MKW Chapter 453

Chapter 453  [This place is a battlefield]


The water qilin is sent flying away but Liu Yi grabs hold of it with his right hand before smashing it onto the stage.


The enormous strength causes the Sky Supporting God Turtle to tremble and nearly kneel down.

“This youngster has such large strength…”

When Mo Tian who is sitting on the rostrum sees this scene he lets out a shocked gasp, “Did not expect that after so many years, Raising Immortal Palace Hall has once again nurtured out another monster…”

“Back then Raising Immortal Palace Hall had Ma Long…and now Liu Yi appears…”

Immortal Snow Peak Zhang Boyue strokes his bear and also sighs as well, “But I am rather confident in my Gu Yu. Although this Liu Yi is powerful, facing the current Gu Yu he would not be enough.”

Concealed Sword Pavilion Sect Head raises his eyebrow and asks, “Oh? Hearing how confident Sect Head Zhang is, don’t tell me that Immortal Snow Peak Gu Yu still has some hidden weapon?”

“It is not like I can really say the truth right?”

Zhang Boyue smiles deeply, “Perhaps your sect’s disciple Gao Feng also has not used his full strength right?”

“Today’s weather is rather good.”

“That’s right, that’s right…haha…”

Mo Tian looks at the two sect head laughing gloomily as he thinks in his heart, if Liu Yi did not appear, this year’s final round will definitely be between Concealed Sword Pavilion and Immortal Snow Peak.

But with Liu Yi around…the situation seems to be different.

Furthermore when mentioning Gao Feng, this Sect Head of Concealed Sword Pavilion is not happy nor arrogant, instead, he shows loathing.

This year’s World Dao Gathering would be very interesting…it would have been even better if my daughter did not take part in it as well!

While the sect heads are laughing, Bai Xiaowei on the stage is completely in a bitter fight.

After Liu Yi closed in on it, the water qilin suffers a beating.

The water qilin which was wrecking the stage earlier is now being beaten until it is unable to retaliate!

Seeing how Liu Yi is beating up the water qilin fist by fist, Bai Xiaowei shouts, “Damn it Devil Wave aren’t you one of the Four Great Demon Kings! Quickly stand up!”

“You are still unable to subdue Devil Wave’s might.”

After Liu Yi has beaten the water qilin unconscious he says to Bai Xiaowei, “Over usage of this kind of demon king is very harmful to your soul.”

“I am willing!”

Bai Xiaowei is very unwilling, “Why is it that you must go against Nimble Gate! Why!”

“This is a competition not playing house.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he secretly wipes the nose of the water qilin.

As Netherworld Qi gets stronger and stronger, Liu Yi is completely able to reap the soul of the opponent who is unable to resist without anyone knowing.

Now is also the case. He reaps the soul of the water qilin and keeps into the Soul Gathering bottle without anyone noticing.

Bai Xiaowei is still mad at Liu Yi, “My Nimble Gate went through great difficulties to find the Demon King Tomb and wasted uncountable manpower and resources hoping to obtain number 1 during this time round’s World Dao Gathering…why….why must you stop us…”

“This is a competition, a battlefield! A war!”

Liu Yi feels that Bai Xiaowei is treating everything too beautifully, “If you don’t even have any awareness of defeat or death then why did you come here!”

Luckily the one that Bai Xiaowei met is me. If it was Gao Feng this kind of expert, perhaps her ending would be even more miserable.

She really treats the World Dao Gathering too simply….during the earlier group fight countless of sects’ disciples have died or got seriously injured.

Wishing to get world number 1? Then that need sacrifices.

“A generals success is built upon hundreds of thousands of bones, Bai Xiaowei.”

Liu Yi sighs and says to Bai Xiaowei, “Back then when I got to know you, you were very arrogant and strong-will girl. But there is always someone better and another mountain taller. If you really wish to become world number 1 then you need to give up a lot more…furthermore there are a lot of people stronger than you. Your spirit cat Tuantuan is also a 7th-grade spiritual beast. What you should do is how to improve along together with it, instead of using strength that you are unable to control. Otherwise, the one who would be destroyed first is you yourself.”

Even when I had become Earth Grade I did not dare to casually use the strength of Dragon Transformation. It is like a little kid hugging a bazooka and running around. If the child did not use it properly then he would explode as well.

“Did I really lose…”

Bai Xiaowei kneels there blankly lifelessly.

“That’s right. You have lost.”

Liu Yi raises his head and says to Mo Tian, “Manor Head, can you announce the result of the fight?”

“I announce that this round of competition, the winner is Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Liu Yi.”

“Won, he really won!”

“This is great! Raising Immortal Palace Hall finally entered the top 4!”

Liu Haisheng and Chen Keqing excitedly explain. Especially Liu Haisheng as a sect head currently no longer has any dignity nor airs, instead, he is crying excitedly.

How many years has it been….it was really not easy at all….

Liu Yi flies down the stage and starts restoring his strength.

I have already entered top 4…it can be said that I have finally completed the original target…the following fights…should I continue to do my best?

