MKW Chapter 495

Chapter 495    [We have return]


“Tong’er is not a person from my Charm Fox race, instead she is an orphan that I had carried back from the Heavenly Fox race.”

Qiu Shuiyi sighs before saying, “Back then when the Heavenly Fox race was exterminated, only one person manages to escape. But she was heavily injured and struggled to pass the infant in her embrace to me. That infant was none other than Tong’er. Furthermore, that person also passes to me the Heavenly Fox race techniques. So, Tong’er carries the bloodline of Heavenly Fox race. While she is young, I passed to her the Heavenly Fox race techniques.”

“I am from Heavenly fox race….”

Lin Tong is still stunned.

“Of course why else do you think that while you reside in Liu Yi’s body, he is able to gain the bloodline of Heavenly Fox race? Liu Yi was originally an ordinary person. It is because of you, why he can have the constitution of a Heavenly Fox. Even I did not except it…looks like while the two of you are together, the compatibility of the two of you reached such a high state.”

We are already in love already….how can it not be high…

But this point makes Liu Yi more relaxed. Back then he still thought that which family member of his had the bloodline of Heavenly Fox race…looks like the mystery has finally been solved. So the one with the solid background is not me but my Immortal Fox sister ah…

“But it is a pity that this Glorious Sun Palm is the ultimate technique of Heavenly Fox race but is not suitable for females to practice. Otherwise, if Lin Tong was able to practice it, she will definitely not be inferior to you.”

Qiu Shuiyi is somewhat emotional.

“Master…even if I am able to practice Glorious Sun Palm, my speed of improvement will not be as fast as Liu Yi….Liu Yi’s improvement is godspeed….it is way too heaven-defying…”

“Who said that your cultivation speed will be bad? Tong’er this is the second matter that I want to tell you.”

Qiu Shuiyi looks deeply at her disciple before saying, “You have a fire spiritual body.”


This time around Liu Yi and Lin Tong exclaim in shock.

My Immortal Fox sister actually possess a fire spiritual body?! What the heck isn’t this too much of a scam!

Liu Yi suddenly recalls what Yuan Qiuhong have said back then, ‘You have a spiritual vein, in your body, there is also some spiritual body boost…’

Looks this mystery is finally solved. So it is fire spiritual body, which was also given to me by my Immortal Fox sister…

No wonder by cultivation speed of Scarlet Blood Sutra was so fast…

Wenren Qian said that she is the reincarnation of the Great God which is why her cultivation is so fast.

While the reason for my fast speed of cultivation…so it is because I have the boost from a fire spiritual body….

That means now of the 5 different spiritual bodies, 4 have already appeared…

Fire spiritual body is Lin Tong. Earth spiritual body is Yuan Zhenyue. Gold Spiritual body is Ma Yixuan. Wood spiritual body is Poison Jasmine…

There is only left with water spiritual body that has yet to appear. If all 5 spiritual bodies appear at the same time and I find the spiritual vein… I would be able to obtain the strength to conquer the world.

But the most important point is that Liu Yi completely does not have any leads. He has no clue on who is the water spiritual body nor who is the spiritual vein.

Liu Yi’s starts to become thoughtful, if I push down all 5 spiritual bodies….would I be able to absorb all 5 spiritual bodies…

At that time wouldn’t I be invincible and my cultivation speed be god-like?

Amitabha…this thinking is too sinister, it can’t be done. It can’t be done….

“It is because Tong’er possesses the fire spiritual body, thus in future, she will be embroiled into several fights. Liu Yi, you must protect her properly and do not let her get any injuries….alas, she has suffered way too much…”

“Understood Senior Qiu. I will use my life to protect Immortal Fox sister.”

“That is the best.”

Qiu Shuiyi nods her head, “Talking about this, you are indeed very powerful. Comparing to a year ago, your strength can be considered as sitting on a rocket.”

“This…there are some fortuitous encounters…”

Liu Yi does not wish to explain too much to Qiu Shuiyi as there are too many stories in between.

“Mmm…there is also one other matter. The flesh body that Tong’er reconstructed after much efforts have been destroyed. Within ten years, she would not be able to reconstruct a new flesh body. You need to protect her spiritual form properly, you must not let it get injured do you understand?”

“Mmm,  I understand.”

Within ten years she would not be able to reconstruct a new flesh body…talking about this, it is all because I am too useless.

“Don’t have flesh body then don’t have it. As long as I am able to accompany by this big idiot’s side, it is fine.”

Lin Tong hugs Liu Yi’s neck and says, “Big idiot is so idiotic. If I am not by his side, he will definitely be tricked by other people! Hmph, he might also be so stupid as to help the person who sold him away count his money happily!”

“Immortal Fox sister….am I really that stupid….”

Liu Yi does not know whether to laugh or cry…

“You know it clearly in your heart!”

“The rest I will not say any more. Stay here for a year and wait for the gateway to open next year, I will send the two of you off.”

“Actually there is no need.”

Liu Yi smiles and waves his hand, “I am able to leave right now.”

“How is that possible?!”

Qiu Shuiyi is slightly shocked, “Could it be that you are able to defeat the Realm Guardian?”

“That…of course not…”

Back then he had inquired from his master. His current strength is still way too far off…

“Actually this is just a clone of mine. My clone can instantly return back to my main body. While now that Immortal Fox sister is a spiritual form, she can also be brought back along back to my main body. This technique is very mystical, the body….I am also very clear how to explain, basically it is like that….”

“That is indeed very mystical…being able to move freely between two realms, this technique is indeed not ordinary…”

Qiu Shuiyi is slightly shocked.

“But you have it easy escaping, throwing Osmanthus Flower Mountain this terrible mess to me.”

