MKW Chapter 624

Chapter 624   [Robots general mobilization]


At this moment Liu Yi had walked in front of the large iron door.

This factory is 3 stories high. A heavy pulled down thick iron gate. The chains that are used to move the iron door are already locked in place by rust.

While the above there is a small window and beside it is a water pipe. If I climb in from here, I should be able to enter the factory.

But Liu Yi did not do as what Liu Hongxian and Zhan Guangxi expect. Instead, he walks in front of the large door and stretches out his hands pulling the edge of the door below.

“Gods…team leader did you find an idiot back?”

Zhan Guangxi covers his forehead, “No matter what this iron door is at least a 500kg…he wishes to pull it up?”

“Who knows, perhaps this fellow’s brain had short-circuited.”

Liu Hongxian herself is also in shock and does not understand, “The people above definitely must have a problem with his brain, they actually sent a psycho over…”

But at this moment that factory large iron door suddenly lets out a rumbling sound and moves slightly.

Following which Liu Yi’s hands finally stretches under the small crack that was pulled open and following which the 500kg heavy iron door is slowly pulled up.

-rumbling sounds-

Seeing how that iron door is forcibly pushed up by Liu Yi, Liu Hongxian’s and Zhan Guangxi’s eyes nearly pop out.

What the hell! This can’t be right! We definitely must have seen wrongly!

Such a heavy iron door…it was actually pushed so easily?!

Are….are you joking!

This definitely must be a dream!

Liu Hongxian rubs her eyes with all her might but the iron door is already pushed up while Liu Yi casually stroll into the factory.

At this moment there are rows of silver robots placed in the factory. Each of them is 2 meters tall. That metal body and arms, that flowing luster of machinery gives off a terminator feel.

It seems like they had sensed someone coming. The eyes of the robot light up in red light and seem to be activated.

The front row of robots turn their head over as their red eyes glares at Liu Yi.

“So many big toys, alas, when I was young I didn’t have money to buy robots. Did not think that I would so old before I would be gifted with so many.”

It is like Liu Yi does not have any pressure as he smiles.

While at this moment those robots start moving. A stream of steam is released by them as they agilely run towards Liu Yi.

Their footsteps are very heavy, letting out cracking sound on the ground they step on.

It seems like their strength will not be too weak. Liu Yi sees that on this row of robots there is the letter E on them and guess that their might is probably around 3 starjades.

They are only different from normal special soldiers by a single starjade. Most importantly these robots have very firm bodies and high defense which is completely incomparable to the fragile body of humans.

A robot had already rushed in front of Liu Yi, stretching out its arm squeezing his neck and raise Liu Yi into the sky.

Seeing this scene, Liu Hongxian who is outside actually starts to become worried.

This fellow…could it be that he will not be able to defeat a single robot?

“Oh…strength is slightly higher than 3 starjades.”

Liu Yi judges and says, “But no intelligence. This is a glaring flaw ah.”

A handgun suddenly appears in his hand which he fires at the head of that robot.


That robot’s head shakes but it does not seem to cause any damage. Instead, it exerts even more strength with its arm.

If it is a normal person then perhaps his neck would have been snapped!

But Liu Yi is no ordinary person. He is a cultivator.

His hand flips and the handgun instantly transforms into a shotgun.

“Bye, bye baby!”

He uses strength with his finger and fires the gun.


The shotgun is very powerful. Instantly blasting off half of the robots head!

The remaining half becomes useless as the core processor is already blown up.

That robot instantly collapses onto the ground while Liu Yi also lands on the ground.

“Still not bad, grade E is rather impressive.”

Liu Yi raises he shotgun and looks at the robots that are surrounding him, “Looks like it is not that hard to get 100 points eh..”

With both his hands holding a shotgun each, he walks forwards.

Liu Hongxian stares in disbelief at Liu Yi as he walks among the robots. The two shotguns in his hands seem to be like from the game with unlimited bullets. There is no need to change bullets as he keeps firing nonstop, spraying out fire, blasting the grade E robots by the side away. Not a single one is able to get close to Liu Yi.

The shotguns in Liu Yi’s hands are like magic wands, which Liu Yi swings around while firing.

After a while, basically, all of the 50 grade E robots got destroyed by Liu Yi’s two shotgun.

“I have obtained 50 points right?”

Liu Yi smiles merrily as he stands there.

Currently, he is like a terminator making Liu Hongxian and Zhan Guangxi unable to close their mouths.

“Damn it…too ruthless already!”

Zhan Guangxi who was about to smoke, drop his cigarette onto the ground.


At this moment the grade D robots also start to activate.