If I really want to win, then I must reveal my strength…but if I continue to hide by strength…then I would no longer be able to win….

Ai, let’s see the top 4 results first. Hopefully, Gao Feng would be eliminated.

“It is our turn, monk.”

After Mo Lan finished she has already flown up to the stage whereas Yuan Tong rubs his bald head and sighs, “SanLeKeZai, really never thought that I would be fighting against a girl. Looks like I’ll be miserable.”

His body suddenly turns into golden light and instantly lands on the stage before revealing his body.

Currently, he looks completely different from the early indecent monk!

Yuan Tong places his hands together as he stands on the stage. Golden light shines from his back like a golden circle making him looks very imposing and dignified.

“Amithaba…this monk is the 10th generation disciple of Longxiang Temple, Yuan Tong. Female benefactor, please instruct.”

“Immortal Snow Peak 9th generation disciple, Mo Lan! Please instruct.”

Mo Lan looks at the Yuan Tong who is emitting a Buddhist aura and raises her eyebrow slightly.

“Indeed you are a person who entered top 8, you indeed have some ability.”

“Amithaba…the world’s beauty turns into a fair sex skeleton…”

Before the fight begins, Yuan Tong starts chanting, “This monk is willing to give up self-body and transform all of the sins in this world…”

“Less nonsense bring it on!”

Mo Lan has a rash nature, while speaking a halberd appears in her hand.

At the same time, a set of white armor covers her body.

Liu Yi watches by the side while thinking, This girl….is basically like a female general!

No wonder Mo Tian is not willing to pass down the Manor Head position to his daughter. Looks like World Manor’s cultivation laws are more suitable for guys.

“Amitabha then do not blame this monk for being impolite!”

Currently, Yuan Tong has entered his fighting mode and loses his indecent appearance. When he opens his eyes, golden light shoots out from his eyes!


He aims towards Mo Lan position before pressing down with his right hand.

The air starts trembling!

In the sky, an enormous golden Buddha image appears!

The buddha image is plucking an orchid, sitting cross-legged on a lotus.

A dazzling golden glow also starts to descend upon Mo Lon.


The Sky Supporting God Turtle is unable to resist and collapsed onto the ground.

Looks like every year during the competition, the one who has it the hardest is this old turtle ah…

Furthermore, when Yuan Tong went up he immediately used his full strength…Liu Yi estimates that he should be around 14-star cultivator! Very strong…indeed he is very strong.

Is Mo Lan’s strength able to fight against him?

Within the golden light, Mo Lan suddenly roars, “Unmoving King Ming!”

Instantly she raises her halberd and golden light disperse!

At the same time, the white armor that Mo Lan is wearing turns black as red lines appears on it!

This is Mo Lan’s Unmoving King Ming, right? A girl has actually exhibited Unmoving King Ming’s might to this stage, she can be considered as a hero among girls!

“This Longxiang Temple’s Yuan Tong is indeed very strong.”

On the stands, one of the sect head praise.

“But Manor Head’s daughter is also very powerful. Looks like victory and defeat is unknown.”

Zhang Boyue strokes his bear and says, “Perhaps she is able to help my Immortal Snow peak get another top 4.”

Mo Tian immediately says, “Sect Head Zhang is overpraising.”

At the same time, his expression is gratified.

“Amitabh…female benefactor you are indeed strong..”

Although Yuan Tong did not manage to hit a single time, he is not shocked, instead, he smiles, “Then this monk will also start using my full strength!”

He places his hands together and stretches towards Mo Lan’s direction.

“Golden Light Passing Era!”


The Buddha above him starts moving as golden light swiftly descends!

“Just in time!”

Mo Lan does not have any fear as she moves swiftly and charges towards Yuan Tong.

The golden light keeps exploding behind her. As for those that are going to land on her, they are all swept away by her halberd!

“World Manor’s techniques is indeed very powerful.”

A gleam flashes across Zhang Boyue’s eyes, “It have been many years since I last saw it and it is still as elegant as before.”

Mo Tian clucks, “Haha, although my World Manor has been a commander-in-chief sect since ancient times, now the world is at peace. There is no use for our ability, thus we only concentrate on guarding this peace.”

“Manor Head indeed cares about the world.”

“Over praising, overpraising…”

As the people above are chatting and idly, the people below are fighting happily.

Mo Lan has already run in front of Yuan Tong as she smiles widely.

“Monk it is time for you to go down!”

She raises her halberd ruthlessly towards Yuan Tong’s head. The large force creates a horrifying storm coiling around the halberd of Mo Lan.

“Amitabha…this monk has never admitted defeat before…”

As Yuan Tong speaks, he suddenly takes a deep breath as his stomach swells up roundly!

After which he gets into a horse stance and aims towards Mo Lan before puffing out Buddhist Qi!


The heaven and earth instantly starts shaking!


Chapter 453   [This place is a battlefield]

Small hint

On the second arc after this world dao gathering arc will be the start of him going to save Lin Tong

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