MKW Chapter 485

Chapter 485    [Getting drunk]


This dog race person invited Liu Yi to stay overnight, thus Liu Yi has no other choice but to stay.

But before he leaves he must first get information on the matters that he needs to know.

“Old village head, is there any big matter that is happening at Osmanthus Flower Mountain recently?”

“Oh, talking about big matters, there really is one…”

Old Yellow thinks for a while before nodding his head, “It seems like in three days time, it will be a joyous day for Osmanthus Flower Mountain…it seems like it is the big day for the disciple of the Charming Fox clan’s clan leader…”

Liu Yi’s heart trembles.

In three days time….Immortal Fox sister will get married?

Looks like there is only three days time left….I must hurry over.

Today I shall stay here overnight and after that, I cannot delay anymore….based on what that dog-head village head had said, Osmanthus Flower Mountain is a two-day journey from here. If I fly over, it should be slightly faster and should be able to reach within a day.

Immortal Fox sister….wait for me….

The people from the dog clan are good hosts. The entire village people has a party at night as they dance and sings like they are welcoming Liu Yi.

“It has been a long time since there had been a guest.”

As the village head drinks wine he laughs and says, “This village location is rather isolated. Very seldom would there be people coming over. As you had seen the surrounding are all these forests. The moment it becomes night, weird beasts will start roaming around so very seldom would people dare to come.”

Weird beasts is a term for the demons who have lost their intelligence or have too many killing sins and transformed into a devil.

They wander around the darkness and wilderness, ambushing every small demon who is alone.

At the beginning, the Demon Realm is basically the heaven for the weird beasts. The small demons can only escape in panic and finally wait for their death in horror.

But later on, they start to group up and form a community, working together, relying on the strength of a group to resist those weird beast.

This is the reason why most of the demons are in a community. But since there is a community, there comes a new problem. The communities start to fight against one another, every single community wished to prove that they are the strongest community. Then they start to develop their territory and slowly become the strongest and biggest community!

Thus back then the entire of the Demon Realm was basically waring continuously, the people have no way to make a living like the ancient waring periods of China!

It is all the way until the birth of the Demon Emperor. Not only did he lead his own community to subdue all of the demons, but he also led his demon army and entered the Human Realm and nearly conquered China!

While currently the real body of the Demon Emperor is still in the Human Realm, where else the Demon Emperor in the Demon Realm is a clone, staying in the Emperor City, and is still intimidating the entire Demon Realm.

“Alsa do not know when would Lord Demon Emperor start to acquire strength again and once again lead the demon army to conquer the Human Realm.”

After telling Liu Yi a pile of past matters, the village head drinks another mouth of wine and sighs in sorry and say, “Back then the demon race’s big war, I have heard that my grandfather had taken part in it…alas, it is really a scary fight…”

Liu Yi asks, “Oh? Old village head’s meaning is that you support this war?”

“How is that possible. Any fight is barbarous and cruel.”

The dog-head village head sneers, “I felt that the Demon Realm territory is still fine, why did there a need to have so many deaths and injuries and snatch territory from the humans? Back then that war, my grandfather had also died in it. But I do not know if I should be sad for my grandfather because he is an invader.”

Liu Yi trembles, this old village head is actually so enlightening!

By the side, Wang Cai asks, “Village head didn’t the Demon Emperor say that the human’s territory is even wider and is more suitable for us to live in? Isn’t our demon race more superior than humans and our bloodline is nobler?”

The old village head rubs Wang Cai’s dog head and says, “Silly child. Who is willing for their homeland’s people are in a terrible situation…if people from the Human Realm come and invade our realm, I believe the demon race people will also understand this.”

“Village head’s words are indeed enlightening. Come let’s toast!”

Liu Yi raises his wine cup and toasted the old village head and drink up.

The old village head laughs, “Hahaha, well said, well said. It is rare that outsiders come to this village. If you have time, why don’t you stay here a few more days.”

Liu Yi hurries and finds an excuse, “Ah, I think it is better to forget about that. I am still in a hurry to recall my past….”

“Fine then, rest a night then set off tomorrow.”

The old village head also did not forget him and nods his head, “Tonight let’s drink happily!”

Done speaking, he starts toasting Liu Yi.

Until the end, Liu Yi also does not know how much did he drink. The demon race wine is not actual real wine. After all, all demons are allergic to alcohol. What Liu Yi and the villagers are drinking are actually a kind of fruit juice. But to the demon race, this is called wine, but there isn’t any alcohol in it.

But after drinking too much, Liu Yi actually feels a bit drunk, could this fruit juice be a godly product…

“Aiyah, little brother really has a good alcohol capacity ah.”

The village head praises, “In my village, there are very few people who can drink as much as you and still be fine! But our demon race is bad with alcohol. I have heard that the wine in the human world is really powerful…but this thing is a treasure in the Demon Realm. Last time when I managed to get my hands on some just a mouthful made me drunk…but it is really sweet…it is a pity that that bit of wine got stolen away by someone otherwise I would let little brother have a taste.”

