MKW Chapter 435

Chapter 435  [Treasure House Here I come !!!]


That Jiang Xiao’s words really made Liu Yi very angry as a raging flame burns in his heart.

Damn it, isn’t this fellow too overbearing!

He actually thinks that he is a powerful large sect and claims that he’ll be defeating all of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples in the group competition!

Liu Yi is unhappy. If it is not for Liu Haisheng’s blocking, he would really wish to go up with Chen Keqing and smash that Jiang Xiao’s mouth!

It is really when the village becomes big, there are all sorts of birds all over the place! There is all kind of people who are taking part in the World’s Dao Gathering!

One of the woman being hugged by Jiang Xiao blinks as she asks, “Hubby, aren’t we bullying them too much?”

The other woman also speaks up, “Why do we need to bother about this kind of small sect. It makes our Sky Heavy Gate not have bearings!”

But her words seem to be carrying thorns.

“Hahaha, wifies are right!”

Jiang Xiao nods his head and says, “Furthermore even before we take action, Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s people might already be kicked out of the stage. At that time you guys still need to scram down the mountain like a dog! Liu Haisheng ah, go and seek for your fortunes! Hahahahaha….”

He brings his wives and disciples and leaves.

Jiang Yangzi is standing by the side. Although he had seen the commotion he did not have any expression, he did not butt in nor did he bother.

This kind of situation occurs very frequently during World’s Dao Gathering, it is impossible to manage each and every single one of them.

After all this kind of competition to fight for the fame of being Number one, there are too many contradictions between different sects.

He only instructs a servant under him, “Zhang Feng, you bring the Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s noble guests to their housing.”


That servant immediately invites Liu Haisheng and the rest, “Immortal Sirs, please come along with me.”

“Let us go.”

Liu Haisheng turns around and follows behind Zhang Feng.

As Liu Yi walks he starts muttering, “Who the heck is that Sky Heavy Gate? They are so rude!”

Although the surrounding is very beauty and scenic, Liu Yi no longer has the mood to be excited looking at them.

“They are also one of the branches of the Sword Faction.”

For the very first time Chen Keqing explains to Liu Yi, “Not only them, actually, most of the sects’ attitude towards us is almost the same.”

“Why? Is it because Raising Immortal Palace Hall antagonized too many people?”

Liu Yi immediately frowns, is it because when master turned into a devil he slaughtered wantonly in the cultivation world?

“How is that possible. Raising Immortal Palace Hall has always been if people do not offend us, we don’t offend them.”

Chen Keqing rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “This kind of matter is actually nothing strange. Who asked us to be one of the top few large sects in the past.”

Hearing what his senior sister said, Liu Yi immediately understands what is going on.

So this is the case…it is really like the ancient Chinese saying, when the wall collapse people starts pushing.

Back then when Raising Immortal Palace Hall was a mighty and prestigious large sect, other second/third-rate sects naturally revere endlessly. But now when Raising Immortal Palace Hall is no longer famous, these sects are now jumping out and one after another start bullying Raising Immortal Palace Hall as a form of enjoyment.

Aren’t you very powerful back then? Aren’t you the pillar of the Sword Clans?

Now, aren’t you nothing but a fallen dog!

To be honest it seems like most people have this kind of mindset. When they see people being dragged down from their high post, they will be very happy.

There are some of them who wish to obtain this kind of excitement when to the extent of deliberately sabotaging people, slander them until they manage to pull them off their high post before they are satisfied.

People with this kind of mentality are most petty and low. They are usually people with a strong sense of inferiority and cannot stand other people being better than them.

Sky Heavy Gate’s people have this kind of mentality. When they see that Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s fame is no longer there and is now easy to bully, thus they come and kick them while they are down.

There are too many of this kind of people and all of them are just asking for a lesson!

This round let me rewrite Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s fame!

“This time we must work together and cannot be eliminated during the group tournament otherwise we will be a joke to the Sky Heavy Gate.”

As Chen Keqing walks, she keeps repeating by Liu Yi’s ear.

“Understood already Senior sister, my ear is almost growing callus already.”

“Damn it how dare you say such things to your senior sister! Impudent!”

Although he is quarreling against Chen Keqing, Liu Yi already takes note of it in his heart.

Sky Heavy Gate eh? Since you wish to eliminate all of us during the group competition then I Liu Yi will also be impolite then.

During the group competition when I meet people from Sky Heavy Gate I will not hold back! Most importantly is to eliminate them first!

Since they are so polite then I shall let them stop just before the top 32 as a congratulatory gift.

“Immortal sirs, here is the visitor courtyard.”

After walking for over ten minutes, the servant brings the three of them to a place that is filled with pavilions and gardens.

This place is really not small, everywhere is small houses and on top of each is marked with the name of each individual sects.

The servant points towards a small building which is not really tall and says, “Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s courtyard.”

Liu Yi glances around. The other sects’ courtyard is all 7-8 stories high and only Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s courtyard is only 2-3 stories high.

Liu Haisheng frowns slightly but he did not say anything. After thanking the servant he walks into the courtyard.