This robots no longer attack normally. From their hands, military blades emerge and start attacking Liu Yi.

“What the, they actually brought along toys weapons!”

Liu Yi pressed his shotguns together and blocks a chopping down blade!

This grade D robot’s strength is not small, at the very least 4 stars!

Sparks fly out from the body of the shotguns as Liu Yi is forced back two steps.

“Looks like the situation is going to change again.”

Zhan Guangxi says, “The attack and defensive power of grade D robots is even stronger. The shotgun is useless.”


Liu Hongxian did not say anything but her heartbeat increases.

This guy…will he be defeated by the grade D robots?

While at this moment the two shotguns in Liu Yi’s hands disappeared, instead he is holding a Barrett Sniper in his embrace.

“What the, is this fellow an armory?”

Zhan Guangxi is slightly shocked by Liu Yi’s ability.

A few grade D robots had already arrived in front of Liu Yi, slashing the knifes in their hands towards him.

Liu Yi jumps up lightly and steps on a robot before jumping up onto an iron chain above. He twines around and hooks around the iron chain, allowing him to hang there.

At the same time the Barrett in Liu Yi’s hand fires. Every time he fires he will shoot through the heads of the grade D robot destroying them.

Liu Hongxian finally is unable to take it anymore and says tightly, “This fellow….isn’t it a bit too perverted…”

30 grade D robots were quickly cleaned up by Liu Yi and turned into trash metal.

“The points should be more or less reached right…”

Liu Yi covers his forehead and looks at the points that Little Jade calculated for him, “I qualified already, right?”

Before he is able to finish, he suddenly senses cold wind behind his back!

Liu Yi subconsciously turns around and notice a black robot opening a pair of wings and spraying out blue gas, it crashes into Liu Yi.

This grade C robot crashes into Liu Yi’s body instantly sending him over tens of meters away, crashing into the factory wall behind.

The wall trembles slightly as a lot of dust and stone fragments fall off.

While that robot raises an arm as an electric saw emerges. It revolves quickly and lets out the ear-piercing sound and chop towards Liu Yi.

“What the, this toy is used to kill zombies on ah!”

Liu Yi immediately kicks out with a leg and blasted open the frame of that robot.

The robot’s body smashed into the wall and Liu Yi lands on the ground. The sniper instantly turns into a black ax. Liu Yi lifts it up and with a bang, it clops down the head of the robot among the sparks.

At this moment the rest of the 9 grade C robots had already surrounded Liu Yi.

These robots are all waving electric swords as they move swiftly towards Liu Yi!

“Looks like these grade C robots have an increase in their movement.”

Liu Yi feels like the strength of these robots did not increase from grade D by a lot. Mainly it is an increase of their movement as well as the damage of the electric saw, thus it is stronger.

“Looks like grade C robots had also taken actions as well…looks like he is going to suffer!”

Zhan Guangxi sighs, “No one is able to block a round of attacks from so many grade C robots…but even if he got defeated, his points are already enough to pass the evaluation already. Looks like this time around the top sent an expert.”

“Liu Yi! You passed already, come back!”

Liu Hongxian also shouts as she is worried that Liu Yi will die from this attack.

Currently, Liu Yi is already cornered by the robots to a wall and has no other place to go.

“Leader in front of enemies how can I escape!”

Liu Yi only clucks a few times before raising his hand as he lifts up a black Gatling gun, “Come on, it does not matter how many people come!”

“Bullshit! Gatling gun! What is the background of this person!”

Zhan Guangxi nearly jumps out from the rubbish bin from fear, this is too unreasonable!

Liu Hongxian also lets out a peculiar gaze and at this moment Liu Yi starts firing the gun!

The Gatling gun sprays out flames like the roar of a death god. It instantly attacks those speedy grade C robots and turns them into trash metal!

The Gatling’s firing speed is very quick. Grade C robots are not that tough and were instantly flattened.

As Liu Yi smiles, he continues deeper into the factory.

Currently, those grade B robots are also starting to activate. Deep blue metal bodies carrying firearms on their arms.

But Liu Yi basically did not give them the chance to activate and instantly starts up the Gatling gun. Bullets pour down like torrent towards those robots who still had not activated properly.

Very quickly those robots are turned into scrap metal causing Zhan Guangxi and Liu Hongxian to be both stunned.

“Bullshit…this…is this considered as cheating?”

After a while, Zhan Guangxi spits out this few words.


Chapter 624  [Robots general mobilization]

Damn bugged Liu Yi….

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  1. When was this raw published because this feels like a rip off form Fairy Tail where they had Erza vs 100 monsters in the Grand Magical Games ….. there are points, grades of strength etc …


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