“No worries, no worries….”

“Such a pity ah…Xiao Fen ah come over and pour the wine.”

“Understood grandfather.”

The dog girl Xiao Fen kneels in front of them, wagging her tail as she pours wine into their bowl.

“Come, drink wine, drink wine.”

The old village head’s ability is unclear but his ability to drink is superb. After Liu Yi drinks a few cups, he starts to feel that he is unable to take it anymore as he starts to get dizzy.

Good fellow…looks like my alcohol capacity is really bad…just drinking a bit of fruit juice I am so wasted.

He is in a daze when he faintly hears the old village head talking, sometimes far away sometimes close, “Aiyah looks like little brother is drunk…Xiao Fen, help him to the guest house….”

“Understood grandpa…”

Following which Liu Yi senses that his body is being lifted up like he is being piggy-backed…

Hazily Liu Yi thinks, this Xiao Fen…so petite yet her strength is so large….

Oh, that’s right….this is not an ordinary loli…it is a demon loli…

Liu Yi’s brain is scrambled up, in the end, he does not know what he is thinking off and finally lost consciousness.

Liu Yi does not know how long he had slept for but in the middle of the night he suddenly feels very thirsty, thus he slowly opens his eyes.

The moment he opens his eyes he got a huge shock.

His hands and arms are chained up to the wall!

I got set up by the old village head?!

This is the first thought that Liu Yi has. But this chains will not be able to chain Liu Yi down. If he is willing he can break them any moment.

But looking at the little bitch sleeping in front of him, Liu Yi temporary shelved away his chain breaking thoughts.

“Where am I! Why did you want to chain me up!”

He suddenly lets out a loud shout scaring Xiao Fen, causing her ears to shiver as she jolts awake and climbs to her feet.

Xiao Fen rubs her eyes and pouts before looking at Liu Yi who had awakened and snorts.

“Damn evil person! You finally woke up?”

“Xiao Fen why did you want to chain me up? Is this how your dog clan treat their guests? That damn old village head, how dare he set me up!”

“Hehe, grandpa does not know of this matter. If he knows of it he would beat my butt.”

Xiao Fen stretches and smiles, “Did not think that the wine that grandpa had stolen from the humans in the past can finally be put to use…”

So it is this girl who had used real wine to make me drunk? Why did she do that?

“Hmph, evil person you have already landed in my hands! Why are you still not telling me your identity!”

Xiao Fen takes out a whip and lashes the ground. After which she pretends to be angry and berates Liu Yi, “If you do not say the truth then I shall whip you into meat paste!”

“Truth? What truth?”

“That is to tell me honestly, did the Iron Tooth Clan send you here! Quickly say it!”

Xiao Fen once again uses the whip and lashed the ground, nearly causing Liu Yi to laugh.

This lass, even if you are trying to scare a person you can just lash me ah, it is not like you can lash me to death.

Who would be frightened by what you are doing now!

What a really simple girl…

“Fine then, I’ll say the truth, I’ll say the truth….”

Liu Yi licks his lips, “But I am slightly thirsty and my throat is dry. Give me some water.”

“Oh, okay….”

Xiao Fen immediately runs to the side shaking her tail and helps Liu Yi pour a cup of water and carries it over to his mouth.

The moment Liu Yi sensed the freshness of the water, he starts gulping water down carefreely!

Until he had drank 3 bowls of water, Xiao Fen finally cannot stand it and ask, “Oi, oi, have you drank enough?”

Liu Yi praises, “Not enough….this water of yours is really sweet.”

“Isn’t that right!”

Xiao Fen wags her tail happily and says arrogantly,  “This is the spring water that is poured into the holy lake. It is especially good to drink and also has the ability to remove drunkenness!”

“That is great, give me another bowl.”

“You did not drink much…you can ”

“Okay then give me another bowl.”

“Okay…wait a minute!”

Xiao Fen suddenly came to realize something, “Damn fellow! You really think that you are a guest! You are now a thief! A thief you know! If you are not going to be honest then you just wait to eat the whip!”

“Fine, fine I will say the truth.”

Liu Yi drinks till he feels that his throat is better, thus he clears his throat and replies, “Actually I am not a wandering demon…”

“Hmph, as I have known….”

“I am a human.”


Xiao Fen’s eyes widen.

“Yeah, actually I am a human. Taking advantage of the opening of the Demon Realm gateway, I crossed over from the Human Realm to this faraway place to get to Osmanthus Flower Mountain. Because Lin Tong from Osmanthus Flower Mountain who is also the disciple of Qiu Shuiyi, Clan head of Charm Fox clan is my lover. I came here is to find her and bring her back to my human realm. But I do not know the way so I pretended to be a demon who has lost his memories and found your village….oi, oi what is the matter with you? Xiao Fen?”


Chapter 485    [Getting drunk]

Sometimes saying the truth does not mean that others will believe you.

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