MKW Chapter 470

Chapter 470    [School life]


*Time skip*

{Master there is no need for you to be worried about me. Zhang Wentao has already hidden me. Every day he will secretly teach me dao techniques. I am alright.}

After receiving Poison Jasmine’s SMS Liu Yi let go a sigh of relief.

After he had left World Dao Gathering, Liu Yi fed Wenren Qian a Vitality Pill to help her stabilize her injuries.

After her injuries have become better slightly, she did not stay any longer and immediately leaves Liu Yi.

She has always been like that, come and go like a gust of wind.

Liu Yi did not forcefully make her stay behind as he knows that she definitely has other matters that she needs to deal with.

He calms down his heart and returns to JingDou and stops his clone state and allows Little Black to return back to his body.

After Little Black has returned, Liu Yi feels that his heart has a very full feeling.

After all Little Black is his Natal Soul Pet which is a part of his body.

After returning, he immediately gets in contact with Poison Jasmine who was still in Raising Immortal Palace Hall. After knowing that she is fine, Liu Yi becomes less worried.

What he needs to do now is just one more matter.

Liu Yi sits in the lecture hall as he listens to the old teacher talk about the boring biological creatures knowledge while he sends an SMS to Wang Yuzheng.

“Yuzheng after this do you have any lesson? After class, I will come and look for you.”

There isn’t any immediate reply. The lecturer on the stage is still speaking in a monotonous tone, talking about the dry and dull biology.

“Genetics theory says that the children born from two different lineages will have a more exceptional physique, appearance, and bearing.”

The lecturer is very knowledgeable and when he is talking about all this, he is very confident and does not need the help of a book.

“The benefits of genetic variety is very obvious. A person’s character, appearance, physique, and actions are all inherited from the genes. Furthermore, a lot of seniors characters, characters, intelligent, emotions and lifespan can be hereditary. After possessing gene diversity, if you choose to take the excellent parts, there will be a large number of choices.”

The rumored mix-blood? This is rather interesting.

“Distantly related promiscuity will be very conspicuous and can cause gene recombination which is the most important factor of genetic diversity. Gene diversity will bring about two types of benefits. One, the excellent parts of different genes can combine and fuse together, forming a better physique, appearance, and IQ of the next generation. Second, prevention of hereditary illness.”

The lecturer words make Chen Cai excited as he says softly, “Haiz, if only I can marry an American girl, the baby will definitely be a pretty mix-blood child…”

“Forget it Old three. It is not like you are able to even hook up with a China girl!”

Big Brother Lai Junwen looks at Chen Cai in disdain while Old four Su Junping also nods his head.

Liu Yi also sighs, recently I am always busy with the World Dao Gathering and it feels like I have entered another world. Now that I have returned back to school life, the warmth multiplies.

It is still school life that is most suitable for me….cultivation world is really too tired.

Fights and schemes, mutual deceptions….even Sect Head Liu Haisheng who I trusted the most also betrayed me.

Then who on earth can be trusted in that place?

Talking about this, Zhang Wentao that hard mouth and soft heart person who protects Poison Jasmine for me. Hope that Chen Keqing will also be fine…after all, she is still Liu Haisheng’s favorite disciple. No matter how Liu Haisheng becomes, he would not take actions on his own favorite disciple right?

Chen Cai laughs shamelessly, “For mankind to be able to become outstanding creatures, I feel that I have the responsibility and obligation to bring back a foreign girl as wife….”

Liu Yi also smiles and cannot help but transmit over, {Theoretically speaking you are no longer a human. Thus you can leave behind a mix-blood child with any girl…oh, also, even if it is with a guy, it can also complete your excellence human gene species plan.}

Chen Cai suddenly widens his eyes and looks at Liu Yi in shock.

“What is the matter? Is there anything on my face?”

Liu Yi touches his face, there isn’t anything on my face ah.

Chen Cai replies with his spiritual force, {Boss…you, you actually know how to say a joke?}

{Why can’t I tell a joke?}

Liu Yi is shocked. Even if I am slightly wooden in EQ, but it is not to the point of 0 ah.

{Boss for a long time you have really never said a joke before! Whenever I talk to you it is only three words, ‘Oh’, ‘Ah’, ‘Mmm’! I had thought that you were sick!}


Liu Yi waves his hands, {The past few days I was busy okay. The person on this side is not me but a substitute.}

{Substitute? What the hell what is this technique!}

Chen Cai is very envious, {Wuwuwu…this technique is indeed very mysterious…Asura Qi is so weak…}

{Rubbish. Asura Qi is very powerful.}

Liu Yi reminds Chen Cai, {The main point is how you use it. Take a look at Ye Hanshuang, she is so powerful.}

Chen Cai trembles and says, {Ye Hanshuang that woman is a female pervert…boss  how can you compare me to her?!}

“Why are the two of you looking at each other for?”

