MKW Chapter 467

Chapter 467   [Liu Haisheng taking action]


Seeing the pile of scattered bones on the stage, everyone looks at each other in dismay.

In front of the sect heads of the righteous path, Liu Yi easily killed over half of them as well as Gao Feng and brought away his woman like he is in an unmanned area.

“Really so scary…”

In the end, Mo Tian sighs, “Perhaps we are no longer his opponents…”

Ma Long is a monster and I did not think that his disciple will also be a monster…

“Damn it…that damn evildoer!”

Zhang Boyue clenches his fist, “He actually committed this kind of evil deeds! Such deep hatred, us righteous path people must make him pay it with blood for this debt!”

Mo Lan who has woken up is standing on the rostrum. She laughs coldly before saying mockingly, “The reason why Liu Yi became like this, isn’t it because it was forced by you guys.”

“Manor Head Mo, manage your daughter!”

Zhang Boyue is unhappy and when he was mocked by Mo Lan, he becomes even more berserk.

“Mo Lan speak less!”

Mo Tian berates, “Not it is not time for you to butt in, do you not know how to behave!”

“What we are going to discuss next is how to reorganize the righteous path prestige as well as the revenge against that youngster.”

At this moment some sect heads propose, “Even though that Liu Yi is slightly stronger, but it is not like he does not have any weakness. As long as we find a method, we will definitely be able to exterminate him.”

“From what I see, why don’t we capture his family…”

One of the sect head says sinisterly.

“Utter rubbish!”

That sect head’s words cause Mo Tian to roar in anger, “We are people from the righteous path. Even if we have a grievance with him we still should not cause disaster on his family! How are you any different from the people from devil path like this?!”

“Right, right, I am wrong…Manor Head Mo lectured me correctly…”

That person is only the sect head of a minor sect, thus he does not dare to go against the noble Manor Head of World Manor.

“Next time do not say such rubbish words again. Otherwise do not blame me Mo Tian, for expelling the rights for your sect to join the World Dao Gathering!”

As the Manor Head of World Manor, he does have this bit of rights.

“Guys do not quarrel any more. Now the most important matter is to discuss what we are going to do next.”

The rest of the sect heads sigh, “There are so many corpses of our Daoist friends lying here…let us bury them first….”

“Today is World Dao Gathering’s most shameful day.”

Zhang Boyue clenches his teeth making cracking sounds, “I will definitely make Liu Yi pay a price for this!”

“Hehe, what a joke, what a big joke.”

At this moment from far away from a cold laughter.

Everyone turns their head hurriedly and looks over to see at the north side, there is around a hundred people wearing black and red robes walking over.

The leader is a guy wearing a robe embroidered with flames walking over arrogantly while laughing coldly.

“Really didn’t expect that you people from the righteous path would actually have an internal strife and have turned into dogs currently. Heavens are really helping my Great God Sect ah, hahaha!”

“Great God Sect!”

“Gods it’s them!”

“Hmph, a group of mobs!”

Seeing the group of Great God Sect people, the surviving 50+ sect heads are angry.

“Hehehe, now that there are so many righteous path leaders left here…what is that saying? Ah, right. Happily gathering under a single roof! Nice for me Duanmu Haoliang to capture everyone in one go.”

Done speaking, he waves his hand.

Instantly a red barrier rises and surrounds the entire god turtle within.

All of the Great God Sect disciples releases their qi together to replenish the energy of the red barrier.

“What is this toy?”

One of the sect head raises his eyebrow as he stretches out his hand and gently touches the barrier.

Instantly he lets out a shriek as blood flames start to erupt out from his palm, burning his palm into ashes!


The sect head of Concealed Sword Pavilion moves rapidly as he chops off the arm of that sect head!

The cut off limb lands on the ground and is swiftly swallowed up by the blood flame.

“What is this barrier! It is so strange!”

Mo Tian and Zhang Boyue were both shocked.

“Hehe, this is my Great God Sect Bloody Barrier! You can only enter but cannot exit. Even if you rely on your current qi left, it is not enough to break this barrier from inside. If you are not afraid of wasting energy you guys can try.”

Duanmu Haoliang smiles in delight.

“Damn it…”

Zhang Boyue has just used his technique to try and it is impossible to break this barrier.

Just now during the fight with Liu Yi, they used up a lot of their qi!

While the spiritual restoration formation is outside, they are unable to go out.

It is like they have entered a dead knot.

“Do you really think that my righteous path no longer has anyone?”

Mo Lan who is standing of the rostrum suddenly lands in front of the Sky Supporting God Turtle as she holds her halberd and faces the Great God Sect group of people.

“Just a girl and you wish to block the path of my Great God Sect?”

Duanmu Haoliang only laughs, “Really like a mantis trying to stop a car. Overestimating your abilities!”

“Less nonsense come!”

Mo Lan raises her halberd and instantly enters the second stage of Unmoving King Ming state.

Black lightning swims around her body showing her unordinary strength.

Duanmu Haoliang estimates Mo Lan’s cultivation and says with a frown, “This girl is too troublesome…send her inside.”