Although it looks very small from the outside, the space inside is very big. At least there are enough rooms to allow them to rest.

This is the uniqueness of a space barrier!

“Sirs please rest first. Tonight I will bring sirs to the gathering hall to have dinner.”

After the servant finished he takes his leave.

“Since that is the case then let us rest as well and adjust yourself. Tonight after we meet the people from other sects, we shall prepare for the group tournament tomorrow.”

After Liu Haisheng has instructed, he turns around and walks into one of the rooms.

Liu Yi estimates that Sect Head is restraining a belly full of anger, and he is going into the room to release all of it.

“Damn it. We must let Raising Immortal Palace Hall regain its honor!”

Chen Keqing clenches her fist and enters a room. Before walking in she did not forget to say to Liu Yi fiercely, “If you dare to sneak in you’ll die!”

“Scarm, who wants to peek at you! Senior sister with a weird hobby!”

“Go and die!”

Liu Yi hurries and run into a room and closes the door in case Chen Keqing kills her way in.

He is able to hear Chen Keqing roar of anger from inside the room.

There isn’t any time to bicker with her. I still have a very important matter to do.

Although this is the first time he takes part in the World’s Dao Gathering but he has obtained a lot of information from his master Ma Hua. For example, the map that Little Jade is displaying currently which is the map of World Manor.

It can be said that Medical King Valley is the cooperative partner of World Manor. Everytime Medical King Valley comes, they will bring some medicine to give to World Manor. And World Manor will first keep the medicine into their treasure house.

Liu Yi looks at the map and realizes that the treasure house is at the North-west of World Manor which is very far away from the guest courtyard!

Looks like World Manor is not really assured about their guests.

Liu Yi needs to rush over to the treasure house and steal the medicine to treat Wang Yuzheng’s mother’s sickness before dinner! If he is late, the pill might be taken out and brought to the Dao Gathering!

That is my one and only chance!

Thinking to here Liu Yi takes a deep breath and confirms his plan before transforming into an inconspicuous black butterfly and flies out from the window.

There are a lot of people walking all over World Manor, as there is a lot of guests. Liu Yi conceals his aura carefully and luckily no one notices a small black butterfly.

After all only Immortals who had passed their calamity are able to master transformation type magic. No one would have thought that there would be a youngster who had just broken through earth stage being able to comprehend such technique.

Liu Yi does not dare to fly too quickly, thus he can only slowly get closer to the treasure house.

The World Manor treasure house is a normal size tower. In front of the tower stands two guards. But there are multiple layers of barriers surrounding the tower, to prevent people from attacking.

The first thing that Liu Yi needs to take care of is the two guards.

He faintly lands on a tree by the side as he waits for an opportunity to take action.

While at this moment, from a side road by the side, a suntanned servant walk over.

The servant is holding a chest as he slowly walks towards the treasure house.

“Halt, identify yourself”

The two guards instantly shout as they block the servant.

The servant is not nervous as he says, “Two immortals, this is a thousand year ginseng that Elder Wang wants me to deposit into the treasure house.”

The guard frowns and asks, “Oh? Where is your order?”

“It is all in this chest.”

The servant uses his chin to point at the chest that he is holding.

“Oh. Let me see.”

The guard nods his head as he walks up with his partner and opens the chest.

Instantly a purple smoke spreads out and gushes into the face of the guards.

The two guards are unable to make any sound before their eyes closed and they collapse onto the ground.

“Hehe, settled so easily there really isn’t any challenge at all.”

The servant puts down the chest he is holding and dusts his hands, “The two of you have a good rest. I will be going in to have a stroll!”

The servant uses an unknown method and actually opened the multiple layers of barriers surrounding the pagoda as easy as opening the door of his own house and walks in.

Liu Yi looks at the back view of the servant and feel that he is somewhat familiar.

What the hell man…this fellow also seems to be a thief! If she gets hold of the pills first then it would be bad!

Liu Yi does not dare to hesitate and transformed back into his human form. After which his body turn into flames as he hides his aura with netherworld qi and penetrate through the barriers and tower and flies in.

Liu Yi does not know if the few layers of the barrier are sturdy or not but he does not dare to forcefully break them, otherwise, he would be luring the people from World Manor over!

While his fire form is able to ignore the wall and allows him to pass through, but Netherworld Qi is able to allow him to ignore the barrier!

Borrowing the strength of the two magic being utilized together, Liu Yi is able to easily pass through the barriers and enter the interior of the pagoda.

After entering, there isn’t heaps of gold and silver and valuables all over the place. Instead, the entire floor is covered with chests.

There are big ones, smalls ones, wooden ones, iron ones placed together piling up.

The servant who came in is opening a small black chest and took out something from it and stuffed it up his cuffs.


Chapter 435  [Treasure house here I come!!!]

Today’s teaser


“Who is it?”

The moment Liu Yi enters the tower, he was immediately discovered by the servant.

The servant turns around and got a shock when he sees Liu Yi.

“Don’t make any sound. I am not here to catch you.”

Liu Yi immediately says, “I am the same as you. Same occupation, same occupation.”


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