Qiu Shuiyi’s voice is slightly reproachful, “But the declaration that you have thrown down more or less has some deterrence. Demon Realm is a place where the strong eat up the weak. I also should call be the rest of the race and stay peacefully in Osmanthus Flower Mountain. As for the matters outside, we no longer wish to interfere.”


Lin Tong is slightly guilty.

“This cannot be blamed on you. What Liu Yi said is right. Charm Fox race’s responsibility should not be thrown on you. I am the head of Charm Fox race, there are some matters that I must be responsible for. Little fellow, bring Tong’er and leave this place. If it is possible, do not return anymore. Demon Realm this place….alas…”

“I will return back often to visit you master.”

Lin Tong hurries and says, “At the very least I will make Liu Yi bring be back once a year…in the future, if disciple has obtained back my flesh body, I will make Liu Yi defeat the Realm Guardian then bring me back to visit master!”

“You know how to say nice things to coax master. Quickly leave, otherwise master might really regret.”

Qiu Shuiyi waves her hand before turning around and stop looking at the two of them.

“Thank you, Senior, ”

Liu Yi sighs in sorrow in his heart and quickly brings Lin Tong along as he turns around and immediately leaves without any delay.

He is really afraid that Qiu Shuiyi will regret…so retreating first is the best!

Lin Tong hugs Liu Yi’s neck tightly and asks, “Oi, oi, big idiot why are you running so quickly for!”

“That, train my body.”

“Tsk, who are you lying to. It is not like my master will eat people. Look at how frightened you are.”

“She will not eat people, but she will retain people.”

Liu Yi runs to a location where there isn’t anyone around and stops moving, “Okay let’s do it here. Prepare to return back to the Human Realm with me.”

“Hehe….it has been a year since I returned…I wonder how did the Human Realm change.”

Lin Tong starts to become happy, but soon her face droop, “Also, I do not know have many girls did you pick up!”

“This….how would I dare to ah…”

Liu Yi hurries and deny.

“Actually, even if you have other women, I would not care.”

Lin Tong plays with Liu Yi’s ear and says, “The tradition in our Demon Realm is different from your Human Realm. In our Demon Realm if the guy is strong, having 3 to 4 wives is normal. Actually Liu Yi, I am a spiritual form now and do not have a flesh body. With your current age, which is at your prime of life, how is it possible for you to hold back! If you keep relying on your hand, there might be problems!”


Liu Yi coughs drying while Lin Tong continues speaking, “But even if you find other women, you must place me as the number 1. Hmph, hmph, do you understand?”

“Understood…Immortal Fox sister you are truly admirable….”

“Hmph! It is because I understand you, you pervert!”

Lin Tong sneers. While Liu Yi is casting his technique she asks a question, “Right big idiot…a year ago your strength was only slightly higher than my master….how did you become so strong in a blink of an eye?”

“Because while Immortal Fox sister had waited for a year, I have waited for 500 years.”

“Hehe, little fellow not bad eh, your mouth became much sweeter and knows how to sweet talk to this miss eh.”

Lin Tong wags her little tail and says with a merry smile.

“No. I really waited for 500 years….in the Asura Realm.”

Liu Yi’s sentence instantly silence Lin Tong.

“You, you big idiot….you actually ran over to the Asura Realm…”

“Yeah….actually it was a mistake.”

Liu Yi rubs his head embarrassedly, “Originally I was supposed to train in the Asura Realm for 50 days…but in the end, we forgot about the different time flow between the Human Realm and the Asura Realm….in the end, 50 days passed in Human Realm but I stayed in Asura Realm for 500 years. Thus Immortal Fox sister you see how powerful I am now! I am really thankful for those 500 years, otherwise, I would definitely not be able to bring Immortal Fox sister back….”

“Idiot…you are really a big idiot ah…”

Lin Tong starts crying, this fellow actually stayed in Asura Realm that kind of place for 500 years….

Lin Tong cannot imagine how he had lived those 500 years…I have thought that my wait was already very tough…but I did not think that Liu Yi’s wait would be 500 times more difficult than mine…

In this lifetime, being able to meet this big idiot, Lin Tong is already satisfied.

Master, I have really not chosen wrongly. Liu Yi is my best choice.

“Okay, now that we are done, Immortal Fox sister, let us return home!”

“Mmm…let us go.”

“Mmmm….let us go.”

The two of them complete their preparation and immediately turn into two rays of light and instantly fly back to Liu Yi’s main body.

When Liu Yi happily opens his eyes, he is completely stunned.

Because he is standing in the school’s small forest and hugging a petite girl, Yoko Nishikawa!


Chapter 495     [We have return]

Minor information dump for the next chapter of a larger information dump so guys, prepare your minds…it is either the next one or a few more chapter after the next one…forgotten hehe my bad.

Hope you guys enjoy the ending. I know it is a fucking cliff and I believe all of you are waiting for Lin Tong’s reaction ^_^

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  1. sorry if the comment about Liu Yi being an idiot affected you as the translator of this novel, I din’t think about it. Thank you for your work !


  2. Right Yuan Zenyue would never be a japanese name come on!!! she is the police officer turned dragon agent, and she got powerful so fast and could use the dragon suit thing cuz she’s the fire spiritual body it was actually said that she is it. Yoko Nishikawa is the Ninja that he is currently embracing XD wonder how that will turn out!!! Japanese name were always easier for me tho, must have been all the exposure to anime


  3. I want to rant on chapter 494, but somehow the comment section is not available for me, so I’ll be brief here.

    (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ fuck you Qiu Shuiyi! Not only she dump responsibility to another person, said person is not even from her race!


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