At this moment Xiao Ya who is behind them rolls her eyes and asks with a merry smile, “The two of you…is it because you have a taboo romantic love? Chen Cai even if you are unable to pick up a girl you cannot take actions on your boss ah!”

Chen Cai instantly exploded and says to Lai Junwen, “Scram! Don’t says nonsense! Big brother, manage this wife of yours!”

“I say Xiao Ya ah…”

Lai Junwen turns around with a frown and opens his mouth.

“Is there any of your matters here! Go to the side!”

Xiao Ya reprimands and Lai Junwen obediently returns back to his seat without saying anything.

“What the heck! Big Brother! I look down on you!”

Chen Cai gifts his middle finger in anger.

“Being look down by you is better than being a bachelor…”

Lai Junwen faint sentence causes Chen Cai to close his mouth.

“I will definitely get a girlfriend….”

Chen Cai does a must succeed action and Xiao Ya mocks, “You are also able to get one. Why don’t we let our Yoko introduce some of her hometown guys to you…this way it can allow you to satisfy your wish to give birth to a mix-blood child.”


Liu Yi who is drinking water spits out the water when he hears what Xiao Ya says and sprays it onto Su Junping’s face who is sitting on his left.

Su Junping innocently wipes his face.

“Talking about this in your dormitory, other than you, the rest already have a girlfriend.”

Xiao Le also mocks Chen Cai.

Liu Yi is very shocked, “What do you mean? Su Junping also has a girlfriend?”

“Eh? Second brother, have you forgotten? A few days ago didn’t you bring us to have a meal?”

Su Junping looks at Liu Yi and says, “But you did not talk to her at all…she thought that you hated her very much.”

What the…did this even happen….

Looks like a lot of things have happened when I was not in school….

Xiao Le says, “It is also a miracle that a senior sister from Year Four would like Su Junping….”

“That’s right, that’s right. Did not think that Su Junping actually had a Powerful Sister Complex….”

The girls are chatting with each other endlessly.

Xiao Feng did not speak at all as she keeps glancing at Liu Yi with a hidden grudge.

Yoko Nishikawa did not say anything as well as she sits there looking at the textbook, not daring to look at Liu Yi. Really not knowing what she is thinking.

While they are whispering to each other, the old lecturer continues to talk about his own lesson.

Like the people say, old lecturers can really bear with it.

Compared to that hotblooded youngsters, the old lecturers hardly supervise. After all, those who like to study will listen to the lesson. While those who do not, whatever you say will be useless.

While they are chatting merrily, Chen Cai suddenly secretly transmits over to Liu Yi again.

{Boss. Since these few days you were a substitute, then let me tell you what happened recently. A few days ago there were people who tried to mess around with the laboratory again. They are all spies from foreign countries and I have dealt with all of them.}

{Mmm…looks like the fight still has not ended eh.}

Liu Yi seems to deeply worried, {Why are they still not shifting the laboratory….isn’t the 12 zodiacs research exposed…}

{Although that is what they say, but I have heard from Maki that the current gene beasts are still not perfect. At the very least there is still no directions for real combat. Thus they still need to do more research to find a direction. Right boss. Every night you need to go to the laboratory to do a routine inspection. Today is also the same!}

{Oh? Is that so? What time?}


{Mm, got it.}

Liu Yi nods his head, looks like Maki does not plan to let me off just like this.

But the dragon gene she injected into me indeed helped me out quite a bit.

While Chen Cai is still reporting about work-related stuff, Little Jade’s reminder sounds out.

{Master, Wang Yuzheng sent an SMS.}

I’ll be damned, she finally replied!

Since the last time I rejected her, she became weird. Even though during the Christmas Night her attitude seems to have become slightly better, but returned back to cold very quickly.

Liu Yi hurries and opens her message and takes a look.

{I am in the library.}

The five short words to Liu Yi is enough.

Cannot wait for the class to end….

Liu Yi raises his hand up and says, “Report! Lecturer! I have a stomach ache!”

The old lecturer frowns and looks at Liu Yi like he is looking at a wooden block. Shaking his head he says, “Go then.”

“Thank you, lecturer!”

Liu Yi is not a concern if this old lecturer treats him as a wooden block, currently, Wang Yuzheng is the most important!

He immediately stands up and walks out of the lecture hall.

Wang Yuzheng is sitting in the library peacefully looking at a pathology book.

Although she has entered the math major, Wang Yuzheng is becoming more and more interested in medical production.

She really wishes to be a doctor and treat her mother’s sickness. Recently her mother’s sickness has become even more serious making Wang Yuzheng more and more worried.

The doctor has said that if the treatment is not in time, she would not be able to live past this year.

But even if she wastes a large sum of money to treat her, her mother can only live for another 2 to 3 years that’s all….

This sickness is very strange and the current medical knowledge is unable to do anything.

Wang Yuzheng believes that she will definitely be able to find the method. I am Wang Yuzheng, I will definitely be able to do it!


Chapter 470    [School Life]

Finally a brand new arc (School + more Liu Yi’s family time and Chinese New Year)

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