a photo and showed it to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi takes a look and instantly got a shock.

In the photo is Yunsen Ameki and from the looks of it, it should be a recent photo. She is leaning against a young guy in the photo and smiling very sweetly.

While that youngster is holding Yunsen Ameki’s shoulder with deep love in his eyes.

This photo is not fake….

Damn it! Just what is going on!


Chapter 688  [Picture]

So any guesses on what happened?

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