The hundred plus Great God Sect disciples behind him wave their hands at the same time.


At that instant, an enormous red arm flies out from the Great God Sect side and slams into Mo Lan.


Mo Lan lets out a shriek as she did not think that the gathered strength of hundreds of Great God Sect disciple would be so powerful!

She is sent flying and went through the Bloody Barrier behind her.


Mo Tian hurries and grabs his daughter and checks her injuries. After making sure that she is not heavily injured only then did he calm down. Indeed one can only enter this barrier and is unable to exit…..

“Great God Sect’s strongest move is the false god that so many of them is able to summon out.”

A sect head who has done some research on them hurries and say,s “Each of them has a type of summon beast call Ghost Infant. Two Ghost Infants working together are able to summon the so-called Great God’s strength…as the number of Ghost Infants working together increases…the greater the amount of Great God strength they are able to summon out…so although Miss Mo Lan has a very strong cultivation, she is not the opponent of so many Great God Sect disciples working together at the same time.”

Mo Lan is very unhappy, “Damn it there is actually such a strange cultivation technique!”

Mo Tian frowns and says, “Let’s think of other methods to break this Bloody Barrier.”

“Hahaha, you guys have no option but to stay here and wait to be exterminated by my Great God Sect!”

Duanmu Haoliang laughs loudly happily until his mouth turns crook.

“We have specially prepared the currently most advanced weapon for you guys. Come, show it to them to widen their horizons.”

A missile vehicle drives over slowly.

“This car is equipped with a bomb which is enough to blast all of you into pieces!”

By the side, one of the disciples says, “Vice-sect leader. Just 5 more minutes and we will be able to assimilate the soul of the engineer.”

“Okay. Looks like you guys still have 5 minutes to live. Enjoy it.”

These few days the Great God Sect have been synchronizing with the missile vehicle engineer. As long as they have completely assimilated the engineer’s soul, they would be able to fire the missiles and kill off all of the righteous path sect heads in one go. When it happens, the world shall belong to their Great God Sect.

“This group of clowns…”

The sect heads are so many that they are trembling.

“Is it destined that us righteous path shall all die here today….”

Hearing that they will be using missiles to flatten them, a few sect heads start to despair.

Zhang Boyue and Mo Tian, as well as a few others, start to frown, not knowing what they should do.

But at this moment Liu Haisheng who has not made a sound suddenly steps forward and says with a smile, “Looks like only I can save you guys.”

“Liu Haisheng are you joking around?”

The sect head of Concealed Sword Pavilion frowns, “Although Liu Yi has won the competition, he has already turned into a devil! Do you want to let this kind of results take effect? The person who entered the final along with him is the person from my Concealed Sword Pavilion! The World Number 1 is my Concealed Sword Pavilion’s!!”

“Hehehe….you are not able to be world number 1.”

Liu Haisheng smiles, “Otherwise there will be concerns about your life.”

“Impudent! Raising Immortal Palace Hall is indeed arrogant! No wonder there will be evildoers like Liu Yi!”

The sect head of Concealed Sword Pavilion says in anger, “If you say that your Raising Immortal Palace Hall is world number 1, we will not acknowledge it!”

“Right, right, we will not acknowledge it!”

“When it is Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s turn to be world number 1. What a joke.”

The group of sect heads are already hating Liu Yi to death and now he was once a person from Raising Immortal Palace Hall, thus they also hate Liu Haisheng as well.

The Concealed Sword Pavilion Sect Head sneers, “Hehe, you have heard it. You don’t have any rights to speak here. As for world number 1, you can dream of taking it.”


Seeing her own master receiving this kind of huge humiliation, Chen Keqing starts to be worried.

Now that there isn’t Liu Yi to help him step up….alas this is also caused by master himself…

Killing intent suddenly erupts out from Liu Haisheng eyes.

At the same time, a large figure stands up behind him!

Through Sky Sword technique, Sword Qi Embodiment!

The ten-meter tall giant bends over and pressed down on the sect head of Concealed Sword Pavilion with a finger and crushes him into the stage, creating an enormous hole on the stage.

The god turtle cries out repeatedly in pain.

The rest of the sect heads are all in shock as they stare at Liu Haisheng in disbelief.

Liu Haisheng who has always been a kind-hearted person and did not make a sound when he was bullied by other people, today actually took action against the sect head of Concealed Sword Pavilion?!

Furthermore he won with a single move!

This…this….how did he do it?!

The enormous figure behind Liu Haisheng is very shocking and he himself is also very imposing. His voice carries a trace of cold killing intent as he says, “From now on, those who insult Raising Immortal Palace Hall will be seen as the enemies of my Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

“Now is there anyone who has any questions regarding my Raising Immortal Palace Hall as world number 1?”

When he ask this question again, all of the sect heads look at each other but none of them dare to say anything.

Because they realize that Raising Immortal Palace Hall which was a pushover in the past…is no longer the same.


Chapter 467   [Liu Haisheng taking action]

Haha tricked you guys ^.^

This arc is still ongoing anyways it be over in er we see ^_^

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